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463.01blushing like Pat's pig, begob! He's not too timtom well ashamed
463.01+Pat: nickname of Patrick (Saint Patrick)
463.01+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...begob! He's...} | {Png: ...begob. He's...}
463.01+Motif: Tom/Tim
463.02to carry out onaglibtograbakelly in his showman's sinister the
463.02+anaglyptograph: machine making relief representations of medals and coins
463.02+Latin sinister: left (left hand) [462.36]
463.03testymonicals he gave his twenty annis orf, showing the three
463.03+Saint Patrick's novitiate lasted twenty years [.01]
463.03+Latin annus: year
463.03+three ostrich feathers on badge of Prince of Wales as Heir Apparent
463.04white feathers, as a home cured emigrant in Paddyouare far be-
463.04+white feather denotes cowardice
463.04+HCE (Motif: HCE)
463.04+Colloquial Paddy: Irishman
463.04+Scott: The Lay of the Last Minstrel I.xi: 'He learn'd the art that none may name, In Padua, far beyond the sea. Men said he changed his mortal frame By feat of magic mystery' (James Joyce: other works: Giacomo Joyce 3: 'Padua far beyond the sea'; Joyce took exams in Padua in 1912)
463.04+Matthew 16:18: 'thou art Peter'
463.04+you are [473.03] [476.13-.14]
463.05low on our sealevel. Bearer may leave the church, signed, Figura
463.05+Latin figura porca: sow-shape, pig-shape (an expression used by Pound)
463.06Porca, Lictor Magnaffica. He's the sneaking likeness of us, faith,
463.06+lictor: Roman officer executing sentence of judgement
463.06+Latin Rector Magnificus: noble rector
463.06+Latin magna: great, large (feminine)
463.06+Italian Colloquial magnare: to eat
463.06+Italian Slang fica: female genitalia (i.e. cunnilingus)
463.06+Italian fico: fig (i.e. fig-eater)
463.06+Colloquial phrase spitting likeness: exact likeness
463.07me altar's ego in miniature and every Auxonian aimer's ace as
463.07+alter ego
463.07+Latin Ausonius: Italian
463.07+Anglo-Irish within an aim's ace: very near, almost (from Middle English ambs ace: double ace, lowest throw in dice (bad luck))
463.08nasal a Romeo as I am, for ever cracking quips on himself, that
463.08+(Roman nose)
463.08+noble a Roman (William Shakespeare: Julius Caesar V.5.68: 'noblest Roman')
463.08+ECH (Motif: HCE)
463.09merry, the jeenjakes, he'd soon arise mother's roses mid bedew-
463.09+Jean-Jacques Rousseau (wrote in his Confessions about enjoying being spanked as a child) [.08]
463.09+sooner eye his
463.10ing tears under those wild wet lashes onto anny living girl's
463.10+(whip lashes)
463.10+Anna Liffey
463.11laftercheeks. That's his little veiniality. And his unpeppeppedi-
463.11+German After: anus
463.11+(Motif: stuttering)
463.11+impediment (of speech)
463.12ment. He has novel ideas I know and he's a jarry queer fish be-
463.12+Alfred Jarry: eccentric French dramatist
463.13times, I grant you, and cantanberous, the poisoner of his word,
463.13+catanadromous: ascending rivers to spawn
463.13+French poisson: fish
463.14but lice and all and semicoloured stainedglasses, I'm enormously
463.14+(Bédier: Le Roman de Tristan et Iseut x ('Préface' by Gaston Paris): (describes the heroes as) 'personnages d'un vieux vitrail' (French 'figures from an old stained glass window'))
463.14+(Joyce wearing dark glasses)
463.14+Stanislaus Joyce
463.15full of that foreigner, I'll say I am! Got by the one goat, suckled
463.16by the same nanna, one twitch, one nature makes us oldworld
463.16+William Shakespeare: Troilus and Cressida III.3.174: 'One touch of nature makes the whole world kin'
463.16+Dialect twitchbell: earwig
463.17kin. We're as thick and thin now as two tubular jawballs. I hate
463.17+phrase through thick and thin
463.17+Cain's descendants Jubal and Tubal
463.18him about his patent henesy, plasfh it, yet am I amorist. I love
463.18+Hennessy brandy
463.19him. I love his old portugal's nose. There's the nasturtium for
463.19+nasturtium: a genus of plants with a pungent taste and smell (name may derive from Latin for 'nose-twister' or 'nose-torturing')
463.20ye now that saved manny a poor sinker from water on the grave.
463.21The diasporation of all pirates and quinconcentrum of a fake like
463.21+Greek diaspora: dispersal (Jews dispersed after Captivity)
463.21+quincunx: an arrangement of five objects so that four occupy the corners of a rectangle and the fifth its centre (ancient Ireland had four large provinces and one smaller central one)
463.22Basilius O'Cormacan MacArty? To camiflag he turned his shirt.
463.22+Greek basileus: king
463.22+song Enniscorthy: 'Dimetrius O'Flanigan McCarthy'
463.22+Cormac MacArt: semi-legendary ancient High King of Ireland, Grania's father
463.23Isn't he after borrowing all before him, making friends with
463.24everybody red in Rossya, white in Alba and touching every dis-
463.24+Russian Rossiya: Russia
463.24+Irish Alba: Scotland
463.24+Latin alba: white (feminine)
463.24+E. Hogan: Distinguished Irishmen (1896)
463.25tinguished Ourishman he could ever distinguish before or be-
463.25+HCE (Motif: HCE)
463.26hind from a Yourishman for the customary halp of a crown and
463.26+half a crown
463.27peace? He is looking aged with his pebbled eyes, and johnnythin
463.27+pebble glasses: thick spectacles for myopia [.14]
463.27+Jonathan (Swift)
463.27+jolly thin
463.28too, from livicking on pidgins' ifs with puffins' ands, he's been
463.28+proverb If ifs and ands were pots and pans, there'd be no trade for tinkers (used as a humorous retort to instances of wishful thinking)
463.28+French œufs: eggs [184.13-.32]
463.28+Archaic and: if
463.29slanderising himself, but I pass no remark. Hope he hasn't the
463.29+VI.B.33.141d (r): '*C* slanderise'
463.30cholera. Give him an eyot in the farout. Moseses and Noasies,
463.30+James Clarence Mangan died of cholera morbus
463.30+eyot: small island
463.31how are you? He'd be as snug as Columbsisle Jonas wrocked in
463.31+Anglo-Irish how are you!: don't be absurd! (Motif: The Letter: how are you)
463.31+Saint Columba's monastic foundation on island of Iona
463.31+'Columba' (Latin columba) and 'Jonas' (Hebrew yonah) both mean 'dove'
463.31+Jonah in the belly of the Whale (Jonah)
463.31+Rockaball Lighthouse off County Dublin
463.31+song Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep
463.32the belly of the whaves, as quotad before. Bravo, senior chief!
463.32+quoted before [434.25-.28]
463.33Famose! Sure there's nobody else in touch anysides to hold a
463.33+German famos: splendid
463.33+Italian famose: famous (feminine plural)
463.33+American Colloquial vamoose: to depart, to disappear
463.33+phrase hold a candle to someone
463.34chef's cankle to the darling at all for sheer dare with that prison-
463.35potstill of spanish breans on him like the knave of trifles! A jolly-
463.35+pot-still: a type of still for alcoholic spirits
463.35+Irish bréan: putrid
463.35+Prince of Triflers: an epithet applied to several people, perhaps also to Swift
463.35+Jonathan (Swift)
463.36tan fine demented brick and the prince of goodfilips! Dave
463.36+cemented [059.24]
463.36+Colloquial brick: a dependable person, a good fellow
463.36+good fellows
463.36+Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy
463.36+fillip: a strike with a finger as it is snapped from the end of the thumb; a trifle [.35]

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