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564.01     Jeminy, what is the view which now takes up a second posi-
564.01+{{Synopsis: III.4.4F.H: [564.01-565.05]: a man's naked bottom, or Phoenix Park — as seen from Mark's point of view}}
564.01+(MARK'S VIEW) [559.20] [582.28] [590.22]
564.01+Gemini (twins)
564.02tion of discordance, tell it please? Mark! You notice it in that
564.03rereway because the male entail partially eclipses the femecovert.
564.03+Legalese entail: limitation of the passage of an estate to a specified line of heirs
564.03+Legalese feme covert: married woman under cover or protection of her husband
564.04It is so called for its discord the meseedo. Do you ever heard the
564.04+in fixed-do system of solmisation, mi=E, si=B (or H in German terminology), do=C; therefore, mi-si-do = EHC (Motif: HCE [559.21] [582.30] [590.24]; first letter shifted to the end from [559.21])
564.04+me, see, do
564.04+French dos: back (noun)
564.05story about Helius Croesus, that white and gold elephant in our
564.05+HC...E (Motif: HCE)
564.05+Tim Healy, Irish Governor-General
564.05+Croesus: richest man in the world, last Lydian king
564.05+chryselephantine (gold and ivory) statue of Zeus at Olympia
564.06zoopark? You astonish me by it. Is it not that we are command-
564.06+zoo in Phoenix Park
564.06+VI.B.25.153j (g): 'command a full view'
564.07ing from fullback, woman permitting, a profusely fine birdseye
564.07+full back (football position)
564.08view from beauhind this park? Finn his park has been much the
564.08+French beau: handsome (masculine)
564.08+(his bottom)
564.08+Phoenix Park
564.09admiration of all the stranger ones, grekish and romanos, who
564.09+Greek and Roman
564.10arrive to here. The straight road down the centre (see relief map)
564.10+Chesterfield Road bisects Phoenix Park, with Viceregal Lodge and Chief Secretary's Lodge on either side of it
564.10+(crack between two buttocks)
564.11bisexes the park which is said to be the largest of his kind in the
564.12world. On the right prominence confronts you the handsome
564.13vinesregent's lodge while, turning to the other supreme piece of
564.13+Viceregal Lodge
564.14cheeks, exactly opposite, you are confounded by the equally hand-
564.14+CEH (Motif: HCE)
564.15some chief sacristary's residence. Around is a little amiably tufted
564.15+Chief Secretary's Lodge
564.16and man is cheered when he bewonders through the boskage
564.16+German man: one (indefinite pronoun)
564.16+Dutch bewonderen: to admire
564.16+boskage: thicket, grove, woody undergrowth
564.17how the nature in all frisko is enlivened by gentlemen's seats.
564.17+alfresco: in the open air
564.17+Warburton, Whitelaw & Walsh: History of the City of Dublin II.1311: (of the country round Phoenix Park) 'a rich landscape highly embellished with country seats'
564.18Here are heavysuppers — 'tis for daddies housings for hun-
564.18+hundred heirs
564.18+Latin super: over
564.19dredaires of our super thin thousand. By gum, but you have
564.19+ten thousand (people)
564.19+French tu as raison: you are right
564.20resin! Of these tallworts are yielded out juices for jointoils and
564.20+Danish talord: German Zahlwort: numeral [.18-.19]
564.20+worts: medicinal plants
564.20+Jews and Gentiles
564.21pappasses for paynims. Listeneth! 'Tis a tree story. How olave,
564.21+papisher: Roman Catholic (derisive)
564.21+Archaic paynim: pagan; Muslim
564.21+Czech list: a leaf
564.21+Czech tis: yew-tree
564.21+French triste: sad
564.21+Irish ollav: sage
564.21+olive tree
564.22that firile, was aplantad in her liveside. How tannoboom held
564.22+Latin membrum virile: penis
564.22+(creation of Eve from a rib taken from Adam's side)
564.22+German Tannenbaum: pinetree
564.23tonobloom. How rood in norlandes. The black and blue marks
564.23+ton of bloom
564.23+Dutch boom: tree
564.23+Dutch rood: red
564.23+Archaic rood: cross
564.23+(lash marks on his bottom)
564.24athwart the weald, which now barely is so stripped, indicate the
564.24+German Wald: forest
564.25presence of sylvious beltings. Therewithal shady rides lend
564.26themselves out to rustic cavalries. In yonder valley, too,
564.26+Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana (opera)
564.26+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song The Mountain Sprite: 'In yonder valley there dwelt, alone' [air: The Mountain Sprite]
564.27stays mountain sprite. Any pretty dears are to be caught inside
564.28but it is a bad pities of the plain. A scarlet pimparnell now
564.28+VI.B.16.014a (r): 'quiet little city of the plain'
564.28+Connacht Tribune 29 Mar 1924, 4/7: 'Mountbellow Agricultural Show': 'The number of visitors to the show stood at 4,000 in 1923. It is hoped to double this number in 1924. It is a credit to the "quiet little city of the plain" that it is capable of achieving so much by initiative, energy, and enthusiasm'
564.28+Genesis 13:12: (of Sodom and Gomorrah) 'cities of the plain'
564.28+Baroness Orczy: The Scarlet Pimpernel (named after a flower)
564.28+pimple (on his bottom)
564.29mules the mound where anciently first murders were wanted
564.29+Phoenix Park Murders, 1882
564.30to take root. By feud fionghalian. Talkingtree and sinningstone
564.30+Irish fionghal: fratricide, the murder of a relative or fellow-tribesman
564.30+VI.C.3.156j (b): === VI.B.1.149b ( ): 'talking tree Afr'
564.30+Crawford: Back to the Long Grass 74: 'stately Mupundu tree with its genuine carved memorial in Africa by an African. "Talking trees," the native calls any such with a cut-out name on it'
564.30+Motif: tree/stone
564.31stay on either hand. Hystorical leavesdroppings may also be gar-
564.31+VI.B.14.199j (g): 'hysteric historic'
564.31+(Tristan sent carved bark and twigs into a stream as messages to Isolde) [460.21]
564.32nered up with sir Shamus Swiftpatrick, Archfieldchaplain of Saint
564.32+Swift was dean of Saint Patrick's Cathedral
564.33Lucan's. How familiar it is to see all these interesting advenements
564.33+Motif: ear/eye (see, eyes, hear) [.34]
564.33+advenement: superaddition
564.33+French événements: events
564.34with one snaked's eyes! Is all? Yet not. Hear one's. At the bodom
564.34+snake eyes
564.34+naked eyes
564.34+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...eyes! Is...} | {Png: ...eyes. Is...}
564.34+Dutch hoor eens!: listen!
564.34+Dutch bodem: bottom
564.35fundus of this royal park, which, with tvigate shyasian gardeenen,
564.35+Latin fundus: bottom; piece of land
564.35+Danish tveægget: double-edged
564.35+shy Asian
564.35+German Gardinen: curtains
564.36is open to the public till night at late, so well the sissastrides so will
564.36+late at night
564.36+Slang sit-astrides: horse riders

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