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060.01Spilltears Rue) was thus expressed: to sympathisers of the Dole
060.02Line, Death Avenue, anent those objects of her pity-prompted
060.02+Eleventh Avenue, New York City, once called Death Avenue (due to railway tracks running down the centre of street)
060.02+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Avenue, anent...} | {Png: ...Avenue anent...}
060.02+Archaic anent: concerning
060.03ministrance, to wet, man and his syphon. Ehim! It is ever too
060.03+to wit
060.03+Latin ehim: ha!, what! [.07] [.08]
060.03+proverb It's too late to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted
060.03+VI.B.14.023f ( ): 'ce n'est pas la peine de siffler quand l'âne ne veut pas pisser'
060.03+Sauvé: Proverbes et Dictons de la Basse-Bretagne no. 51: 'Ce n'est pas la peine de siffler, quand le cheval ne veut pas pisser' (French 'It is no use whistling, when the horse does not want to piss')
060.04late to whissle when Phyllis floods her stable. It would be skar-
060.05lot shame to jailahim in lockup, as was proposed to him by the
060.05+jail him
060.06Seddoms creature what matter what merrytricks went off with
060.06+Sarah Siddons: famous 18th century actress [058.35]
060.06+merry tricks
060.06+Ludovick Barry: Ram Alley, or Merry Tricks (first play published by an Irishman)
060.06+Latin meretrix: whore, prostitute
060.06+went on
060.07his revulverher in connections with ehim being a norphan and
060.07+vulva: external female genitalia
060.07+him being an orphan
060.08enjoining such wicked illth, ehim! Well done, Drumcollakill!
060.08+Lilith: Adam's wife before Eve, according to kabbalistic lore
060.08+Latin ehim: ha!, what! [.03] [.07]
060.08+Drom-Choll-Coil: old Irish name of Dublin
060.09Kitty Tyrrel is proud of you, was the reply of a B.O.T. official
060.09+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Oh! Blame Not the Bard [air: Kitty Tyrrel] [.10]
060.09+VI.B.1.165g (r): 'B O.T Board Trade'
060.10(O blame gnot the board!) while the Daughters Benkletter mur-
060.10+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Oh! Blame Not the Bard [.09]
060.10+Danish benklæder: drawers
060.11mured in uniswoon: Golforgilhisjurylegs! Brian Lynsky, the cub
060.11+God forgive his jury
060.11+jury leg: wooden leg
060.11+song Brian O'Linn
060.11+lynx (Cluster: Animals)
060.11+VI.B.10.074b (r): 'The boy curser'
060.11+December 1922 English news-story about John Albert Smith, a boy thief of fifteen cursing a magistrate in a letter of appeal ('If you take no notice of my appeal, then I hope God's curse will be upon you and your family for the rest of your days')
060.11+cub (Cluster: Animals)
060.12curser, was questioned at his shouting box, Bawlonabraggat, and
060.12+Ballynabragget: townland, County Down
060.13gave a snappy comeback, when saying: Paw! Once more I'll
060.13+VI.B.10.102f (r): 'a snappy comeback'
060.13+Slang come-back: verbal retort
060.13+paw (Cluster: Animals)
060.13+VI.B.5.055d (r): 'Once more I say —'
060.13+Daily Mail 27 May 1924, 10/1: 'Vaquier': (Vaquier's statement read in a trial of the murder by poison of Mr Jones, an English hotel landlord, by Vaquier, a French tenant and lover of the landlord's wife) 'Once more I say that the poison was introduced'
060.14hellbowl! I am for caveman chase and sahara sex, burk you! Them
060.14+howl (Cluster: Animals)
060.14+Latin cave: beware [.15]
060.14+VI.B.10.052c (r): 'caveman style (Cyc)'
060.14+VI.B.10.078i (r): 'Jackie Coogan believes in caveman attitude to W'
060.14+Daily Sketch 21 Dec 1922, 6/1: 'Jackie Coogan Comes to London': (of Jackie Coogan, eight-year old film star) 'He believes in the cave-man attitude to women'
060.14+burk: to kill by suffocation
060.14+bark (Cluster: Animals)
060.14+mark you
060.14+(curse you [.11-.12])
060.14+VI.B.10.072k (r): 'that woman ought to be strangled'
060.14+Daily Sketch 14 Dec 1922, 7/3: 'My Married Life' (a regular column of juxtaposed diary entries of a wife and husband, offering views of daily events): 'My Diary — By Him': 'Heavens, that woman ought to be strangled — I mean Diana's mother'
060.15two bitches ought to be leashed, canem! Up hog and hoar hunt!
060.15+bitch: female dog (Cluster: Animals)
060.15+leash (Cluster: Animals)
060.15+Latin cave canem: beware of the dog (Cluster: Animals) [.14]
060.15+(curse them [.11-.12])
060.15+Motif: Up, guards, and at them!
060.15+hog (Cluster: Animals)
060.15+boar hunt (Cluster: Animals)
060.16Paw! A wouldbe martyr, who is attending on sanit Asitas where
060.16+paw (Cluster: Animals)
060.16+Latin sanitas: health, sanity
060.16+Asita: hermit who recognised the new-born Buddha
060.17he is being taught to wear bracelets, when grilled on the point,
060.17+Buddha's sister tried to teach him to wear bracelets
060.17+Slang bracelets: handcuffs
060.17+some martyrs were tortured on a grill
060.17+French à point: medium (steak)
060.18revealed the undoubted fact that the consequence would be that
060.19so long as Sankya Moondy played his mango tricks under the
060.19+Sankey and Moody: the popular name for a long series of religious hymns and gospel songs published by Dwight Lyman Moody and Ira David Sankey, late 19th century American missionary evangelists (Moody was a preacher, Sankey a singer and composer)
060.19+Sakya Muni: a epithet of Gautama Buddha
060.19+mango tree
060.19+monkey tricks
060.20mysttetry, with shady apsaras sheltering in his leaves' licence and
060.20+Tet: wooden pillar representing the body of Osiris in Egyptian lore
060.20+Asparas: maidens set to entertain Buddha when young; dropped on him from mango tree [.19]
060.21his shadowers torrifried by the potent bolts of indradiction, there
060.21+French torréfier: to roast, scorch
060.21+Buddha, meditating under tree, was suspected to be Indra, the thunder-god
060.22would be fights all over Cuxhaven. (Tosh!) Missioner Ida Womb-
060.22+Cuxhaven: German port (Erskine Childers served as a navigator and observer on a British World War I air-raid on Cuxhaven and was mentioned in despatches for it) [535.34]
060.22+(third) [058.32] [059.14] [061.27]
060.22+missioner: a missionary (especially, a Jesuit one)
060.22+missioner Wombwell [529.01]
060.23well, the seventeenyearold revivalist, said concerning the coinci-
060.24dent of interfizzing with grenadines and other respectable and
060.24+grenadine: a pomegranate syrup used in various drinks (including fizzy ones)
060.25disgusted peersons using the park: That perpendicular person is
060.25+perpendicular: erect (hence, perhaps, having an erection)
060.25+phrase the perpendicular pronoun: I, the first person
060.26a brut! But a magnificent brut! 'Caligula' (Mr Danl Magrath,
060.26+Layamon: Brut
060.26+brut: (of wines) unsweetened
060.26+Caligula: Roman emperor
060.26+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Mr Danl...} | {Png: ...Mr. Danl...}
060.26+Czech Slang mrdán: fucked (p.p.)
060.26+Czech Slang mrdal: he fucked
060.26+Daniel McGrath: grocer and publican, 4-5 Charlotte Street, Dublin (in Joyce's time) [494.26]
060.27bookmaker, wellknown to Eastrailian poorusers of the Sydney
060.27+bootmaker [.29] [618.30]
060.27+a letter published in 1894 in the Sydney Bulletin proposed the name 'Eastralia' for East Australia
060.27+Sydney Parade, Dublin (James Joyce: Dubliners: 'A Painful Case': 'Mrs. Emily Sinico, aged forty-three years, who was killed at Sydney Parade Station')
060.27+Sydney, Lady Morgan: 19th century Irish novelist [.33-.35]
060.28Parade Ballotin) was, as usual, antipodal with his: striving todie,
060.28+Australian Ballot: a type of secret ballot using pre-printed ballot papers (so called because it originated in Australia in the 1850s)
060.28+antipodal: Australasian
060.28+(cable message referring to today and tomorrow) [172.24-.25] [315.32-.33] [488.27-.28]
060.28+striving today, happening tomorrow
060.28+arriving today
060.29hopening tomellow, Ware Splash. Cobbler. We have meat two
060.29+Greek to mellon: the future
060.29+Australian Colloquial cobber: mate, close friend
060.29+(a cobbler is a bootmaker) [.27] [618.30]
060.29+met too early [.31] [037.13-.14]
060.29+Oscar Wilde (about meeting Douglas): De Profundis: 'but I met you either too late or too soon'
060.30hourly, sang out El Caplan Buycout, with the famous padre's
060.30+Spanish el capitan: the captain
060.30+Captain Boycott: British land-agent in 19th century Ireland, famous for being ostracised
060.30+buy coat (Motif: the Norwegian captain)
060.30+boy scout
060.30+Italian padre: father, priest
060.31turridur's capecast, meet too ourly, matadear! Dan Meiklejohn,
060.31+Turiddú: tenor role in Mascagni's Cavalleria Rusticana (John McCormack's role in his Covent Garden debut in 1907)
060.31+(makes sweeping gesture with his cape)
060.31+met too early [.29] [037.13-.14]
060.31+Alfred Lord Tennyson: other works: The May Queen: 'You must wake and call me early, call me early, mother dear'
060.32precentor, of S.S. Smack and Olley's was probiverbal with his
060.32+precentor: leader of congregational singing
060.32+Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin
060.32+Latin proba verba: honest words
060.33upsiduxit: mutatus mutandus. Dauran's lord ('Sniffpox') and Moir-
060.33+Latin ipse dixit: dogmatic assertion
060.33+Latin mutatis mutandis: the necessary changes being made
060.33+Lady Morgan [.27] had a friend called Lady Moira
060.34gan's lady ('Flatterfun') took sides and crossed and bowed to
060.34+fluttering fan (Lady Morgan [.27] was often described fluttering a huge green fan)
060.35each other's views and recrossed themselves. The dirty dubs upin
060.35+Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 31: '"Der Freischutz" was performed... The performers of the echoes were "supers." chosen from the Dublin Militia, then called the "dirty Dubs"... when Caspar calls "one," the echo should be "one! one! one!"... Mr. Calcraft... explained and told each man the order, saying, "You, Murphy, are first; you, Daly, are second; you, Callaghan, are third; and, mind you, give the echoes in this order"... Caspar called out "One!" "One!" said Murphy. "Two!" roared Daly'
060.35+Motif: Dear Dirty Dublin [.36] (attributed to Lady Morgan [.27])
060.35+up in [.36]
060.35+open their flies
060.36their flies, went too free, echoed the dainly drabs downin their
060.36+flies: in theatre, a space above the stage where the scenery is hung until needed [061.01]
060.36+one two three [.35]
060.36+Motif: Dear Dirty Dublin [.35]
060.36+Slang drab: whore
060.36+Gipsy drab: medicine, poison (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 29)
060.36+down in [.35]

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