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525.01is how the reverend Coppinger, he visualises the hidebound
525.01+Motif: Archdeacon J.F.X.P. Coppinger [524.08] [524.18] [524.27]
525.02homelies of creed crux ethics. Watsch yourself tillicately every
525.02+HCE (Motif: HCE)
525.02+Ku Klux Klan
525.02+German Watsche: slap, smack
525.03morkning in your bracksullied twilette. The use of cold water,
525.03+Danish mørkning: nightfall
525.03+Anglo-Irish brack: speck (from Irish breac)
525.03+German Brack: refuse
525.03+Archaic toilette: the process of washing, dressing and grooming oneself; a small room (or table) dedicated to this
525.03+(cold baths to distract boys' attention from sex, as used (alongside compulsory sport games) in English public schools)
525.04testificates Dr Rutty, may be warmly recommended for the sug-
525.04+Latin testificor: testify
525.04+John Rutty: 18th century Dublin doctor who extolled the virtues of mineral waters
525.04+subjugation of congenital lust
525.05jugation of cungunitals loosed. Tolloll, schools!
525.05+Colloquial toodle-oo: goodbye
525.05+tell all schools [.03]
525.05+(schools of herring) [524.20] [524.26] (Cluster: Fish)
525.05+(schools of theological thought)
525.06    — Tallhell and Barbados wi ye and your Errian coprulation!
525.06+VI.B.14.220i (r): 'to hell with ye'
525.06+Cromwell: 'Go to Hell or Connacht' (from a Parliamentary Act of 1654)
525.06+many Irish deported by Cromwell to Barbados
525.06+herring [524.20] [524.26] (Cluster: Fish)
525.06+Greek kopros: dung
525.07Pelagiarist! Remonstrant Montgomeryite! Short lives to your
525.07+VI.B.14.036m (r): 'Pelagianism'
525.07+Kinane: St. Patrick 70: (of Saint Patrick) 'The Pope now sent St. Germanus as legate, accompanied by St. Lupus of Troyes, and Patrick, to extinguish... the Pelagian heresy'
525.07+Pelagianism: a heresy promoted by Pelagius, who was possibly Irish, denying the transmission of original sin and stressing man's free will to do good without the assistance of divine grace [182.03] [358.36-359.09]
525.07+VI.B.14.130j (r): 'plagiarise'
525.07+Henry Montgomery: 19th century theologian and professed Arian (i.e. denied consubstantiality of Father and Son), founder of Remonstrant (Calvinist sect) Synod of Ulster
525.07+Montgomery Street, Dublin (in Nighttown)
525.08relatives! Y'are absexed, so y'are, with mackerglosia and mick-
525.08+you are obsessed
525.08+German ab-: off- (often implying disinclination or exhaustion from)
525.08+VI.B.14.102e (r): '*V* obsexed about it'
525.08+VI.B.17.036h (b): 'macroglossia'
525.08+Chervin: Bégaiement 446: 'Ces cas de macroglossie, lingua propendula, etc., sont incontestablement très rares' (French 'These cases of macroglossia, lingua propendula, etc., are undeniably very rare')
525.08+macroglossia: condition of having an abnormally large tongue
525.08+microcephaly: condition of having an abnormally small head
525.08+Italian mio cruccio felice: my happy grief
525.10    — Wait now, leixlep! I scent eggoarchicism. I will take you
525.10+Variants: {FnF: ...leixlip! I...} | {Vkg, JCM: ...leixlep! I...} | {Png: ...leixlip. I...}
525.10+Leixlip ('salmon leap') on Liffey (Cluster: Fish)
525.10+egg (Cluster: Fish)
525.10+egoarch [188.16]
525.11to task. I don't follow you that far in your otherwise accurate
525.12account. Was it esox lucius or salmo ferax? You are taxing us
525.12+VI.B.16.017m (r): 'Esox Lucius (pike'
525.12+Irish Times 29 Mar 1924, 9/6: 'Esox Lucius': 'It was Esox lucius, fresh-water shark, commonly known as pike, angry at being disturbed' (Cluster: Fish)
525.12+VI.B.5.079g (r): 'Salmo Ferox'
525.12+Freeman's Journal 18 Jun 1924, 8/5: 'By the Way': (of a salmon that fought a fisherman for more than 7 hours before being tricked into a navigation canal) 'The upper lock was immediately closed, the water let off at the lower — and Salmo ferox was left high and dry' (Cluster: Fish)
525.12+Salmo ferox: great lake trout (lives in deep lakes) (Cluster: Fish)
525.12+VI.B.14.194g (r): 'you are taking me into the future'
525.13into the driven future, are you not, with this ruttymaid fishery?
525.13+ready-made [.19]
525.13+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...fishery?} | {Png: ...fishery.}
525.13+fishery (Cluster: Fish)
525.14    — Lalia Lelia Lilia Lulia and lively lovely Lola Montez.
525.14+Greek lalia: talkative
525.14+(Motif: 5 vowels)
525.14+Lola Montez: Irish mistress of Ludwig I of Bavaria
525.15    — Gubbernathor! That they say is a fenian on the secret.
525.15+VI.B.14.218e (r): 'gubernator'
525.15+Czarnowski: Le Culte des Héros, Saint Patrick 37n: (quoting Saint Patrick's Confession) 'Et alio die cœpit gubernator mihi dicere' (Latin 'And on another day the helmsman began to say to me')
525.15+Latin gubernator: helmsman, navigator
525.16Named Parasol Irelly. Spawning ova and fry like a marrye
525.16+Motif: Persse O'Reilly
525.16+spawn (Cluster: Fish)
525.16+ova: unfertilised eggs (Cluster: Fish)
525.16+salmon fry (Cluster: Fish)
525.16+Merry Monarch: epithet of Henry VIII
525.17monach all amanygoround his seven parish churches! And
525.17+Irish monach: guileful
525.17+monachal: monastic
525.17+Isle of Man (Latin Mona)
525.17+a merry-go-round
525.17+seven churches at Glendalough
525.18peopling the ribald baronies with dans, oges and conals!
525.18+Daniel O'Connell
525.18+Irish óg: young
525.18+Conal: son of Niall of the Nine Hostages
525.19    — Lift it now, Hosty! Hump's your mark! For a runnymede
525.19+VI.B.14.208i (r): '*V* = Hosty'
525.19+Magna Carta signed at Runnymede
525.19+ready-made [.13]
525.20landing! A dondhering vesh vish, Magnam Carpam, es hit neat zoo?
525.20+Dutch dondervisch: thunder fish (Cluster: Fish)
525.20+Vishnu [.27]
525.20+Magna Carta
525.20+(great carp) (Cluster: Fish)
525.20+Dutch is het niet zoo?: is that not so?, isn't that so?
525.21    — There's an old psalmsobbing lax salmoner fogeyboren Herrin
525.21+[[Speaker: Yawn as Hosty]]
525.21+Archaic lax: salmon (Cluster: Fish)
525.21+salmon (Cluster: Fish)
525.21+Dutch hooggeboren heer (form of address)
525.21+German wohlgeborene Herrin: well-born mistress
525.21+herring (Cluster: Fish)
525.22+German Pluderhose: wide trousers
525.23Who went floundering with his boatloads of spermin spunk about.
525.23+flounder (Cluster: Fish)
525.23+sperm (Cluster: Fish)
525.24Leaping freck after every long tom and wet lissy between Howth and
525.24+Archaic freck: desirous, lusty
525.24+German frech: shameless, impudent
525.24+VI.B.10.120e (r): 'long Tom'
525.24+Slang tom: penis [.26]
525.25+VI.B.14.219k (r): 'Humber mouth'
525.25+Humber river, England
525.26Our Human Conger Eel!
525.26+HCE (Motif: HCE)
525.26+eel (Cluster: Fish)
525.26+Slang eel: penis [.24]
525.27    — Hep! I can see him in the fishnoo! Up wi'yer whippy!
525.27+[[Speaker: Matthew]]
525.27+fishnet (Cluster: Fish)
525.27+Blavatsky: The Secret Doctrine II.307-313: 'Vaivasvata Manu is the Indian Noah connected with the Matsya (or the fish) Avatar of Vishnu... Vishnu is shown in the allegory as guiding, under the form of a fish, the ark of Vaivasvata Manu' [.32] (Cluster: Fish)
525.27+Vishnu: second god of Vedic triad, reincarnated on earth as half-man, half-fish for some time during and after flood (Cluster: Fish)
525.27+VI.B.1.086g (r): 'whippy (lenza)' (Italian lenza: fishing-line) (Cluster: Fish)
525.27+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...whippy! Hold...} | {Png: ...whippy. Hold...}
525.28Hold that lad! Play him, Markandeyn! Bullhead!
525.28+Italian Colloquial marcantonio: big hefty fellow
525.28+bullhead: a fish (Cluster: Fish)
525.29    — Pull you, sir! Olive quill does it. Longeal of Malin, he'll
525.29+VI.B.5.051k (r): 'olive quill black' (only first two words crayoned)
525.29+Connacht Tribune 7 Jun 1924, 4/8: 'THE RISE OF THE FLY': (of types of fishing-flies) 'The green drake fly has already risen, and has been followed by the olive quill, the yellow hawk, and the black quill' (Cluster: Fish)
525.29+Italian l'angelo del male: the angel of evil
525.29+Malin, County Donegal: most northerly point in Ireland
525.30cry before he's flayed. And his tear make newisland. Did a rise?
525.30+New Ireland: island in the Melanesia region of the southwestern Pacific Ocean, near New Guinea
525.31Way, lungfush! The great fin may cumule! Three threeth o'er
525.31+lungfish (Cluster: Fish)
525.31+fin (Cluster: Fish)
525.31+Finn MacCool
525.31+Latin cumulus: heap
525.31+Slang phrase three sheets in the wind: very drunk
525.32the wild! Manu ware!
525.32+Vaivasvata Manu [.27]
525.33    — He missed her mouth and stood into Dee, Romunculus
525.33+Saint Patrick landed at the mouth of the Vartry river, previously the Dea river
525.33+Dee river
525.33+Romulus and Remus
525.34Remus, plying the rape, so as now any bompriss's bound to get
525.34+Italian bompresso: bowsprit
525.34+VI.C.3.199e (b): 'get up her'
525.34+Haliday: The Scandinavian Kingdom of Dublin 245: (quoting a 1698 petition from the Corporation of Dublin to the House of Commons to establish a Ballast Office) 'the river had become so shallow, and the channel so uncertain, that neither barques nor lighters of any burden could get up except at spring tides'
525.35up her if he pool her leg and bunk on her butt. No, he skid like
525.36a skate and berthed on her byrnie and never a fear but they'll
525.36+skate (Cluster: Fish)
525.36+Scottish byrnie: a coat of mail
525.36+Scottish burnie: little brook

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