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494.01I to hear from your strawnummical modesty! Yes, there was
494.01+astronomical majesty (Cluster: Astronomy)
494.02that skew arch of chrome sweet home, floodlit up above the
494.02+VI.B.33.197a (r): 'a skew arch'
494.02+Bowman: The Story of Lewis Carroll 44: (from a diary of Isa Bowman's visit to Oxford, written by Lewis Carroll) 'Then they went to New College... & saw, close to the entrance, a "skew" arch (going slantwise through the wall) one of the first ever built in England'
494.02+(rainbow after flood) [493.29]
494.02+song Home Sweet Home
494.03flabberghosted farmament and bump where the camel got the
494.03+flabbergasted firmament (Cluster: Astronomy)
494.03+Matthew 19:24: 'It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle'
494.03+American get the needle: be successfully done down
494.04needle. Talk about iridecencies! Ruby and beryl and chrysolite,
494.04+minerals: ruby (red), beryl (can be yellow), chrysolite (green), jade (green), sapphire (blue), jasper (can be brown or green), lapis lazuli (dark blue) (Motif: 7 colours of rainbow [.04-.05])
494.04+jewels in foundations of Holy City (Revelation 21:19-20): i) jasper, ii) sapphire, vii) chrysolyte, viii) beryl
494.05jade, sapphire, jasper and lazul.
494.06    — Orca Bellona! Heavencry at earthcall, etnat athos? Extinct
494.06+Orca whale (killer whale)
494.06+Italian orca: sow
494.06+Latin orcus: lower world, death
494.06+Italian arcobaleno: rainbow (symbol of peace)
494.06+Bellona: Roman war-goddess
494.06+HCE (Motif: HCE)
494.06+Mount Etna, Sicily (volcano)
494.06+Thanatos: in Greek mythology, a demon personifying death (from Greek thanatos: death)
494.06+Mount Athos, Macedonia
494.07your vulcanology for the lava of Moltens!
494.07+vulcanology: science of volcanoes
494.07+molten lava
494.07+love of Moses
494.08    — It's you not me's in erupting, hecklar!
494.08+HEC (Motif: HCE)
494.08+Hekla: volcano in Iceland
494.08+German klar: clear
494.09    — Ophiuchus being visible above thorizon, muliercula oc-
494.09+Ophiuchus: the Serpent (constellation) (Cluster: Astronomy)
494.09+*S* (or *Y*)
494.09+the horizon (Cluster: Astronomy)
494.09+Latin muliercula: little woman (often pejorative)
494.09+Vulpecula (constellation) (Cluster: Astronomy)
494.09+occluded: hidden, covered
494.10cluded by Satarn's serpent ring system, the pisciolinnies Nova
494.10+Sata: Egyptian serpent god (Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. LXXXVII: '"I am the serpent Sata whose years are many. I die and I am born again each day"')
494.10+rings of Saturn (Cluster: Astronomy)
494.10+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...system, the...} | {Png: ...system the...}
494.10+Pisces (constellation) (Cluster: Astronomy)
494.10+Italian pesciolini: little fishes
494.10+nova: new star (Cluster: Astronomy)
494.10+Latin nova: new
494.11Ardonis and Prisca Parthenopea, are a bonnies feature in the
494.11+Adonis (William Shakespeare: other works: Venus and Adonis [.13])
494.11+Slang hard on: erection
494.11+Latin prisca: old
494.11+Parthenope: siren who drowned herself
494.11+Boniface: generic name for innkeepers
494.11+Saint Bonaventura: 13th century Franciscan theologian
494.12northern sky. Ers, Mores and Merkery are surgents below the rim
494.12+sky (Cluster: Astronomy)
494.12+Earth, Mars, Mercury (Cluster: Astronomy)
494.12+Latin surgens: rising (Cluster: Astronomy)
494.13of the Zenith Part while Arctura, Anatolia, Hesper and Mesembria
494.13+Motif: 4 cardinal points
494.13+Greek Arktos: the great bear star; the North (Cluster: Astronomy)
494.13+Greek Anatolios: the East (Cluster: Astronomy)
494.13+Greek Hesperos: the evening star; the West (Cluster: Astronomy)
494.13+Greek Mesêmbria: noon; the South (Cluster: Astronomy)
494.14weep in their mansions over Noth, Haste, Soot and Waste.
494.14+(astrological houses (Cluster: Astronomy))
494.14+Motif: 4 cardinal points
494.14+German Not: need
494.15    — Apep and Uachet! Holy snakes, chase me charley, Eva's
494.15+Apep: Egyptian snake-god, a form of the monster-serpent Rerek (a.k.a. Apophis)
494.15+a peep and watch it
494.15+Uatchet: Egyptian snake-goddess, a lady of flame
494.15+H...C...E (Motif: HCE)
494.15+(snakes possibly worshipped in ancient Ireland)
494.15+(two snakes on uraeus, crown of Pharaohs)
494.15+phrase chase me Charlie! (a mild exclamatory catch-phrase of the early 20th century, after an 1899 music hall song of the same title)
494.15+Chase Me Charlie: a 1917 Charlie Chaplin compilation film
494.15+Charles, Eva: the names of two of Joyce's nine siblings
494.16got barley under her fluencies! The Ural Mount he's on the
494.16+Irish Béarla: English language
494.16+French parler: to talk, to speak
494.16+flounces: ornamental appendages attached to the hem of a skirt or dress
494.16+French français: French
494.16+Ural Mountains
494.17move and he'll quivvy her with his strombolo! Waddlewurst,
494.17+Stromboli, volcanic island
494.17+Italian frombolo: sling
494.17+what a
494.17+German Wurst: sausage
494.18the bag of tow, as broad above as he is below! Creeping
494.18+Italian bagatto: magician (in Tarot)
494.18+The Emerald Table of Hermes Trismegistus, second precept: 'that which is above is like that which is below'
494.19through the liongrass and bullsrusshius, the obesendean, before
494.19+lion and bull are evangelical symbols
494.19+obese end
494.19+obsidian: a volcanic glass
494.19+ophidian: snake
494.19+German absenden: to send off
494.20the Emfang de Maurya's class, in Bill Shasser's Shotshrift writing
494.20+German Empfang: reception, radio reception
494.20+French Enfants de Marie: Children of Mary, Catholic girls' organisation
494.20+Maurya: a powerful empire in ancient India (4th-2nd centuries BC)
494.20+Belshazzar (writing on wall)
494.20+Dutch schotschrift: lampoon
494.20+German Kurzschrift: stenography (literally 'short writing')
494.21academy, camouflaged as a blancmange and maple syrop! Obei-
494.21+VI.B.5.042e (r): '*V* camouflaged'
494.21+(disguised as sweets to tempt little girls)
494.21+Archaic syrop: syrup
494.21+Italian serpe: snake
494.21+Latin Obedientia Civium Urbis Felicitas: Citizens' Obedience is City's Happiness (Motif: Obedientia Civium Urbis Felicitas (Dublin motto))
494.22sance so their sitinins is the follicity of this Orp! Her sheik to
494.22+Slang sitinems: trousers
494.22+Italian sottanine: petticoats
494.22+(syrop) [.21]
494.22+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Orp! Her...} | {Png: ...Orp. Her...}
494.23Slave, his dick to Dave and the fat of the land to Guygas. The
494.23+Anglo-Irish phrase the back of my hand (deprecatory comment or retort) [308.F01]
494.23+Gyges: Lydian king of proverbial wealth
494.23+Greek gigas: giant
494.24treadmill pebbledropper haha halfahead overground and she'd
494.24+VI.B.17.035i (b): 'climb treadmill' (only last word crayonned)
494.24+Chervin: Bégaiement 409: (of the attempts of Demosthenes, the famous ancient Athenian orator, to deal with his speech impediment, as suggested by his friend Satyros) 'pour développer sa respiration, il lui recommanda de gravir les montagnes en récitant' (French 'to develop his breathing, he recommended him to climb mountains while reciting')
494.24+treadmill: a wide hollow horizontal cylinder with steps around its periphery, made to revolve and drive a mill by a person, or animal, treading inside it (in the 19th century, used primarily for prison discipline)
494.24+VI.B.17.035f ( ): '*E* at sea pebbles — mouth'
494.24+Chervin: Bégaiement 409: (of the attempts of Demosthenes, the famous ancient Athenian orator, to deal with his speech impediment, as suggested by his friend Satyros) 'Mettez-vous quelques cailloux dans la bouche, votre articulation vous paraêtra plus facile lorsque vous ne vous en servirez pas' (French 'Put some stones in your mouth, your articulation will feel easier when you are not using them')
494.24+pebble dropper [244.23]
494.24+(Motif: stuttering)
494.24+VI.B.17.035k (b): 'Demosthenes lives underground half head shaved' (only last three words crayoned)
494.24+Chervin: Bégaiement 407: (of Demosthenes, the famous ancient Athenian orator) 'il fit construire un cabinet souterrain... dans lequel il allait tous les jours s'exercer à la déclamation et former sa voix. Il y passait jusqu'à deux ou trois mois de suite, ayant la moitié de la tête rasée, afin que la honte de paraître en cet état l'empˆchât de sortir' (French 'he had an underground study built... which he used daily to practise declamation and train his voice. He spent there up to two or three months at a time, having shaved half of his head, so that the shame of appearing in this state would prevent him from going out')
494.25only chitschats in her spanking bee bonetry, Allapolloosa! Up the
494.25+phrase bees in her bonnet
494.25+ALP (Motif: ALP)
494.25+American Slang lollapaloosa: an extraordinary thing, the cat's pyjamas
494.25+Italian Slang o la pallosa!: oh, what a pain she is!
494.26slanger! Three cheers and a heva heva for the name Dan Magraw!
494.26+Danish slanger: serpents, snakes
494.26+song Master McGrath: '"Three cheers for old Ireland" says Master McGrath'
494.26+Hebrew Havvah: Eve
494.26+Italian evviva!: hurrah!
494.26+Robert E. Service: Shooting of Dan Magrew (poem)
494.26+Daniel McGrath: grocer, wine merchant and publican, 4-5 Charlotte Street, Dublin (held a pub from 1889 to 1918) [060.26]
494.27    — The giant sun is in his emanence but which is chief of those
494.27+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: line is headed by a dash} | {Png: line is not headed by a dash}
494.27+[[Speaker: Yawn as *A*]]
494.27+sun (Cluster: Astronomy)
494.27+Sun in his Meridian: sura ninety-three of the Koran
494.27+EHC (Motif: HCE)
494.27+Latin emanens: spreading
494.27+Eminences: sura seven of the Koran
494.28white dwarfees of which he ever is surabanded? And do you think
494.28+white dwarf: type of star (Cluster: Astronomy)
494.28+suras of the Koran
494.28+sarabande: a slow dance
494.29I might have being his seventh! He will kitssle me on melbaw.
494.29+(the seventh planet is Uranus) (Cluster: Astronomy)
494.29+(seventh wife) [215.15-.16]
494.29+German kitzeln: Dialect kittle: to tickle
494.29+my elbow
494.30What about his age? says you. What about it? says I. I will
494.31confess to his sins and blush me further. I would misdemean to
494.31+on entering confessional: 'Bless me, Father, for I have sinned'
494.31+(would not demean)
494.31+misdemean: misbehave
494.32rebuke to the libels of snots from the fleshambles, the canalles.
494.32+Fishamble Street, Dublin
494.32+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...fleshambles, the...} | {Png: ...fleshambles the...}
494.32+Grand and Royal Canals, Dublin
494.32+French canailles: rabbles
494.33Synamite is too good for them. Two overthirties in shore shor-
494.34ties. She's askapot at Nile Lodge and she's citchincarry at the
494.34+Danish Askepot: Cinderella (pantomime)
494.34+Nile river
494.34+Nile Lodge: a famous Galway house built in 1805 by one of Admiral Nelson's officers at the Battle of the Nile against Napoleon (its design echoes that of a ship's bridge)
494.34+cash-and-carry (shop)
494.34+Rhyming Slang cash-and-carried: married
494.35left Mrs Hamazum's. Will you warn your old habasund, barking
494.35+Amazon river
494.35+German Hund: dog
494.36at baggermen, his chokefull chewing his chain? Responsif you
494.36+Dutch baggerman: dredger
494.36+R.S.V.P.: French répondez, s'il vous plaît: please reply (a request for a reply to an invitation) [495.32]

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