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038.01occasion of the happy escape, for a crowning of pot valiance,
038.01+HE...C (Motif: HCE)
038.01+pot-valiance: courage brought about by drink
038.02this regional platter, benjamin of bouillis, with a spolish olive to
038.02+French plat regional: local dish
038.02+Benjamin's portion: the largest share (from Genesis 43:34: (of Joseph and his brothers, Benjamin being the favourite) 'And he took and sent messes unto them from before him: but Benjamin's mess was five times so much as any of theirs. And they drank, and were merry with him')
038.02+French bouilli: boiled beef
038.03middlepoint its zaynith, was marrying itself (porkograso!) ere-
038.03+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation zaynith: zenith
038.03+Hebrew zayit: olive
038.03+Esperanto porcograso: lard
038.03+Italian porco grasso: fat swine, fat pig (an exclamation in Triestine Italian Dialect)
038.03+Erebus: in Greek mythology, a shadowy place between Earth and Hades
038.04busqued very deluxiously with a bottle of Phenice-Bruerie '98,
038.04+(bottle of wine)
038.04+Phoenix Brewery
038.04+song The Memory of the Dead: 'Who fears to speak of Ninety-Eight?' (i.e. of the Irish rebellion of 1798)
038.05followed for second nuptials by a Piessporter, Grand Cur, of
038.05+Piesporter: a type of wine
038.05+French Grand Cru: a vineyard producing a great-quality wine, wine of great quality (literally 'great growth')
038.06both of which cherished tablelights (though humble the bounquet
038.06+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Though Humble the Banquet [air: Farewell Eamon]
038.06+bouquet: the odour of wine
038.07'tis a leaman's farewell) he obdurately sniffed the cobwebcrusted
038.07+Archaic leman: lover, sweetheart
038.07+crusted: (of port, and other wine) has deposited a sediment (called 'crust') as a result of the intentional in-bottle fermentation process (requiring it to be decanted before serving)
038.09     Our cad's bit of strife (knee Bareniece Maxwelton) with a quick
038.09+{{Synopsis: I.2.2.C: [038.09-039.13]: the wife tells Reverend Browne — he, as Nolan, tells Philly Thurnston}}
038.09+Rhyming Slang bit of strife: wife
038.09+French née: born (feminine)
038.09+song Annie Laurie: 'Maxwelton braes are bonny'
038.10ear for spittoons (as the aftertale hath it) glaned up as usual with
038.10+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation glaned: gleaned
038.10+cleaned up (after meal)
038.11dumbestic husbandry (no persicks and armelians for thee, Pome-
038.11+dumb beast
038.11+Rhaeto-Romanic persic: peach
038.11+Prunus persica: peach
038.11+Persians and Armenians
038.11+Motif: Persse O'Reilly
038.11+Prunus armeniaca: apricot
038.11+German Pomeranze: bitter orange
038.11+Rhaeto-Romanic pomaranza: orange (fruit)
038.11+Pomerania: a German-Polish region on the south shore of the Baltic Sea
038.12ranzia!) but, slipping the clav in her claw, broke of the matter
038.12+Rhaeto-Romanic clav: key
038.12+Italian clava: club, mace
038.13among a hundred and eleven others in her usual curtsey (how
038.13+Motif: 111
038.13+German Kürze: brevity
038.14faint these first vhespers womanly are, a secret pispigliando, amad
038.14+(women's pissing is quieter than men's)
038.14+Rhaeto-Romanic secret: lavatory
038.14+Italian pispigliando: whispering
038.14+Rhaeto-Romanic ama-da: loved
038.15the lavurdy den of their manfolker!) the next night nudge one
038.15+Rhaeto-Romanic lavurdi: weekday
038.15+(next but one)
038.16as was Hegesippus over a hup a ' chee, her eys dry and small and
038.16+Hegesippus: a 4th century B.C. Athenian orator; a 2nd century Christian chronicler
038.16+a cup of tea
038.16+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: ...a ' chee... (i.e. standalone apostrophe)} | {Tr2: ...a' chee... (i.e. apostrophe follows immediately upon the a)}
038.17speech thicklish because he appeared a funny colour like he
038.17+VI.C.7.091h (r): === VI.B.8.138b ( ): 'he appeared a funny colour' [596.26]
038.18couldn't stood they old hens no longer, to her particular reverend,
038.18+Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 1: 'I couldn't stood it much longer'
038.18+old ones
038.18+(old women)
038.19the director, whom she had been meaning in her mind primarily
038.20to speak with (hosch, intra! jist a timblespoon!) trusting, between
038.20+Rhaeto-Romanic hoscha!: come in!
038.20+Rhaeto-Romanic intrar: to enter
038.20+just a thimble
038.20+just a tablespoon
038.21cuppled lips and annie lawrie promises (mighshe never have
038.21+ALP (Motif: ALP)
038.21+song Annie Laurie
038.21+may she
038.22Esnekerry pudden come Hunanov for her pecklapitschens!) that
038.22+E...CH (Motif: HCE)
038.22+pudendum: female genitalia
038.22+Latin cum: with
038.22+Rhaeto-Romanic pech, pieck: breast
038.22+Rhaeto-Romanic peclas: a cake made on Shrove Tuesday
038.22+Rhaeto-Romanic pitschen: slight, small
038.23the gossiple so delivered in his epistolear, buried teatoastally in
038.23+gospel and epistle sides of altar
038.23+gospel and epistle forms of New Testament books
038.23+Latin epistola: letter
038.24their Irish stew would go no further than his jesuit's cloth, yet
038.25(in vinars venitas! volatiles valetotum!) it was this overspoiled
038.25+Latin in vino veritas: in wine is truth (Pliny)
038.25+Rhaeto-Romanic vinars: brandy
038.25+Latin volatilis: flying
038.25+Latin vale: farewell
038.26priest Mr Browne, disguised as a vincentian, who, when seized
038.26+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Mr Browne...} | {Png: ...Mr. Browne...}
038.26+Motif: Browne/Nolan [.28]
038.26+Vincentian: member of Congregation of Priests of the Mission founded by Saint Vincent de Paul
038.27of the facts, was overheard, in his secondary personality as a
038.28Nolan and underreared, poul soul, by accident — if, that is, the
038.28+McIntyre: Giordano Bruno refers repeatedly to Giordano Bruno (of Nola) as 'the Nolan' [.26]
038.28+poor soul
038.28+Saint Paul's original name was Saul
038.29incident it was an accident for here the ruah of Ecclectiastes
038.29+Hebrew ruakh: spirit, wind, puff [.30]
038.29+Greek eklektoi astoi: the élite
038.30of Hippo outpuffs the writress of Havvah-ban-Annah — to
038.30+Saint Augustine of Hippo
038.30+Greek hippos: horse
038.30+Hebrew Havvah: Eve
038.30+Slang have a banana: to have sex
038.30+song Let's All Go Down the Strand (1904): (chorus) 'Have a Banana!'
038.30+'Have a Havana' (old commercial slogan for cigars)
038.30+Hebrew bat: daughter of
038.30+Hebrew ben: son of
038.30+Irish bean: woman
038.31pianissime a slightly varied version of Crookedribs confidentials,
038.31+Mohammed: 'Women were created out of a crooked rib of Adam'
038.32(what Mère Aloyse said but for Jesuphine's sake!) hands between
038.32+French Mère l'Oye: Mother Goose (pantomime)
038.32+Marie Louise and Josephine (Napoleon's wives)
038.33hahands, in fealty sworn (my bravor best! my fraur!) and, to the
038.33+(Motif: stuttering)
038.33+Baudelaire: Les Fleurs du Mal: Au Lecteur: '— Hypocrite lecteur, — mon semblable, — mon frère!' (French '— Hypocrite reader, — my equal, — my brother!')
038.33+German mein Braver: my good one
038.33+German Frau: wife
038.33+Rhaeto-Romanic frar: brother
038.34strains of The Secret of Her Birth, hushly pierce the rubiend
038.34+strains: musical passage, melody, tune; severe pressure [040.06]
038.34+Balfe: The Bohemian Girl: song The Secret of Her Birth
038.34+Motif: Persse O'Reilly
038.34+(certain old theologians held that the Blessed Virgin Mary was impregnated through her ear)
038.34+rubied: ruby-coloured
038.35aurellum of one Philly Thurnston, a layteacher of rural science
038.35+French oreille: ear
038.35+VI.B.3.041c (o): 'Ernest Thornton Philly — Henry —' (dashes ditto 'Thornton'; only second pair crayoned)
038.35+(natural science)
038.36and orthophonethics of a nearstout figure and about the middle
038.36+VI.B.17.093q (r): 'orthophone'
038.36+Chervin: Bégaiement 195: 'On avait tout essayé, sans succès: médicaments, opérations, orthophonie' (French 'We had tried everything, without success: drugs, operations, speech therapy')
038.36+orthopony: voice training, speech therapy

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