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048.01     Chest Cee! 'Sdense! Corpo di barragio! you spoof of visibility
048.01+{{Synopsis: I.3.1.A: [048.01-050.32]: what became of the previously-mentioned characters — as time passes, they are all dead}}
048.01+Souvenir of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Opening of The Gaiety Theatre 31: 'who that has seen him can ever forget the operatic tenor of the old school... the gentleman who so strangely and wonderfully used to work himself up to the point of delivering his famous chest C'
048.01+just see
048.01+Italian corpo di Bacco!: by Jove! (mild oath; literally 'body of Bacchus')
048.01+Slang barrage: an excessive quantity [.05]
048.01+Anglo-Irish Slang spoof: to boast, to embellish facts
048.02in a freakfog, of mixed sex cases among goats, hill cat and plain
048.02+freak fog
048.02+(mixed gender) [049.02] [050.06]
048.02+hellcat: ill-tempered woman; witch
048.03mousey, Bigamy Bob and his old Shanvocht! The Blackfriars
048.03+song The Shan Van Vocht
048.03+Anglo-Irish shan van vocht: poor old woman (poetic name for Ireland)
048.03+Blackfriars Lane: site of Dominican Monastery where Henry VIII was granted divorce from Catherine of Aragon
048.04treacle plaster outrage be liddled! Therewith was released in that
048.04+Alice P. Liddell: child-friend of Lewis Carroll and model for Lewis Carroll's Alice
048.04+(with the reciting of the ballad)
048.05kingsrick of Humidia a poisoning volume of cloud barrage indeed.
048.05+Obsolete kingrick: kingdom
048.05+Arthur Barraclough: Dublin tenor
048.05+Slang barrage: an excessive quantity [.01]
048.06Yet all they who heard or redelivered are now with that family
048.06+(heard or redelivered the ballad)
048.07of bards and Vergobretas himself and the crowd of Caraculacticors
048.07+Vergobret: chief magistrate among ancient Ædui of Gaul
048.07+caracul: a breed of Asiatic sheep (often spelled 'karakul')
048.07+Caractacus: British chieftain, resisted Roman invasion
048.08as much no more as be they not yet now or had they then not-
048.08+(as though they were yet to be or had never been at all)
048.08+Apocrypha: Sirach 44:9: 'And some there be, which have no memorial; who are perished, as though they had never been; and are become as though they had never been born'
048.09ever been. Canbe in some future we shall presently here amid
048.10those zouave players of Inkermann the mime mumming the mick
048.10+Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 46: 'Appearance of "The Zouave Artistes," announced as "The original Founders of the Theatre at Inkermann, during the Crimean War"... the female parts being performed by men'
048.10+Zouave: French corps for the defence of the pope, 1860-71
048.10+The Mime of Mick (*V*), Nick (*C*) and the Maggies (*Q*) (Motif: Mick/Nick) [219.18-.19]
048.11and his nick miming their maggies, Hilton St Just (Mr Frank
048.11+James Joyce: Ulysses.16.1850: 'usual hackneyed run of catchy tenor solos foisted on a confiding public by Ivan St Austell and Hilton St Just and their genus omne'
048.11+Saint Just and Saint Austell: towns in Cornwall
048.11+Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 67n: 'Mr. Frank Smyth' (in the role of Mr Vyvyan in 'Maritana')
048.11+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Mr Frank...} | {Png: ...Mr. Frank...}
048.12Smith), Ivanne Ste Austelle (Mr J. F. Jones), Coleman of Lucan
048.12+German ausstellen: to exhibit, to show, to issue, to make out
048.12+Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 67n: 'Mr. J.F. Jones' (in the role of Mr S. Vincent in 'Maritana')
048.12+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Mr J. F. Jones...} | {Png: ...Mr. J. F. Jones...}
048.12+Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 49: 'Mr. John Collins was son of a former proprietor of the Lucan Spa Hotel'
048.12+Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 68: 'The new dramatic Romance by Algernon Willoughby, "Valjean"... in which Mr. Coleman assumed four characters'
048.13taking four parts, a choir of the O'Daley O'Doyles doublesixing
048.13+The Dáil: seat of government, Dublin (pronounced 'doyle')
048.13+double-six (twelve (*O*))
048.14the chorus in Fenn Mac Call and the Serven Feeries of Loch Neach,
048.14+pantomime Fin M'Coul and the Fairies of Lough Neagh (at Theatre Royal, Dublin, 1844)
048.14+according to legend, Finn MacCool tore up in anger a sod of turf from Ireland and threw it into the Irish Sea, thereby creating both Lough Neagh and the Isle of Man
048.14+Motif: Mick/Nick
048.14+French féerie: fairy-play
048.15Galloper Troppler and Hurleyquinn the zitherer of the past with his
048.15+Swift: Gulliver's Travels
048.15+Harlequin (frequently appearing in 19th century Theatre Royal pantomimes)
048.15+zitherist: one who plays the zither
048.15+German Zitierer: quoter, one who quotes
048.16merrymen all, zimzim, zimzim. Of the persins sin this Eyrawyg-
048.16+merry men: followers of a knight
048.16+Motif: By the Magazine Wall, zinzin, zinzin
048.16+Italian persi: lost
048.16+Italian persino: even
048.16+persons in
048.16+Persse (Motif: Persse O'Reilly)
048.16+VI.B.10.022i (r): 'People in the Story'
048.16+Sunday Pictorial 29 Oct 1922, 18/1: 'Less than the Dust by Henry St. John Cooper': 'People in the Story' (above list of characters)
048.16+VI.B.16.003d (b): 'Eyrwyggla Saga'
048.16+Walsh: Scandinavian Relations with Ireland during the Viking Period 31: 'Eyrbyggía Saga tells of both Thórodd, the owner of a large ship of burden, and of Guthleif, who went with other traders on voyages "west to Dublin"'
048.16+Eyrbyggja saga ('Ere-landers Saga'): one of the great Icelandic sagas
048.16+Irish Éire: Ireland
048.17gla saga (which, thorough readable to int from and, is from tubb
048.17+from end to end
048.17+top to bottom
048.18to buttom all falsetissues, antilibellous and nonactionable and this
048.18+phrase a tissue of falsehood
048.19applies to its whole wholume) of poor Osti-Fosti, described as
048.19+(CHARACTER: Hosty)
048.19+Italian ostia: Eucharist; sacrifical victim
048.19+Italian oste: innkeeper, host
048.19+Italian fosti: you were
048.19+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Osti-Fosti, described...} | {Png: ...Osti-Fosti described...}
048.20quite a musical genius in a small way and the owner of an
048.21exceedingly niced ear, with tenorist voice to match, not alone,
048.21+tenorist: tenor singer
048.22but a very major poet of the poorly meritary order (he began
048.22+purely military
048.23Tuonisonian but worked his passage up as far as the we-all-
048.23+Finnish tuoni: figure of death
048.23+Dario de Tuoni: Triestine friend and pupil of Joyce
048.23+Italian suonanti tuoni: thundering thunders
048.23+Tennysonian: in the style of Alfred Lord Tennyson
048.24hang-together Animandovites) no one end is known. If they
048.24+Italian animando vite: giving life

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