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015.01the duskrose has choosed out Goatstown's hedges, twolips have
015.01+goats chew hedges
015.01+Goatstown: district of Dublin
015.02pressed togatherthem by sweet Rush, townland of twinedlights,
015.02+sweet rush
015.02+Rush: village, County Dublin, noted for its tulip cultivation (nicknamed 'Holland in Ireland') [526.06]
015.02+townland: Irish division of land, size very variable
015.03the whitethorn and the redthorn have fairygeyed the mayvalleys
015.03+Moyvalley: town, County Kildare (on the Liffey river; from Irish Magh Bhealaigh: Plain of the Path)
015.04of Knockmaroon, and, though for rings round them, during a
015.04+Knockmaroon Hill, just west of Phoenix Park (also, a western gate of the park)
015.04+German rings 'rum: all around (short for German ringsherum)
015.05chiliad of perihelygangs, the Formoreans have brittled the too-
015.05+chiliad: a thousand; a millennium
015.05+perihelion: a point when nearest to the sun
015.05+(around sun goings, i.e. years)
015.05+Edmond Sexton Pery and John Hely-Hutchinson: prominent contemporaneous 18th century Irish members of Parliament (both seen, perhaps unjustly, as opportunistic and corrupt)
015.05+German Gang: walk, gait
015.05+Fomorians and Tuatha Dé Danaan: legendary antagonistic Irish colonisers
015.06ath of the Danes and the Oxman has been pestered by the Fire-
015.06+'Oxman': Viking (as in Oxmantown, part of North Dublin)
015.06+Firbolgs: legendary Irish colonisers
015.06+Slang firebug: arsonist
015.07bugs and the Joynts have thrown up jerrybuilding to the Kevan-
015.07+Motif: Jerry/Kevin (*C*/*V*; Jerry, short for Jeremiah, is a cognate of Irish Diarmuid; Kevin is a cognate of Greek Eugenios) [572.24]
015.08ses and Little on the Green is childsfather to the City (Year!
015.08+Little Green Market, Dublin
015.08+William Wordsworth: My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold: 'The Child is father to the Man'
015.08+Motif: Hear, hear!
015.09Year! And laughtears!), these paxsealing buttonholes have quad-
015.09+laughter, tears [011.33]
015.09+Latin pax: peace
015.09+Czech pach: stink
015.09+peace pact sealed
015.09+wax, sealing, buttons [404.23]
015.09+Colloquial button-hole: button-hole flower
015.09+quadrille: a dance; a card game
015.10rilled across the centuries and whiff now whafft to us, fresh and
015.11made-of-all-smiles as, on the eve of Killallwho.
015.11+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM:, on...} | {Png: on...}
015.11+VI.B.5.061f (r): 'Killaloe'
015.11+Killaloe: town, County Clare, site of Brian Boru's palace
015.12     The babbelers with their thangas vain have been (confusium
015.12+{{Synopsis: I.1.1D.B: [015.12-015.28]: the mutability of men — the stability of flowers}}
015.12+Tower of Babel (God created diversity of tongues after the Tower of Babel attempt, to restrict the power of mankind)
015.12+Irish teanga: language
015.13hold them!) they were and went; thigging thugs were and hou-
015.13+Scottish thigging: begging
015.13+Irish tuigeann tú?: do you understand?
015.13+Houyhnhnms: a race of intelligent horses in Swift: Gulliver's Travels
015.14hnhymn songtoms were and comely norgels were and pollyfool
015.14+hymn, song
015.14+Norwegian Norge: Norway
015.14+Colloquial gal: girl
015.14+French parlez-vous français?: do you speak French?
015.15fiansees. Menn have thawed, clerks have surssurhummed, the
015.15+Italian sussurrare: to whisper, to hum
015.15+hummed 'sir, sir'
015.16blond has sought of the brune: Elsekiss thou may, mean Kerry
015.16+French brune: brunette, dark-haired woman [.17]
015.16+Danish elsker du mig, min kære pige?: do you love me, my dear girl?
015.17piggy?: and the duncledames have countered with the hellish fel-
015.17+German dunkel: dark
015.17+Ireland in the 8th to 11th centuries was overrun by hordes of 'dark foreigners' (Danes) and 'light foreigners' (Norse) (Motif: dark/fair)
015.17+(talked back)
015.17+German hell: light, bright
015.18lows: Who ails tongue coddeau, aspace of dumbillsilly? And they
015.18+French où est ton cadeau, espèce d'imbécile?: where is your present, you silly fool?
015.19fell upong one another: and themselves they have fallen. And
015.19+fell upon
015.19+(fighting or loving)
015.20still nowanights and by nights of yore do all bold floras of the
015.20+Flora: Roman goddess whose festival, the Floralia on 28 April, was an occasion for unbridled sexual licence
015.20+flora [.21]
015.20+Matthew 6:28: 'lilies of the field'
015.21field to their shyfaun lovers say only: Cull me ere I wilt to thee!:
015.21+fauna [.20]
015.21+Archaic wilt: will (second person singular) [.23]
015.22and, but a little later: Pluck me whilst I blush! Well may they
015.22+Slang fuck: to have sex with
015.23wilt, marry, and profusedly blush, be troth! For that saying is as
015.23+wilt: to wither [.21]
015.23+Archaic marry!: indeed!, to be sure! (exclamation of asseveration or astonishment)
015.23+Archaic phrase by my troth!: truly! (exclamation of asseveration)
015.23+Archaic troth: pledge to marry
015.24old as the howitts. Lave a whale a while in a whillbarrow (isn't
015.24+phrase old as the hills
015.24+Howitt: a mountain in Victoria, Australia
015.24+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation lave: leave
015.24+Danish lave: to make, to do
015.24+French laver: to wash
015.25it the truath I'm tallin ye?) to have fins and flippers that shimmy
015.25+song Finnegan's Wake, chorus: 'Whack fol the dah, dance to your partner, Welt the flure, yer trotters shake, Wasn't it the truth I told you Lots of fun at Finnegan's Wake' (originally, Poole: song Tim Finigan's Wake: 'Whack, hurrah! blood and 'ounds, ye sowl ye! Welt the flure, yer trotters shake; Isn't it the truth I've tould ye Lots of fun at Finigan's wake!')
015.25+Ulster Pronunciation tallin: telling
015.25+VI.B.3.159k (o): 'flippers (whale)' [.24]
015.26and shake. Tim Timmycan timped hir, tampting Tam. Fleppety!
015.26+Motif: Tom/Tim
015.27Flippety! Fleapow!
015.28     Hop!
015.29     In the name of Anem this carl on the kopje in pelted thongs a
015.29+{{Synopsis: I.1.1E.A: [015.29-016.09]: Mutt meets Jute — Mutt attempts to address him}}
015.29+Irish ainm: name
015.29+Archaic carl: churl, rude fellow
015.29+VI.B.6.073h (o): 'hophare bacontree kopje' (only last word crayoned)
015.29+Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 156 (sec. 154): 'the Dutch... in South Africa... applied... kopje 'a little head or cup' to the hills' (from Afrikaans to English)
015.29+(thong of animal pelt)
015.29+apart, alone
015.30parth a lone who the joebiggar be he? Forshapen his pigmaid
015.30+Parthalón: legendary first settler of Ireland after the Flood
015.30+path alone
015.30+Joe (*S*)
015.30+Joe Biggar: 19th century Irish nationalist politician, a prominent member of Parnell's party (noted for his diminutive size and pronounced hunchback)
015.30+Obsolete forshapen: transformed, misshapen
015.30+Italian forse: perhaps
015.30+pig, hog
015.31hoagshead, shroonk his plodsfoot. He hath locktoes, this short-
015.31+German Plattfuß: flat foot
015.32shins, and, Obeold that's pectoral, his mammamuscles most
015.32+oh, by all that's spectral
015.32+pectoral: of the chest
015.33mousterious. It is slaking nuncheon out of some thing's brain
015.33+Mousterian man: Neanderthal man
015.33+(drinking from a skull, supposedly a Viking custom)
015.33+nuncheon: light refreshment of liquor
015.33+Archaic brain pan: skull
015.34pan. Me seemeth a dragon man. He is almonthst on the kiep
015.34+dragoman: interpreter, in Arabic-, Persian- and Turkish-speaking countries
015.34+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: He...} | {Png: He...}
015.34+all month (Cluster: Months)
015.34+phrase on the qui vive: on the look-out
015.35fief by here, is Comestipple Sacksoun, be it junipery or febrew-
015.35+fief: an estate in land (Vico discusses fiefs in Roman history)
015.35+comestible: article of food
015.35+Constable Sackerson (*S*) [186.19]
015.35+Slang tipple: strong liquor
015.35+Obsolete sack: a type of Spanish wine
015.35+gin contains juniper
015.35+January (Cluster: Months)
015.35+February (Cluster: Months)
015.35+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: 'febrew-' on .35, 'ery' on .36} | {Png: 'febre-' on .35, 'wery' on .36}
015.36ery, marracks or alebrill or the ramping riots of pouriose and
015.36+arrack: Eastern liquor
015.36+March (Cluster: Months)
015.36+April (Cluster: Months)
015.36+Italian brillo: drunk, tipsy
015.36+(pouring drinks)
015.36+(pouring rain)
015.36+French pluviôse: fifth (mid-winter, January 20 to February 18/19) month of French Revolutionary calendar (French pluvieux: rainy) (Cluster: Months)

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