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032.01on the road? And shall Nohomiah be our place like? Yea, Mulachy
032.01+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...road? And...} | {Png: ...road. And...}
032.01+song Home, Sweet Home: 'There's no place like home'
032.01+Nehemiah rebuilt Jerusalem after Captivity (Nehemiah)
032.01+two Irish high kings were named Malachy
032.01+Hebrew melekh: king
032.01+Malachi Mulligan (James Joyce: Ulysses)
032.02our kingable khan? We shall perhaps not so soon see. Pinck
032.02+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...kingable...} | {Png: ...Kingable...}
032.02+Motif: Cain/Abel
032.02+we shall see [031.33]
032.02+Motif: Pingpong, the bell for Sechseläuten, and concepit de Saint-Esprit [.02-.04]
032.03poncks that bail for seeks alicence where cumsceptres with scen-
032.03+German versuchen: to try
032.03+Sechseläuten: Zurich spring festival, celebrating the burial of winter
032.03+a licence
032.03+Latin cum sceptris: with sceptres
032.03+Angelus: Latin 'et concepit de Spiritus Sancto' : 'and she conceived of the Holy Ghost'
032.03+French Saint-Esprit: Holy Ghost
032.04taurs stay. Bear in mind, son of Hokmah, if so be you have me-
032.04+Hebrew khokhmah: wisdom; in Kabbalah, the name of the second Sephira, divine wisdom
032.04+Hebrew emeth: truth
032.04+Hebrew metheg: bit (for a horse); a typographical mark (used in the bible)
032.04+phrase method in madness (William Shakespeare: Hamlet II.2.203)
032.05theg in your midness, this man is mountain and unto changeth
032.05+Genesis 3:19: 'unto dust shalt thou return'
032.06doth one ascend. Heave we aside the fallacy, as punical as finikin,
032.06+Archaic punic: treacherous, perfidious (from Punic: Carthaginian)
032.06+Punic, Phoenician (two ancient Mediterranean civilizations)
032.06+Archaic finikin: finicky, extremely particular
032.07that it was not the king kingself but his inseparable sisters, un-
032.08controllable nighttalkers, Skertsiraizde with Donyahzade, who
032.08+The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night: features Shahrazad and her sister Dunyazad regaling King Shahryar with their endless night-time story-cycle, thus distracting him from his design to ravish and slay a maiden a night
032.08+skirts are raised
032.08+Italian scherzi: jokes
032.08+Donizetti: an Italian composer
032.09afterwards, when the robberers shot up the socialights, came down
032.09+Archaic rapparee: an Irish robber or irregular soldier
032.09+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...socialights, came...} | {Png: ...socialights came...}
032.10into the world as amusers and were staged by Madame Sudlow
032.10+Slang amuser: a robber who throws snuff into his victim's eyes
032.10+Bessy Sudlow: wife of Michael Gunn, the manager of the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin
032.11as Rosa and Lily Miskinguette in the pantalime that two pitts
032.11+Mistinguett: world-famous 20th century French actress and singer (born Jeanne Florentine Bourgeois)
032.12paythronosed, Miliodorus and Galathee. The great fact emerges
032.12+phrase pay through the nose
032.12+Greek miliodôros: of a thousand gifts
032.12+Greek meli: honey
032.12+Greek gala: milk
032.12+Galatea: in Greek mythology, one of the sea nymphs (also Pygmalion's wife)
032.12+VI.B.3.124f (b): 'the fact remains'
032.12+Mordell: The Erotic Motive in Literature 164: 'Granting that this is so, the fact still remains that there is much left unsaid by the poets'
032.13that after that historic date all holographs so far exhumed ini-
032.13+VI.B.25.144l (b): 'holograph'
032.14tialled by Haromphrey bear the sigla H.C.E. and while he was
032.14+Hungarian három: three
032.15only and long and always good Dook Umphrey for the hunger-
032.15+Thomas Nashe: Works III.147: 'To his worthy good patron, Lustie Humfrey, according as the townsmen doo christen him, little Numps, as the Nobilitie and Courtiers do name, and Honest Humfrey as all...'
032.15+phrase dine out with Duke Humphrey: go dinnerless
032.15+hungry, lean
032.16lean spalpeens of Lucalizod and Chimbers to his cronies it was
032.16+Anglo-Irish spalpeen: landless labourer, itinerant farm labourer, rascal (from Irish spailpín)
032.16+VI.B.10.033f (b): 'Lucalizod'
032.16+Lucan: village between Chapelizod and Leixlip
032.17equally certainly a pleasant turn of the populace which gave him
032.18as sense of those normative letters the nickname Here Comes
032.18+HCE (Motif: HCE)
032.18+Here Comes Everybody: nickname of H.C.E Childers, 19th century British politician (known for his girth) [535.34]
032.18+(P.W. Joyce: English as We Speak It in Ireland 129: 'A conceited pompous fellow approaches:- 'Here comes half the town!' A translation from the Irish leath an bhaile')
032.19Everybody. An imposing everybody he always indeed looked,
032.20constantly the same as and equal to himself and magnificently well
032.20+VI.B.3.121e (b): 'magnificently well'
032.21worthy of any and all such universalisation, every time he con-
032.22tinually surveyed, amid vociferatings from in front of Accept these
032.23few nutties! and Take off that white hat!, relieved with Stop his Grog
032.23+Moore and Burgess Minstrels used the catch-phrase 'take off that white hat!' (James Joyce: Ulysses.8.605) (Motif: White hat)
032.23+according to some legend, young Finn, then incognito, was addressed by the Irish high-king after defeating the king's hurley-players as Irish fin cumhal: white cap, because of his fair hair, which led to his being unmasked, as his patronymic was MacCumhal (Motif: White hat)
032.24and Put It in the Log and Loots in his (bassvoco) Boots, from good
032.24+loosen his boots (James Joyce: Ulysses.15.926: 'Loosen his boots')
032.24+pantomime Puss in Boots
032.24+Italian bassa voce: low voice
032.24+Ido basvoco: bass
032.25start to happy finish the truly catholic assemblage gathered together
032.26in that king's treat house of satin alustrelike above floats and foot-
032.26+King Street (address of Gaiety Theatre, Dublin)
032.26+theatre house
032.26+Satan: a Puritan term for the theatre
032.26+floats: footlights, lights at the front of a theatre stage
032.27lights from their assbawlveldts and oxgangs unanimously to clap-
032.27+Anglo-Irish phrase within the bawl of an ass: near, near enough
032.27+veldt: open bushy country in South Africa (from Afrikaans)
032.27+Obsolete oxgang: a measure of land, varying from ten to eighteen acres
032.28plaud (the inspiration of his lifetime and the hits of their careers)
032.29Mr Wallenstein Washington Semperkelly's immergreen tourers
032.29+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Mr Wallenstein...} | {Png: ...Mr. Wallenstein...}
032.29+Wallenstein: 17th century Bohemian soldier and statesman
032.29+W.W. Kelly's touring company performed W.G. Wills's A Royal Divorce [.33]
032.29+Latin semper: always
032.29+German immer: always, ever
032.30in a command performance by special request with the courteous
032.30+command performance: a theatrical or musical performance given by royal command or sovereign request
032.31permission for pious purposes the homedromed and enliventh
032.31+hundred and eleventh (Motif: 111)
032.32performance of the problem passion play of the millentury, running
032.32+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...of the problem...} | {Png: ...of problem...}
032.32+Wills's A Royal Divorce was touted as 'the most successful historical play of the century' when toured by Kelly's company in the early 20th century [.29] [.33]
032.32+millenium, century
032.33strong since creation, A Royal Divorce, then near the approach
032.33+W.G. Wills: A Royal Divorce (a play about Napoleon's divorce) [.29]
032.34towards the summit of its climax, with ambitious interval band
032.34+at the success of Limerick soprano Catherine Hayes, her mother said 'I'm at the summit of my climax'
032.35selections from The Bo' Girl and The Lily on all horserie show
032.35+VI.B.3.136e (b): 'a selection of —'
032.35+Balfe: The Bohemian Girl (opera)
032.35+Benedict: The Lily of Killarney (opera based on Boucicault: The Colleen Bawn)
032.35+horse show (Dublin hosts a famous one annually since the mid 19th century)
032.35+hosiery: stockings, socks
032.35+Colloquial leg-show: a theatrical production in which dancing girls display their legs
032.36command nights from his viceregal booth (his bossaloner is ceil-
032.36+John Wilkes Booth: 19th century American actor, from a family of prominent actors, who assassinated President Lincoln in the presidential box at Ford's Theatre during a play
032.36+(his hat hangs slightly below their hoods)
032.36+Joyce wore a Borsalino hat (a quality fedora hat made by Borsalino of Italy)

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