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558.01two or three hours of close confabulation, by this pewterpint of
558.02Gilbey's goatswhey which is his prime consolation, albeit in-
558.02+Gilbey's gin (Dublin)
558.02+whey: the watery part of milk after separation of cheese
558.03volving upon the same no uncertain amount of esophagous re-
558.04gurgitation, he being personally unpreoccupied to the extent of
558.05a flea's gizzard anent eructation, if he was still extremely offen-
558.05+(in The Clouds, Aristophanes ponders if a gnat's buzzing emits from its mouth or from its anus)
558.05+Archaic anent: concerning, regarding, about
558.05+eructation: belching
558.06sive to a score and four nostrils' dilatation, still he was likewise,
558.07on the other side of him, for some nepmen's eyes a delectation, as
558.07+N.E.P.: New Economic Policy (Novaya Ekonomicheskaya Politika) in U.S.S.R. in 1920s, which restored free enterprise trading in certain commodities to get production going (entrepreneurs were called 'nepmen')
558.08he asserts without the least alienation, so prays of his faullt you
558.09would make obliteration but for our friend behind the bars,
558.09+VI.B.5.051c (g): 'behind behind prison bars'
558.09+Connacht Tribune 7 Jun 1924, 2/3: 'Tuam District Council': (of political prisoners) 'no patriots should now be behind prison bars in Ireland'
558.10though like Adam Findlater, a man of estimation, summing him
558.10+Adam Findlater: grocery magnate and politician in Edwardian Dublin
558.11up to be done, be what will of excess his exaltation, still we think
558.12with Sully there can be no right extinuation for contravention
558.12+Sully, leader of the twelve (*O*) and Magrath's thug [495.01-.03] [573.06-.07]
558.13of common and statute legislation for which the fit remedy
558.14resides, for Mr Sully, in corporal amputation: so three months for
558.14+three months [078.19]
558.15Gubbs Jeroboam, the frothwhiskered pest of the park, as per
558.15+Italian gobba: hump
558.15+Italian Slang gabbio: prison
558.15+Jeroboam sought to take Solomon's place, but failed
558.15+jeroboam: wine bottle holding 4/5 gallon
558.15+Slang park-pest: man who accosts girls in park
558.16act one, section two, schedule three, clause four of the fifth of
558.17King Jark, this sentence to be carried out tomorrowmorn by
558.17+Slang jark: a seal
558.17+jarkman: carrier or fabricator of false papers
558.17+(last and first sentence of Finnegans Wake)
558.18Nolans Volans at six o'clock shark, and may the yeastwind and
558.18+Latin nolens volens: willing or unwilling
558.18+McIntyre: Giordano Bruno refers repeatedly to Giordano Bruno (of Nola) as 'the Nolan' (he was burned at the stake)
558.18+Latin volans: flying
558.18+six o'clock sharp [584.03]
558.18+may the Lord have mercy on his soul (death sentence)
558.18+yeast, hops, malt, barley (brewing)
558.18+East wind
558.19the hoppinghail malt mercy on his seven honeymeads and his
558.19+seven honeymoons (i.e. seven wives [106.31] [215.15])
558.19+mead is made from honey
558.19+Clonmel prison, County Tipperary (name means 'Meadow of Honey'; became a borstal in 1906)
558.20hurlyburlygrowth, Amen, says the Clarke;
558.20+VI.B.2.156e (r): ''Amen' says the Lia Fail'
558.20+Graves: Irish Literary and Musical Studies 172: 'Dr. Joyce's Irish Wonder Book': 'The last wonder described by Dr. Joyce is the Lia Fail, or Coronation Stone of Tara, on which the ancient kings of Ireland were crowned and "which uttered a shout whenever a king of the true Scotic or Irish race stood or sat on it"'
558.20+Sir Edward Clarke: 19th-20th century British barrister and politician (represented Oscar Wilde in his libel case)
558.21     niece by nice by neat by natty, whilst amongst revery's happy
558.21+{{Synopsis: III.4.4E.A: [558.21-558.25]: night by night — while the twenty-nine are both happy and miserable}}
558.21+night by night [555.05] [556.01] [556.23] [556.31] [557.13]
558.21+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...natty, whilst...} | {Png: ...natty whilst...}
558.22gardens nine with twenty Leixlip yearlings, darters all, had such a
558.22+twenty-nine days in a leap year February (Motif: 28-29; *Q*)
558.22+(year old salmon)
558.22+Slang darters: daughters
558.22+darter: a type of bird; a type of fish
558.23ripping time with gleeful cries of what is nice toppingshaun made
558.23+nursery rhyme 'What are little girls made of, made of?'
558.24of made for and weeping like fun, him to be gone, for they were
558.25never happier, huhu, than when they were miserable, haha;
558.26     in their bed of trial, on the bolster of hardship, by the glimmer
558.26+{{Synopsis: III.4.4E.B: [558.26-558.31]: in their bed — the parents lie}}
558.26+(light of lamp)
558.27of memory, under coverlets of cowardice, Albatrus Nyanzer with
558.27+*E* and *A*
558.27+Victoria Nyanza and Albert Nyanza: two of the major reservoirs of the Nile river ('Nyanza' is Bantu for 'Lake')
558.28Victa Nyanza, his mace of might mortified, her beautifell hung
558.28+Latin victa: defeated
558.28+fell: animal skin
558.28+German Fell: fur, pelt
558.28+phrase hung on the nail: put in pawn
558.29up on a nail, he, Mr of our fathers, she, our moddereen ru arue
558.29+song Moddereen Rue (Irish 'little red dog'; last word is reiterated)
558.30rue, they, ay, by the hodypoker and blazier, they are, as sure as
558.30+Anglo-Irish phrase by the holy poker!
558.30+Holy Ghost
558.30+song Hokey Pokey
558.30+poker and brazier
558.31dinny drops into the dyke . . .
558.31+Irish duine: person
558.32     A cry off.
558.32+{{Synopsis: III.4.4F.A: [558.32-559.19]: the play begins — the scene is a couple's bedroom}}
558.32+(offstage) [559.30]
558.33     Where are we at all? and whenabouts in the name of space?
558.33+Motif: time/space
558.34     I don't understand. I fail to say. I dearsee you too.
558.34+Lia Fáil: a stone at Tara that supposedly shrieked at coronations of rightful high kings [.32]
558.34+daresay you do
558.35     House of the cederbalm of mead. Garth of Fyon. Scene and
558.35+HC(E) (Motif: HCE)
558.35+Tech Midchúarta: the banqueting hall at Tara (Irish name means 'House of the Circulation of Mead')
558.35+Garden of Eden
558.35+Irish fíonghort: vineyard
558.36property plot. Stagemanager's prompt. Interior of dwelling on out-
558.36+property plot: a list of all the properties (furniture, accessories, etc.) required for a given theatre play

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