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617.01there is a good in even, Levia, my cheek is a compleet bleenk.
617.01+God in Heaven, Livia, my cheque is a complete blank
617.01+(not blushing)
617.02Plumb. Meaning: one two four. Finckers. Up the hind hose of
617.02+thumb (and) four fingers up the hole of his arse [352.28-.29] [612.34-.35]
617.02+fingers [.16-.17]
617.02+German Hose: pants
617.03hizzars. Whereapon our best again to a hundred and eleven ploose
617.03+Motif: 111
617.04one thousand and one other blessings will now concloose thoose
617.04+1001 (The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night)
617.05epoostles to your great kindest, well, for all at trouble to took.
617.05+Cluster: Well
617.05+that trouble to take
617.05+that trouble you took
617.06We are all at home in old Fintona, thank Danis, for ourselfsake,
617.06+Motif: The Letter: all at home's health
617.06+VI.B.47.077g (g): 'Fintona'
617.06+Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Howth section: 'Balkill-road... Finn, Denis, Fintona £24'
617.06+Italian fintona: deceitful
617.06+Fintona, town, County Tyrone
617.06+Irish Sinn Féin: Ourselves (Irish nationalist slogan; Motif: Sinn Féin)
617.07that direst of housebonds, whool wheel be true unto lovesend
617.07+dearest of husbands, who will be true
617.07+who I'll be true to
617.07+Motif: The Letter: unto life's end
617.08so long as we has a pockle full of brass. Impossible to remember
617.08+phrase pocket full of brass (wealth)
617.08+(hence confusion of MacCool and Magrath) [.11]
617.08+Cluster: Forget and Remember
617.09persons in improbable to forget position places. Who would
617.09+Cluster: Forget and Remember
617.10pellow his head off to conjure up a, well, particularly mean stinker
617.10+head off pillow
617.11like funn make called Foon MacCrawl brothers, mystery man of
617.11+Finn MacCool (twice)
617.11+(snakes crawl) [618.01]
617.12the pork martyrs? Force in giddersh! Tomothy and Lorcan, the
617.12+Phoenix Park Murders, 1882
617.12+Vercingetorix: Gallic chieftain who revolted against Caesar
617.12+Motif: Tom/Tim [.13]
617.12+Saint Thomas á Becket (Motif: O'Toole/Becket)
617.12+Saint Lorcan (Laurence) O'Toole: patron saint of Dublin
617.13bucket Toolers, both are Timsons now they've changed their
617.13+Tim [.12]
617.14characticuls during their blackout. Conan Boyles will pudge the
617.14+Caractacus: British chieftain, resisted Roman invasion
617.14+French cul: arse
617.14+Conan Doyle (had a passion for boxing)
617.14+Blazes Boylan: Molly's lover in James Joyce: Ulysses
617.14+Slang phrase punch the daylights out of: severely beat (from Slang daylights: eyes)
617.15daylives out through him, if they are correctly informed. Music, me
617.15+song Music, Maestro, Please
617.16ouldstrow, please! We'll have a brand rehearsal. Fing! One must
617.16+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation ould: old
617.16+German Brand: fire, blaze, conflagration
617.16+Henrik Ibsen: all plays: Brand
617.16+German fing: caught
617.16+Hungarian fing: fart
617.16+finger [.02]
617.16+[023.25] [583.26]
617.17simply laugh. Fing him aging! Good licks! Well, this ought to weke
617.17+VI.B.47.083g (g): 'good licks'
617.17+Mark Twain: other works: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, ch. 35: 'No! O, good-licks, are you in real dead-wood earnest, Tom?' [.06]
617.17+good luck!
617.17+Cluster: Well
617.17+make him to wake up
617.18him to make up. He'll want all his fury gutmurdherers to redress
617.18+make up [625.05]
617.18+VI.B.47.073f ( ): 'fairy g —'
617.18+Fairy Godmother (who dresses Cinderella in pantomime Cinderella)
617.18+German gut: good
617.18+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation murdherer: murderer
617.18+(get dressed)
617.19him. Gilly in the gap. The big bad old sprowly all uttering foon!
617.19+Anglo-Irish gillie: servant, lad
617.19+Motif: Gaping Gill
617.19+Anglo-Irish man in the gap: a sturdy defender, a hero (from Irish beárna baoghail: gap of danger)
617.20Has now stuffed last podding. His fooneral will sneak pleace by
617.20+funeral [.26]
617.20+take place
617.21creeps o'clock toosday. Kingen will commen. Allso brewbeer.
617.21+Lord's Prayer: 'kingdom come'
617.21+Swedish -en: the
617.21+German willkommen: welcome
617.21+Allsop's Ale
617.21+pantomime Bluebeard
617.22Pens picture at Manchem House Horsegardens shown in Morn-
617.22+Motif: pen/post [.23]
617.22+Mansion House: Lord-Mayor's residence, Dublin
617.22+Horse Guards
617.22+The Morning Post: London newspaper
617.23ing post as from Boston transcripped. Femelles will be preadam-
617.23+Boston Evening Transcript: a former Boston newspaper (Motif: The Letter: Boston Transcript)
617.23+French femelles: females
617.23+predominant (as twenty-eight is more than twelve)
617.24inant as from twentyeight to twelve. To hear that lovelade
617.24+twenty-eight (Motif: 28-29)
617.24+twenty-eight to twelve = 11:32 (Motif: 1132)
617.24+(*Q* and *O*)
617.24+Motif: The Letter: lovely present/parcel of cakes
617.25parson, of case, of a bawl gentlemale, pour forther moracles. Don't
617.25+Motif: The Letter: born gentleman
617.25+Motif: The Letter: poor Father Michael
617.25+Motif: The Letter: don't forget
617.26forget! The grand fooneral will now shortly occur. Remember.
617.26+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...forget! The...} | {Png: ...forget. The...}
617.26+Motif: The Letter: grand funeral/fun-for-all
617.26+Cluster: Forget and Remember
617.27The remains must be removed before eaght hours shorp. With
617.27+eight hours sharp
617.28earnestly conceived hopes. So help us to witness to this day to
617.28+ECH (Motif: HCE)
617.28+Motif: The Letter: hopes to soon hear
617.29hand in sleep. From of Mayasdaysed most duteoused.
617.29+your Majesty's (Motif: The Letter: well Maggy/Madge/Majesty) [615.13]
617.29+Sanskrit maya: illusion
617.29+May Day
617.29+Latin Meus Deus
617.29+Bridges: 'The duteous day now closeth'
617.30     Well, here's lettering you erronymously anent other clerical
617.30+{{Synopsis: IV.1.4.E: [617.30-619.15]: the letter continues — replying to more allegations, this time mainly aimed at her}}
617.30+Cluster: Well
617.30+anonymously (King Mark supposedly got an anonymous letter)
617.30+Archaic anent: concerning
617.31fands allieged herewith. I wisht I wast be that dumb tyke and he'd
617.31+Danish fanden: the devil
617.31+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song I Wish I Was by That Dim Lake [air: I Wish I Was on Yonder Hill]
617.31+Anglo-Irish whist!: silence!
617.31+Slang tyke: dog
617.32wish it was me yonther heel. How about it? The sweetest song
617.32+Genesis 25:26: 'And after that came his brother out, and his hand took hold on Esau's heel; and his name was called Jacob'
617.32+song The Sweetest Song in All the World
617.33in the world! Our shape as a juvenile being much admired from
617.33+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM:! Our...} | {Png: Our...}
617.33+VI.B.47.073a (g): 'juvenile'
617.34the first with native copper locks. Referring to the Married
617.34+VI.B.47.084c (g): 'native copper'
617.34+native copper: unrefined copper
617.34+Married Womens' Property Act, 1883
617.35Woman's Improperty Act a correspondent paints out that the
617.36Swees Aubumn vogue is hanging down straith fitting to her
617.36+Oliver Goldsmith: The Deserted Village 1: 'Sweet Auburn!'

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