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505.01heather down and timtits tapping resin there and tomahawks
505.01+Motif: Tom/Tim
505.01+tom tit (Cluster: Birds)
505.01+hawk (Cluster: Birds)
505.02watching tar elsewhere, creatures of the wold approaching him,
505.02+VI.B.14.102f (r): 'creatures of this wold' ('wold' not clear)
505.03hollow mid ivy, for to claw and rub, hermits of the desert
505.03+song The Holly and the Ivy
505.03+German mit: with
505.03+Saint Jerome learned Hebrew in the desert
505.04barking their infernal shins over her triliteral roots and his acorns
505.04+bark, roots, acorns, pinecones, shoots, plants [.04-.05]
505.04+Shin: penultimate letter of the Hebrew alphabet
505.04+roots in Semitic languages usually have three letters
505.04+Norse world tree Yggdrasil had three roots
505.05and pinecorns shooting wide all sides out of him, plantitude
505.05+twenty-two thousand of twenty-two thousand [412.26-.27]
505.06outsends of plenty to thousands, after the truants of the utmost-
505.07fear and her downslyder in that snakedst-tu-naughsy whimmering
505.07+Danish sludder: nonsense, chatter, talk
505.07+(Eve and the Serpent)
505.07+(serpent at base of Yggdrasil)
505.07+Danish snakke: to talk, to chatter, to talk nonsense
505.07+Danish snakke du norsk?: do you speak Norwegian?
505.07+German wimmern: to whimper
505.08woman't seeleib such a fashionaping sathinous dress out of that
505.08+German See: sea
505.08+German Seele: soul
505.08+German Leib: body
505.08+VI.B.14.161e (r): 'dressed in leaves'
505.09exquisitive creation and her leaves, my darling dearest, sinsin-
505.09+ECH (Motif: HCE)
505.10sinning since the night of time and each and all of their branches
505.11meeting and shaking twisty hands all over again in their new
505.12world through the germination of its gemination from Ond's
505.12+gemination: doubling
505.12+Danish onde: evil
505.13outset till Odd's end. And encircle him circuly. Evovae!
505.13+EHC, HCE (Motif: HCE)
505.13+Latin in saeculum saeculi: forever
505.13+Euouae: vowels of words 'seculorum Amen' (also spelled evovae), used as an abbreviation of the closing words of the Gloria Patri in liturgical books
505.13+Latin Evoe!: the cry of the Bacchantes, to call Bacchus (confused by some writers with Euouae)
505.13+Italian evivva!: hurray!, long live!
505.14    — Is it so exaltated, eximious, extraoldandairy and excels-
505.14+eximious: distinguished
505.14+Irish dair: oak
505.14+Latin excelsior: higher
505.16    — Amengst menlike trees walking or trees like angels weep-
505.16+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
505.16+Mark 8:24: 'I see men as trees, walking'
505.16+Motif: tree/stone (tree, rock [.17])
505.16+John Milton: Paradise Lost I.620: 'Tears such as Angels weep' (James Joyce: Ulysses.9.33)
505.17ing nobirdy aviar soar anywing to eagle it! But rocked of agues,
505.17+nobody ever saw anything to equal it
505.17+Outlook 29 Apr 1922, 339: 'James Joyce's Ulysses' (review of James Joyce: Ulysses by Arnold Bennett): (of 'Penelope') 'I have never read anything to surpass it, and I doubt if I have ever read anything to equal it' (Deming: The Critical Heritage 221)
505.17+bird (Cluster: Birds)
505.17+Latin aviarius: of birds (Cluster: Birds)
505.17+soar (Cluster: Birds)
505.17+wing (Cluster: Birds)
505.17+eagle (Cluster: Birds)
505.17+eagle on topmost branch of Yggdrasil
505.17+rock [.16]
505.17+song Rock of Ages (Christian hymn): 'Rock of Ages, cleft for me'
505.18cliffed for aye!
505.18+Motif: tree/stone (cliff, tree [.19])
505.19    — Telleth that eke the treeth?
505.19+tree [.18]
505.20    — Mushe, mushe of a mixness.
505.20+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
505.20+Anglo-Irish musha: well, indeed
505.20+Motif: mishe/tauf [.23]
505.20+Colloquial phrase much of a muchness: much of the same
505.21    — A shrub of libertine, indeed! But that steyne of law indead
505.21+tree of liberty (Motif: tree/stone)
505.21+VI.C.3.180p (b): 'Steyn'
505.21+Haliday: The Scandinavian Kingdom of Dublin 151: (of the Stein, an area east of medieval Dublin) 'The Long Stone of the Steyne... It was from the "Long Stone"... that the Stein derived its Scandinavian name. This remarkable pillar stone stood not far from the landing place near where Hawkins-street and Townsend-street now join'
505.21+Steyne: a pillar formerly standing in Dublin, erected by the Vikings near their landing place
505.21+German Stein: stone
505.21+stone of law
505.22what stiles its neming?
505.22+Latin nemus: grove
505.23    — Tod, tod, too hard parted!
505.23+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
505.23+German Tod: death
505.23+tauf [.20]
505.23+marriage ceremony: 'till death do us part'
505.23+Matthew 16:18: 'thou art Peter'
505.24    — I've got that now, Dr Melamanessy. Finight mens mid-
505.24+Greek melas: black
505.24+Danish mellemmand: middleman
505.24+Manesse Codex: a collection of Minnelieder
505.24+Latin mens: mind
505.24+Danish mens: while, meanwhile
505.24+German mit: with
505.25infinite true. The form masculine. The gender feminine. I see.
505.25+VI.B.3.126a (r): 'tree bisexual m form fem gend' [504.22] [504.25] [504.26]
505.25+Mordell: The Erotic Motive in Literature 170: (quoting Jung) 'The bisexual symbolic character of the tree... is intimated by the fact that in Latin trees have a masculine termination and a feminine gender'
505.26Now, are you derevatov of it yourself in any way? The true
505.26+Russian derevo: tree
505.27tree I mean? Let's hear what science has to say, pundit-the-
505.27+R. Ord and W. Gayer-Mackay: Paddy-the-Next-Best-Thing (play, 1920)
505.28next-best-king. Splanck!
505.28+Max Planck (quantum theory)
505.29    — Upfellbowm.
505.29+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
505.29+VI.B.14.223h (r): 'Upfellbowm'
505.29+fell up
505.29+up, down
505.29+German Apfelbaum: apple tree (Newton)
505.30    — It reminds of the weeping of the daughters?
505.30+Luke 23:28: 'Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me'
505.30+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song The Meeting of the Waters
505.31    — And remounts to the sense arrest.
505.31+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
505.32    — The wittold, the frausch and the dibble! How this loose-
505.32+Book of Common Prayer: Litany: 'the World, the Flesh and the Devil'
505.32+wittol: cuckold who does nothing about it, a conniving cuckold
505.32+German Frau: woman
505.32+German Rausch: drunkenness, intoxication
505.32+Slang dibble: penis
505.32+lucifer: a type of match, a match (contains phosphorus [.33])
505.33affair brimsts of fussforus! And was this treemanangel on his
505.33+German Fuß: foot
505.33+fuss for us
505.33+phosphorus [.32]
505.33+tree, man, angel
505.34soredbohmend because Knockout, the knickknaver, knacked
505.34+sore bottom
505.34+Dutch boom: tree
505.34+beam end
505.34+German knackt: cracks
505.35him in the knechtschaft?
505.35+German Knechtschaft: servitude
505.36    — Well, he was ever himself for the presention of crudities to
505.36+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
505.36+Cluster: Well
505.36+Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
505.36+crudités: raw vegetables served as an appetiser

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