Volunteering Your Help

Thank you for even considering to lend a helping hand to this ongoing project. At this point, I have a few ideas – some probably pretty daft – about ways you might get involved with the development of Fweet. I have outlined the major ones below, but if you have other ideas about ways in which you could volunteer your help to improve Fweet, please do not hesitate to contact me. Currently I believe I am primarily looking for:

These tasks do not necessarily require vast knowledge of Finnegans Wake – much more important is a meticulous nature and the willingness to persevere. These jobs could be done at any rate one wishes, from a couple of hours a day to a couple of hours a month. You can also just do a portion of a job, for example, scan just one book or proofread just a few pages of Finnegans Wake. By offering your help, you are in no way binding yourself; you can always stop at any point, with or without any explanation. Basically, any help would be most welcome.

If any of this appeals to you, please contact me via the "Comment on Me!" page before starting any actual work, so as to coordinate the efforts of independent volunteers and in order to ensure that your work is useful and can be easily applied to Fweet.

Finally, despite all this highfalutin verbiage, please remember that I am altogether quite a shy and accommodating collaborator and not at all frightening, or at least I seem to have deluded myself into believing so.

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