Contributing Elucidations

Nothing is simpler than contributing a new elucidation to the Fweet collection or correcting – or even deleting – an existing one. Just type your suggestions in the message box on the "Comment on Me!" page, remembering to mention what page-and-line of Finnegans Wake you are referring to, and submit. It is highly recommended that you fill all the other fields (name, country, email, &c.) too, if possible.

However, there's a rub. No elucidation is guaranteed immediate entrance into the collection, regardless of who you are or the degree of your confidence in its correctness. Currently, the only admittance criterion is my own very restricted judgement – if I believe it to be a valid interpretation of the Finnegans Wake text or at least a potentially useful lead for others to follow, it enters; if not, it does not. Admittedly, I may not be the most qualified of curators, but I believe I am still better than not having one at all. I tend to be a harsh gatekeeper, more so nowadays than when I started the collection (namely, there are elucidations that I have regrettably allowed entrance in earlier, more lenient, times, when I was young and easily frightened, that are now cringing terror-stricken in shadowy nooks, just waiting in dread for me to find and delete). I do not subscribe to the notion that every interpretation is valid; on the contrary, I seem to be quite a bit more conservative – less imaginative, if you will – than most. So, please do not feel hurt or slighted if some, most or even all your submissions are not accepted – for what it's worth, you are in very good company.

Finally, in case you are still wondering, Fweet is not a wiki, it does not allow users to modify the collection directly, only to send suggestions via the "Comment on Me!" page and through email.

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