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070.01from Osterich, the U.S.E. paying (Gaul save the mark!) 11/- in
070.01+German Österreich: Austria
070.01+phrase God save the mark! (denoting impatient scorn)
070.01+mark: the German currency from the late 19th century
070.01+eleven shillings
070.01+Motif: 1132 [069.33]
070.02the week (Gosh, these wholly romads!) of conscience money in
070.02+(weekly rent)
070.02+Holy Romans
070.02+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: ...romads!) of...} | {BMs (47472-248): ...romads!) and he missed a soft felt and, take this in, six quid fifteen of...}
070.02+Variants: elucidations for variant: VI.B.5.005b (r): 'take this in' ^^^ [082.12]
070.02+VI.B.5.081m (r): 'conscience money'
070.02+Irish Independent 14 Jun 1924, 2/1: 'Special Notices': 'Conscience Money. — The Minister of Finance acknowledges receipt of £2 10/- from "Kilkenny"'
070.02+conscience money: money paid to relieve one's conscience
070.03the first deal of Yuly wheil he was, swishing beesnest with bles-
070.03+the first day of July
070.03+Archaic Yule: Christmas [082.28]
070.03+German weil: because
070.03+German zwischen: between
070.03+mixing business with pleasure
070.03+Slang the bee's knees: the acme of excellence
070.03+French blessure: wound
070.04sure, and swobbing broguen eeriesh myth brockendootsch, mak-
070.04+Swiss German Schwob: a German
070.04+swapping broken Irish with broken German
070.04+James Joyce: A Portrait V: 'the broken lights of Irish myth'
070.04+German mit: with
070.04+The Brocken: the highest peak in the Harz mountains, Germany
070.04+German Brocken: morsel, crumb, fragment
070.04+Heinrich von Kleist: Der zerbrochene Krug (German 'The Broken Jug'; an allegorical play about the fall of Adam [.05])
070.04+German gebrochenes Deutsch: broken German
070.05ing his reporterage on Der Fall Adams for the Frankofurto Siding,
070.05+reporter, reportage
070.05+German der Fall Adams: the case of Adam
070.05+Italian franco furto: unpunished theft
070.05+Frankfurter Zeitung: a German periodical (misattributed a short story to Joyce in 1931)
070.06a Fastland payrodicule, and er, consstated that one had on him
070.06+Danish fastland: mainland, continent
070.06+German er: he
070.06+Archaic constate: to assert, to state
070.06+German konstatieren: to notice
070.07the Lynn O'Brien, a meltoned lammswolle, disturbed, and wider
070.07+song Brian O'Linn (made wooly trousers) [017.11-.12]
070.07+melton: a heavy woolen cloth used for coats
070.07+German Lammwolle: lamb's wool
070.07+(his coat disturbed)
070.07+German und weiter: and further
070.07+German entweder... oder: either... or
070.07+German wieder: again
070.08he might the same zurichschicken other he would, with tosend
070.08+German Same: seed
070.08+German zurückschicken: to send back
070.08+to send
070.08+German tosen: to roar, to rage
070.08+German tausend und abertausend: thousands and thousands
070.09and obertosend tonnowatters, one monkey's damages become.
070.09+German ober: over
070.09+German Donnerwetter! (expletive; literally 'thunder weather')
070.09+Slang monkey: £500
070.09+German Colloquial Affenschande: crying shame (literally 'monkey-shame', whereas German Artificial Affenschaden would mean 'monkey-damage')
070.09+(ask for damages)
070.09+German bekommen: to get
070.10Now you must know, franksman, to make a heart of glass, that
070.10+VI.B.17.048l (o): 'Now you must know'
070.10+One Hundred Merrie and Delightsome Stories, story 26: 'Now you must know that as soon as Gerard had left Brabant'
070.10+Dutch fransman: Frenchman
070.10+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 622: 'I'll make my love a breast of glass'
070.10+phrase take heart to grass (17th century corruption of 'heart of grace')
070.11the game of gaze and bandstand butchery was merely a Patsy
070.11+a gazebo may serve as a bandstand (the word 'gazebo" may be etymologically related to 'gaze')
070.11+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 991: 'Ree Raw, or The Butchers' March'
070.11+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 1339: 'Paddy O'Snap'
070.12O'Strap tissue of threats and obuses such as roebucks raugh at
070.12+French obus: artillery shell
070.12+roebuck: the male of the roe-deer
070.12+Roebuck: district of Dublin
070.12+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 1305: '"I will go to the mountain" or, "to the Roebuck pinnacles"'
070.12+Rubek dies on a mountain in Henrik Ibsen: all plays: When We Dead Awaken
070.12+song Finnegans Wake, chorus: 'Lots of fun at Finnegan's Wake'
070.13pinnacle's peak and after this sort. Humphrey's unsolicited visitor,
070.13+Sir Humphry Davy: 19th century British chemist and physicist
070.14Davy or Titus, on a burgley's clan march from the middle west,
070.14+Titus: Roman emperor
070.14+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 983: 'Ancient Clan March'
070.14+Middle East
070.14+American Midwest
070.15a hikely excellent crude man about road who knew his Bullfoost
070.15+HEC (Motif: HCE)
070.15+Colloquial hike: walking tour, march
070.15+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 852: 'The highly excellent good man of Tipperoughny'
070.15+phrase man about town: a fashionable socially-sophisticated man
070.15+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 558: 'The Belfast Mountain'
070.16Mountains like a starling bierd, after doing a long dance untidled
070.16+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 819: 'Alas, that I'm not a little starling bird'
070.16+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 883: 'Long Dance'
070.17to Cloudy Green, deposend his bockstump on the waityoumay-
070.17+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 757: 'Adieu ye young men of Claudy green' (Claudy is a village in Northern Ireland)
070.17+French bock: glass of beer
070.17+German Bock: he-goat
070.18wantme, after having blew some quaker's (for you! Oates!) in
070.18+(Dlui Fulla: an Irish druidic ritual in which wisps of straw were thrown in a person's face in order to drive him insane)
070.18+Quaker Oats: a brand of oats (used to make porridge)
070.18+Titus Oates: a 17th century perjurer, who fabricated the Popish Plot (about Catholics planning to assassinate Charles II in 1678) [.14]
070.19through the houseking's keyhole to attract attention, bleated
070.20through the gale outside which the tairor of his clothes was hog-
070.20+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 1211: 'The taylor of the cloth'
070.20+hog-calling: the art of summoning pigs with a call (in farming and hunting)
070.20+hog-cholera: swine-fever
070.21callering, first, be the hirsuiter, that he would break his bulshey-
070.21+hirsute: hairy, shaggy
070.21+Russian Bolshevik: Russian Socialist of the majority radical party [185.34]
070.22wigger's head for him, next, be the heeltapper, that he would
070.23break the gage over his lankyduckling head the same way he
070.23+gage: a pledge, pawn, security; an item (usually a glove) thrown down as a token of challenge or as a pledge to duel
070.23+Languedoc: an area of southern France
070.23+ugly duckling
070.24would crack a nut with a monkeywrench and, last of all, be the
070.25stirabouter, that he would give him his (or theumperom's or any-
070.25+(hands or mouth)
070.25+stirabout: a kind of porridge
070.25+the emperor's
070.25+the other one's
070.26bloody else's) thickerthanwater to drink and his bleday steppe-
070.26+proverb Blood is thicker than water
070.26+(the drinking of Christ's blood as part of the Mass)
070.26+Attila the Hun came to Europe from the steppes of central Asia and killed his brother and co-ruler Bleda to become sole ruler [.31]
070.26+bloody step brother's
070.27brodhar's into the bucket. He demanded more wood alcohol to
070.27+Brodar: assassin of Brian Boru
070.27+phrase into the bargain
070.27+wood alcohol: crude methyl alcohol (poisonous; added to spirits in order to render them undrinkable, so as to avoid having to pay duties imposed on alcoholic beverages)
070.28pitch in with, alleging that his granfather's was all taxis and that
070.28+song My Grandfather's Clock
070.28+Greek tachys: fast
070.29it was only after ten o'connell, and this his isbar was a public
070.29+(not yet closing time)
070.29+Daniel O'Connell: 19th century Irish political leader
070.29+O'Connell Ale (formerly from the Phoenix Brewery)
070.29+(that his)
070.29+Russian izba: cottage
070.29+Archaic Polish izba: room
070.30oven for the sake of irsk irskusky, and then, not easily dis-
070.30+Japanese sake: wine
070.30+Danish irsk: Irish
070.30+Irish uisce: water
070.31couraged, opened the wrathfloods of his atillarery and went on at
070.31+Attila [.26]
070.32a wicked rate, weathering against him in mooxed metaphores
070.32+wicket gate
070.32+Mookse (Motif: Mookse/Gripes [072.20])
070.32+mixed metaphors
070.33from eleven thirty to two in the afternoon without even a lunch-
070.33+Motif: 1132
070.33+VI.B.25.148a (r): 'luncheonette'
070.33+luncheonette: a snack bar serving light lunches
070.34eonette interval for House, son of Clod, to come out, you jew-
070.34+VI.B.2.162b (b): 'N, son of N, comes out to be stoned'
070.34+Foote & Wheeler: The Jewish Life of Christ 40: (quoting Lightfoot about someone found guilty according to ancient Jewish law) 'they led him out to be stoned, and a crier went before, say aloud thus: "N., the son of N., comes out to be stoned, because he hath done so and so"'
070.34+HCE (Motif: HCE) [.35]
070.34+Middle English Ihesu: Jesus
070.34+son of God
070.34+Jew [071.12] [071.30]
070.34+Jew-baiter: anti-Semite
070.34+Joe Biggar: 19th century Irish nationalist politician, a prominent member of Parnell's party (noted for his diminutive size and pronounced hunchback)
070.35beggar, to be Executed Amen. Earwicker, that patternmind, that
070.36paradigmatic ear, receptoretentive as his of Dionysius, longsuffer-
070.36+Ear of Dionysius: an artificial cave in Syracuse, Sicily (according to legend, served Dionysius, an ancient Greek king, as a prison chamber with perfect acoustics, used in order to eavesdrop on the prisoners' secrets or to amplify their tortured screams)
070.36+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...of...} | {Png: ...if...}

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