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068.01one day while dodging chores that she stripped teasily for binocu-
068.01+VI.B.10.117c (r): 'he strips well'
068.02lar man and that her jambs were jimpjoyed to see each other, the
068.02+French jambes: legs
068.02+(her legs are always spread, so they rarely see each other)
068.02+James Joyce
068.03nautchy girly soon found her fruitful hat too small for her and
068.03+Anglo-Indian nautch: an exhibition of dancing by professional dancing-girls
068.03+naughty girl
068.03+VI.B.3.115c (r): 'fruitful hat'
068.03+O. Henry: The Four Million 201: 'Sisters of the Golden Circle': 'a girl in a loose tan jacket and a straw hat adorned with grapes and roses... The girl in the fruitful hat'
068.03+VI.B.10.116j (r): 'her hat became too small'
068.03+Evening Standard 27 Jan 1923, 6/3: 'Woman's Hair-Dyeing': 'Plaintiff stated that... she... had her hair dyed with "Inecta" at the shop. After about two hours her head began to swell until her hat was too small, and there was great pain'
068.04rapidly taking time, look, she rapidly took to necking, partying
068.04+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...time, look, she...} | {Png: ...time look she...}
068.05and selling her spare favours in the haymow or in lumber closets
068.05+hay-mow: a stack of hay; a place in a barn where hay is heaped up
068.06or in the greenawn ad huck (there are certain intimacies in all
068.06+green lawn
068.06+Irish grianán: sunny house, house of the sun (in ancient Ireland, an elevated and sunlit upper room or apartment, sometimes used as a sanctuary for women or princesses)
068.06+Latin ad hoc: for a particular purpose only, impromptu
068.06+Obsolete huck: hip
068.06+German Dialect hucken: to squat
068.06+Slang fuck: to have sex with
068.07ladies' lavastories we just lease to imagination) or in the sweet
068.08churchyard close itself for a bit of soft coal or an array of thin
068.08+close: an enclosure about or beside a building, especially a cathedral
068.08+VI.B.10.036j (o): 'soft coal (gems)'
068.08+soft coal: a coal of low rank, brown coal or lignite (a hard compact black form of it, susceptible of a brilliant polish, known as jet, is used for making beads, buttons and jewellery, especially mourning jewellery)
068.09trunks, serving whom in fine that same hot coney a la Zingara
068.09+human kind
068.09+phrase in fine: finally
068.09+Archaic coney: rabbit
068.09+Italian alla zingara: gipsy-like
068.10which our own little Graunya of the chilired cheeks dished up
068.10+Colloquial granny: grandmother
068.10+Grania was the young betrothed of the much older Finn [.11] [.14]
068.10+Greek cheilê: lips
068.11to the greatsire of Oscar, that son of a Coole. Houri of the coast
068.11+Finn was the grandfather of Oscar and the son of Cool (Cumhal) [.10] [.14]
068.11+HCE (Motif: HCE)
068.11+houri: nymph of the Muslim paradise
068.12of emerald, arrah of the lacessive poghue, Aslim-all-Muslim, the
068.12+Emerald Isle: a name for Ireland
068.12+ALP (Motif: ALP)
068.12+Boucicault: Arrah-na-Pogue (a melodramatic play about love and loyalty set during the Irish rebellion of 1798)
068.12+Allah (Motif: L/R)
068.12+Latin lacesso: I provoke
068.12+German lasziv: lascivious, wanton
068.12+Anglo-Irish pogue: kiss
068.12+Arabic aslim!: surrender!
068.12+Arabic Muslim: one who is resigned [.13]
068.12+Arabic Islam: self-surrender [.13]
068.13resigned to her surrender, did not she, come leinster's even, true
068.13+did not she [.19]
068.13+Archaic even: evening, eve
068.13+Eva, daughter of Diarmaid MacMurchadha, king of Leinster, married Strongbow, the leader of the Anglo-Norman invaders [.19]
068.14dotter of a dearmud, (her pitch was Forty Steps and his perch old
068.14+Icelandic dottir: daughter
068.14+Diarmuid eloped with Grania [.10-.11]
068.14+Cromwell's Quarters, a short lane of steps in Dublin, was popularly known as 'Forty Steps'
068.15Cromwell's Quarters) with so valkirry a licence as sent many a
068.15+Greek kyriê eleêsôn: Lord have mercy
068.16poor pucker packing to perdition, again and again, ay, and again
068.16+(three times) [.17]
068.17sfidare him, tease fido, eh tease fido, eh eh tease fido, toos top-
068.17+Italian sfidare: to challenge
068.17+Italian ti sfido: I challenge you
068.17+Italian fido: I trust; faithful
068.17+Fido is a common name for a dog [.18]
068.17+to his
068.17+two [.16]
068.18ples topple, stop, dug of a dog of a dgiaour, ye! Angealousmei!
068.18+giaour: Turkish term of reproach for non-Muslims, especially Christians
068.18+Latin angelus Dei: angel of God
068.18+Greek agallomai: I rejoice
068.18+Latin mei: of me
068.19And did not he, like Arcoforty, farfar off Bissavolo, missbrand
068.19+VI.B.14.088b (r): 'did not he' [.13]
068.19+FitzGerald: Miscellanies 90: 'Euphranor': (of Socrates) 'did not he profess that his Soul was naturally an ugly soul to begin with?'
068.19+Noah's Ark (and the flood that lasted forty days)
068.19+Italian arco, forte: bow, strong (i.e. 'Strongbow') [.13]
068.19+Danish farfar: paternal grandfather
068.19+far off
068.19+Italian bisavolo: great grandfather
068.20her behaveyous with iridescent huecry of down right mean false
068.20+iridescent: displaying colours like the rainbow
068.20+phrase hue and cry: outcry, cry of alarm or pursuit
068.20+do, re, mi, fa, sol, la , si, do
068.20+(seven notes for seven colours of the rainbow)
068.21sop lap sick dope? Tawfulsdreck! A reine of the shee, a shebeen
068.21+German Teufelsdreck: devil's dung
068.21+Professor Teufelsdröckh: fictional philosopher in Thomas Carlyle's Sartor Resartus
068.21+French reine: queen
068.21+Anglo-Irish shee: fairy
068.21+Anglo-Irish shebeen: illicit tavern (from Irish síbín)
068.21+queen of Sheba
068.22quean, a queen of pranks. A kingly man, of royal mien, regally
068.22+Archaic quean: woman, ill-bred woman, whore
068.22+Prankquean [021.05]
068.22+VI.B.6.091e (b): 'a kingly monarch of royal line, regally robed' (only last four words crayoned)
068.22+Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 135 (sec. 131): 'Kingly, royal, and regal: who is able to tell exactly how these adjectives differ in signification?'
068.23robed, exalted be his glory! So gave so take: Now not, not now!
068.23+Koran: Suras X and XVII: 'Extolled be His glory'
068.23+Job 1:21: 'the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away'
068.24He would just a min. Suffering trumpet! He thought he want.
068.25Whath? Hear, O hear, living of the land! Hungreb, dead era,
068.25+Motif: Hear, hear!
068.25+deaf ear
068.26hark! He hea, eyes ravenous on her lippling lills. He hear her voi
068.26+Motif: ear/eye
068.26+raven (black)
068.26+rippling rills (Motif: L/R)
068.26+lily (white)
068.26+hears her voice of days gone by
068.27of day gon by. He hears! Zay, zay, zay! But, by the beer of his
068.27+VI.B.17.082e (r): 'zay zay' (i.e. JJ for James Joyce)
068.27+French zézaiement: a speech defect whereby 'j' is pronounced as 'z', and similar substitutions (Chervin: Bégaiement 290: (of this defect) 'Exemples... zouzou, — joujou' (French 'Examples... zouzou, — joujou'))
068.27+Hungarian zaj: noise
068.27+phrase by the beard of the prophet (Mohammed)
068.28profit, he cannot answer. Upterputty till rise and shine! Nor needs
068.28+Downing: Digger Dialects 52: 'UP TO PUTTY — Bad; useless; ineffectual. UPTER — A corruption of "Up to Putty"' (World War I Slang)
068.28+Downing: Digger Dialects 43: 'RISE-AND-SHINE — Reveille' (World War I Slang)
068.28+(no memorial required)
068.29none shaft ne stele from Phenicia or Little Asia to obelise on
068.29+stele: upright sculptured slab serving as a monument
068.29+Asia Minor
068.29+obelise: mark a word or passage with an obelisk or dagger
068.30the spout, neither pobalclock neither folksstone, nor sunkenness
068.30+Irish pobal: folk
068.30+Irish cloch: stone
068.30+a stone pillar named 'Lapis tituli' at Folkestone in Kent marked the landing place of the Saxons there (similar to the Viking 'Long Stone' in Dublin)
068.30+Folkestone and Dungeness are both on the South Kent coast
068.31in Tomar's Wood to bewray how erpressgangs score off the rued.
068.31+VI.B.7.173c (r): 'Tomar's wood'
068.31+Haliday: The Scandinavian Kingdom of Dublin 31-32: 'Tomar, or Thormodr, signifying "Thorsman," or one devoted to Thor, the Scandinavian deity... and a wood near Dublin, "Tomar's wood," probably from having been devoted to the religious services of Thor'
068.31+Irish forces at the Battle of Clontarf were stationed in Tomar's Wood
068.31+Archaic bewray: expose, make known
068.31+German erpressen: to blackmail, to extort
068.31+press-gang: a body of men employed to press others into military service
068.31+off the red (billiards)
068.32The mouth that tells not will ever attract the unthinking tongue
068.33and so long as the obseen draws theirs which hear not so long
068.33+Motif: ear/eye (see, hear)
068.34till allearth's dumbnation shall the blind lead the deaf. Tatcho,
068.34+all earth's damnation
068.34+Matthew 15:14: 'And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch'
068.34+Motif: ear/eye (blind, deaf)
068.34+Gipsy tatcho: true (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 62)
068.35tawney yeeklings! The column of lumps lends the pattrin of the
068.35+Gipsy tawnie yecks: little ones, grandchildren (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 62)
068.35+Downing: Digger Dialects 17: 'COLUMN OF LUMPS — In disorderly military formation' (World War I Slang)
068.35+Padraic Colum [069.03]
068.35+Gipsy pattin: a leaf (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 50)
068.35+Gipsy patrin: a Gipsy trail, handfuls of leaves or grass cast by the Gypsies on the road to denote to those behind the way which they have taken (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 50)
068.36leaves behind us. If violence to life, limb and chattels, often as
068.36+Legalese phrase life, limb and chattels (often in reference to forfeiture imposed on convicted felons)

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