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570.01Mine name's Apnorval and o'er the Grandbeyond Mountains.
570.01+John Home: Douglas: 'My name is Norval; on the Grampian hills My father feeds his flocks; a frugal swain' (Joyce's favourite example of a bad writer; quoted in his notes for James Joyce: Ulysses) [569.35]
570.02Bravossimost! The royal nusick their show shall shut with song-
570.02+Italian bravissimo!
570.03slide to nature's solemn silence. Deep Dalchi Dolando! Might
570.03+Motif: Dear Dirty Dublin
570.03+Johann Jeep: 17th century composer
570.03+Irish dailce: moroseness
570.03+Latin dolenda: things to be lamented
570.03+John Dowland (Doulandus): 17th century composer, perhaps born in Dalkey
570.03+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song My Gentle Harp [air: The Coina; or, The Dirge]
570.04gentle harp addurge! It will give piketurns on the tummlipplads
570.04+French adieu: farewell
570.04+Norwegian pike: girl
570.04+turnpike: toll-gate
570.04+Swedish tummelplats: battlefield
570.04+Danish tumleplads: playground
570.05and forain dances and crosshurdles and dollmanovers and viceuv-
570.05+French forain: wandering, open air
570.05+rain dances
570.05+Town of the Ford of the Hurdles: Dublin
570.05+German doll: wild
570.05+German Manöver: manoeuver
570.06ious pyrolyphics, a snow of dawnflakes, at darkfall for Grace's
570.06+phrase set the Liffey on fire
570.06+Grace O'Malley: Irish pirate
570.06+gracious majesty
570.07Mamnesty and our fancy ladies, all assombred. Some wholetime in
570.07+amnesty [023.12-.14]
570.07+French assombrir: darken
570.07+song There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight
570.08hot town tonight! You do not have heard? It stays in book
570.08+German es steht im Buch: it is written in the book
570.08+Dutch get staat in het boek: the book says
570.08+Budge: The Book of the Dead xliii: 'In the XXIst and XXIInd Dynasties... the papyri of the Book of the Dead... texts are inserted in them which belong to a great funeral composition entitled "The Book of that which is in the Underworld"'
570.09of that which is. I have heard anyone tell it jesterday (master
570.10currier with brassard was't) how one should come on morrow
570.10+currier: man armed with ancient gun
570.10+(Shaun the Post)
570.10+brassard: armlet giving sign of special appointment
570.11here but it is never here that one today. Well but remind to think,
570.12you where yestoday Ys Morganas war and that it is always to-
570.12+Welsh ys: is
570.12+Morgana le Fay: King Arthur's sister, sorceress
570.12+German morgen: tomorrow
570.12+German war: was
570.13morrow in toth's tother's place. Amen.
570.13+Irish Slang toth-ball: female genitalia
570.13+Thoth: Egyptian god
570.13+Anglo-Irish tother: the other
570.13+Amen: Egyptian god
570.14     True! True! Vouchsafe me more soundpicture! It gives furi-
570.14+{{Synopsis: III.4.4H.C: [570.14-570.25]: the four are back to discussing Mr Porter — his health and figure, his marriage and family}}
570.14+German Tonbild: tone poem (literally 'sound picture')
570.14+Saint Peter
570.14+German es gibt... zu denken: that makes one think
570.15ously to think. Is rich Mr Pornter, a squire, not always in his such
570.16strong health? I thank you for the best, he is in taken deal ex-
570.16+Dutch integendeel: on the contrary
570.16+ECH (Motif: HCE)
570.17ceedingly herculeneous. One sees how he is lot stoutlier than of
570.17+Herculaneum buried with Pompeii by Vesuvius [.05]
570.17+Lot: Abraham's nephew [.19] [.29] [.36]
570.18formerly. One would say him to hold whole a litteringture of
570.18+German sag ihm: tell him (literally 'say him')
570.18+litter of kids
570.19kidlings under his aproham. Has handsome Sir Pournter always
570.19+Abraham [.17] [.29] [.36]
570.20been so long married? O yes, Lord Pournterfamilias has been
570.20+Latin pater familias: father of a family
570.21marryingman ever since so long time in Hurtleforth, where he
570.21+Hurdle Ford (name of Dublin)
570.22appeers as our oily the active, and, yes indeed, he has his mic son
570.22+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...appeers...} | {Png: ...appeer...}
570.22+Motif: Persse O'Reilly
570.22+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Oh! Think Not My Spirits Are Always as Light [air: John Reilly the Active] [.27]
570.22+Irish mic: of a son
570.23and his two fine mac sons and a superfine mick want they mack
570.23+Irish mac: son
570.24metween them. She, she, she! But on what do you again leer? I am
570.25not leering, I pink you pardons. I am highly sheshe sherious.
570.25+beg your pardon
570.25+(Motif: stuttering)
570.25+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation sherious: serious
570.26     Do you not must want to go somewhere on the present?
570.26+{{Synopsis: III.4.4H.D: [570.26-571.26]: one must go to the toilet — or is it a stroll in the park?}}
570.26+(go to urinal) [571.17]
570.27Yes, O pity! At earliest moment! That prickly heat feeling! For-
570.27+German verdenken: to blame (literally 'for think')
570.27+Dutch verdenk niet: do not suspect
570.27+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Oh! Think Not My Spirits Are Always as Light [.22]
570.28think not me spill it's at always so guey. Here we shall do a
570.29far walk (O pity) anygo khaibits till the number one of sairey's
570.29+(long time)
570.29+khaibit: shadow, one of nine constituent parts of man in Egyptian theology [569.20] [571.02]
570.29+Khebit: secret island in Nile delta, associated with Isis the sorceress
570.29+cubit: about twenty inches
570.29+Slang number one: urination
570.29+Sarah: Abraham's wife [.17] [.19] [.36]
570.29+Sarah Place, Dublin
570.30place. Is, is. I want you to admire her sceneries illustrationing
570.30+Isis: Egyptian goddess
570.31our national first rout, one ought ought one. We shall too
570.31+1001 (The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night)
570.32downlook on that ford where Sylvanus Sanctus washed but
570.32+Ford of the Hurdles (name of Dublin)
570.32+VI.C.1.053j (r): 'S. Sylvania washed only tips of fingers at fd' === VI.B.16.116a ( ): 'S. Sylvania washed only tips of fingers at 60' (i.e. Raphael misread '60' as 'fd' and Joyce assumed 'fd' to be 'ford')
570.32+Irish Rivers, The Tolka 391/2: 'The denial of the luxury of washing was a special mark of sanctity. One holy virgin, much renowned in eastern hagiology, Silvania of Jerusalem, could boast, at three score, that she had never washed her hands, or any part of her whole body, except the tips of her fingers, to receive the communion. Probably her sanctity would have been less conspicuous among the native Irish where dirt was a less common virtue'
570.32+Latin sanctus: saint, holy
570.33hurdley those tips of his anointeds. Do not show ever retrorsehim,
570.33+the steps of the Annointed (Christ)
570.33+a priest's fingers are anointed at ordination
570.33+Latin retrorsum: backwards
570.34crookodeyled, till that you become quite crimstone in the face!
570.34+crocodile [.36]
570.34+VI.B.5.084h (g): 'brimstone'
570.34+Freeman's Journal 21 Jun 1924, 10/1: '100 years ago. In the Freeman's Journal. June 22, 1824': 'Thomas Burford, 12 Usher's Island, offers for sale the cargo of "The Doris," from Sicily, consisting of 50 tons of rough brimstone, 632 bags fresh sowash, 20 cases liquorice paste, 100 bags small nuts, and 1 case cantharides'
570.35Beware! guardafew! It is Stealer of the Heart! I am anxious in
570.35+VI.B.3.143h (g): 'Beware!'
570.35+Bédier: Le Roman de Tristan et Iseut 129 ('Le Gué Aventureux'): 'Que les félons se gardent!' (French 'Let the traitors beware!')
570.35+Italian guarda: look
570.35+French garde à feu: fire guard
570.35+Budge: The Book of the Dead contains chapters composed to prevent the heart of a man from being carried off from him in the underworld by 'Stealers of Hearts' (Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. XXVII, has a vignette depicting these as four men)
570.36regard you should everthrown your sillarsalt. I will dui sui, tef-
570.36+(throw salt over shoulder for luck)
570.36+salt cellar
570.36+Genesis 19:26: (of Lot) 'But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt' [.17] [.19] [.29]
570.36+do so
570.36+Chinese tui: to correspond
570.36+Chinese sui: to follow
570.36+Budge: The Book of the Dead cx: 'Chapter XXXI. By the recital of this Chapter the deceased was able to frustrate the designs of the monster Sui, which came in the form of 3 or 4 crocodiles to carry off from him the words of power which he had obtained' [.34] [.35]
570.36+Shu and Tefnut: twin brother and sister Egyptian gods of the atmosphere, firstborn of Ra, representing dryness and moisture respectively (Budge: The Book of the Dead cxiv)

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