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565.01the pederestians, do not fail to point to yourself a depression
565.02called Holl Hollow. It is often quite guttergloomering in our
565.02+Dutch hol: hole; hollow (adjective)
565.02+Half Mile Hollow, Phoenix Park
565.02+German Götterdämmerung: twilight of the gods
565.03duol and gives wankyrious thoughts to the head but the banders
565.03+Italian duolo: grief
565.03+gives one curious thoughts
565.03+Slang wank: to masturbate
565.03+Greek kyrios: lord, master
565.03+French Slang bander: to have erection
565.03+The Hollow in Phoenix Park was used by the Dublin Metropolitan Police band
565.04of the pentapolitan poleetsfurcers bassoons into it on windy
565.04+Pentapolis: district on Dead Sea
565.05woodensdays their wellbooming wolvertones. Ulvos! Ulvos!
565.05+Wednesdays (named after Woden, the chief Anglo-Saxon god (equivalent of Odin))
565.05+wolf: in music, a pitch on a bowed stringed instrument whose quality or loudness differs in an undesirable way from others [564.04]
565.05+Wolfe Tone: founder of United Irishman
565.05+Ulverton Road, Dalkey
565.05+Danish ulve: wolves
565.06     Whervolk dorst ttou begin to tremble by our moving pictures
565.06+{{Synopsis: III.4.4F.I: [565.06-565.16]: one of the four trembles, much to Mark's annoyance — a woman's voice is heard}}
565.06+wherefore dost thou
565.06+German Volk: Dutch volk: people
565.06+Russian volk: wolf
565.06+Dutch dorst: dared (pret. of 'durven')
565.07at this moment when I am to place my hand of our true friend-
565.07+Genesis 24:2: 'Put, I pray thee, thy hand under my thigh; And I will make thee swear by the Lord'
565.08shapes upon thee knee to mark well what I say? Throu shayest
565.08+song A-roving: 'In Amsterdam there lived a maid, Mark well what I do say'
565.09who? In Amsterdam there lived a . . . But how? You are trem-
565.09+French trembloter: to tremble
565.10blotting, you retchad, like a verry jerry! Niet? Will you a gui-
565.10+very jelly
565.10+Jerry (Motif: Jerry/Kevin [.15])
565.10+Dutch niet: not, aren't you?, you don't?
565.10+Russian niet: no
565.10+Dutch wil je... ?: do you want... ?
565.10+German Genießer: connoisseur, gourmet, sensualist
565.10+Dutch genever (Dutch gin)
565.11neeser? Gaij beutel of staub? To feel, you? Yes, how it trembles,
565.11+Dutch gij: you
565.11+a bottle of stout
565.11+German Beutel: bag
565.11+German Staubbeutel: anther
565.11+German Staub: dust
565.11+Dutch te veel: too much
565.11+German zu viel, ja?: too much?
565.12the timid! Vortigern, ah Gortigern! Overlord of Mercia! Or
565.12+Vortigern (Guorthigirn): king of Britain when Hengest and Horsa arrived
565.12+Vortigern: "Shakespearian" play forged by William Ireland [608.14]
565.12+Gortighern: the Adamic language before the confusion of tongues
565.12+Our lord have mercy!
565.12+Mercia: Anglo-Saxon kingdom in North England (much later than Vortigern)
565.13doth brainskin flinchgreef? Stemming! What boyazhness! Sole
565.13+German Gehirnaut: meninges (literally 'brain-skin')
565.13+Dutch stemming: mood, atmosphere
565.13+Russian boyazn': fear, phobia
565.13+Italian sole: sun
565.14shadow shows. Tis jest jibberweek's joke. It must have stole. O,
565.14+Lewis Carroll: Through the Looking-Glass ch. I: 'Jabberwocky'
565.14+song Finnegan's Wake
565.15keve silence, both! Putshameyu! I have heard her voice some-
565.15+Kevin [.10]
565.15+Russian pochemu: why
565.16where else's before me in these ears still that now are for mine.
565.17     Let op. Slew musies. Thunner in the eire.
565.17+{{Synopsis: III.4.4G.A: [565.17-566.06]: the mother soothes the crying twin — it's all a dream, there's no big bad father}}
565.17+Dutch let op!: attention!
565.17+light up
565.17+James Joyce: Ulysses.1.22: 'Slow music'
565.17+thunder in the air
565.18     You were dreamend, dear. The pawdrag? The fawthrig?
565.18+(mother comforting child awaking from nightmare about monstrous father)
565.18+Dutch -end: -ing (present participle ending)
565.18+Irish Pádraig: Patrick (Saint Patrick)
565.19Shoe! Hear are no phanthares in the room at all, avikkeen. No
565.19+Irish phantar: clumsy thing, thick-set person
565.19+James Joyce: Ulysses.1.57: 'He was raving all night about a black panther' [244.34]
565.19+Anglo-Irish avickeen: Irish a mhicín: my little son
565.20bad bold faathern, dear one. Opop opop capallo, muy malinchily
565.20+Irish capall: horse
565.20+Italian cavallo: horse
565.20+Spanish muy: very
565.20+Russian moi malen'kii malchik: my little boy
565.20+my melancholy male chick
565.21malchick! Gothgorod father godown followay tomollow the
565.21+French mal: bad
565.21+(naughty chick)
565.21+Russian gorod: town
565.21+godown: in Far East, foreign firm's warehouse
565.21+far away (Motif: L/R)
565.21+tomorrow (Motif: L/R)
565.22lucky load to Lublin for make his thoroughbass grossman's big-
565.22+song The Rocky Road to Dublin
565.22+Lublin, town, Poland
565.22+thoroughbass: a bass continuo
565.22+German groß: big
565.22+grocery business
565.23ness. Take that two piece big slap slap bold honty bottomsside
565.23+French honte: shame
565.24pap pap pappa.
565.24+(Motif: stuttering)
565.25    — Li ne dormis?
565.25+Esperanto li ne dormis?: he hasn't slept?
565.26    — S! Malbone dormas.
565.26+Esperanto malbone dormas: sleeps badly
565.27    — Kia li krias nikte?
565.27+Esperanto kia: what
565.27+Esperanto kial: why
565.27+Esperanto kion li krias nokte?: what is he crying in the night?
565.28    — Parolas infanetes. S!
565.28+Esperanto parolas infanete: speaks childishly
565.29     Sonly all in your imagination, dim. Poor little brittle magic
565.29+it's only
565.29+Little Britain (at different times, used to refer to Ireland, to Brittany, and to Wales)
565.30nation, dim of mind! Shoe to me now, dear! Shoom of me! While
565.30+son of mine
565.30+[355.15] [566.05] [576.14] [578.01] [580.21] [583.23] [585.20] [590.27]
565.31elvery stream winds seling on for to keep this barrel of bounty
565.31+Norwegian elv: river
565.31+elver: young eel
565.31+Elvery's Elephant House, Dublin
565.31+(rolling barrel) [403.01]
565.32rolling and the nightmail afarfrom morning nears.
565.33     When you're coaching through Lucalised, on the sulphur spa
565.33+(advertisement for an inn)
565.33+there was a sulphur spa at Lucan
565.33+VI.B.3.136d (r): 'spa'
565.34to visit, it's safer to hit than miss it, stop at his inn! The hammers
565.34+song The Heavens Are Telling the Glories
565.35are telling the cobbles, the pickts are hacking the saxums, it's
565.35+Latin saxum: stone
565.36snugger to burrow abed than ballet on broadway. Tuck in your
565.36+Snugborough: townland, Castleknock, Dublin
565.36+(safer in bed than on the highway)

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