Fweet Figla Font

This is the Fweet Figla font foundry.

When I launched Fweet back in 2005, I made the Fweet Figla font available here in order to allow users — after they had installed the font on their operating system — to see the text-based strings representing sigla within the Fweet collection as ideographic sigla (pictorial ideograms used by Joyce to designate the central characters and themes of Finnegans Wake). The font was based on a font designed by Michael Powers; I had just rearranged the locations of the sigla and updated the font attributes to suit modern browsers' tastes.

However, practically all modern browsers now support a feature called "CSS3 web fonts", which allows a font to be displayed in one's browser even if it is not installed on one's operating system. Installing the font is therefore normally necessary only if you plan to use it elsewhere, for example for regular word-processing of your own documents about Finnegans Wake.

The following line displays the 18 sigla forming the font. If for some reason you do not see sigla, but rather letters and asterisks, it may mean that your browser does not support web fonts, in which case you will probably want to install the font now and then reload this page (e.g. by pressing Ctrl-R) to be able to see sigla here and throughout Fweet.

†††† *A*C*E*F*I*J*K*L*M*O*P*Q*S*T*V*W*X*Y* ††††

For those planning to use the font in their own documents, the following line of 18 letters corresponds to the line above, as a guide to which siglum resides on which capital letter.

†††† A C E F I J K L M O P Q S T V W X Y ††††

If you wish to install the font on your operating system, simply:

  1. click on this link to download the Fweet Figla font
  2. save the font file to disk and remember its location (do not change its extension from ".ttf" as some systems may balk at this later on)
  3. install the font as you would any other TrueType or OpenType font on your system (if you do not know how to do that, please search the web for instructions, or contact me by sending a comment)

If you have arrived to this page from the tutorial page, please be kind, rewind and return to that page; there is a crusty old guide patiently waiting for you there.

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