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053.01a fin fell. Boomster rombombonant! It scenes like a landescape
053.01+Shelta fin: man
053.01+(the sound of the fall)
053.01+Dutch boom: tree
053.01+Danish blomster: flowers
053.01+Dutch ster: star
053.01+Italian rombare: to rumble, to roar
053.01+Italian rimbombante: booming
053.02from Wildu Picturescu or some seem on some dimb Arras, dumb
053.02+Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray
053.02+Rumanian -escu: child of (common suffix of Rumanian surnames)
053.02+James Joyce: A Portrait IV: 'Like a scene on some vague arras, old as man's weariness, the image of the seventh city of christendom was visible to him across the timeless air, no older nor more weary nor less patient of subjection than in the days of the thingmote' [.02-.06]
053.02+Arras: a town in Northern France (the site of several battles and the source for arras: a type of rich woven tapestry)
053.03as Mum's mutyness, this mimage of the seventyseventh kusin of
053.03+Colloquial mum: silence
053.03+forty-second cousin: Scottish expression for second generation down
053.03+Swedish kusin: cousin
053.04kristansen is odable to os across the wineless Ere no œdor nor
053.04+Od: term coined by Baron von Reichenbach in 1840s for a "magical" substance or force pervading all nature and all time (thus allowing extrasensory phenomena across time and space)
053.04+(senses of hearing, taste and smell) [052.36]
053.04+Danish os: us
053.04+Latin os: mouth; bone
053.04+'winedark sea' (a phrase associated with Homer)
053.04+wireless air
053.04+Irish Éire: Ireland
053.04+German öde: desolate
053.04+Greek hudôr: water
053.05mere eerie nor liss potent of suggestion than in the tales of the
053.05+French mère: mother
053.05+more, less
053.05+Obsolete liss: release, mitigation, peace, rest
053.06tingmount. (Prigged!)
053.06+Danish ting: court
053.06+Thingmote: Viking parliament in Dublin
053.06+Slang prigged: stolen (i.e. from James Joyce: A Portrait [.02])
053.07     And there oftafter, jauntyjogging, on an Irish visavis, instea-
053.07+{{Synopsis: I.3.1.E: [053.07-053.35]: the peaceful landscape — their meeting}}
053.07+oft thereafter
053.07+Val Vousden: song The Irish Jaunting Car
053.07+Archaic vis-à-vis: light carriage for two, sitting face-to-face
053.07+song The Old Brigade: 'steadily shoulder to shoulder'
053.08dily with shoulder to shoulder Jehu will tell to Christianier, saint
053.08+Slang jehu: furious driver (from II Kings 9:20: 'like the driving of Jehu the son of Nimshi; for he driveth furiously')
053.08+Jew, Christian
053.08+Christiania: the former name of Oslo
053.08+phrase Ireland, isle of saints and sages
053.09to sage, the humphriad of that fall and rise while daisy winks at
053.09+(Humphrey's epic)
053.09+(daisies and tussocks) [428.26-.27]
053.10her pinker sister among the tussocks and the copoll between the
053.10+tussock: a small hillock of grass
053.10+Irish capall: horse
053.11shafts mocks the couple on the car. And as your who may look
053.12like how on the owther side of his big belttry your tyrs and cloes
053.12+dry your tears
053.12+Danish tyr: bull
053.12+Tyr: Norse god identified with Mars
053.12+close your nose
053.13your noes and paradigm maymay rererise in eren. Follow we up
053.13+noesis: sum total of the mental processes of a rational animal (from Greek nous: mind, thought)
053.13+(Motif: stuttering)
053.13+Dutch eren: honour
053.13+Anglo-Irish Erin: Ireland
053.13+song Follow Me Up to Carlow
053.14his whip vindicative. Thurston's! Lo bebold! La arboro, lo
053.14+(Philly Thurnston) [038.35]
053.14+lo and behold!
053.14+Motif: A/O
053.14+ALP (Motif: ALP)
053.14+Latin arbor, petrus: tree, stone (Motif: tree/stone)
053.15petrusu. The augustan peacebetothem oaks, the monolith rising
053.15+Saintsbury: The Peace of the Augustans
053.15+peace be to them
053.15+Motif: tree/stone (oak, monolith)
053.16stark from the moonlit pinebarren. In all fortitudinous ajaxious
053.16+American pine barren: level sandy tract of land with pines
053.16+Motto of House of Savoy: Fortitudo eius Rhodum tenuit (Latin His Strength Has Held Rhodes)
053.16+Ajax: mythological hero of the Trojan war
053.17rowdinoisy tenuacity. The angelus hour with ditchers bent upon
053.17+Greek rodinos: pink, rosy
053.17+Latin Rhodanum: the Rhône river
053.17+the Angelus bell is rung at six a.m., noon and six p.m. [.19]
053.18their farm usetensiles, the soft belling of the fallow deers (doereh-
053.18+French ustensile: utensil
053.18+fallow: uncultivated
053.18+fallow-deer: a species of pale-brown deer
053.18+do re mi
053.18+Good Friday Mass of the Presanctified: 'Adoremus... Flectamus genua... levate' (Latin 'Let us adore... Let us kneel... rise') [.18-.20]
053.18+German Reh: deer
053.19moose genuane!) advertising their milky approach as midnight
053.19+most genuine [.21]
053.19+midnight [.17]
053.20was striking the hours (letate!), and how brightly the great tri-
053.20+Latin laetate: gladden!
053.20+German läutete: (it) chimed, rang, tolled
053.21bune outed the sharkskin smokewallet (imitation!) from his
053.21+sharkskin: a fabric made from shark's skin or from other materials (wool, silk, rayon)
053.21+imitation [.19]
053.22frock, kippers, and by Joshua, he tips un a topping swank
053.22+Dialect 'un: one
053.22+Rudyard Kipling: Mandalay (poem): 'a whackin' white cheroot'
053.22+Colloquial topping: first-rate
053.22+Colloquial swank: stylish
053.23cheroot, none of your swellish soide, quoit the reverse, and how
053.23+cheroot: a cigar with both ends clipped off
053.23+Colloquial swell: stylish, first-rate
053.23+smallish sort
053.23+Greek oideô: to swell
053.24manfally he says, pluk to pluk and lekan for lukan, he was to just
053.24+Irish pluc: Anglo-Irish pluck: cheek
053.24+Irish leicean: cheek
053.24+Lecan: castle, County Sligo
053.25pluggy well suck that brown boyo, my son, and spend a whole
053.25+VI.B.10.041e (r): 'smoke that & spend a ½ hour in Havana'
053.25+Anglo-Irish boyo: boy, lad
053.26half hour in Havana. Sorer of the kreeksmen, would not thore be
053.26+Havana: capital of Cuba (known for its accessible homosexual prostitution and its cigars)
053.26+Latin sorer: sister
053.26+Danish krigsmænd: warriors
053.27old high gothsprogue! Wherefore he met Master, he mean to say,
053.27+Old High German
053.27+Swedish sprog: speech
053.28he do, sire, bester of redpublicans, at Eagle Cock Hostel on
053.28+Alphonse de Lamartine to Louis Philippe, 1830: 'Sire, vous êtes la meilleure république' (French 'Sire, you are the best republic') [.31]
053.28+Slang bester: swindler
053.28+Danish bedste: grandfather
053.28+ECH (Motif: HCE)
053.28+Collins: Life in Old Dublin 108: (after its incorporation in 1565) 'the Corporation of Cooks and Vintners assembled at their Hall in the Eagle Tavern, Eustace Street'
053.28+the Dublin branch of the Society of United Irishmen was founded at the Eagle Tavern, Eustace Street, in 1791
053.29Lorenzo Tooley street and how he wished his Honour the ban-
053.29+Saint Laurence O'Toole: patron of Dublin (Motif: O'Toole/Becket) [.31]
053.29+three tailors of Tooley Street sent a petition to the Commons beginning: 'We, the people of England'
053.29+Dialect bannock: a form of hard, home-made bread
053.29+Irish beannacht Dé agus Muire agus Brighid agus Phádraic: the blessing of God and Mary and Bridget and Patrick (Saint Patrick)
053.29+Irish cnoc: hill, mountain
053.30nocks of Gort and Morya and Bri Head and Puddyrick, yore
053.30+Dart: mountain, County Tyrone
053.30+Anglo-Irish gort: enclosed field
053.30+Dutch gort: barley
053.30+Croaghanmoira: mountain, County Wicklow
053.30+Welsh bri: head
053.30+Irish brí: hill
053.30+Irish Brí: Bray
053.30+Bray Head: hill, County Wicklow (also one on island of Valentia, County Kerry)
053.30+Croagh Patrick: mountain, County Mayo
053.30+your Lordship
053.31Loudship, and a starchboxsitting in the pit of his St Tomach's,
053.31+starch-box: a large wooden box for packing starch (similar to a soap-box)
053.31+(sitting like a starch-box)
053.31+Charles X, 1829: 'je n'ai comme tous les Français, qu'une place au parterre': 'I have, like all Frenchmen, only a place in the pit' [.28]
053.31+Saint Thomas's Church, Dublin
053.31+Saint Thomas à Becket [.29]
053.32— a strange wish for you, my friend, and it would poleaxe your
053.32+poleaxe: to strike down with a poleaxe
053.33sonson's grandson utterly though your own old sweatandswear
053.33+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...sonson's...} | {Png: ...sonsons...}
053.34floruerunts heaved it hoch many as the times, when they were
053.34+Latin floruerent: they flourished
053.34+German Hochzeit: wedding (literally 'high-time')
053.35turrified by the hitz.
053.35+Latin turris: tower
053.35+German Hitze: heat
053.36     Chee chee cheers for Upkingbilly and crow cru cramwells
053.36+{{Synopsis: I.3.1.F: [053.36-054.06]: remembrances of yesterday — listen}}
053.36+(Motif: stuttering)
053.36+Anglo-Indian chee-chee: the minced English used by Eurasians in India (pejorative)
053.36+(three cheers)
053.36+King Billy: William III of Orange
053.36+Crom abú!: war cry of the Fitzgeralds (Irish abú: to victory)

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