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451.01dolly farting, in vestments of subdominal poteen at prime cost
451.01+song Dolly Varden
451.01+Dolly Varden: a character in Charles Dickens: all works: Barnaby Rudge
451.01+Dolly Varden: a Californian species of trout (Cluster: Fish)
451.01+(brass) farthing
451.01+investments [450.35]
451.01+subdominant (fa)
451.01+abdominal pattern
451.01+Anglo-Irish poteen: illicit whiskey
451.01+VI.B.16.014h (r): '1st cost'
451.01+prime (or first) cost: the direct cost of something, excluding expenses, discounts, profits, etc.
451.02and I bait you my chancey oldcoat against the whole ounce you
451.02+bet, chance
451.02+Chauncey Olcott: 20th century singer and songwriter
451.02+(Issy's garments weigh half an ounce)
451.03half on your backboard (if madamaud strips mesdamines may
451.03+song 'Madamina' from Don Giovanni
451.04cold strafe illglands!) that I'm the gogetter that'd make it pay like
451.04+German Gott strafe England: God punish England (slogan)
451.04+(make easy money)
451.05cash registers as sure as there's a pot on a pole. And, what with one
451.05+Motif: Flowerpot on a pole
451.05+cat on a tail
451.05+proverb One man's meat is another man's poison
451.06man's fish and a dozen men's poissons, sowing my wild plums to
451.06+fish (Cluster: Fish)
451.06+French poisson: fish (Cluster: Fish)
451.06+phrase sowing my wild oats
451.06+(Parable of the Plums in James Joyce: Ulysses)
451.07reap ripe plentihorns mead, lashings of erbole and hydromel and
451.07+horn of plenty
451.07+Anglo-Irish lashings: plenty
451.07+VI.B.34.072f (r): 'erbole (wild plum)' (wine)
451.07+German Bowle: spiced wine
451.07+hydromel: honey and water liquor
451.08bragget, I'd come out with my magic fluke in close time, fair,
451.08+bragget: honey and ale fermented together, drunk on Bragget Sunday in mid-Lent
451.08+Mozart: The Magic Flute (opera)
451.08+fluke: a flat fish, especially the flounder (Cluster: Fish)
451.08+Slang flute: penis
451.08+closing time
451.09free and frolicky, zooming tophole on the mart as a factor. And
451.09+Slang top-hole: top-notch, highest point attainable, first-rate
451.09+VI.B.16.081f (r): 'mart'
451.09+Connacht Tribune 26 Apr 1924, 1/2: 'Preliminary Notice': 'I have received instructions to Sell by Public Auction, at the Mart, St. Augustine Street, Galway, ON THURSDAY, the 1st of May'
451.09+Archaic mart: market-place
451.09+factor: mercantile agent, commission merchant
451.09+French facteur: postman
451.10I tell you the Bective's wouldn't hold me. By the unsleeping
451.10+Bective Rangers: Irish rugby club
451.10+Obsolete by the salmon (obscure oath unrelated to the fish) [141.03]
451.10+(salmon said to be sleepless) (Cluster: Fish)
451.11Solman Annadromus, ye god of little pescies, nothing would
451.11+Salmon of Wisdom
451.11+Solam O Droma: coauthor of Book of Ballymote
451.11+Anna (may be corrupt form of Latin amnis: river)
451.11+anadromous fish, such as salmon, ascend rivers to spawn (Cluster: Fish)
451.11+phrase Ye gods and little fishes (James Joyce: Ulysses.6.88) (Cluster: Fish)
451.11+Italian pesci: fishes (Cluster: Fish)
451.12stop me for mony makes multimony like the brogues and the
451.12+VI.B.3.109b (g): 'Money makes money'
451.12+O. Henry: The Four Million 130: 'Mammon and the Archer': 'I bet my money on money every time... I'm for money against the field. Tell me something money won't buy'
451.12+phrase money makes money
451.12+Anglo-Irish phrase ignorant as a kish of brogues (literally 'ignorant as a basket of shoes')
451.12+miracle of the loaves and the fishes (John 6:5-13, Mark 6:34-44) (Cluster: Fish)
451.13kishes. Not the Ulster Rifles and the Cork Milice and the Dublin
451.13+Motif: 4 provinces
451.13+regiments: Ulster Rifles, Cork Militia, Dublin Fusiliers, Connacht Rangers
451.14Fusees and Connacht Rangers ensembled! I'd axe the channon
451.14+French ensemble: together
451.14+(lover's advances)
451.14+Shannon river
451.15and leip a liffey and drink annyblack water that rann onme way.
451.15+Anna [.11]
451.15+Blackwater river, Ireland
451.16Yip! How's thats for scats, mine shatz, for a lovebird? To funk is
451.16+mine shaft
451.16+German mein Schatz: my treasure, my darling, my sweetheart
451.16+Pope: Essay on Criticism 525: 'to err is human, to forgive divine'
451.16+Slang fuck: to have sex with
451.17only peternatural its daring feers divine. Bebold! Like Varian's
451.17+Slang peter: penis
451.17+Peter denies christ (Luke 22:57-62)
451.17+(Peter made three very human slips)
451.17+it is daring fears that is divine
451.17+be bold
451.17+I.S. Varian: Dublin brush factory
451.18balaying all behind me. And before you knew where you
451.18+French balayer: to sweep
451.18+(the passage goes to the lilt of an Irish song; Jaun is swinging the girl higher and higher in his arms)
451.19weren't, I stake my ignitial's divy, cash-and-cash-can-again, I'd
451.19+(postman's lamp)
451.19+Colloquial divvy: share, dividend
451.19+Ruthenian divy: virgins
451.19+Czech divy: wonders
451.19+Motif: dime/cash [.05] [454.03]
451.19+French cache-cache: hide and seek
451.20be staggering humanity and loyally rolling you over, my sow-
451.20+song Roll Me Over, in the Clover
451.20+pantomime Snow White
451.21white sponse, in my tons of red clover, nighty nigh to the metro-
451.21+Latin sponsa: bride
451.21+ninety-nine (metronome mark)
451.22nome, fiehigh and fiehigher and fiehighest of all. Holy petter and
451.22+VI.B.33.076e (r): 'petter & pal'
451.22+Motif: Paul/Peter
451.23pal, I'd spoil you altogether, my sumptuous Sheila! Mumm all
451.23+Mumm champagne
451.23+damn all
451.24to do brut frull up fizz and unpop a few shortusians or shake a
451.24+French brut: (of champagne) extra dry
451.24+but fill up
451.24+Italian frullare: to whisk
451.24+Colloquial fizz: champagne
451.24+song 'Take a pair of sparkling eyes, If you can, Happy man'
451.25pale of sparkling ice, hear it swirl, happy girl! Not a spot of my
451.25+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...girl! Not...} | {Png: ...girl. Not...}
451.25+song Pretty Molly Brannigan: 'There's not a bit of all me hide the sun'll ever tan again'
451.26hide but you'd love to seek and scanagain! There'd be no stand-
451.26+hide and seek
451.26+Heidsiek, brand of champagne
451.27ing me, I tell you. And, as gameboy as my pagan name K.C. is
451.27+Christian name
451.27+K.C.: King's Counsel
451.28what it is, I'd never say let fly till we shot that blissup and
451.28+Slang let fly: ejaculate
451.28+Slang shoot a bishop: fuck
451.29swumped each other, manawife, into our sever nevers where I'd
451.29+(never be severed)
451.29+7th heaven
451.30plant you, my Gizzygay, on the electric ottoman in the lap of
451.31lechery, simpringly stitchless with admiracion, among the most
451.31+simply speechless with admiration
451.31+Spanish admiración: wonder, admiration
451.31+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...admiracion, among...} | {Png: ...admiracion among...}
451.32uxuriously furnished compartments, with sybarate chambers, just
451.32+Latin uxor: wife
451.32+sybarite: a sensualist (from Sybaris, noted for luxury)
451.32+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...chambers, just...} | {Png: ...chambers just...}
451.33as I'd run my shoestring into near a million or so of them as a
451.33+American run my shoestring: make easy money
451.34firstclass dealer and everything. Only for one thing that, how-
451.34+VI.B.25.163f (r): 'first class!'
451.34+however famished
451.35over famiksed I would become, I'd be awful anxious, you under-
451.35+Volapük famik: famous
451.36stand, about shoepisser pluvious and in assideration of the terrible
451.36+Latin Jupiter Pluvius: Jupiter the Rain-Maker
451.36+Italian assiderato: frozen
451.36+(Jaun thinks how cold it is out in the night)

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