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056.01bawl, the copycus's description of that fellowcommuter's play
056.01+Copernicus: 16th century astronomer
056.01+(the namecousin [055.17])
056.02upon countenants, could simply imagine themselves in their bo-
056.02+(the factferreters [055.13])
056.03som's inmost core, as pro tem locums, timesported acorss the yawn-
056.03+Latin pro tempore locum tenens: holding the place for a time (Motif: time/space)
056.03+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...locums, timesported...} | {Png: ...locums timesported...}
056.03+German Ort: place (Motif: time/space)
056.03+transported across
056.03+Dutch kors: across
056.03+VI.B.3.078g (o): 'yawning abyss snoring —' (dash dittoes 'abyss')
056.03+Schuré: Woman the Inspirer 127: 'In love, as in friendship, there are divergencies of idea and feeling which at first are almost imperceptible crevices, though they widen into yawning abysses with the flight of time'
056.04ing (abyss), as once they were seasiders, listening to the cockshy-
056.04+(of time)
056.04+Colloquial cock-shy: a free throw (or 'shy') at an object set up for the purpose (as a form of amusement)
056.04+Dialect cock-shut: twilight (also spelled 'cock-shoot')
056.05shooter's evensong evocation of the doomed but always ventri-
056.05+shooter [052.01-.06]
056.06loquent Agitator, (nonot more plangorpound the billows o'er
056.06+The Agitator: epithet of Daniel O'Connell
056.06+(Motif: stuttering)
056.06+plangent: making the sound of waves beating on the shore
056.07Thounawahallya Reef!) silkhouatted, a whallrhosmightiadd, a-
056.07+Irish tonn a' mhaith sháile: wave of the good salt-sea
056.07+German Walross: walrus
056.07+might I add
056.07+song Finnegan's Wake: 'mighty odd'
056.08ginsst the dusk of skumring, (would that fane be Saint Muezzin's
056.08+Danish skumring: dusk
056.08+muezzin: Muslim public crier who proclaims the hours of prayer
056.09calling — holy places! — and this fez brimless as brow of faithful
056.09+phrase holy blazes!
056.09+fez: brimless skull-cap in the form of a red truncated cone, ornamented with a long black tassel (national Turkish head-dress)
056.09+Muslims touch their brow to the ground during prayer
056.10toucher of the ground, did wish it were — blessed be the bones!
056.11— the ghazi, power of his sword.) his manslayer's gunwielder
056.11+ghazi: a title of honour ('champion'), applied primarily to Muslim fanatics devoted to the destruction of infidels
056.11+Frank 'Ghazi' Power: Irish journalist [521.22]
056.11+(arm or hand)
056.12protended towards that overgrown leadpencil which was soon,
056.12+Archaic protended: extended, stretched
056.12+(pointed to monument) [036.17-.18]
056.12+overgrown milestone: old nickname of Wellington Monument, Phoenix Park
056.13monumentally at least, to rise as Molyvdokondylon to, to be, to
056.13+Modern Greek molybdokondylon: lead pencil [.12]
056.14be his mausoleum (O'dan stod tillsteyne at meisies aye skould
056.14+Daniel O'Connell Monument (round tower), Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin
056.14+Danish stod: stood
056.14+German stillstehen: stand still
056.14+Steyne: a pillar formerly standing in Dublin, erected by the Vikings near their landing place
056.14+German Meise: titmouse
056.14+Dutch meisjes: girls
056.14+Danish skulde: should
056.15show pon) while olover his exculpatory features, as Roland rung,
056.15+show upon [582.28]
056.15+Serbo-Croatian olovo: lead (metal)
056.15+phrase a Roland for an Oliver: a blow for a blow, tit for tat
056.15+all over
056.15+Roland: the bell of Ghent in Longfellow's The Belfry of Bruges
056.16a wee dropeen of grief about to sillonise his jouejous, the ghost
056.16+(a wee tear)
056.16+Anglo-Irish -een (diminutive)
056.16+French sillon: furrow
056.16+French joue: cheek
056.16+French joujou: toy
056.17of resignation diffused a spectral appealingness, as a young man's
056.17+(almost a smile) [.28] [.31]
056.17+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song As a Beam o'er the Face of the Waters May Glow [air: The Young Man's Dream]
056.18drown o'er the fate of his waters may gloat, similar in origin and
056.19akkurat in effective to a beam of sunshine upon a coffin plate.
056.19+German akkurat: precise, exact
056.19+in effect
056.19+Daniel O'Connell said Robert Peel's smile was like 'the silver plate on a coffin'
056.20     Not olderwise Inn the days of the Bygning would our Travel-
056.20+{{Synopsis: I.3.1.J: [056.20-056.30]: similarly, our unfriended bard reaches a tavern — a similar quasi-smile}}
056.20+Genesis 1:1, John 1:1: 'In the beginning'
056.20+Danish bygning: building
056.20+Oliver Goldsmith: other works: The Traveller or A Prospect of Society 1: 'Remote, unfriended, melancholy, slow, Or by the lazy Scheldt, or wandering Po' [.20-.22] [.30]
056.20+Macaulay: Review of Ranke's History of the Popes: 'some traveller from New Zealand' [156.29]
056.21ler remote, unfriended, from van Demon's Land, some lazy
056.21+van Dieman's Land: earlier name of Tasmania (after a Dutch admiral)
056.22skald or maundering pote, lift wearywilly his slowcut snobsic
056.22+VI.B.16.016d (b): 'skald'
056.22+Walsh: Scandinavian Relations with Ireland during the Viking Period 71: 'Icelandic sources mention at least three skálds who made their way to Ireland during the tenth century' (skald: ancient Scandinavian poet)
056.22+maunder: to move dreamily or aimlessly; to ramble in speech, to mutter incoherently
056.22+Obsolete Cant maunder: to beg; a beggar
056.22+wandering poet
056.22+Lewis: Time and Western Man 114: (of Stephen in James Joyce: Ulysses) 'He is "the poet" to an uncomfortable, a dismal, a ridiculous, even a pulverizing degree... the incredible slowness with which he gets about from place to place... how he raises his hand, passes it over his aching eyes' [.28-.30]
056.22+Weary Willie: one of a pair of lazy tramps in the English comic-strip Weary Willie and Tired Tim
056.23eyes to the semisigns of his zooteac and lengthily lingering along
056.23+zoo (animal constellations)
056.23+zodiac (astrological signs)
056.23+Irish teach: house
056.24flaskneck, cracket cup, downtrodden brogue, turfsod, wild-
056.24+VI.B.6.154a (b): 'innsigns / bottleneck = poteen / broken cup = tea / old shoe on pole = ? / wisp of straw = bed / broom = whisky / sod of turf = tobacco' (first word not crayoned) [.24-.27]
056.24+(the astrological sign for Aries (#1) looks vaguely like a flask neck)
056.24+(the astrological sign for Taurus (#2) looks vaguely like a cup)
056.24+cricket cap
056.24+(the constellation Gemini (#3) looks vaguely like a shoe)
056.24+brogues: rough heavy shoes
056.24+(the astrological sign for Cancer (#4) looks vaguely like a rolled lawn turf)
056.24+(the constellation Leo (#5) looks vaguely like a broom)
056.25broom, cabbageblad, stockfisch, longingly learn that there at the
056.25+Slang cabbage: female pudenda (Virgo (#6))
056.25+(the constellation Aquarius (#11) looks vaguely like a cabbage stalk)
056.25+Danish blad: Dutch blad: leaf
056.25+German Stockfisch: dried cod
056.25+fish (Pisces (#12))
056.25+The Angel, Islington (many Irish in this part of London)
056.26Angel were herberged for him poteen and tea and praties and
056.26+German Herberge: Dutch herberg: inn, shelter [.20]
056.26+Anglo-Irish poteen: illicit whiskey (from Irish poitín)
056.26+Anglo-Irish praties: potatoes (from Irish prátai)
056.27baccy and wine width woman wordth warbling: and informally
056.27+Colloquial baccy: tobacco
056.27+Bacchus: Greek god of wine
056.27+phrase wine, women and song (hedonistic pleasures)
056.27+informal [.31]
056.28quasi-begin to presquesm'ile to queasithin' (Nonsense! There
056.28+French presque: almost
056.28+French presqu'île: peninsula
056.28+(almost a smile) [.17] [.31]
056.28+to think [.31-.32]
056.28+Lewis: Time and Western Man 106: 'there is not very much reflection going on at any time inside the head of Mr. James Joyce' [.22] [.28-.30]
056.29was not very much windy Nous blowing at the given moment
056.29+Wyndham Lewis
056.29+Greek nous: intelligence, mind
056.30through the hat of Mr Melancholy Slow!)
056.30+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Mr Melancholy...} | {Png: ...Mr. Melancholy...}
056.31     But in the pragma what formal cause made a smile of that to-
056.31+{{Synopsis: I.3.1.K: [056.31-057.15]: where are all the formal facts and specifics? — the four's comments}}
056.31+Greek pragma: deed, act, matter, affair
056.31+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: ...pragma what...} | {BMs (47472-233): ...pragma and by laws of casuality what...}
056.31+formal cause: in Aristotelian metaphysics, the structure or essence of a thing caused
056.31+smile [.17] [.28]
056.31+to think [.28]
056.31+(train of thought)
056.31+Thoth: Egyptian god of wisdom and letters
056.32think? Who was he to whom? (O'Breen's not his name nor the
056.32+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: ...Who was...} | {BMs (47472-233): ...Who, under ye great bow of 's heaven, was...}
056.32+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Oh! Breathe Not His Name: 'Oh! breathe not his name, let it sleep in the shade' [air: The Brown Maid]
056.33brown one his maid.) Whose are the placewheres? Kiwasti, kis-
056.33+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: ...Whose are...} | {BMs (47472-233): ...Whose in thunder and weddin and soddin and order are...}
056.33+place (Motif: time/space) [.34]
056.33+Downing: Digger Dialects 59: 'KISWASTI — Why; what for. KISKER — Which... KITHER — Where... KITNA — How much. "Kitna budja" — What's the time?' (World War I Slang)
056.33+Finnish kivasti: nicely, smoothly, smartly
056.34ker, kither, kitnabudja? Tal the tem of the tumulum. Giv the gav
056.34+Cornish tal: Welsh tal: tall, high, eminent
056.34+Swift: A Tale of a Tub
056.34+tell the time of the tumult
056.34+Tem: in Egyptian mythology, the first god, having created himself (by spitting or self-abusing on a mound of mud; the vowels of the name are unknown, therefore the name could be any with the consonants T, M, for example Atum; possibly a form of Ra)
056.34+Gipsy tem: country (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 63)
056.34+time [.33]
056.34+tumulus: ancient sepulchral mound, barrow
056.34+phrase gift of the gab
056.34+Gipsy gav: town, village (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 32)
056.35of the grube. Be it cudgelplayers' country, orfishfellows' town or
056.35+German Grube: hole, mine, pit
056.35+cudgel players [043.06]
056.35+Gipsy Cosht-killimengreskey tem: Cudgel players' country, Cornwall (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 112-113)
056.35+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM:, orfishfellows'...} | {Png: orfishfellows'...}
056.35+oar-fish: a type of fish
056.35+Gipsy Match-eneskey gav: Fishy town, Yarmouth (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 112-113)
056.36leeklickers' land or panbpanungopovengreskey. What regnans
056.36+Gipsy Porrum-engreskey tem: Leek-eaters' country, Wales (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 114-115)
056.36+Dutch Luilekkerland: land of Cockaigne, land of plenty
056.36+Latin Pannonia: Hungary
056.36+Gipsy Paub-pawnugo tem: Apple-water country, Herefordshire (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 114-115)
056.36+German Ungarn: Hungary
056.36+Russian po-vengerski: in Hungarian
056.36+Gipsy Pov-engreskey tem: Potato country, Norfolk (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 114-115)
056.36+German regnen: to rain
056.36+Latin regnum: reign, kingship, monarchy

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