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589.01ing under hoods, made lasses like lads love maypoleriding and
589.01+song The Maypole: 'Come lasses and lads, take leave of your dads'
589.02dotted our green with tricksome couples, fiftyfifty, their chil-
589.02+Stewardship of Chiltern Hundreds is conferred on member of Parliament wishing to resign his seat
589.03tren's hundred. So childish pence took care of parents' pounds
589.03+proverb Look after the pence and the pounds will look after themselves
589.04and many made money the way in the world where rushroads
589.04+Congreve: The Way of the World
589.05to riches crossed slums of lice and, the cause of it all, he forged
589.06himself ahead like a blazing urbanorb, brewing treble to drown
589.06+Motif: Urbi et Orbi (pope's address)
589.06+treble stout
589.07grief, giving and taking mayom and tuam, playing milliards with
589.07+County Mayo
589.07+Mayo and Tuam: the archdiocese of Tuam
589.07+Latin meum: mine
589.07+Tuam: town, County Galway
589.07+Latin tuum: yours
589.08his three golden balls, making party capital out of landed self-
589.08+three golden balls: pawnbroker's sign
589.08+children's game Three Golden Balls
589.08+Golden Ball (Kilternan): village, County Dublin
589.09interest, light on a slavey but weighty on the bourse, our hugest
589.09+French bourse: purse; stock exchange
589.09+HCE (Motif: HCE)
589.10commercial emporialist, with his sons booing home from afar
589.11and his daughters bridling up at his side. Finner!
589.11+finners: a genus of whales, from their having a dorsal fin
589.12     How did he bank it up, swank it up, the whaler in the punt,
589.12+{{Synopsis: III.4.4T.A: [589.12-590.12]: the seven failures that got him his wealth — by collecting the insurance}}
589.12+song The Peeler and the Goat
589.13a guinea by a groat, his index on the balance and such wealth
589.13+(finger on the scales)
589.14into the bargain, with the boguey which he snatched in the
589.15baggage coach ahead? Going forth on the prowl, master jackill,
589.15+Robert Louis Stevenson: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
589.16under night and creeping back, dog to hide, over morning.
589.16+Dutch overmorgen: day after tomorrow
589.17Humbly to fall and cheaply to rise, exposition of failures.
589.17+H...C...E (Motif: HCE)
589.17+proverb Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy and wealthy and wise
589.17+Manifestation of Defects: one of two names of sura sixty-four of the Koran [.32]
589.18Through Duffy's blunders and MacKenna's insurance for upper
589.18+Eoin O'Duffy: 20th century Irish nationalist, leader of the Irish fascist paramilitary organisation known as the 'Blueshirts' in the 1930s
589.18+Patrick McKenna: 20th century Catholic bishop of Clogher and avid supporter of O'Duffy
589.18+insurance (Cluster: Insurance)
589.19ten and lower five the band played on. As one generation tells
589.19+song The Band Played On
589.20another. Ofter the fall. First for a change of a seven days license
589.20+song After the Ball
589.21he wandered out of his farmer's health and so lost his early
589.21+sickness (insurance policy covers; Cluster: Insurance)
589.21+earthly paradise
589.22parishlife. Then ('twas in fenland) occidentally of a sudden, six
589.22+fen-land: marsh-land
589.22+occident: west
589.22+accidentally (Cluster: Insurance)
589.22+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...sudden, six...} | {Png: ...sudden six...}
589.23junelooking flamefaces straggled wild out of their turns through
589.23+French jeune: young (feminine)
589.23+fire (insurance policy covers; Cluster: Insurance)
589.23+Wilde (Oscar Wilde)
589.24his parsonfired wicket, showing all shapes of striplings in sleepless
589.25tights. Promptly whomafter in undated times, very properly a
589.26dozen generations anterior to themselves, a main chanced to burst
589.26+chance (Cluster: Insurance)
589.27and misflooded his fortunes, wrothing foulplay over his fives'
589.27+flood (insurance policy covers; Cluster: Insurance)
589.27+writing foul play (Cluster: Insurance)
589.27+fives-court: prepared court for 'fives', a ball game
589.27+Four Courts, Dublin
589.28court and his fine poultryyard wherein were spared a just two of
589.28+proverb Birds of a feather flock together
589.29a feather in wading room only. Next, upon due reflotation, up
589.30started four hurrigan gales to smithereen his plateglass house-
589.30+(four winds)
589.30+storm (insurance policy covers; Cluster: Insurance)
589.30+proverb People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
589.31walls and the slate for accounts his keeper was cooking. Then
589.31+cook accounts: falsify accounts
589.31+cook was keeping
589.32came three boy buglehorners who counterbezzled and cross-
589.32+nursery rhyme Little Boy Blue
589.32+burglary (insurance policy covers; Cluster: Insurance)
589.32+Mutual Deceit: one of two names of sura sixty-four of the Koran [.17]
589.33bugled him. Later on in the same evening two hussites ab-
589.33+Hussites: followers of John Huss of Prague, 15th century Bohemian religious reformer, burned in Constance as a heretic in 1415
589.34sconded through a breach in his bylaws and left him, the infidels,
589.34+encroachment (insurance policy covers; Cluster: Insurance)
589.35to pay himself off in kind remembrances. Till, ultimatehim, fell
589.36the crowning barleystraw, when an explosium of his distilleries
589.36+song The Barley Straw
589.36+phrase last straw that breaks the camel's back
589.36+explosion (insurance policy covers; Cluster: Insurance)

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