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613.01     Good safe firelamp! hailed the heliots. Goldselforelump!
613.01+{{Synopsis: IV.1.3.K: [613.01-613.16]: the people, converted, cheer Patrick, as the sun rises — the debate of Saint Patrick and Archdruid Berkeley ends}}
613.01+song God Save Ireland: '"God save Ireland," said the heroes; "God save Ireland," said they all; "Whether on the scaffold high, or the battlefield we die"' [air: Tramp, Tramp, Tramp]
613.01+(Patrick caused reappearance of sun blotted out by Laoghaire's druid; onlookers glorified Patrick's God)
613.01+Greek hêlios: sun
613.01+gold, ore, lump
613.02Halled they. Awed. Where thereon the skyfold high, trampa-
613.02+German hallen: to resound, echo
613.02+(sun in sky)
613.03trampatramp. Adie. Per ye comdoom doominoom noonstroom.
613.03+Latin a die: from the day
613.03+Latin per jucundum Dominum nostrum Jesum Christum Filium Tuum: through our dear Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son
613.03+Dutch condoom: condom
613.03+Dutch oom: uncle
613.03+Dutch stroom: stream
613.04Yeasome priestomes. Fullyhum toowhoom.
613.04+to whom?
613.05     Taawhaar?
613.05+tar water (Berkeley advocated it as a cure-all)
613.05+Tara: ancient capital of Ireland
613.06     Sants and sogs, cabs and cobs, kings and karls, tentes and
613.06+phrase Ireland, isle of saints and sages
613.06+Motif: A/O
613.06+Lewis Carroll: Through the Looking-Glass ch. IV: 'Of cabbages — and kings —'
613.06+Obsolete karl: a commoner
613.08     'Tis gone infarover. So fore now, dayleash. Pour deday. To
613.08+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song 'Tis Gone And For Ever: ''Tis gone and for ever, the light we saw breaking' [air: Savournah Deelish]
613.08+French pour: for
613.09trancefixureashone. Feist of Taborneccles, scenopegia, come!
613.09+Irish feis: festival
613.09+German feist: corpulent
613.09+Feast of Tabernacles (i.e. tents): Succoth [612.15]
613.09+Russian tabor: camp; Gypsy encampment
613.09+Eccles Street, Dublin, where Bloom lived in James Joyce: Ulysses (and possibly where Rudy was born)
613.09+Greek skênopêgia: setting up of tents
613.10Shamwork, be in our scheining! And let every crisscouple be so
613.10+Motif: Shem/Shaun
613.10+German Erscheinung: appearance, phenomenon
613.11crosscomplimentary, little eggons, youlk and meelk, in a farbiger
613.11+Dutch ons: us
613.11+you and me
613.11+Dutch melk: milk
613.11+Dutch elk: each, both
613.11+German farbig: coloured
613.11+far bigger
613.12pancosmos. With a hottyhammyum all round. Gudstruce!
613.12+ham and eggs
613.12+Danish Guds: God's
613.12+God's Truth!
613.13     Yet is no body present here which was not there before. Only
613.13+(Motif: new/same)
613.14is order othered. Nought is nulled. Fuitfiat!
613.14+Motif: Fiat-Fuit (as it was, so let it be; Latin fuit: it was, there was; Latin fiat: let it be, so be it) [017.32] [124.28]
613.14+Bury: The Life of St. Patrick 79: (quoting a prophecy attributed to the Irish High King's druids, concerning Saint Patrick and his future conversion of the Irish) 'all his household will respond, So be it, so be it' (or in Latin 'Fiat, fiat') (Motif: So be it; Motif: Fiat-Fuit)
613.15     Lo, the laud of laurens now orielising benedictively when
613.15+(triptych, with central window scarcely illuminated; village church windows gradually lit up by dawn; three scenes: (a) Saint Patrick and Archdruid Bulkely, (b) Saint Kevin, (c) Saint Laurence O'Toole, patron saint of Dublin) [603.35] [609.20]
613.15+Saint Laurence O'Toole's heart is preserved in Chapel of Saint Laud, Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
613.16saint and sage have said their say.
613.16+phrase Ireland, isle of saints and sages
613.17     A spathe of calyptrous glume involucrumines the perinanthean
613.17+{{Synopsis: IV.1.3.L: [613.17-613.26]: flowers open to the growing sunlight — morning, with breakfast and bowel movements, has arrived}}
613.17+the six kinds of flower calyx (i.e. cup [.26], sepals) according to Linnaeus: spathe (sheathed), calyptre (cowled), glume (dry, husky), involucre (remote from flower, whorled), perianth (combined with corolla), amentum (catkin)
613.18Amenta: fungoalgaceous muscafilicial graminopalmular plan-
613.18+Amenti, Amenta: Egyptian underworld
613.18+the seven families of plants according to Linnaeus: fungi (funguses, vagabonds), algae (seaweeds, slaves), musci (mosses, servants), phylli (missing), filices (ferns, neo-colonists), gramineae (grasses, plebeans), palmae (palms, princes)
613.19teon; of increasing, livivorous, feelful thinkamalinks; luxuriotia-
613.19+-vorous: -eating, -devouring
613.19+Latin luxurio: I am rank
613.20ting everywhencewithersoever among skullhullows and charnel-
613.21cysts of a weedwastewoldwevild when Ralph the Retriever
613.22ranges to jawrode his knuts knuckles and her theas thighs; one-
613.22+(Motif: stuttering)
613.22+Greek thea: goddess
613.23gugulp down of the nauseous forere brarkfarsts oboboomaround
613.23+(Motif: stuttering)
613.23+James Joyce: Ulysses.8.1031: 'a ravenous terrier choked up a sick knuckly cud on the cobble stones and lapped it with new zest'
613.23+ere breakfast
613.24and you're as paint and spickspan as a rainbow; wreathe the bowl
613.24+phrase neat as paint
613.24+Danish pænt: nice; pretty
613.24+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Wreath the Bowl [air: Noran Kista]
613.25to rid the bowel; no runcure, no rank heat, sir; amess in amullium;
613.25+a mess
613.25+Italianmessi in ammollo: put to soak (past participle)
613.25+Greek amulion: cake
613.25+a million
613.26chlorid cup.
613.27     Health, chalce, endnessnessessity! Arrive, likkypuggers, in
613.27+{{Synopsis: IV.1.3.M: [613.27-614.18]: the time of change, ominous, thunderous, has arrived — all previous events are to reoccur, history repeating itself}}
613.27+HCE (Motif: HCE)
613.27+chance, necessity [518.20]
613.27+calyx [.17] [.26]
613.27+ALP (Motif: ALP)
613.27+Danish lykke: luck
613.27+like a
613.27+Lilliputians: a race of tiny people in Swift: Gulliver's Travels
613.27+phrase a pig in a poke
613.28a poke! The folgor of the frightfools is olympically optimo-
613.28+Motif: 4-stage Viconian cycle (thunder, marriage, burial, providence)
613.28+Italian folgore: thunderbolt, lightning flash
613.29minous; there is bound to be a lovleg day for mirrages in the
613.29+Danish lovlig: legal, lawful
613.30open; Murnane and Aveling are undertoken to berry that ort-
613.30+(*V* and *C*)
613.30+Muirne: Finn's mother
613.30+Irish múirnín: sweetheart
613.30+morning and evening
613.30+Moore and Aveling: first translators of Das Kapital
613.30+have undertaken
613.30+bury the hatchet
613.31chert: provided that. You got to make good that breachsuit,
613.32seamer. You going to haulm port houlm, toilermaster. You yet
613.32+(that sews seams, tailor)
613.32+song Home Sweet Home
613.32+Motif: A/O
613.32+port helm
613.32+harbour master
613.33must get up to kill (nonparticular). You still stand by and do as
613.33+phrase got up to kill: very well-dressed
613.33+a shit
613.33+as bid
613.34hit (private). While for yous, Jasminia Aruna and all your likers,
613.34+in Linnaean classification of flowering plants, genus Jasminum belongs to order Monogynia (having one pistil (female organ or wife)) which belongs to class Diandria (having two stamens (male organs or husbands))
613.34+Sanskrit aruna: the dawn
613.34+Irish a rún: my secret, beloved (endearment)
613.35affinitatively must it be by you elected if Monogynes his is or
613.35+Greek mono-: one-
613.35+Greek gynê: woman
613.36hers Diander, the tubous, limbersome and nectarial. Owned or
613.36+Greek andrôn: of men
613.36+in Linnaean account of flowers, the corolla (i.e. whorl, petals) has three parts: tubus (throat), limbus (expanded part) and nectarium (where nectar is produced)
613.36+Motif: Ondt/Gracehoper

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