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499.01embalsemate, pending a rouseruction of his bogey, most highly
499.01+Apostles' Creed: 'the resurrection of the body' [498.30] [.02]
499.01+Latin eructo: I belch
499.01+Russian Bog: God
499.02astounded, as it turned up, after his life overlasting, at thus being
499.02+Apostles' Creed: 'life everlasting' [498.30] [.01]
499.03reduced to nothing.
499.04    — Bappy-go-gully and gaff for us all! And all his morties
499.04+{{Synopsis: III.3.3A.L: [499.04-499.12]: the twenty-nine girls mourning — requiem}}
499.04+[[Speaker: *Q*]]
499.04+Hindustani bap: father
499.04+phrase every man for himself and God for us all
499.04+gaff: a stick with an iron hook used for landing salmon
499.04+Cant mort: woman; harlot
499.04+Italian morti: dead (plural)
499.05calisenic, tripping a trepas, neniatwantyng: Mulo Mulelo! Homo
499.05+calisthenics: gymnastic exercises for girls
499.05+French trépas: death, demise
499.05+pas de trois: in ballet, a dance performed by three people (French 'step of three')
499.05+Latin nenia: dirge
499.05+nine and twenty
499.05+*Q* (29 death-words in 14 pairs + 1) (Motif: 28-29; Cluster: Death) [470.36]
499.05+Gipsy mullo: dead man, dead (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 47) (Cluster: Death)
499.05+Mulo: a Celtic mule-god
499.05+Latin homo: man
499.05+(buried man) (Cluster: Death)
499.05+Latin humo: I bury
499.05+Latin humilis: humble
499.06Humilo! Dauncy a deady O! Dood dood dood! O Bawse! O
499.06+song Dance to Your Daddy-o (Irish children's song)
499.06+dance of death (Cluster: Death)
499.06+Boucicault: other plays: Daddy O'Dowd
499.06+Dutch dood: death; dead (Cluster: Death)
499.06+Irish bás: death (Cluster: Death)
499.07Boese! O Muerther! O Mord! Mahmato! Moutmaro! O Smir-
499.07+German böse: evil, wicked
499.07+Spanish muerte: death (Cluster: Death)
499.07+German Mord: murder (Cluster: Death)
499.07+French mort: death (Cluster: Death)
499.07+Armenian mah: death (Cluster: Death)
499.07+Arabic mamat: death (Cluster: Death)
499.07+Arabic maut: death (Cluster: Death)
499.07+Breton marv: death (Cluster: Death)
499.07+Welsh marw: dead (Cluster: Death)
499.07+Polish śmierć: death (Cluster: Death)
499.08tsch! O Smertz! Woh Hillill! Woe Hallall! Thou Thuoni! Thou
499.08+Russian smert: death (Cluster: Death)
499.08+German Schmerz: pain
499.08+German Weh: woe
499.08+Valhalla (Cluster: Death)
499.08+Welsh hollol: death (Cluster: Death)
499.08+Hungarian halál: death (Cluster: Death)
499.08+Finnish tuoni: figure of death (Cluster: Death)
499.09Thaunaton! Umartir! Udamnor! Tschitt! Mergue! Eulumu!
499.09+Greek thanatos: death (Cluster: Death)
499.09+Finnish tunteeton: dead (Cluster: Death)
499.09+Czech úmrtí: death (Cluster: Death)
499.09+Serbo-Croatian umirati: to die (Cluster: Death)
499.09+you martyr (Cluster: Death)
499.09+Cambodian damnos: death (Cluster: Death)
499.09+Annamese chêt: to die (Cluster: Death)
499.09+Persian merg: death (Cluster: Death)
499.09+French merde!: shit!
499.09+Hindustani marg: death (Cluster: Death)
499.09+morgue (Cluster: Death)
499.09+Turkish ölüm: death (Cluster: Death)
499.10Huam Khuam! Malawinga! Malawunga! Ser Oh Ser! See ah
499.10+how come?
499.10+Siamese khuam: death (Cluster: Death)
499.10+Laotian kwamdtai: death (Cluster: Death)
499.10+Italian malalingua: slanderer, gossip-monger (literally 'evil tongue')
499.10+Samoan maliu: death (Cluster: Death)
499.10+S.O.S. (in Morse, Latin mors: death) (Cluster: Death)
499.10+Chinese sé: death (Cluster: Death)
499.10+Ser: Egyptian god and judge of the dead (also god of Past and Present; a variant of Osiris) (Cluster: Death)
499.10+Bulgarian sera: to shit
499.10+Japanese sei-shi: life and death (Cluster: Death)
499.10+Japanese shi: death (Cluster: Death)
499.11See! Hamovs! Hemoves! Mamor! Rockquiem eternuel give donal
499.11+Hebrew hamoves: the death (Ashkenazi pronunciation) (Cluster: Death)
499.11+he moves
499.11+Arabic mamat: death (Cluster: Death)
499.11+Latin mors: death (Cluster: Death)
499.11+Introit of Mass for dead: 'Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis' (Latin 'Grant them eternal rest, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon them') (Cluster: Death)
499.12aye in dolmeny! Bad luck's perpepperpot loosen his eyis! (Psich!).
499.12+dolmen (on grave) (Cluster: Death)
499.12+Psyche: personification of the soul in Greek mythology
499.13    — But there's leps of flam in Funnycoon's Wick. The keyn
499.13+{{Synopsis: III.3.3A.M: [499.13-499.29]: the revival — what a pack of lies}}
499.13+song Finnegan's Wake, chorus: 'Lots of fun at Finnegan's Wake'
499.13+flame, wick
499.13+Colloquial flam: humbug, trick, sham story
499.13+'The king is dead. Long live the king' (proclamation of a new king)
499.13+keen: Irish lamentation for the dead
499.14has passed. Lung lift the keying!
499.15    — God save you king! Muster of the Hidden Life!
499.15+German Muster: pattern, paragon, master
499.16    — God serf yous kingly, adipose rex! I had four in the morn-
499.16+[[Speaker: Yawn as *E*]]
499.16+God save you kindly (Irishism)
499.16+song God save the King
499.16+adipose: fat
499.16+Oedipus Rex
499.16+Sphinx's riddle: 'What has four legs in the morning, two legs at midday, and three legs in the evening'; answer: 'man'
499.17ing and a couple of the lunch and three later on, but your saouls
499.17+French saoul: drunk
499.17+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation saouls: souls
499.17+song Finnegan's Wake 5: 'Souls to the devil! Did you think I'm dead?'
499.18to the dhaoul, do ye. Finnk. Fime. Fudd?
499.18+Anglo-Irish dhoul: devil
499.18+Motif: Fee faw fum
499.18+Slang fuddled: drunk
499.19    — Impassable tissue of improbable liyers! D'yu mean to sett
499.19+[[Speaker: Matthew]]
499.19+phrase tissue of lies
499.19+VI.B.16.033g (r): 'do you mean to sit there & tell me I mean to sit here as long as I live' [.19-.24]
499.20there where y'are now, coddlin your supernumerary leg, wi'that
499.20+you are
499.20+Dialect coddle: to cuddle, to fondle
499.20+with that bizarre
499.21bizar tongue in yur tolkshap, and your hindies and shindies, like a
499.21+Persian bazar: market
499.21+The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XIII, 'Hindostani', 479d: (Hindostani) 'was the natural language of the people in the neighbourhood of Delhi, who formed the bulk of those who resorted to the bazaar, and hence it became the bazaar language'
499.21+phrase tongue in cheek
499.21+your talk-shop (i.e. mouth)
499.21+Danish tolk: interpreter
499.21+Hindi: the language of northern India (Hindostani is Hindi mixed with Arabic and other elements)
499.21+Colloquial shindy: a row, a commotion; a shindig
499.22muck in a market, Sorley boy, repeating yurself, and tell me that?
499.22+Irish muc: pig
499.22+phrase a pig in a poke: a deal offered or accepted sight unseen
499.22+VI.B.14.182o (r): 'Sorley boy'
499.22+Gwynn: Ulster 25: 'Each of the three peoples threw up remarkable leaders in the final struggles under the Tudors, and no figure of those days is more notable than the MacDonnell chief, Somhairle Buidhe, "Yellow Charles", Sorley Boy, as the English wrote him'
499.22+Sorley Boy MacDonnell: 16th century Irish chieftain who fought the Elizabethan army
499.23    — I mean to sit here on this altknoll where you are now,
499.23+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
499.23+German alt: old
499.23+Old Nol: nickname of Cromwell
499.23+Shakespeare perhaps played Old Knowell in Jonson's Everyman in His Humour
499.24Surly guy, replete in myself, as long as I live, in my homespins,
499.25like a sleepingtop, with all that's buried ofsins insince insensed
499.25+phrase sleep like a top
499.25+VI.B.14.214d (g): '*V* all buried inside'
499.25+of sins
499.26insidesofme. If I can't upset this pound of pressed ollaves I can
499.26+inside of me
499.26+VI.B.14.094f (r): 'S P if I can't upset the Mt I'll sit upon it'
499.26+pressed olives
499.26+Irish ollav: sage
499.27sit up zounds of sounds upon him.
499.27+set up
499.27+Archaic zounds: God's wounds (used as a mild oath)
499.28    — Oliver! He may be an earthpresence. Was that a groan or
499.28+[[Speaker: Mark]]
499.28+(Roland's horn) [073.36-074.05]
499.28+(ollaves) [.26]
499.28+VI.B.14.216k (r): 'the mound groand' [.34]
499.28+(Matthew 26:37: (Jesus at Gethsemane) 'began to be sorrowful and very heavy') [.28-.31]
499.29did I hear the Dingle bagpipes Wasting war and? Watch!
499.29+Dingle: town, County Kerry
499.29+Colloquial tinkle: telephone call
499.29+VI.B.14.097e (r): 'angels play bagpipes'
499.29+(bagpipes used for marching troops in wars since the 18th century)
499.29+Vulgate Matthew 26:38: (Jesus to apostles at Gethsemane) 'tarry ye here, and watch with me' [.28-.31]
499.29+[607.12] [024.14]
499.30    — Tris tris a ni ma mea! Prisoner of Love! Bleating Hart!
499.30+{{Synopsis: III.3.3A.N: [499.30-501.06]: bits of a confused telephone conversation — ending in silence}}
499.30+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
499.30+Vulgate Matthew 26:38: (Jesus at Gethsemane) 'tristis est anima mea usque ad mortem' (Latin 'my soul is sad even unto death') [.28-.31]
499.30+heart, head, hand, foot (Christ's wounds)
499.31Lowlaid Herd! Aubain Hand! Wonted Foot! Usque! Usque!
499.31+aubain: non-naturalised foreigner in France
499.31+Percy French: song Slattery's Mounted Foot
499.31+Latin usque: all the way, all the time, as much as, completely
499.31+Irish uisce: water
499.31+(John 19:28: (Jesus on the Cross) 'saith, I thirst')
499.32Usque! Lignum in . . .
499.32+Latin lignum in: a piece of wood in
499.32+(wood of the Cross)
499.33    — Rawth of Gar and Donnerbruck Fire? Is the strays world
499.33+[[Speaker: Luke]]
499.33+Rathgar: district of Dublin
499.33+wrath of God
499.33+German Donner: thunder
499.33+at end of Wagner's Das Rheingold (opera), Donner creates a storm resulting in rainbow bridge (German Brücke: bridge) to Valhalla
499.33+Donnybrook Fair (noted for public fights; also the title of a song)
499.34moving mound or what static babel is this, tell us?
499.34+mound [.28]
499.34+(static on radio)
499.34+VI.B.14.009l (r): 'Babel *E*'
499.34+Boulenger & Thérive: Les Soirées du Grammaire-Club 154: 'une nouvelle confusion de Babel' (French 'a new confusion of Babel')
499.34+Latin tellus: earth
499.35    — Whoishe whoishe whoishe whoishe linking in? Whoishe
499.35+(mishearing) [.30-.31]
499.35+who is he?
499.35+Anglo-Irish wisha: well, indeed (interjection)
499.36whoishe whoishe?

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