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609.01     It was allso agreenable in our sinegear clutchless, touring the
609.01+{{Synopsis: IV.1.3.D: [609.01-609.23]: pleasantly drifting back into dream-world — remembering the four old men, their ass, the girls, the twelve, etc.}}
609.01+so agreeable
609.01+Latin sine: without
609.01+sinecure (from Latin sine cura: without care)
609.01+(gearless clutchless car)
609.02no placelike no timelike absolent, mixing up pettyvaughan popu-
609.02+song 'There's no place like home'
609.02+Motif: time/space
609.02+proverb No time like the present
609.02+absolent: erroneous for absolute and obsolete
609.02+William Petty: 17th century English scientist who carried out the first large-scale survey and mapping of Ireland
609.02+French petit: small [.03]
609.02+song Polly Vaughan
609.02+Father Bernard Vaughan, S.J.: The Workers' Right to Live
609.02+Irish bhán: white
609.02+populace [.03]
609.03lose with the magnumoore genstries, lloydhaired mersscenary
609.03+Latin magnus: large [.02]
609.03+Irish mór: great
609.03+gentry [.02]
609.03+VI.B.41.132h (b): 'lloyd (grey)'
609.03+whitehaired missionary blokes
609.04blookers with boydskinned pigttetails and goochlipped gwendo-
609.04+General Blücher (Waterloo)
609.04+Irish buidhe: yellow
609.04+Motif: dark/fair (white, black)
609.04+Welsh gwyn: white
609.05lenes with duffyeyed dolores; like so many unprobables in their
609.05+Irish dubh: black
609.05+Latin dolores: sorrows, pains
609.05+Oscar Wilde (about fox hunting): A Woman of No Importance: 'The English country gentleman galloping after a fox — the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable'
609.06poor suit of the improssable. With Mata and after please with
609.06+Mata: seven-headed tortoise, offspring of Eve and the Serpent
609.06+Matthew [.08]
609.06+Motif: Stop, please stop... [.06-.08]
609.07Matamaru and after please stop with Matamaruluka and after stop
609.07+Matthew, Mark [.08]
609.07+Koma Gata Maru: Japanese ship carrying Sikhs not permitted to land in Canada (1918)
609.07+Matthew, Mark, Luke [.08]
609.08do please with Matamarulukajoni.
609.08+Motif: 4 evangelists (Mamalujo) (*X*) [.06-.08]
609.09     And anotherum. Ah ess, dapple ass! He will be longing after
609.09+ah yes
609.09+A + double S = ASS
609.10the Grogram Grays. And, Weisingchetaoli, he will levellaut
609.10+grogram: a coarse fabric
609.10+Irish gruagán gré: grey-hairdye hue
609.10+Vercingetorix: Celtic chieftain who revolted against Caesar
609.10+German laut: loud
609.11ministel Trampleasure be. Sheflower Rosina, younger Sheflower
609.11+Minister of Transport
609.11+Rosina: girl in The Barber of Seville
609.11+German Rosine: raisin
609.12fruit Amaryllis, youngest flowerfruityfrond Sallysill or Sillysall.
609.12+amaryllis: genus of flowering plants (named after a shepherdess in Virgil: other works: Eclogues)
609.12+Irish sail: willow
609.13And house with heaven roof occupanters they are continuatingly
609.14attraverse of its milletestudinous windows, ricocoursing them-
609.14+Italian attraverso: across
609.14+French mille: a thousand
609.14+(Castletown House said to have one window for every day of the year)
609.14+Italian ricorso: recurring (Vico)
609.15selves, as staneglass on stonegloss, inplayn unglish Wynn's
609.15+stained glass
609.15+Motif: A/O
609.15+in plain English
609.15+Wynn's Hotel, Dublin
609.16Hotel. Brancherds at: Bullbeck, Oldboof, Sassondale, Jorsey
609.16+(twelve locations (*O*))
609.16+Balbec, Elbeuf, Sissonne, Jersey, Heudicourt, Braquetuit, Orgeville, Forcheville: places in Proust's À la Recherche du Temps Perdu
609.16+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Sassondale, Jorsey...} | {Png: ...Sassondale,, Jorsey...}
609.17Uppygard, Mundelonde, Abbeytotte, Bracqueytuitte with Hoc-
609.17+Italian mondo delle onde: world of waves
609.17+Archaic habitate: to dwell
609.18keyvilla, Fockeyvilla, Hillewille and Wallhall. Hoojahoo mana-
609.18+German Wille: will, desire
609.18+German Walhalla: Valhalla, home of the gods
609.19gers the thingaviking. Obning shotly. When the messanger of
609.19+Thingmote: Viking parliament in Dublin
609.19+opening shortly
609.19+Danish sanger: singer
609.20the risen sun, (see other oriel) shall give to every seeable a hue and
609.20+Oriel: ancient Irish principality
609.20+oriel window [613.15]
609.20+ECH (Motif: HCE)
609.20+phrase hue and cry
609.21to every hearable a cry and to each spectacle his spot and to each
609.21+EHC (Motif: HCE)
609.22happening her houram. The while we, we are waiting, we are
609.22+Latin horam: hour
609.23waiting for. Hymn.
609.24     Muta: Quodestnunc fumusiste volhvuns ex Domoyno?
609.24+{{Synopsis: IV.1.3.E: [609.24-610.02]: the dialogue of Muta and Juva begins — watching the Paschal fire and arrival of Saint Patrick and Archdruid Berkeley}} [016.10]
609.24+(*Y* or *C*)
609.24+Mutt and Jeff: American comic-strip characters
609.24+Latin muta!: change!
609.24+Latin quod est nunc fumus iste volvens ex Domino: what now is that smoke rolling out of the Lord?
609.24+(smoke from Saint Patrick's Paschal fire, lit on the hill of Slane on Holy Saturday in defiance of a pagan royal law, which mandated the extinguishing of all fires and their rekindling only from the holy flame kept at Tara (according to Macalister: Temair Breg 367, this occured during a holy festival held at Tara on the vernal equinox; the dates of the vernal equinox and of Holy Saturday coincided on 25 March 433, Saint Patrick's first Easter in Ireland)) [.34]
609.24+Russian domoi: to home
609.25     Juva: It is Old Head of Kettle puffing off the top of the mornin.
609.25+(*E* or *V*)
609.25+Latin juva!: help!
609.25+Old Head of Kinsale, promontory, County Cork
609.25+(steam from tea-kettle)
609.25+Anglo-Irish phrase the top of the morning to you
609.26     Muta: He odda be thorly well ashamed of himself for smoking
609.26+ought to
609.27before the high host.
609.28     Juva: Dies is Dorminus master and commandant illy tono-
609.28+German dies: this
609.28+Latin Deus est Dominus noster et commandat ille tenebras: God is our Lord and He commands the darkness
609.28+(day is lord over sleep)
609.30     Muta: Diminussed aster! An I could peecieve amonkst the
609.30+Latin Dominus noster: Our Lord [.28]
609.30+aster (flower)
609.30+Greek astêr: star
609.30+Archaic an: if
609.30+perceive amongst
609.31gatherings who ever they wolk in process?
609.31+Dutch wolk: cloud
609.31+Work in Progress: Joyce's name for Finnegans Wake during composition
609.32     Juva: Khubadah! It is the Chrystanthemlander with his
609.32+Downing: Digger Dialects 59: 'KHUBADAH — Look out; make way' (World War I Slang)
609.32+chrysanthemum (associated with Japan)
609.32+(Saint Patrick) [317.02] [612.16-.30]
609.33porters of bonzos, pompommy plonkyplonk, the ghariwallahs,
609.33+bonze: a term applied by Europeans to the Buddhist clergy of Japan
609.33+pom-pom (machine gun)
609.33+Downing: Digger Dialects 59: 'GHARRI WALLAH — A mule-cart driver' (World War I Slang)
609.34moveyovering the cabrattlefield of slaine.
609.34+Cabra: a district of Dublin
609.34+Saint Patrick lit the Paschal fire at Slane, challenging the high king and druids at Tara [.24]
609.35     Muta: Pongo da Banza! An I would uscertain in druidful
609.35+Italian pongo da panza: I put from belly
609.35+Japanese banzai
609.35+Archaic an: if
609.36scatterings one piece tall chap he stand one piece same place?
609.36+(Archdruid Berkeley)

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