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074.01honoured (some Finn, some Finn avant!), he skall wake from
074.01+Irish Sinn Féin, Sinn Féin Amháin: Ourselves, Ourselves Alone (Irish nationalist slogan; Motif: Sinn Féin)
074.01+Finn [073.35]
074.01+French avant: before
074.01+there is a legend that King Arthur will awaken and return to earth when his horn is blown; a similar legend exists of Finn (and many other legendary heroes) [073.36-074.01]
074.01+Danish skal: shall [073.34] [.04]
074.02earthsleep, haught crested elmer, in his valle of briers of Green-
074.02+HCE (Motif: HCE)
074.02+Obsolete haught: high, lofty, noble, haughty
074.02+Archaic hight: called, named
074.02+great crested [079.09]
074.02+Elmer: village near Bognor
074.02+phrase vale of tears
074.02+VI.B.31.186f (r): 'greenman rise O'
074.02+Douglas: London Street Games 59: 'Green Man Rise-O, a very old game... one of us lay down and cover his self with grass and the others run out and hide then they say greenman greenman rise up then he gets up and trys to catch them and the last one thats cort goes it —' (children's game)
074.02+Slang greenmans: the country
074.03man's Rise O, (lost leaders live! the heroes return!) and o'er dun
074.03+James Joyce: Ulysses.3.243: 'Of lost leaders'
074.03+Browning: The Lost Leader (poem criticising Wordsworth for deserting his cause)
074.03+Hero and Leander
074.03+Irish dún: fort
074.04and dale the Wulverulverlord (protect us!) his mighty horn skall
074.04+Danish ulv: wolf
074.04+Roland had a legendary horn [.05]
074.04+Danish skal: shall [073.34] [.01]
074.05roll, orland, roll.
074.05+song Roll, Jordan, Roll
074.05+Lord Byron: Childe Harold's Pilgrimage IV.clxxix: 'Roll on, thou deep and dark blue Ocean — roll!'
074.05+Theodore Tilton: The Great Bell Roland (poem): 'Toll! Roland, toll!'
074.05+Roland: one of the two most famous of Charlemagne's twelve paladins [073.33-.35] [.04]
074.06     For in those deyes his Deyus shall ask of Allprohome and
074.06+{{Synopsis: I.3.3.F: [074.06-074.12]: for God shall call him — his return will dispel the silence}}
074.06+'In those days' (formula for opening a lesson)
074.06+Latin Deus: God
074.06+Genesis 22:1: 'And it came to pass after these things, that God did tempt Abraham, and said unto him, Abraham: and he said, Behold, here I am'
074.07call to himm: Allprohome! And he make answer: Add some.
074.07+Variants: {FnF, Vkg: 'call' on .07} | {Png: 'call' on .06}
074.07+Latin adsum: here I am
074.07+(Abraham's haggling with God over Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18), the wrong way)
074.08Nor wink nor wunk. Animadiabolum, mene credidisti mortuum?
074.08+Variants: {FnF, Vkg: 'Nor' on .08} | {Png: 'Nor' on .07}
074.08+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: 'Animadiabolum, mene credidisti mortuum?' italicised} | {Png: 'Animadiabolum, mene credidisti mortuum?' not italicised}
074.08+Latin anima ad diabolum mene credidisti mortuum: soul to the devil did you believe me dead
074.08+song Finnegan's Wake 5: 'Thanam o'n dhoul, do you think I'm dead' [024.15]
074.09Silence was in thy faustive halls, O Truiga, when thy green
074.09+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Silence Is in Our Festal Halls [air: The Green Woods of Truigha]
074.09+Faust (made a pact with the devil [.08])
074.09+German Faust: fist
074.10woods went dry but there will be sounds of manymirth on the
074.10+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song There Are Sounds of Mirth: 'There are sounds of mirth in the night-air ringing' [.12]
074.11night's ear ringing when our pantriarch of Comestowntonobble
074.11+Greek pan: all, everything
074.11+Greek pantria: wedding
074.11+comes down to
074.11+Serbo-Croatian mesto: town
074.11+Slang nobble: to swindle, cheat, steal, seize, kidnap
074.12gets the pullover on his boots.
074.12+(getting up, not properly awake, mistakes pullover for pants)
074.12+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song There Are Sounds of Mirth [air: The Priest in His Boots] [.10]
074.13     Liverpoor? Sot a bit of it! His braynes coolt parritch, his pelt
074.13+{{Synopsis: I.3.3.G: [074.13-074.19]: his body hibernates — he sleeps}}
074.13+(liver damaged by boozing)
074.13+Liverpool (Motif: L/R)
074.13+brain's cooled porridge
074.13+phrase keep your breath to cool your porridge
074.14nassy, his heart's adrone, his bluidstreams acrawl, his puff but a
074.14+German nass: wet
074.14+Meyerbeer: Les Huguenots: song Piff Paff
074.15piff, his extremeties extremely so: Fengless, Pawmbroke, Chil-
074.15+Chinese feng: wind
074.15+fangless (i.e. no teeth)
074.15+Motif: 4 cardinal points [.15-.16]
074.15+Finglas (Cluster: Districts of Dublin, North-West)
074.15+Obsolete pawm: palm (of hand)
074.15+Pembroke (Cluster: Districts of Dublin, South-East)
074.15+Archaic broke: broken
074.15+chilblained: having chilblains (inflamed swellings from exposure to cold) on one's hands or feet
074.15+Kilmainham (Cluster: Districts of Dublin, South-West)
074.16blaimend and Baldowl. Humph is in his doge. Words weigh no
074.16+phrase bald as an owl
074.16+Baldoyle (Cluster: Districts of Dublin, North-East)
074.16+Irish tá... ina: is a (literally 'is in his')
074.16+VI.B.3.079d (r): 'Let lying doges sleep'
074.16+dotage: feeble-mindedness, senility
074.17no more to him than raindrips to Rethfernhim. Which we all
074.17+Rathfarnham: district of Dublin
074.17+German fern: distant
074.18like. Rain. When we sleep. Drops. But wait until our sleeping.
074.18+(drops asleep)
074.19Drain. Sdops.
074.19+Italian sdoppiare: to uncouple, to open out
074.19+(if 'sdops' is rotated by 180 degrees, for example by holding the page upside down, it again reads 'sdops')

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