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607.01that is how we get to Missas in Massas. The old Marino tale. We
607.01+French en masse: by the bulk
607.01+Marino: district of Dublin
607.01+Italian marino: of the sea
607.01+phrase tell that to the marines
607.02veriters verity notefew demmed lustres priorly magistrite maxi-
607.02+Ecclesiastes 1:2: 'vanity of vanities'
607.02+lustre: five-year period
607.02+emollient: softening
607.03mollient in ludubility learned. Facst. Teak off that wise head!
607.03+Latin Artificial ludibilitas: playfulness
607.03+Laudabiliter: papal bull granting Ireland to Henry II
607.03+Moore and Burgess Minstrels used the catch-phrase 'take off that white hat!' (Motif: White hat)
607.04Great sinner, good sonner, is in effect the motto of the Mac-
607.04+Danish sønner: sons
607.04+MacCool: Finn's patronymic
607.05Cowell family. The gloved fist (skrimmhandsker) was intraduced
607.05+Thor spent a night sleeping in the glove of the giant Skrimm, thinking it was a sleeping hall
607.05+Military Slang scrimshanker: shirker
607.05+Danish handsker: gloves
607.06into their socerdatal tree before the fourth of the twelfth and it
607.06+Latin socer: father-in-law
607.06+(fourth quarter of 12th century, i.e. 1175)
607.06+Koran 12:4 (Joseph's dream)
607.07is even a little odd all four horolodgeries still gonging restage
607.07+Archaic horologe: timepiece
607.07+Archaic horologer: clockmaker
607.07+phrase go west: to die
607.08Jakob van der Bethel, smolking behing his pipe, with Essav of
607.08+Jacob and Esau
607.08+Jacob of Edessa (Mesopotamia) founded the Jacobite sect
607.08+Hebrew beth-el: house of God
607.08+Genesis 28:10-19: 'And Jacob went out... And he lighted upon a certain place... And he dreamed, and behold a ladder... And he was afraid, and said... this is none other but the house of God... And he called the name of that place Bethel'
607.08+Genesis 35:1: 'and God said unto Jacob, Arise, go up to Beth-el, and dwell there'
607.08+Russian smolkat: to fall silent
607.08+smoking his pipe
607.08+German behing: covered, decorated
607.08+Jacob's pipe: pipe with porcelain head representing one of the patriarch (James Joyce: Ulysses.14.1057: 'Jacob's pipe')
607.08+Jacob, Esau and the mess of pottage of lentils (Genesis 25:43)
607.09Messagepostumia, lentling out his borrowed chafingdish, before
607.09+Italian Postumia: Postojina, Yugoslav caves
607.09+chafing dish: vessel to hold burning fuel
607.10cymbaloosing the apostles at every hours of changeover. The
607.10+'cymbal' derived from Greek for 'cup'
607.10+William Shakespeare: Cymbeline (includes a character named Posthumus [.09])
607.10+symbolising the apostles (Credo)
607.10+EHC (Motif: HCE)
607.11first and last rittlerattle of the anniverse; when is a nam nought a
607.11+Motif: When is a man not a man... (first riddle of the universe) [.11-.12]
607.11+Haeckel: The Riddle of the Universe
607.11+Latin anni: years
607.11+Malay anam: six (i.e. Slang 606: Salvarsan, a remedy for syphilis)
607.11+Irish anam: soul, life
607.11+Irish an am: the time
607.11+Archaic nam: am not
607.11+Slang nam: man
607.11+Cornish nam: Welsh nam: sin, fault, defect, exception, blemish, offence
607.11+Obsolete nam: name (Hebrew shem: name)
607.12nam whenas it is a. Watch! Heroes' Highway where our fleshers
607.12+[024.14] [499.29]
607.12+a watch (time)
607.12+German Fleischer: butcher
607.13leave their bonings and every bob and joan to fill the bumper fair.
607.13+Swedish boning: dwelling (place)
607.13+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Fill the Bumper Fair [air: Bob and Joan]
607.14It is their segnall for old Champelysied to seek the shades of his
607.14+German segnen: to bless
607.14+Champs Elysées, Paris
607.15retirement and for young Chappielassies to tear a round and tease
607.15+Italian Colloquial chiappe: buttocks
607.15+Colloquial chappie: fellow
607.15+Scottish lassies: girls
607.16their partners lovesoftfun at Finnegan's Wake.
607.16+song Finnegan's Wake, chorus: 'Lots of fun at Finnegan's Wake'
607.17     And it's high tigh tigh. Titley hi ti ti. That my dig pressed in
607.17+{{Synopsis: IV.1.2.C: [607.17-607.22]: on the border between wakefulness and sleep — the sleeping couple apologetically rub and bump into each other}}
607.17+Romans 13:11: 'It is high time to awake out of sleep'
607.17+Irish tig: house
607.17+song Hi-tiddley-hi-ti
607.17+title (Finnegans Wake) [.16]
607.17+Tetley's tea
607.17+Slang dick: penis
607.18your dag si. Gnug of old Gnig. Ni, gnid mig brawly! I bag your
607.18+Swedish dag: day
607.18+Swedish gnugga: to rub (stronger than Swedish gnida: to rub)
607.18+German genug: enough
607.18+old Nick (Motif: Mick/Nick [.19])
607.18+Swedish Ni: you
607.18+Russian ni na mig: not for a moment
607.18+Swedish gnid mig bra: rub me well
607.18+good my
607.18+bag: steal
607.18+beg your pardon
607.19burden. Mees is thees knees. Thi is Mi. We have caught one-
607.19+Mick [.18]
607.20selves, Sveasmeas, in somes incontigruity coumplegs of heopon-
607.20+Svea: region in central Sweden
607.20+inferiority complex
607.20+he upon her
607.21hurrish marrage from whose I most sublumbunate. A polog, my
607.21+sublimate: to divert sexual and instinctual impulses into more socially-acceptable activities
607.21+Latin sublumbo: under the loin
607.21+nates: buttocks
607.21+apology for my English
607.22engl! Excutes. Om still so sovvy. Whyle om till ti ti.
607.22+German Engel: Dutch engel: angel
607.22+I'm still so sorry
607.22+Danish sove: to sleep
607.22+while I'm still so tired
607.22+what is the time
607.22+Danish om til ti: about till ten
607.23     Ha!
607.23+{{Synopsis: IV.1.3.A: [607.23-607.36]: daylight continues to rise over Dublin — looking forward, or back, to a king's meeting with a mayor}}
607.24     Dayagreening gains in schlimninging. A summerwint spring-
607.24+Swedish daggryning: dawn, daybreak
607.24+Irish deo-gréine: spark of the sun [228.08]
607.24+German schlimm: evil, bad
607.24+Swedish skymningen: the dusk, the twilight
607.24+summer, winter, spring, fall
607.24+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation wint: wind; went
607.24+German Wind: wind (pronounced 'vint')
607.25falls, abated. Hail, regn of durknass, snowly receassing, thund
607.25+Danish regn: rain
607.25+reign of darkness, slowly receding
607.25+German durchnässt: drenched, soaked, wet through
607.26lightening thund, into the dimbelowstard departamenty whither-
607.26+below stairs
607.26+Amenti, Amenta: Egyptian underworld
607.27out, soon hist, soon mist, to the hothehill from the hollow,
607.27+hit or miss
607.27+Hill of Howth
607.27+The Hollow, Phoenix Park
607.28Solsking the Frist (attempted by the admirable Captive Bunting
607.28+Danish solskin: sunshine
607.28+King Sol the First (i.e. the primal sun king)
607.28+German Frist: time limit
607.28+Danish friste: to tempt
607.28+(actor 'attempts' part)
607.29and Loftonant-Cornel Blaire) will processingly show up above
607.29+Obsolete loft: sky, air
607.29+Danish løfte: raise
607.29+W.S. Gilbert: The Bab Ballads: 'Lieutenant-Colonel Flare'
607.29+tonant: thundering
607.29+French corne: Latin cornu: horn
607.29+Hebrew el: god
607.29+blare: the noise of trumpets
607.29+(in procession)
607.30Tumplen Bar whereupont he was much jubilated by Boerge-
607.30+Temple Bar, Dublin and London
607.30+Dublin Bar: a sandbar across the mouth of the Liffey, now gone
607.30+French pont: bridge
607.30+Dutch boer: farmer
607.30+German Bürgermeister: Dutch burgemeester: mayor
607.31mester "Dyk" ffogg of Isoles, now Eisold, looking most plussed
607.31+Dutch mester: fattener
607.31+Italian isole: islands
607.31+German Eis: ice
607.32with (exhib 39) a clout capped sunbubble anaccanponied from
607.32+Motif: 39
607.32+William Shakespeare: The Tempest IV.1.152: 'cloud-capp'd towers'
607.33his bequined torse. Up.
607.33+big white horse [008.21]
607.33+Archaic torse: torso
607.33+Motif: Tip
607.34     Blanchardstown mewspeppers pleads coppyl. Gracest good-
607.34+Blanchardstown: village northwest of Dublin
607.34+newspapers please copy
607.34+Irish capall: horse
607.34+W.G. Grace: cricketer
607.34+goodness gracious!
607.35ness, heave mensy upponnus! Grand old Manbutton, give your
607.35+have mercy upon us
607.35+Latin mens: mind, judgement
607.35+Latin mensa: table
607.35+Grand Old Man: an epithet applied to Gladstone by his supporters
607.35+Grand Old Man: an epithet applied to W.G. Grace, famous English cricketer for over thirty years
607.36bowlers a rest!
607.36+bowler (cricket)

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