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023.01framed panuncular cumbottes like a rudd yellan gruebleen or-
023.01+The Peninsular War
023.01+Latin panuncula: thread wound on a bobbin
023.01+gumboots (i.e. Wellingtons)
023.01+French bottes: boots
023.01+Motif: 7 colours of rainbow [.01-.02] (as opposed to whiteness [021.16] [022.04] [022.28])
023.01+rude yelling
023.01+blue-green (spoonerism)
023.01+Orangeman: a member of the secret Association of Orangemen, a society for the maintenance of Protestant ascendancy in Ireland
023.02angeman in his violet indigonation, to the whole longth of the
023.03strongth of his bowman's bill. And he clopped his rude hand to
023.03+Strongbow: leader of the Anglo-Normans who invaded Ireland in the 12th century
023.03+Red Hand of Ulster
023.04his eacy hitch and he ordurd and his thick spch spck for her to
023.04+ECH (Motif: HCE)
023.04+Norwegian ord: word
023.04+ordure: excrement, dung, filth
023.04+speech spoke
023.05shut up shop, dappy. And the duppy shot the shutter clup (Per-
023.05+Archaic dup: to open
023.05+Dialect duppy: ghost
023.05+song Polly Put the Kettle On [.07] [161.23]
023.05+Motif: 100-letter thunderword [.05-.07]
023.05+Lettish perkons: thunder
023.06+Breton kurun: thunder
023.06+Persian barg: thunder
023.06+Lithuanian griauja: it thunders
023.06+Turkish gök gürlüyor: thundering sky
023.06+Russian grom gremit: thunder thunders
023.06+Malay guntur: thunder
023.07rumathunaradidillifaititillibumullunukkunun!) And they all drank
023.07+Icelandic thruma: thunder
023.07+Rumanian thuna: thunder
023.07+Kiswahili radi: thunder
023.07+Lithuanian Dialect dundulis: thunder (Samogitian dialect)
023.07+Samoan faititily: thunder
023.07+Albanian bumulloj: thunder
023.07+Finnish ukkonen: thunder
023.07+stock ending of Irish fairy tales: 'They put on the kettle and they all had tea' [.05]
023.08free. For one man in his armour was a fat match always for any
023.08+James Joyce: Ulysses.15.4402: 'Doctor Swift says one man in armour will beat ten men in their shirts' (referring to Swift: Drapier's Letters: 'eleven men well armed will certainly subdue one single man in his shirt')
023.08+Slang in armour: pot valiant, courageous through liquor
023.08+Slang in armour: using a condom
023.08+fair match
023.09girls under shurts. And that was the first peace of illiterative
023.09+girls' undershirts
023.09+German Schürze: apron
023.09+first piece of alliterative poetry [.10] [509.35]
023.09+porterpease (Motif: Why do I am alook alike a poss of porterpease?)
023.09+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...illiterative...} | {Png: ...illiteratise...}
023.10porthery in all the flamend floody flatuous world. How kirssy the
023.10+Welsh porthor: doorkeeper, porter
023.10+Motif: alliteration (fl) [.09]
023.10+Motif: 4 elements (fire, water, air, earth)
023.10+how Motif: Kersse the tailor made a suit of clothes for Motif: the Norwegian captain [311.05-331.36]
023.11tiler made a sweet unclose to the Narwhealian captol. Saw fore
023.11+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...tiler...} | {Png: ...titler...}
023.11+tiler: in freemasonry, a doorkeeper who keeps the unintiated out
023.11+Archaic unclose: not closed; to open
023.11+narwhal: a type of whale with a spirally-twisted straight horn
023.11+so far
023.11+Parnell (about limiting a nation): 'No man has a right to say "Thus far shalt thou go, and no farther"' (from an 1885 Cork speech)
023.12shalt thou sea. Betoun ye and be. The prankquean was to hold
023.12+Job 38:8-11: 'Or who shut up the sea with doors... And said, Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed?'
023.12+Anglo-Irish betune: between
023.12+Genesis 9:12: 'the covenant which I make between me and you'
023.13her dummyship and the jimminies was to keep the peacewave
023.13+(pirate ship)
023.13+('jimminy' spelled twice with two m's [021.36])
023.13+phrase keep the peace: maintain public order
023.14and van Hoother was to git the wind up. Thus the hearsomeness
023.14+('von' changes back to 'van' (Motif: A/O) [021.34])
023.14+Slang get the wind up: become alarmed or anxious [008.34] [009.09]
023.14+German gehorsam: obedient
023.14+Latin Obedientia Civium Urbis Felicitas: Citizens' Obedience is City's Happiness (Motif: Obedientia Civium Urbis Felicitas (Dublin motto))
023.15of the burger felicitates the whole of the polis.
023.15+Dutch burger: German Bürger: citizen, burgher
023.15+(he is the joke of the entire town)
023.15+Greek polis: city, state
023.16     O foenix culprit! Ex nickylow malo comes mickelmassed bo-
023.16+{{Synopsis: I.1.2B.B: [023.16-024.02]: he, the silent mountain — she, the babbling stream}}
023.16+Motif: O felix culpa! (Exsultet) (Holy Saturday (Easter eve) Catholic hymn, sung upon lighting the Paschal candle, beginning with Latin 'Exsultet': 'Exult', and including the phrase Latin 'O felix culpa, quæ talem ac tantum meruit habere Redemptorem!': 'O happy fault, that merited such and so great a Redeemer!'; the 'O felix culpa!' notion is possibly based on Saint Augustine's idea that without Adam's sin the redeemer would not have been born; also, without Lucifer's sin Adam would not have been created)
023.16+phoenix (a symbol used by Michelet to explain Vico's theory)
023.16+Phoenix Park
023.16+(The Invincibles: a radical group responsible for the Phoenix Park Murders on May 1882)
023.16+VI.B.25.017a (r): 'culprit'
023.16+Latin ex nihilo nihil fit: out of nothing comes nothing (Persius: Satires 1.84: 'De nihilo nihilum': 'Nothing can come out of nothing')
023.16+Latin ex malo bonum fit: out of evil comes good
023.16+Czech nicky: nulls, zeros
023.16+Motif: Mick/Nick
023.16+Russian malo: a little, few
023.16+Latin malum: apple (Eve's)
023.16+Dialect mickle: much
023.17num. Hill, rill, ones in company, billeted, less be proud of. Breast
023.17+hill (*E*) and rill (*A*)
023.17+Motif: 111
023.17+Sons and Company, Limited
023.18high and bestride! Only for that these will not breathe upon
023.18+(good riddance)
023.18+(they won't tell the secret of their source)
023.19Norronesen or Irenean the secrest of their soorcelossness. Quar-
023.19+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Norronesen...} | {Png: ...Norrônesen...}
023.19+(Norse or Irish born)
023.19+Irena: Edmund Spenser's name for Ireland
023.19+eirenic: of peace
023.19+(source of Nile [.20])
023.19+[.19-.21] [089.27] [202.19-.21]
023.19+Latin quare siles: why are you silent?
023.20ry silex, Homfrie Noanswa! Undy gentian festyknees, Livia No-
023.20+Latin silex: flint
023.20+Humphrey and Livia (*E* and *A*)
023.20+Victoria Nyanza and Albert Nyanza: two of the major reservoirs of the Nile river ('Nyanza' is Bantu for 'Lake')
023.20+no answer
023.20+Irish ní h-annsa: not hard (formula for answering riddles)
023.20+Latin unde gentium festines?: where the dickens are you hurrying from?
023.20+Gentia, Festy King [085.23] [092.25] [094.29]
023.20+(blue waves)
023.21answa? Wolkencap is on him, frowned; audiurient, he would
023.21+Dutch wolkenkap: cloud cap (the Hill of Howth is often cloud-capped)
023.21+woollen cap
023.21+Latin audi urio: I long to hear, I desire to hear
023.21+Vulgate Psalms 113:6: 'Aures habent et non audient' (Latin 'They have ears, but they hear not') [.23] [.25]
023.22evesdrip, were it mous at hand, were it dinn of bottles in the far
023.22+(house's eaves drip water)
023.22+close at hand
023.22+din of battles
023.22+djinn in bottle
023.22+far east
023.23ear. Murk, his vales are darkling. With lipth she lithpeth to him
023.23+Vulgate Psalms 113:5: 'Oculos habent et non videbunt' (Latin 'They have eyes, but they see not') [.21] [.25]
023.23+King Mark
023.24all to time of thuch on thuch and thow on thow. She he she ho
023.24+all the time
023.24+such and such, so and so (Motif: So and so)
023.25she ha to la. Hairfluke, if he could bad twig her! Impalpabunt,
023.25+had to laugh [583.26] [617.16-.17]
023.25+(he tries to grab her hair which he hopes to catch by a fluke)
023.25+German Herr: Mr, gentleman
023.25+German verflucht!: accursed, damn (expletive)
023.25+Anglo-Irish twig: understand
023.25+(beat with a twig)
023.25+Vulgate Psalms 113:7: 'Manus habent et non palpabunt' (Latin 'They have hands, but they handle not') [.21] [.23]
023.26he abhears. The soundwaves are his buffeteers; they trompe him
023.26+German abhören: to listen to, to listen in on, to hear recitation
023.26+Archaic abear: to tolerate
023.26+The Four Waves of Ireland: four points on Irish coast (the Waves of Rory, Tuath, Cleena and Scéina) [.26-.29] [254.02]
023.26+(pounding against the promontory of his head)
023.26+Tromp: family name of famous Dutch admirals
023.26+French tromper: deceive
023.26+trump (at cards)
023.27with their trompes; the wave of roary and the wave of hooshed
023.27+French trompe: elephant's trunk
023.27+who said
023.28and the wave of hawhawhawrd and the wave of neverheedthem-
023.28+(Motif: stuttering)
023.28+never heed them
023.29horseluggarsandlistletomine. Landloughed by his neaghboormis-
023.29+and listen to me
023.29+Anglo-Irish Lochlann: Scandinavian, Viking
023.29+round towers are supposed to lie beneath Lough Neagh, appearing on certain days
023.30tress and perpetrified in his offsprung, sabes and suckers, the
023.30+perpetuated in his offspring
023.30+petrifying properties attributed to the waters of Lough Neagh
023.30+Psalms 8:2: 'babes and sucklings'
023.30+phrase Ireland, isle of saints and sages
023.31moaning pipers could tell him to his faceback, the louthly one
023.31+morning papers
023.31+face, back
023.31+County Louth
023.32whose loab we are devorers of, how butt for his hold halibutt, or
023.32+German Lob: praise
023.32+German Leib: body
023.32+German Laib: loaf
023.32+(Motif: O felix culpa! (Exsultet)) [023.32-024.02] [.16]
023.32+German hold: handsome
023.33her to her pudor puff, the lipalip one whose libe we drink at, how
023.33+Latin pudor: shame
023.33+German Puder: powder
023.33+German Slang pudern: to have sex with
023.33+German Slang Puff: brothel
023.33+Latin Liber: wine (personified)
023.33+German Leib: body
023.34biff for her tiddywink of a windfall, our breed and washer givers,
023.34+Slang biffy: drunk
023.34+but for
023.34+Rhyming Slang tiddlywink: a drink
023.34+Slang tiddlywinks: knick-knacks of food
023.34+VI.B.10.011e (o): 'windfalls (apples)'
023.34+Irish Times 30 Oct 1922, 2/5: 'There has been a wonderful crop of apples this year... those that have fallen off in the late storms. "Windfalls," when gathered fresh, may be used in making tarts or puddings'
023.34+windfall: fallen fruit; unexpected fortune
023.34+bread and water
023.35there would not be a holey spier on the town nor a vestal flout-
023.35+holy spire
023.35+(spying through holes, i.e. voyeur)
023.35+(city and river)
023.35+Slang vestal: prostitute
023.35+Vestal virgins
023.35+vessel floating
023.36ing in the dock, nay to make plein avowels, nor a yew nor an eye
023.36+French Slang plein: drunk
023.36+French à plein voiles: in full sail
023.36+Motif: 5 vowels: U, I, A, O [023.36-024.01] (E may be 'noddy' (not E) [024.02] or 'He' [024.03] or missing)
023.36+you, I
023.36+(debt (I.O.U.))

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