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571.01nute! These brilling waveleaplights! Please say me how sing you
571.01+Lewis Carroll: Through the Looking-Glass ch. I: 'brillig'
571.01+German Brille: eyeglasses
571.01+German sag mir: tell me (literally 'say me')
571.02them. Seekhem seckhem! They arise from a clear springwell in
571.02+sekhem: power (vital force of man), one of nine constituent parts of man in Egyptian theology [570.29]
571.02+Phoenix Park derived from Irish Páirc an Fionnuisce: Clear Water Field (referring to a spring there)
571.03the near of our park which makes the daft to hear all blend. This
571.03+Motif: ear/eye (deaf, blind)
571.03+German blendend: splendidly
571.04place of endearment! How it is clear! And how they cast their
571.05spells upon, the fronds that thereup float, the bookstaff branch-
571.05+Tristan sent messages carved on twigs to Isolde by dropping them into a stream springing at the base of a pine tree [.05-.09] (related in Bédier: Le Roman de Tristan et Iseut 65 ('Le Grand Pin'))
571.05+German Buchstabe: letter (of alphabet)
571.05+German Druckbuchstabe: printed letter (of alphabet)
571.06ings! The druggeted stems, the leaves incut on trees! Do you
571.06+drugget: originally material for wearing, half-wool or all-wool
571.07can their tantrist spellings? I can lese, skillmistress aiding. Elm,
571.07+Scottish ken: to know
571.07+Tristan on arrival in Ireland called himself Tantris
571.07+Tantrist: of class of Hindu religious works
571.07+Tantric sex symbolism of India
571.07+German lesen: read
571.07+Irish letters: ailm: elm (A); beith: birch (B); coll: hazel (C); dair: oak (D); teithne: furze (T); sail: willow (S)
571.08bay, this way, cull dare, take a message, tawny runes ilex sallow,
571.08+James Joyce: Ulysses.17.1977: 'Brigid's elm in Kildare'
571.08+TAMTRIS (wounded Tristram used the name Tramtris in Ireland)
571.08+Latin ilex: holm oak
571.08+Lex Salica: a 6th century body of Frankish law
571.09meet me at the pine. Yes, they shall have brought us to the water
571.10trysting, by hedjes of maiden ferm, then here in another place is
571.10+maidenhair fern
571.11their chapelofeases, sold for song, of which you have thought
571.11+Saint Mary's Chapel of Ease, Dublin
571.11+chapel of ease: chapel built for convenience of parishioners who live far from the parish church
571.11+Slang chapel of ease: water closet [.18]
571.12my praise too much my price. O ma ma! Yes, sad one of Ziod?
571.12+Parnell (about selling him): 'When you sell, get my price' [.13]
571.12+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song The Parallel: 'Yes, sad one of Sion' [.18]
571.12+French triste: sad
571.13Sell me, my soul dear! Ah, my sorrowful, his cloister dreeping
571.13+French triste: sorrowful
571.14of his monkshood, how it is triste to death, all his dark ivytod!
571.14+monkshood: plant from which aconite extracted (James Joyce: Ulysses.17.624)
571.14+French triste: sad
571.14+Vulgate Matthew 26:38: 'tristis est anima mea usque ad mortem': 'my soul is sad even unto death' [499.30]
571.14+Archaic ivytod: ivy bush
571.14+Samuel Taylor Coleridge: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner VII.22-24: 'When the ivy-tod is heavy with snow, And the owlet whoops to the wolf below, That eats the she-wolf's young' (part of the hermit's speech)
571.14+German Tod: death
571.15Where cold in dearth. Yet see, my blanching kissabelle, in the
571.15+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song When Cold in the Earth [.22]
571.15+Isolde Blanchemains
571.15+Samuel Taylor Coleridge: other works: Christabel
571.16under close she is allso gay, her kirtles green, her curtsies white,
571.16+Archaic kirtle: woman's gown, skirt or outer petticoat
571.17her peony pears, her nistlingsloes! I, pipette, I must also quick-
571.17+(O, pipette)
571.17+Swift: Ppt
571.17+(must also enter urinal) [570.26]
571.18lingly to tryst myself softly into this littleeasechapel. I would
571.18+Little Ease: a dungeon in the Tower of London
571.18+chapel of ease [.11]
571.18+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song The Parallel [air: I Would Rather Than Ireland] [.12]
571.19rather than Ireland! But I pray, make! Do your easiness! O,
571.20peace, this is heaven! O, Mr Prince of Pouringtoher, whatever
571.20+song O Mister Porter, Whatever Shall I Do?
571.20+porterpease (Motif: Why do I am alook alike a poss of porterpease?)
571.21shall I pppease to do? Why do you so lifesighs, my precious, as
571.22I hear from you, with limmenings lemantitions, after that swollen
571.22+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song When Cold in the Earth [air: Limerick's Lamentation] [.15]
571.22+Greek limnos: lake
571.22+Lac Leman, Switzerland
571.23one? I am not sighing, I assure, but only I am soso sorry about
571.23+(Motif: stuttering)
571.24all in my saarasplace. Listen, listen! I am doing it. Hear more to
571.24+Sarah: wife of Abraham
571.24+Sarah Place, Dublin
571.25those voices! Always I am hearing them. Horsehem coughs
571.25+HCE (Motif: HCE)
571.26enough. Annshee lispes privily.
571.26+ALP (Motif: ALP)
571.26+and she
571.27    — He is quieter now.
571.27+{{Synopsis: III.4.4J.A: [571.27-571.34]: back in the twins' room — the crying one is quieter now}}
571.27+[[Speaker: *E*]]
571.28    — Legalentitled. Accesstopartnuzz. Notwildebeestsch. By-
571.28+[[Speaker: *C*]]
571.28+legally-entitled to have access to partner
571.28+Anglican marriage ceremony: (not) 'like brute beasts that have no understanding'
571.28+wildebeest: gnu (from Afrikaans)
571.28+Dutch wilde beesten: wild beasts
571.28+by right of captain (marriage at sea)
571.29rightofoaptz. Twainbeonerflsh. Haveandholdpp.
571.29+Anglican marriage ceremony: 'they two shall be one flesh'
571.29+Genesis 2:24: 'and they shall be two in one flesh' (of husband and wife)
571.29+Anglican marriage ceremony: 'to have and to hold'
571.30    — S! Let us go. Make a noise. Slee . . .
571.30+[[Speaker: *A*]]
571.30+(erroneously missing line between [.30] and [.31], similar to [.28-.29] and [.32-.33] ?)
571.31    — Qui . . . The gir . . .
571.31+[[Speaker: *E*]]
571.32    — Huesofrichunfoldingmorn. Wakenupriseandprove. Pro-
571.32+[[Speaker: *C*]]
571.32+John Keble: The Christian Year (1827): 'Hues of the rich unfolding morn... New every morning is the Love, Our wakening and uprising prove... God will provide for sacrifice' (a well-known hymn)
571.34    — Wait! Hist! Let us list!
571.34+[[Speaker: *A*]]
571.35     For our netherworld's bosomfoes are working tooth and nail
571.35+{{Synopsis: III.4.4K.A: [571.35-572.06]: the young are still a threat — threatening to bury their forefathers}}
571.35+bosom friends
571.35+phrase fighting tooth and nail
571.36overtime: in earthveins, toadcavites, chessganglions, saltkles-
571.36+German Tod: death

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