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443.01behaitch like solitar. We are all eyes. I have his quoram of
443.01+German BH: bra (short for Büstenhalter)
443.01+Colloquial behind: buttocks
443.01+phrase all ears (Motif: ear/eye)
443.01+quorum: the minimum number of members of any body necessary for the proper transaction of business
443.01+Quran: alternative spelling for Koran [.02]
443.02images all on my retinue, Mohomadhawn Mike. Brassup! More-
443.02+Robert of Retina translated the Koran into Latin [.01]
443.02+retina: light-sensitive coating at the back of the eye [.01]
443.02+Mohammedan: Muslim
443.02+Anglo-Irish omadhaun: Irish amadán: fool
443.02+Slang brass up: pay up
443.02+brace up
443.03over after that, bad manners to me, if I don't think strongly about
443.03+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...that, bad...} | {Png: ...that bad...}
443.03+(bad luck)
443.03+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM:, if...} | {Png: if...}
443.03+VI.B.16.046f (r): 'I am thinking very strong of going off'
443.03+VI.B.10.013f (r): 'Albi Connolly thinking of giving M. SJ. in custody' (Albrecht Connolly (Heron in James Joyce: A Portrait) was a fellow student of Joyce at Belvedere and died in 1908)
443.04giving the brotherkeeper into custody to the first police bubby
443.04+Genesis 4:9: 'Am I my brother's keeper?'
443.04+VI.B.10.047d (r): 'policewoman'
443.04+James Joyce: Ulysses.12.577: 'The baby policeman, Constable MacFadden'
443.04+Slang bobby: policeman
443.04+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...bubby...} | {Png: ...bubey...}
443.05cunstabless of Dora's Diehards in the field I might chance to
443.05+DORA: Defence of the Realm Act, 1914
443.05+Diehards: Anti-Treaty forces of I.R.B. in 1920s
443.06follopon. Or for that matter, for your information, if I get the
443.06+fall upon
443.07wind up what do you bet in the buckets of my wrath I mightn't
443.08even take it into my progromme, as sweet course, to do a rash act
443.09and pitch in and swing for your perfect stranger in the meadow
443.09+Clontarf (site of the famous battle of Brian Boru) means 'Bull Meadow' (from Irish Cluain Tarbh)
443.10of heppiness and then wipe the street up with the clonmellian,
443.10+Mountjoy Prison, Dublin
443.10+Hep: sacred bull of Memphis
443.10+VI.B.10.069g (r): 'wipe street with him'
443.10+Clonmel prison, County Tipperary (name means 'Meadow of Honey'; became a borstal in 1906)
443.11pending my bringing proceedings verses the joyboy before a
443.11+versus the jewboy
443.11+Slang joyboy: homosexual
443.12bunch of magistrafes and twelve good and gleeful men? Filius
443.12+German strafe: punish
443.12+phrase twelve good men and true: jury (*O*)
443.12+gleeman: minstrel
443.12+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: Filius...} | {Png: Filius...}
443.12+Crofts: Women under English Law 59: 'Though English Law provides for the maintenance during childhood of an illegitimate person, he suffers many disabilities, for he is, for certain purposes, filius nullius'
443.12+Latin filius nullius per fas et nefas: the son of no one through right and wrong [031.36]
443.13nullius per fas et nefas. It should prove more or less of an event
443.13+VI.B.16.101d (r): 'more or less an event'
443.13+Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 19: 'His entrance into the Diocesan College of the Immaculate Conception of Summerhill, at Sligo, on October 15, 1896, was more or less an event. For he had won a free place by competitive examination and was starting upon a phase of his youth in which a notable personality, Bishop Clancy, was to exert upon him a lasting effect'
443.14and show the widest federal in my cup. He'll have pansements
443.14+whitest feather in my cap
443.14+German Feder: feather
443.14+federal theology: doctrine of covenants between God and man
443.14+French pansement: medical dressing
443.14+Obsolete pensement: anxious thought
443.14+William Shakespeare: Hamlet IV.5.175: 'pansies, that's for thoughts'
443.14+phrase a penny for your thoughts
443.15then for his pensamientos, howling for peace. Pretty knocks, I
443.15+VI.B.6.091i (g): 'pensamiento (time to think)'
443.15+Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 141 (sec. 137): (quoting a quaint passage from Howell's New English Grammar, 1662) 'The Spanish abound and delight in words of many syllables, and where the English expresseth himself in one syllable, he doth in 5 or 6, as thoughts pensamientos... for while they speak they take time to consider of the matter'
443.15+Spanish pensamiento: pansy; mind, thought
443.15+Peace of Amiens: halt in Napoleonic Wars, 1802-3
443.15+VI.C.5.217b (o): 'howled for peace' === VI.B.17.063h ( ): 'hoisted for peace'
443.15+Bugge: Contributions to the History of the Norsemen in Ireland II.9: 'Ordericus Vitalis relates that on approaching Anglesey, Magnus hoisted a red shield on the mast as a token of peace'
443.15+Dr Robert Knox bought corpses stolen by Burke and Hare
443.15+Anglo-Irish knock: hill
443.16promise him with plenty burkes for his shins. Dumnlimn wimn
443.16+Anglo-Irish drumlin: little hill
443.17humn. In which case I'll not be complete in fighting lust until I
443.17+VI.B.16.046e (r): 'you won't be complete until'
443.17+VI.B.16.130c (r): 'fighting lust'
443.18contrive to half kill your Charley you're my darling for you and
443.18+VI.B.16.023g (r): '½ kill him'
443.18+song Charley Is My Darling
443.19send him to Home Surgeon Hume, the algebrist, before his ap-
443.19+(send him to his maker)
443.19+song Home, Sweet Home
443.19+Surgeon Gustavus Hume: 18th century Dublin property speculator
443.19+VI.B.16.145s (r): 'before his time'
443.19+Crawford: Thinking Black 217: 'His methods are sublime, His ways supremely kind; God never is before His time, And never is behind'
443.20pointed time, particularly should he turn out to be a man in brown
443.20+VI.B.16.023f (r): '*V* especially shd he prove to be a man over 40 with wife & offspring man about town of about 40' ('shd he prove to be' replaces a cancelled 'if') [.20-.22]
443.21about town, Rollo the Gunger, son of a wants a flurewaltzer to
443.21+Rolf Ganger (Rollo): first Viking Duke of Normandy (theoretically, the ancestor of the Anglo-Norman invaders of Ireland)
443.21+German Flur: meadow, floor
443.21+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation flure: floor
443.21+The Floor Walker: a 1916 Charlie Chaplin film
443.22Arnolff's, picking up ideas, of well over or about fiftysix or so,
443.22+Arnott's department store, Dublin
443.22+(possibly a portrait of John Joyce)
443.23pithecoid proportions, with perhops five foot eight, the usual
443.23+pithecoid: apelike
443.24X Y Z type, R.C. Toc H, nothing but claret, not in the studbook
443.24+Slang X.Y.Z.: the Y.M.C.A.
443.24+R.C.: Roman Catholic
443.24+Toc H: Talbot House, London
443.24+Slang claret: blood
443.24+Slang in the studbook: of ancient lineage, upper class (i.e. listed in Burke's or Debrett's Peerage)
443.24+German Storch: stork
443.25by a long stortch, with a toothbrush moustache and jawcrockeries,
443.25+(Joyce had false teeth since 1923)
443.26alias grinner through collar, and of course no beard, meat and
443.26+old Finglas May Day revels included grinning through horse-collars for tobacco
443.26+(pepper-and-salt suit)
443.27colmans suit, with tar's baggy slacks, obviously too roomy for
443.27+Colmans' mustard
443.28him and springside boots, washing tie, Father Mathew's bridge
443.28+Father Mathew Bridge (Whitworth Bridge), Dublin (named after Father Theobald Mathew, the Irish temperance advocate)
443.29pin, sipping some Wheatley's at Rhoss's on a barstool, with some
443.29+James Joyce: Ulysses.5.388: 'some temperance beverage Wheatley's Dublin hop bitters'
443.29+Ross's: several Dublin restaurants
443.30pubpal of the Olaf Stout kidney, always trying to poorchase mov-
443.30+Olaf the Stout: Olaf II, 11th century king of Norway, later canonised as Saint Olaf
443.30+Slang movables: small objects of value
443.31ables by hebdomedaries for to putt in a new house to loot, cigarette
443.31+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...hebdomedaries...} | {Png: ...hebomedaries...}
443.31+hebdomadary: one taking weekly turn in performance of Roman Catholic Church offices
443.32in his holder, with a good job and pension in Buinness's, what
443.33about our trip to Normandy style conversation, with an oc-
443.33+(Rolf Ganger [.21])
443.34casional they say that filmacoulored featured at the Mothrapurl
443.34+film called
443.34+Finn MacCool
443.34+Metropole Cinema, Dublin
443.35skrene about Michan and his lost angeleens is corkyshows do
443.35+Saint Michan's Church, Dublin (corpses preserved in crypt by dehydration)
443.35+Henry Arthur Jones: Michael and His Lost Angels
443.35+Los Angeles
443.35+Anglo-Irish -een (diminutive)
443.35+French quelque chose de merveilleuse: something wonderful
443.36morvaloos, blueygreen eyes a bit scummy developing a series of
443.36+French morve: snot

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