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480.01ning two lay payees. Norsker. Her raven flag was out, the
480.01+VI.B.16.003i (r): '1st I ships Norse'
480.01+Walsh: Scandinavian Relations with Ireland during the Viking Period 35: 'The almost complete absence of any allusion to Irish ships during the eighth and ninth centuries shows that at this time the Irish had no warships to drive back the powerful naval forces of the Vikings... it is interesting to note that the Irish word longphort (a 'shipstead'; later, 'a camp') is used for the first time in the Annals of Ulster with reference to the Norse encampments at Dublin and Linn-Duachail (840); hence it has been concluded that the early Norse long-phorts were not exactly fortified camps, but 'ships drawn up and protected on the landslide, probably by a stockaded earthwork''
480.01+Danish Norsker: Norwegian
480.01+VI.B.6.169l (r): 'norse raven standard'
480.01+Lawless: The Story of Ireland 67: (of the Battle of Clontarf) 'The Danes of Dublin under Sitric stood fiercely at bay... The far-famed pagan battle flag, the Raven Standard, was unfurled'
480.01+Motif: dove/raven [.03]
480.02slaver. I trow pon good, jordan's scaper, good's barnet and
480.02+Danish jeg tror paa: I believe in
480.02+Danish Gud, jordens skaber: God, creator of the Earth
480.02+Danish Guds barnet: God's child
480.03trustyman. Crouch low, you pigeons three! Say, call that girl with
480.03+(Holy Ghost)
480.03+Oliver Goldsmith: other works: She Stoops to Conquer: 'Then I'll sing you, gentlemen, a song I made upon this alehouse, the Three Pigeons... Here's a health to the Three Jolly Pigeons' (song)
480.03+(Noah sent out raven once [.01] and dove thrice)
480.03+song Johnny Come Down from Hilo: 'wake that girl with the blue dress on'
480.04the tan tress awn! Call Wolfhound! Wolf of the sea. Folchu!
480.04+Tantris: name used by Tristan on arrival in Ireland
480.04+dress on
480.04+phrase cry wolf
480.04+VI.B.14.073i (r): 'Irish wolfhound cargo'
480.04+Fleming: Boulogne-sur-Mer 36: (of the ship on which Saint Patrick left Ireland) 'If the ship's cargo consisted chiefly of Irish wolfhounds... as Professor Bury suggests'
480.04+Jack London: The Sea Wolf
480.04+VI.B.14.216c (r): 'Falchoo'
480.04+Czarnowski: Le Culte des Héros, Saint Patrick XCIVn: 'le chien-loup, faelchú' (French 'the wolf-dog, faelchú')
480.04+Irish faolchú: wild hound, wolf
480.04+Focluth [478.34]
480.06    — Very good now. That folklore's straight from the ass his
480.06+[[Speaker: Mark]]
480.06+phrase straight from the horse's mouth
480.07mouth. I will crusade on with the parent ship, weather prophet-
480.07+(profiting of the fine weather)
480.07+Obsolete propheting: prophesying
480.08ting, far away from those green hills, a station, Ireton tells me,
480.08+Green Hills: area near Tallaght, County Dublin [478.12]
480.08+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...hills, a...} | {Png: ...hills a...}
480.08+Henry Ireton: Cromwell's second-in-command in Ireland
480.09bonofide for keeltappers, now to come to the midnight middy
480.09+bonafide: pub allowed, under Irish law, to open for extended hours, to serve alcohol to 'bona fide' travellers
480.09+Obsolete keel: vat for liquor or beer
480.09+heel tappers
480.09+Dialect midden: dunghill, refuse heap
480.09+French midi: noon
480.10on this levantine ponenter. From Daneland sailed the oxeyed
480.10+Obsolete levantine: eastern (of the rising sun)
480.10+Obsolete ponent: western (of the setting sun)
480.10+VI.B.1.045g (r): 'Daneland'
480.10+song The Ox-Eyed Man (a sea shanty): 'The ox-eyed man is the man for me, He came a sailing from o'er the sea' [.11]
480.11man, now mark well what I say.
480.11+song Amsterdam Maid (a sea shanty): 'In Amsterdam there lived a maid, Mark well what I do say' [.10]
480.12    — Magnus Spadebeard, korsets krosser, welsher perfyddye.
480.12+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
480.12+VI.B.16.004b (r): 'Magnus Barelegs' (only first word crayoned)
480.12+Walsh: Scandinavian Relations with Ireland during the Viking Period 40n: 'The great Viking Magnus, who was killed in Ireland in A.D. 1103, was usually called "barelegs" (O.N. berfaettr) because he always wore the Irish kilts'
480.12+Latin magnus: large
480.12+Magonus: one of the names of Saint Patrick
480.12+Danish korset: the cross
480.12+Norse corsair
480.12+Colloquial welsher: one who fails pay a gambling debt
480.13A destroyer in our port. Signed to me with his baling scoop. Laid
480.14bare his breastpaps to give suck, to suckle me. Ecce Hagios
480.14+Saint Patrick refers to a primitive adoption ceremony of sucking male paps, to which he refused to submit (Motif: lactating male)
480.14+Latin ecce: behold
480.14+EHC (Motif: HCE)
480.14+Greek hagios: holy
480.15+Chrism: consecrated oil used in baptism
480.16    — Oh, Jeyses, fluid! says the poisoned well. Futtfishy the
480.16+[[Speaker: John]]
480.16+VI.B.6.081l (r): 'well posioned with Jeyes' fluid'
480.16+Irish Times 14 Jan 1924, 3/3: (of a murder trial) 'There is a spring well at the back of my house from which I get water for domestic purposes. That well was poisoned with Jeyes' Fluid some time ago'
480.16+Jeyes' Fluid: a liquid disinfectant
480.16+French poisson: fish
480.16+German Slang Futt: vagina
480.17First. Hootchcopper's enkel at the navel manuvres!
480.17+HCE (Motif: HCE)
480.17+hootch: illicit liquor
480.17+German Enkel: grandson
480.17+Dutch enkel: ankle
480.18    — Hep! Hello there, Bill of old Bailey! Whu's he? Whu's
480.18+[[Speaker: Matthew]]
480.18+Hep: Apis, sacred bull of Memphis
480.18+Hep: indescribable Egyptian god of the Nile, represented as a man having the breasts of a woman (Motif: lactating male)
480.18+song Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?
480.18+Old Bailey court, London
480.18+Bailey Lighthouse on Howth
480.18+who's (Ulster Pronunciation)
480.19this lad, why the pups?
480.19+wi' the
480.19+paps (Motif: lactating male)
480.20    — Hunkalus Childared Easterheld. It's his lost chance,
480.20+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
480.20+HCE (Motif: HCE)
480.20+Latin avunculus: uncle
480.20+child's dread [.25]
480.20+VI.B.14.201f (r): 'Easterheld'
480.20+Oesterheld: German publisher, who in 1919 reprinted a German translation of Joyce's James Joyce: Exiles
480.20+German Held: Dutch held: hero
480.20+Huddie Ledbetter (a.k.a. Lead Belly): song The Titanic: 'It's your last trip, Titanic, fare thee well!'
480.21Emania. Ware him well.
480.21+Emania: ancient capital of North Ireland
480.22    — Hey! Did you dream you were ating your own tripe,
480.22+[[Speaker: Luke]]
480.22+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation ating: eating
480.23acushla, that you tied yourself up that wrynecky fix?
480.23+Anglo-Irish acushla: my pulse, my darling (endearment)
480.23+wryneck: person with crooked neck
480.23+German Reinecke Fuchs: Reynard the Fox (poem by Goethe [.36]) (Cluster: Animals)
480.24    — I see now. We move in the beast circuls. Grimbarb and
480.24+[[Speaker: Mark]]
480.24+medieval beast cycles (Cluster: Animals)
480.24+best circles
480.24+Grimbert: badger in the Reynard cycle (Cluster: Animals)
480.25pancercrucer! You took the words out of my mouth. A child's
480.25+German Panzerkreuzer: armoured cruiser
480.25+Childared [.20]
480.26dread for a dragon vicefather. Hillcloud encompass us! You
480.26+HCE (Motif: HCE)
480.27mean you lived as milky at their lyceum, couard, while you
480.27+VI.B.5.003d (r): 'live with wolves & learn to howl' [.28] (Cluster: Animals)
480.27+Crawford: Thinking Black 383: 'There, leaping about from tree to tree, exactly like a monkey, was a horrible human being stark naked. A poor woman this who had lived nearly all her days as an animal amongst animals... She has forgotten how to speak with human modulation and can only screech, a literal proof this of the Spanish saying, "Live with wolves and you will learn to howl"'
480.27+(Romulus and Remus, as well as various Irish saints, suckled by wolves [.35]) (Cluster: Animals)
480.27+Lyceum: gymnasium where Aristotle taught, named for Apollo Lyceus ('wolf-like') (Cluster: Animals)
480.27+French couard: coward
480.27+Couard: hare in the Reynard cycle (Cluster: Animals)
480.28learned, volp volp, to howl yourself wolfwise. Dyb! Dyb! Do
480.28+Italian volpe: fox (Cluster: Animals)
480.28+proverb One must howl with the wolves (conformity) (Cluster: Animals)
480.28+hold yourself
480.28+cub scouts (originally called 'wolf cubs') in Britain: 'DYB' (Do Your Best) (Cluster: Animals)
480.28+Danish dyb: deep
480.28+Arabic di'b: wolf (Cluster: Animals)
480.28+German Dieb!: thief!
480.29your best.
480.29+(to recall)
480.30    — I am dob dob dobbling like old Booth's, courteous. The
480.30+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
480.30+(Motif: stuttering)
480.30+cub scouts (originally called 'wolf cubs') in Britain: 'DOB DOB DOB' (we'll Do Our Best) (Cluster: Animals)
480.30+Hebrew dobh: bear (Cluster: Animals)
480.30+Curtois: hound in the Reynard cycle (Cluster: Animals)
480.31cubs are after me, it zeebs, the whole totem pack, vuk vuk and
480.31+Hebrew zeebh: wolf (Cluster: Animals)
480.31+totem animal (Cluster: Animals)
480.31+Serbo-Croatian vuk: wolf (Cluster: Animals)
480.32vuk vuk to them, for Robinson's shield.
480.33    — Scents and gouspils! The animal jangs again! Find the
480.33+saints and gospels
480.33+French goupil: fox (Cluster: Animals)
480.33+Animal gangs: Dublin hoodlums in 1930s drawn from men who tended cattle on cross-channel boats (Cluster: Animals)
480.33+Dutch janken: to howl, to yelp, to whine
480.34fingall harriers! Here howl me wiseacre's hat till I die of the
480.34+Fingal Harriers: an Irish hunt (Cluster: Animals)
480.34+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...wiseacre's...} | {Png: ...wiseacres...}
480.35milkman's lupus!
480.35+Latin lupus: wolf (Cluster: Animals)
480.35+lupus: a skin disease; formerly, a form of cutaneous tuberculosis caught by people milking infected cows
480.36    — What? Wolfgang? Whoah! Talk very slowe!
480.36+wolf gang (Cluster: Animals)
480.36+Wolfgang von Goethe: Reinecke Fuchs [.23]
480.36+VI.B.5.076j (r): 'speak-very-slow'

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