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512.01    — Lollgoll! You don't soye so! All upsydown her whole
512.01+Lord God!
512.01+Goll Mac Morna killed Cumhal, Finn's father, and replaced him as leader of the Fianna, but later on willingly relinquished the post to Finn
512.01+song Old Folks at Home: 'All up and down the whole creation'
512.02creation? So there was nothing serical between you? And Dry-
512.02+seric: silken
512.02+drysalter: dealer in gums, dyes, etc. (Obsolete dealer in salted meat and pickles)
512.02+Drystan: Tristan
512.02+German drei: three
512.03salter, father of Izod, how was he now?
512.03+Izod: Isolde
512.04    — To the pink, man, like an allmanox in his shirt and stickup,
512.04+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
512.04+phrase in the pink: in good form
512.05brustall to the bear, the Megalomagellan of our winevatswater-
512.05+German Brust: breast
512.05+Great Bear (constellation)
512.05+Greek megalo-: great-
512.05+Motif: Gall/Gael (Viking foreigner/Irish native)
512.05+Magellan: first man to sail around world
512.05+Magellanic Clouds: two star clusters
512.05+James Joyce: Ulysses.12.1298: 'the winebark on the winedark waterway'
512.06way, squeezing the life out of the liffey.
512.07    — Crestofer Carambas! Such is zodisfaction. You punk me!
512.07+Christopher Columbus
512.07+Spanish caramba!: by Jove! (mild oath)
512.07+Lithuanian zodis: word
512.07+Slang pink: hit
512.08He came, he kished, he conquered. Vulturuvarnar! The must of
512.08+Julius Caesar: 'I came, I saw, I conquered'
512.08+Kish lightship off Dublin
512.08+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation kished: kissed
512.08+Lithuanian kisu: to stick, stuff
512.08+Lithuanian varna: crow, raven
512.08+Matthew 7:3: 'beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye'
512.09his glancefull coaxing the beam in her eye? That musked bell of
512.09+German glanzvoll: glittering
512.09+CHE (Motif: HCE)
512.09+(beaming smile)
512.10this masked ball! Annabella, Lovabella, Pullabella, yep?
512.10+Verdi: Ballo in Maschera (The Masked Ball)
512.10+ALP (Motif: ALP)
512.10+Annabella, village, County Cork (from Irish Eanach-Bile: Fen of a Sacred Tree)
512.10+Italian bella: pretty, beautiful (feminine)
512.11    — Yup! Titentung Tollertone in S. Sabina's. Aye aye, she
512.11+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
512.11+ten ton [035.31]
512.11+(bells tolling)
512.11+German toller: mad, wild
512.11+Santa Sabina, church, Rome
512.11+Motif: Ay, ay!
512.11+A...L...P (Motif: ALP)
512.12was lithe and pleasable. Wilt thou the lee? Wilt thou the hee?
512.13Wilt thou the hussif?
512.14    — The quicker the deef the safter the sapstaff, but the main
512.14+II Timothy 4:1: 'the quick and the dead'
512.14+Motif: ear/eye (deaf, blind)
512.14+German Saft: juice, sap
512.14+tap staff (blind) [.17]
512.14+main: open sea
512.14+mightier the man
512.15the mightier the stricker the strait. To the vast go the game! It
512.15+proverb The more the merrier
512.15+Vasco da Gama: navigator
512.16is the circumconversioning of antelithual paganelles by a hugger-
512.16+Latin circumconversio: a revolving
512.16+ALP (Motif: ALP)
512.16+(before the stone age)
512.16+Lithuanian pagans (forcibly converted to Christianity by Prussian junkers)
512.16+Mount Paganella, Italy
512.16+HCE (Motif: HCE)
512.17knut cramwell energuman, or the caecodedition of an absque-
512.17+energuman: one possessed of a devil
512.17+Latin caecus: blind [.14]
512.17+cacodaemon: evil spirit
512.17+Latin deditio: surrender
512.17+ALP (Motif: ALP)
512.17+Latin absque: without
512.18litteris puttagonnianne to the herreraism of a cabotinesque ex-
512.18+Latin litteris: letters
512.18+Italian putta: young girl, wench
512.18+Italian puttana: whore
512.18+H...CE (Motif: HCE)
512.18+Antonio de Herrera y Tordesillas: General History of the West Indies
512.18+Spanish herrero: blacksmith
512.18+Cabot discovered Newfoundland
512.18+French cabotine: strolling player, barnstormer
512.20    — I believe you. Taiptope reelly, O reelly!
512.20+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
512.20+Lithuanian taip: yes, so
512.20+O'Reilly (Motif: Persse O'Reilly) [.24]
512.21    — Nautaey, nautaey, we're nowhere without ye! In steam of
512.21+Latin nautae: sailors
512.21+Samuel Taylor Coleridge: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner II.59-60: 'Instead of a cross, the Albatross About my neck was hung'
512.22kavos now arbatos above our hearths doth hum. And Malkos
512.22+Lithuanian kava: coffee
512.22+Lithuanian arbata: tea
512.22+Lithuanian malkos: firewood
512.23crackles logs of fun while Anglys cheers our ingles. So lent she
512.23+song Finnegan's Wake, chorus: 'Lots of fun at Finnegan's Wake'
512.23+Lithuanian anglys: coal
512.23+Portuguese inglês: English
512.24him ear to burrow his manhood (or so it appierce) and borrow
512.24+Motif: ear/eye [.25]
512.24+Persse (Motif: Persse O'Reilly) [.20]
512.25his namas? Suilful eyes and sallowfoul hairweed and the sickly
512.25+Lithuanian namas: house
512.25+Irish súil: eye
512.25+song Do Ye Ken John Peel?: 'and his horn and his hounds in the morning'
512.26sigh from her gingering mouth like a Dublin bar in the moarning.
512.27    — Primus auriforasti me.
512.27+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
512.27+Latin primus auriforasti me: you first earpierced me
512.28    — The park is gracer than the hole, says she, but shekleton's
512.28+Hesiod: 'The half is greater than the whole'
512.28+Euclid: Elements, Axiom 9: 'The whole is greater than its part' (5th common notion)
512.28+Shackleton: explorer
512.29my fortune?
512.30    — Eversought of being artained? You've soft a say with ye,
512.30+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
512.30+ever thought of being ordained [291.F04]
512.30+Artane: district of Dublin (Christian Brothers' school)
512.30+song Father O'Flynn: 'Och! Father O'Flynn, you've the wonderful way wid you'
512.31Flatter O'Ford, that, honey, I hurdley chew you.
512.31+Town of the Ford of the Hurdles: Dublin
512.31+song Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye
512.32    — Is that answers?
512.33    — It am queery!
512.33+[[Speaker: Yawn]]
512.34    — The house was Toot and Come-Inn by the bridge called
512.34+Newcomen Bridge, Dublin
512.34+come in
512.34+(called after)
512.35Tiltass, but are you solarly salemly sure, beyond the shatter of
512.35+Lithuanian tiltas: bridge
512.35+solar year [.36] [513.01]
512.35+Hebrew shalem: whole, perfection
512.35+shadow of a doubt
512.36the canicular year? Nascitur ordo seculi numfit.
512.36+canicular year: ancient Egyptian year, based on the rotation of Sirius [.35] [513.01]
512.36+Virgil: other works: Eclogues IV.5: 'saeculorum nascitur ordo' (Latin 'the order of ages is reborn')
512.36+(many children will be born if anal sex is avoided)
512.36+Latin nascitur: is born
512.36+Italian orda: horde
512.36+Italian se: if
512.36+Italian Colloquial culi: arses
512.36+Latin num fit: it is not going to happen?
512.36+(does not fit)

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