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595.01leges, Exmooth, Ostbys for ost, boys, each and one? Death banes
595.01+Exmouth: town, Devon, England (name derived from 'the mouth of the river Exe')
595.01+VI.B.41.117d (r): 'ostby'
595.01+Swedish Östby: East Village (placename)
595.01+Osby: town, Sweden (name derives from Swedish 'the village at the mouth of the river')
595.01+Ostmanby: an old name of Oxmantown, a part of North Dublin, where Ostmen (Viking invaders of Ireland and their settler descendants) once lived
595.01+Latin os: mouth
595.01+German Biss: a bite
595.01+for us
595.01+Swedish ost: cheese
595.01+VI.B.41.117e (r): 'to each & one'
595.01+Swedish var och en: everyone, all and sundry (literally 'each and one')
595.01+deathbone and the quick (are still) [193.29] [.02]
595.01+Archaic bane: to kill, harm, poison
595.01+Archaic the quick: the living
595.02and the quick quoke. But life wends and the dombs spake!
595.02+Obsolete quoke: quaked (past tense)
595.02+lifewand and the dumb speak [195.05] [.01]
595.02+Obsolete phrase to wend from life: to die
595.02+Hungarian domb: hill
595.02+Archaic spake: spoke (past tense)
595.02+Obsolete spake: quick, ready; quiet, gentle
595.02+Polish spać: to sleep
595.03Whake? Hill of Hafid, knock and knock, nachasach, gives relief
595.03+Hill of Howth occupies most of the Howth Head peninsula
595.03+Middle English hafd: head
595.03+Anglo-Irish knock: hill
595.03+German nach und nach: little by little, gradually
595.03+Yiddish nokh a sakh: a lot more
595.03+VI.C.15.254e (g): === VI.B.20.104i ( ): 'Mts give relief'
595.03+relief: variation in landscape elevation
595.04to the langscape as he strauches his lamusong untoupon gazelle
595.04+German lang: long, tall
595.04+VI.B.41.119b (b): 'Cape Strauch'
595.04+Cape Strauch, New Ireland (Cluster: New Ireland)
595.04+stretches his limbs on
595.04+VI.B.41.119g (b): 'Lamusong'
595.04+Lamassong: town, New Ireland (Cluster: New Ireland)
595.04+VI.B.41.119c (b): 'Gazelle channel'
595.04+Gazelle Channel, New Ireland (Cluster: New Ireland)
595.05channel and the bride of the Bryne, shin high shake, is dotter
595.05+Motif: Bride of the brine
595.05+Welsh bryn: hill
595.05+Chiang Kai-shek: 20th century Chinese nationalist political and military leader
595.05+shin-high (i.e. she is very short compared to him)
595.05+Slang shake: prostitute
595.05+Swedish dotter: daughter
595.05+Colloquial dottier: more dotty, more eccentric, more mad
595.05+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...dotter than...} | {Png: ...dotter, than...}
595.06than evar for a damse wed her farther. Lambel on the up! We
595.06+Swedish Eva, Adam: Eve, Adam
595.06+dance with her father
595.06+(daughter marry her father)
595.06+Swedish med: with
595.06+VI.B.41.119k (b): 'Lambel'
595.06+Mount Lambel: highest mountain, New Ireland (Cluster: New Ireland)
595.06+Colloquial phrase on the up: becoming successful, doing well, steadily rising
595.07may plesently heal Geoglyphy's twentynine ways to say good-
595.07+presently hear
595.07+Greek Artificial geoglyphe: earth-carving
595.07+Italian geroglifico: hieroglyph
595.07+Liffey river
595.07+Motif: 28-29 (*Q*)
595.07+VI.B.46.055d (r): '24 express sociable' ('sociable' not clear)
595.07+Mauthner: Beiträge zu einer Kritik der Sprache III.46: 'die 27 Ausdrucksweisen der koreanischen Höflichkeit' (German 'the 27 expressions of Korean courtesy'; discussed in more detail on Mauthner: Beiträge zu einer Kritik der Sprache III.45-46)
595.07+goodbye and wishing to see you soon leave
595.08bett an wassing seoosoon liv. With the forty wonks winking
595.08+German Bett: bed
595.08+Swedish bett: a bite
595.08+Anna Livia
595.08+German Wasser: water
595.08+Swedish liv: life
595.08+Colloquial phrase forty winks: a short nap (especially after dinner)
595.09please me your much as to. With her tup. It's a long long ray to
595.09+please me, your Majesty
595.09+VI.B.46.055e (r): 'may it please majesty'
595.09+Mauthner: Beiträge zu einer Kritik der Sprache III.46: 'Geruhen Majestät, ausgefahren zu werden?' (German 'Would your Majesty deign to be driven out?')
595.09+Slang tup: to have sex with
595.09+song It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary [.28]
595.09+ray (of sunshine)
595.10Newirgland's premier. For korps, for streamfish, for confects,
595.10+New Ireland: island in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, near New Guinea (Cluster: New Ireland)
595.10+Obsolete wirgin: virgin
595.10+VI.C.12.114i (b): 'Tipperary (J's premier Co)' === VI.B.14.112b ( ): 'Tipperary (I's premier Co)' (last word not crayoned)
595.10+County Tipperary is nicknamed 'The Premier County' of Ireland, for reasons that are not entirely clear (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.10+(first sex)
595.10+(thirty-two 'for' clauses, reflecting the thirty-two counties of Ireland; five counties seem to be missing: Derry, Down, Dublin, Mayo, Tyrone) (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.10+(while a unifying theme for all thirty-two clauses has not been found yet, many seem to refer to food items (first seven, curries, leeks, meat), birds (waterfowls, wagtails, curlews, gulls, larks, quails), and people (men, wags, fools, louts, orphans, rogues))
595.10+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: ...korps...} | {JJA 63:70: ...korfs...} (apparently corrupted in typescript at JJA 63:123)
595.10+VI.B.41.111c (r): 'korf (sausage)'
595.10+Swedish korv: sausage
595.10+County Cork (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.10+VI.B.41.111f (r): 'streamfish'
595.10+Swedish strömming: Baltic herring (from Swedish ström: stream)
595.10+steamed fish
595.10+VI.B.41.111h (r): 'confect'
595.10+Swedish konfekt: sweetmeats, candy, sweets
595.11for bullyoungs, for smearsassage, for patates, for steaked pig, for
595.11+VI.B.41.111d (r): 'bullyoung'
595.11+Swedish buljong: clear soup, bouillon
595.11+VI.B.41.111g (r): 'smearsass'
595.11+Swedish smörsås: butter sauce, sauce made with melted butter
595.11+Dutch smeerworst: sausage spread
595.11+Italian patate: potatoes
595.11+VI.B.41.111e (b): 'steaked'
595.11+Swedish stekt: roasted
595.11+steak pie
595.11+stuck pig
595.12men, for limericks, for waterfowls, for wagsfools, for louts, for
595.12+County Limerick (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.12+County Waterford (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.12+County Wexford (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.12+wag, fool, lout (clownish people)
595.12+County Louth (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.13cold airs, for late trams, for curries, for curlews, for leekses, for
595.13+County Kildare (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.13+County Leitrim (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.13+County Kerry (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.13+County Carlow (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.13+County Leix (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.14orphalines, for tunnygulls, for clear goldways, for lungfortes, for
595.14+County Offaly (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.14+French orphelines: orphans (feminine)
595.14+County Donegal (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.14+tunny: a type of fish, tuna
595.14+Norwegian gull: gold
595.14+County Clare (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.14+County Galway (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.14+County Longford (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.15moonyhaunts, for fairmoneys, for coffins, for tantrums, for
595.15+County Monaghan (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.15+County Fermanagh (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.15+County Cavan (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.15+County Antrim (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.16armaurs, for waglugs, for rogues comings, for sly goings,
595.16+County Armagh (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.16+County Wicklow (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.16+Colloquial lugs: ears
595.16+County Roscommon (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.16+comings, goings
595.16+County Sligo (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.17for larksmathes, for homdsmeethes, for quailsmeathes, kilalooly.
595.17+County Westmeath (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.17+VI.B.41.110i (o): 'quailsmeat'
595.17+Swedish kvällsmat: supper, evening meal
595.17+County Meath (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.17+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: ...kilalooly...} | {JJA 63:70: ...kilaloolyoo...} (apparently corrupted in typescript at JJA 63:123)
595.17+County Kilkenny (Cluster: Counties of Ireland)
595.18Tep! Come lead, crom lech! Top. Wisely for us Old Bruton has
595.18+Motif: Tip
595.18+Slang come: to experience orgasm
595.18+Italian come: like, as
595.18+John Henry, Cardinal Newman: The Pillar of the Cloud: (begins) 'Lead, Kindly Light' [594.06]
595.18+VI.C.12.115h (r): === VI.B.14.112n ( ): 'crom (lech)'
595.18+Baring-Gould: Brittany 24: 'The cromlech according to the signification accorded to it in France is a circle of standing stones. The lech is the lineal descendant of the menhir. It is a stone often bearing an inscription, or a rude cross, set up by the British or Irish settlers. The lech is sometimes round'
595.18+cromlech: a prehistoric structure consisting of a large flat stone supported horizontally by three or more upright ones
595.18+Slang lech: strong sexual desire (from 'lechery')
595.18+Sir Richard Burton was a proponent of the theory that Lake Tanganyika was the source of the White Nile, in stark and very public opposition to the theory proposed by his once fellow explorer J.H. Speke, who claimed, more or less correctly, that it was Lake Victoria
595.19withdrawn his theory. You are alpsulumply wroght! Amsu-
595.19+(coitus interruptus)
595.19+ALP (Motif: ALP)
595.19+Irish alp: lump (now spelled 'ailp')
595.19+wrong, right
595.19+wrought: beaten into shape
595.19+absolu(tely) [.21]
595.19+Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. XVII, p. 95: 'Amsu is Horus, the avenger... of his father, and his coming forth is his birth' [.21]
595.20lummmm. But this is perporteroguing youpoorapps? Naman-
595.20+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: ...perporteroguing...} | {JJA 63:70: ...perforeteaguing...} (apparently corrupted in typescript at JJA 63:123 ('perporeteoguing'), then edited by Joyce at JJA 63:338 ('ete' to 'ter'))
595.20+Variants: elucidations for variant: perforating ^^^ fatiguing ^^^ Teague: nickname for an Irishman
595.20+Old French porporter: to carry [.23-.24]
595.20+you perhaps?
595.20+your poor
595.20+VI.B.41.118i (b): 'Namatanai, cy' ('cy' may be an abbreviation for 'city')
595.20+Namatanai: town, New Ireland (Cluster: New Ireland)
595.20+French non, mon: no, my
595.21tanai. Sure it's not revieng your? Amslu! Good all so. We seem
595.21+French rêve: dream
595.21+French reviens: (I, you) come back, return
595.21+revenge [.19]
595.21+Archaic reaving: tearing, cleaving; plundering, robbing
595.21+VI.B.41.118d (b): 'Kavieng, town'
595.21+Kavieng: chief town, New Ireland (Cluster: New Ireland)
595.21+absolu(tely) [.19]
595.21+German phrase also gut: well all right then
595.22to understand apad vellumtomes muniment, Arans Duhkha,
595.22+Latin apud: at, by, near, among, in the writings of
595.22+Sanskrit āpad: calamity, misfortune
595.22+Greek apó: from
595.22+vellum tomes
595.22+Wellington Monument: obelisk in Phoenix Park
595.22+muniment: a document kept as proof of ownership, rights or privileges
595.22+Iron Duke: epithet of Wellington
595.22+Aran Islands
595.22+Sanskrit duhkha: suffering, pain (the first of the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, also known as the Four Arya Satyas)
595.23among hoseshoes, cheriotiers and etceterogenious bargainbout-
595.23+HCE (Motif: HCE)
595.23+horse shows (Dublin hosts a famous one annually since the mid 19th century)
595.23+hose, shoes
595.23+VI.C.12.126f-g (b): === VI.B.14.122g ( ): 'chariot sepulture' (words crayoned separately) [599.13]
595.23+Le Rouzic: The Megalithic Monuments of Carnac and Locmariaquer 12: 'It was also the time of the chariot-sepulture in Champagne called Marnienne (fourth century, B.C.). It was, to sum up, the dawn of our history'
595.23+French chéri: darling, dear
595.23+American tier: apron, pinafore
595.23+bargain bin
595.23+Dutch Archaic bout: darling, dear
595.23+Vikings (and other cultures) practised boat burial, where a boat was used to hold the buried person's body and goods
595.23+but, and, or [.24]
595.24barrows, ofver and umnder, since, evenif or although, in double
595.24+barrow: a mound erected over a grave; a wheel-barrow; a long sleeveless flannel garment for infants
595.24+VI.B.41.109c (r): 'ofver, undter'
595.24+Swedish öfver: above, over (now spelled 'över')
595.24+over, under (two prepositions) [.24-.25]
595.24+since, even if, although (three conjunctions) [.25]
595.24+VI.B.46.050b (r): '*I* the two prepositions *Y* the three conjunctions' (*IJ* and *VYC*)
595.24+Mauthner: Beiträge zu einer Kritik der Sprache III.192-193: 'ein und dasselbe Wort hat sehr häufig bald den Dienst einer Präposition, bald den einer Konjunktion zu versehen... Betrachten wir so die drei allergewöhnlichsten Konjunktionen: und, aber, oder' (German 'one and the same word very often has to perform now the role of a preposition, now that of a conjunction... Let us consider the three most common conjunctions: and, but, or' [.23-.24]
595.25preposition as in triple conjunction, how the mudden research in
595.25+Dialect midden: dunghill, refuse heap [,27]
595.25+mud [.27]
595.26the topaia that was Mankaylands has gone to prove from the
595.26+VI.B.41.118k (b): 'Topaia, district'
595.26+Topaia: district, New Ireland (Cluster: New Ireland)
595.26+Italian topaia: rats' nest, mouse-hole; hovel, slum
595.26+Monk Islands: tiny islands off the South Orkney Islands, near Antarctica
595.26+VI.B.41.118f (b): 'Mankai town'
595.26+Mangai: town, New Ireland (Cluster: New Ireland)
595.26+French manquer: to lack
595.27picalava present in the maramara melma that while a successive
595.27+VI.B.41.118b-c (b): 'Maramara Pikalaba'
595.27+New Ireland natives are divided into two classes, Maramara and Pikalaba, determined by maternal descent, with strict incest-like laws prohibiting marriage within the class (Cluster: New Ireland)
595.27+Italian calava: (he) fell, dropped, descended
595.27+lava, magma
595.27+Italian marame: refuse, rubbish [.25]
595.27+Italian melma: mud, muck [.25]
595.27+VI.C.12.114d (b): === VI.B.14.111k ( ): 'successive ages bury in dolmens'
595.28generation has been in the deep deep deeps of Deepereras. Buried
595.28+song It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary: 'It's a long, long way to Tipperary, But my heart's right there' [.09]
595.28+deeper eras
595.29hearts. Rest here.
595.29+rest: to take repose; the remainder
595.30     Conk a dook he'll doo. Svap.
595.30+{{Synopsis: IV.1.1.C: [595.30-595.33]: cock crow — let him sleep on}}
595.30+Colloquial conk: to die, collapse, break down
595.30+Slang conk: to punch on the nose, to hit (from Slang conk: nose, large nose)
595.30+Slang dook: huge nose
595.30+duke [.22]
595.30+Motif: alliteration (s...ap)
595.30+Sanskrit svap: to sleep
595.30+Dialect swat: violent blow, smart slap; heavy fall
595.31     So let him slap, the sap! Till they take down his shatter from
595.31+Dutch slapen: to sleep
595.31+Colloquial sap: fool, simpleton
595.31+Gipsy sap: snake, serpent (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 57)
595.31+take down the shutter from his shop (after the night)
595.31+Dialect shatters: fragments of a broken things
595.32his shap. He canease. Fill stap.
595.32+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: ...He canease...} | {JJA 63:46: ...Hecanease...} (apparently corrupted in typescript at JJA 63:71 ('He caneose'), then edited by Joyce at JJA 63:338 ('o' to 'a'))
595.32+HCE (Motif: HCE)
595.32+Pekinese: breed of dog
595.32+can (rest at) ease
595.32+Italian canea: loud barking (of dogs); uproar, loud noise [.33]
595.32+full stop
595.32+Colloquial tap: tap-house, tap-room, bar, pub, a place where alcoholic beverages are served from the barrel
595.33     Thus faraclacks the friarbird. Listening, Syd!
595.33+the call of the Noisy Friarbird, a bird native to Eastern Australia and New Guinea, has been likened to 'four o'clock' (another species of the same genus is called the New Ireland Friarbird) (Cluster: New Ireland)
595.33+(if it is four p.m. in New Ireland or Sydney, it is six a.m. in Ireland, assuming no daylight saving time) (Cluster: New Ireland)
595.33+clack: to chatter, cluck
595.33+Swedish syd: south
595.33+Sydney: city, New South Wales, Australia [596.07] [596.11]
595.34     The child, a natural child, thenown by the mnames of, (aya!
595.34+{{Synopsis: IV.1.1.D: [595.34-596.33]: the prodigal son returns, reborn, reincarnated — a young paladin}}
595.34+(the next *E*)
595.34+VI.C.12.181l ( ): === VI.B.14.183a ( ): 'a natural child'
595.34+Gwynn: Ulster 25: 'the MacDonnell chief, Somhairle Buidhe, "Yellow Charles", Sorley Boy, as the English wrote him... he died (singularly enough) a natural death in his own castle... They showed him the head of his son impaled above the gate of Dublin Castle. "My son," he retorted, "has many heads"'
595.34+then known by the name of
595.34+Obsolete thyn own: your own
595.34+Obsolete mams: breasts
595.34+Spanish aya: nanny, governess
595.34+Sanskrit aya: going, moving; good luck, good fortune
595.35aya!), wouldbewas kidnapped at an age of recent probably,
595.35+(future, past)
595.35+VI.C.12.224a-b (b): 'Swift Kidnapped' === VI.B.13.fcvc ( ): 'Swift kidnapped' [596.33]
595.35+Swift was taken, possibly kidnapped, by his wet nurse, when he was one year old, to her hometown in England, to be returned to Ireland and his mother only two or three years later [596.33]
595.35+(kidnapping by Prankquean) [021.05-023.15]
595.35+age of reason: in Catholic theology, the age at which a child is capable of moral responsibility and committing sin (normally, the age of seven)
595.35+VI.C.18.036j (r): 'probable possibility' === VI.B.38.068f ( ): 'probable possible'
595.36possibly remoter; or he conjured himself from seight by slide
595.36+VI.B.46.014i (r): 'cangiaring tricks *E*' (i.e. conjuring)
595.36+sleight of hand

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