Tips of the Month

This page forms a repository for the Tips of the Month sent out as part of the Fweet monthly (nowadays occasional) email newsletters. If you wish to subscribe to this mailing list, you can do so through the Comment on Me page.

June 2007 (How to Save Default Search Options)

July 2007 (How to Browse a Range of Pages)

August 2007 (How to Search for Finnegans Wake Text)

September 2007 (Why Examine the Previous Line)

October 2007 (Why Search for the Exact Phrase)

November 2007 (When Not to Click on "Submit Query")

December 2007 (How to Use the "Whole Words" Option)

January 2008 (How to Retrieve Previous Search Strings)

February 2008 (How to Use the NEXT keyword)

March 2008 (Which Edition of Finnegans Wake to Use)

April 2008 (What If There Are No Elucidations)

May 2008 (Why Not to Use Copy-and-Paste)

June 2008 (Why Not to Double-Click)

July 2008 (What to Do with Spaces)

August 2008 (What to Do with Cross-References)

September 2008 (Where to Find a Finnegans Wake Wiki)

November 2008 (How to Speed Up Searches)

January 2009 (How to Use the OR Keyword)

March 2009 (Why Send Me Questions)

June 2010 (What to Do with Dashes and Hyphens)

February 2012 (What about the Wordsworth Classics Edition)

July 2013 (How to Use Fweet's Simple URL Format)

November 2023 (How to Get It All in One Go)

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