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086.01his exution with all the fluors of sparse in the royal Irish vocabulary
086.01+Latin exutio: exclusion
086.01+VI.B.5.102e (r): 'exutoire'
086.01+French exutoire: outlet, release
086.01+Latin fluor: flow
086.01+fluorspar: native calcium fluoride [.04]
086.01+flowers of speech
086.01+VI.B.5.043f (r): 'had the vocabulary royal Irish —' (dash dittoes 'vocabulary')
086.01+Royal Irish Constabulary
086.02how the whole padderjagmartin tripiezite suet and all the sulfeit
086.02+Peter, Jack, Martin: three brothers in Swift: A Tale of a Tub, representing the Catholic, Protestant and Anglican churches, respectively
086.02+saltpetre, soot and sulphur (i.e traces of gunpowder)
086.02+The Tripartite Life of Saint Patrick: a 9th century biography of Saint Patrick
086.02+three-piece suit
086.02+piezo-electricity: electric polarity in a substance (especially crystals [.04]) resulting from the application of mechanical pressure
086.03of copperas had fallen off him quatz unaccountably like the
086.03+Slang copper: policeman
086.03+copperas: cupric, ferrous, or zinc sulphate [.04]
086.03+quartz [.04]
086.04chrystalisations of Alum on Even while he was trying for to stick
086.04+fluorspar [.01], copperas [.03], quartz [.03] and alum [.04] are all crystalline
086.04+Adam and Eve
086.04+VI.B.3.109j (o): 'stick fire'
086.04+German Feuer anstecken: to light a fire (literally 'to stick fire')
086.05fire to himcell, (in feacht he was dripping as he found upon strip-
086.05+in fact
086.05+Irish feacht: turn, time
086.06ping for a pipkin ofmalt as he feared the coold raine) it was
086.06+Dialect pipkin: small earthenware pot; small wooden pail
086.06+of malt
086.06+cold rain
086.06+Coleraine: town, County Derry (distilling was once its principal industry)
086.07attempted by the crown (P.C. Robort) to show that King, elois
086.07+Police Constable (*S*)
086.07+Slang Robert: a policeman
086.07+German Ort: place
086.07+(uncrowned king of Ireland: an epithet of Parnell)
086.08Crowbar, once known as Meleky, impersonating a climbing boy,
086.08+a December 1890 caricature in the St. Stephen's Review shows Parnell 'in his latest role as the Crowbar King', referring to his and his followers' use of a crowbar to break into the offices of the United Irishman, the Irish Parliamentary Party's newspaper, following his loss of the party leadership and his control of its resources
086.08+Slang crowbar brigade: Irish constabulary
086.08+Cathal Crobhdhearg Ó Conchobhair deposed Roderick O'Connor, last High King of Ireland, in 1189 (Irish Crobh-dhearg: Red-fist)
086.08+Hebrew melekh: king
086.08+Malachy II (Máel Sechnaill mac Domnaill) preceded and succeeded Brian Boru as High King of Ireland
086.08+climbing-boy: boy chimney-sweep
086.08+(Parnell was falsely rumoured to have escaped from Captain O'Shea, his lover's husband, down a fire escape)
086.09rubbed some pixes of any luvial peatsmoor o'er his face, plucks
086.09+Latin pix: tar
086.09+ALP (Motif: ALP)
086.09+diluvial: pertaining to a flood
086.09+peat, moor
086.09+(muddy face)
086.09+(black as a Moor's face)
086.09+Anglo-Irish pluck: cheek (from Irish pluc)
086.10and pussas, with a clanetourf as the best means of disguising
086.10+Anglo-Irish puss: mouth (from Irish pus)
086.10+Clane: village, County Kildare
086.10+Clontarf: parish three miles northeast of Dublin centre and site of famous battle
086.11himself and was to the middlewhite fair in Mudford of a Thoors-
086.11+Variants: {FnF, Vkg: 'himself' on .11} | {Png: 'him-' on .10, 'self' on .11}
086.11+Middle White: a breed of pig
086.11+VI.B.1.099e (o): 'Eng. villages / White Ladies Aston / Martyr Worthy / Swine / Foulmire / Mucking / Mudford / Barton in the Beans / Great Snoring / Eggbuckland / Toft Monks / Nether Wallop / Toller Porcorum / Huish Champflower' (only eleventh word crayoned)
086.11+Mudford: village, Somerset, England
086.11+mud, ford (*A*, *E*)
086.11+Dublin Colloquial of: on (when referring to days of the week)
086.11+Variants: {FnF, Vkg: 'Thoors-' on .11, 'day,' on .12} | {Png: 'Thoorsday' on .11}
086.11+Anglo-Irish thoor: tower
086.11+Thor: Norse god of thunder
086.12day, feishts of Peeler and Pole, under the illassumed names of
086.12+German feist: fat
086.12+Irish feiste: entertainment
086.12+feasts of Peter and Paul (Motif: Paul/Peter)
086.12+Slang peeler: policeman
086.12+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Pole...} | {Png: ...Polee...}
086.13Tykingfest and Rabworc picked by him and Anthony out of a
086.13+Festy King and Crowbar
086.13+Saint Anthony: patron of swineherds
086.13+Slang Anthony: smallest or favourite pig of a litter
086.14tellafun book, ellegedly with a pedigree pig (unlicensed) and a
086.15hyacinth. They were on that sea by the plain of Ir nine hundred
086.15+hyacinth: a precious stone; a flower [087.12]
086.15+three brothers, Heber, Heremon, and Ir, led the Milesian invasion of Ireland
086.15+Irish Éire: Ireland
086.16and ninetynine years and they never cried crack or ceased from
086.16+Anglo-Irish cry crack: give in
086.17regular paddlewicking till that they landed their two and a
086.17+Colloquial paddywhack: Irishman (especially if big and strong, derogatory); severe beating
086.17+(two, three)
086.18trifling selves, amadst camel and ass, greybeard and suckling,
086.18+I Samuel 15:3: 'Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass'
086.18+(old and young)
086.19priest and pauper, matrmatron and merrymeg, into the meddle
086.19+Obsolete merryman: jester
086.20of the mudstorm. The gathering, convened by the Irish Angri-
086.20+(court gathering)
086.20+VI.B.16.115j (b): 'convened'
086.20+Irish Rivers, The Tolka 391/1: (of the village of Mullahuddart) 'boasted of an ancient society, established so early as the reign of Henry VI., A.D. 1532, the "Guild or fraternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mullahuddart." This guild is stated by Mr. Mason (Hist. St. Patrick's Cathedral) to have been established by Act of Parliament, convened by Richard Talbot, Archbishop of Dublin, and then Lord Justice'
086.20+Irish Agricultural Organisation Society: a union of agricultural co-operatives founded by Sir Horace Plunkett in 1894
086.21cultural and Prepostoral Ouraganisations, to help the Irish muck
086.21+prepostor: a senior pupil with delegated authority in certain English public schools (elsewhere known as a prefect or monitor)
086.21+French ouragan: hurricane
086.21+Irish muc: pig
086.22to look his brother dane in the face and attended thanks to
086.22+VI.B.6.055k (r): 'looked me in face'
086.22+(competition between Danish and Irish bacon industries)
086.23Larry by large numbers, of christies and jew's totems, tospite of
086.23+Christians, Jews
086.23+the pig is a taboo animal of Jews (totem and taboo animals are often connected)
086.23+Greek to spiti: the house
086.23+in spite
086.24the deluge, was distinctly of a scattery kind when the bally-
086.24+scattery: scattered, sparse; scatter-brained
086.24+Scattery Island, County Clare
086.24+VI.B.16.126f (b): 'Ballybricken pigs (Waterford)'
086.24+Freeman's Journal 3 May 1924, 10/6: 'By the Way': 'Not far from the picturesque and busy Quay at Waterford is the far-famed Ballybricken, the heart of the bacon industry, and the home of the best-known body of pig-buyers in Ireland'
086.25bricken he could get no good of, after cockofthewalking through
086.25+phrase cock of the walk: the chief leader of a group (especially if domineering)
086.26a few fancyfought mains ate some of the doorweg, the pikey
086.26+Slang the fancy: prizefighting
086.26+Slang mains: cockfights
086.26+(damage to door) [067.19]
086.26+Dutch doorweg: way through
086.26+Norwegian pike: girl
086.26+Slang pikey: a tramp (i.e. King)
086.27later selling the gentleman ratepayer because she, Francie's sister,
086.27+(selling the pig to pay the rent)
086.27+Anglo-Irish gentleman who pays the rent: pig [089.15]
086.27+Saint Francis called all animals his brothers and sisters
086.28that is to say, ate a whole side of his (the animal's) sty, on a
086.28+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...say, ate...} | {Png: ...say ate...}
086.29struggle Street, Qui Sta Troia, in order to pay off, hiss or lick,
086.29+VI.B.5.090f (r): 'stragglestreet'
086.29+Italian qui sta Troia: here is Troy
086.29+Italian questa troia!: what a whore!
086.29+Italian tròia: sow
086.29+Hissarlik: Turkish city, supposed site of Troy
086.30six doubloons fifteen arrears of his, the villain's not the rumbler's
086.30+six pounds fifteen [082.12-.13]
086.30+double O's: OO (toilet sign) [.33-.35]
086.30+VI.B.14.189p (r): 'villain'
086.30+Studies, An Irish Quarterly Review, vol. 13, no. 50, 296: Irish Land Tenures, Celtic and Foreign (W.F. Butler): (of thirteenth century English manors) 'tenants fall into two classes: one, a relatively small one, of free tenants holding by military service or by the payment of a fixed rental or by both; the other, and much the larger class, composed of holders described by various names and of varied rank; but who all for convenience sake may be called bond or villein or nativus; and who all have this characteristic in common that they owed to the lord uncertain or unlimited services, very largely in the nature of work to be done in ploughing, sowing and reaping the lands he held in demesne'
086.30+villein: serf, partially-free man under the complete control of a feudal lord (also spelled 'villain')
086.32     Remarkable evidence was given, anon, by an eye, ear, nose
086.32+{{Synopsis: I.4.1A.N: [086.32-090.33]: W.P.'s evidence — Hyacinth O'Donnell's evidence}}
086.32+Archaic anon: straight away, at once, forthwith
086.32+Motif: 5 senses (touch missing) [087.11] [088.06] [088.17] [090.28] [091.11]
086.32+Oliver St. John Gogarty was an ear, eye, nose and throat specialist
086.33and throat witness, whom Wesleyan chapelgoers suspected of
086.33+W.C.: Wesleyan Chapel; Water Closet [.30] [.34-.35]
086.34being a plain clothes priest W.P., situate at Nullnull, Medical
086.34+W.P.: Witness for the Prosecution; Warming Pan (a temporary office-holder (locum tenens, substitute), especially among the clergy)
086.34+Wet Pinter [092.07]
086.34+MacDonald: Diary of the Parnell Commission 350: (in the index) 'P.W. means Parnell witness' (i.e. witness called by Parnell, as opposed to one called by The Times) [087.12]
086.34+00 (toilet sign) [.30] [.33] [.35]
086.34+Merrion Square, Dublin
086.35Square, who, upon letting down his rice and peacegreen cover-
086.35+Slang square: latrine [.30] [.33-.34]
086.35+rice and peas
086.36disk and having been sullenly cautioned against yawning while

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