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104.01     In the name of Annah the Allmaziful, the Everliving, the
104.01+{{Synopsis: I.5.1.A: [104.01-104.03]: in the name of Anna — a prayer to ALP}}
104.01+Bismillah: 'In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate' (the opening words of almost all the suras of the Koran)
104.01+Anna... Livia... Plurabelle (Motif: ALP)
104.01+Ana: ancient Irish goddess
104.01+Turkish ana: mother
104.01+Arabic almas: diamond
104.01+Turkish mazi: olden times; past tense
104.01+Greek mazi: together
104.01+maize (i.e. corn-goddess)
104.02Bringer of Plurabilities, haloed be her eve, her singtime sung, her
104.02+Lord's Prayer: 'hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven'
104.02+Hallow Eve (Halloween)
104.03rill be run, unhemmed as it is uneven!
104.03+rill: a small stream
104.03+Danish hemme: to check, hamper
104.04     Her untitled mamafesta memorialising the Mosthighest has
104.04+{{Synopsis: I.5.1.B: [104.04-107.07]: her untitled mamafesta — its numerous names}}
104.04+Colloquial mama: mother
104.04+Italian festa: feast
104.04+memorialising: commemorating
104.05gone by many names at disjointed times. Thus we hear of, The
104.05+William Shakespeare: Hamlet I.5.188: 'The time is out of joint'
104.05+(125-128 titles, possibly divided into three sections by two semicolons [.24] [105.32])
104.06Augusta Angustissimost for Old Seabeastius' Salvation, Rockabill
104.06+Latin Augusta: highness
104.06+Saint Augustine
104.06+Aengus: Irish love-god
104.06+Latin angustissimus: closest
104.06+sea beast
104.06+Sebastos: the Greek equivalent of the honorific Augustus, first held by the emperor Augustus, whose wife was Livia (Greek sebastos: Latin augustus: venerable)
104.06+Rockabill Lighthouse off County Dublin
104.06+nursery rhyme Rockabye Baby, in the Tree Top
104.07Booby in the Wave Trough, Here's to the Relicts of All Decencies,
104.07+booby: a seabird
104.07+relicts: remains, residue; widows (usually followed by 'of (their spouses)')
104.07+Anglo-Irish phrase relic of old decency: souvenir of better times (song The Hat Me Father Wore: 'It's a relic of old decency, the hat me father wore!'; James Joyce: Ulysses.6.234: 'Relics of old decency')
104.08Anna Stessa's Rise to Notice, Knickle Down Duddy Gunne and
104.08+Greek anastasis: resurrection
104.08+Anastasia: supposed Russian duchess
104.08+Italian stessa: herself
104.08+German knicksen: to curtsey
104.08+kneel down (knighthood ceremony) [.09]
104.08+knuckle down: to give in, to submit, to yield
104.08+dead and gone
104.08+Michael Gunn: manager of Gaiety Theatre, Dublin
104.08+gun, cannon
104.09Arishe Sir Cannon, My Golden One and My Selver Wedding,
104.09+Irish arís: again
104.09+arise, Sir (knighthood ceremony) [.08]
104.09+Golden One: title of Hathor, mother goddess of love, women and the dead in Egyptian mythology
104.09+golden wedding, silver wedding: the fiftieth and twenty-fifth anniversaries of a wedding, respectively
104.09+James Joyce: Letters I.348: letter 16/10/34 to Giorgio and Helen Joyce: 'A 30-year wedding should be called a 'findrinny' one. Findrinny is a kind of white gold mixed with silver' (Anglo-Irish findrinny: silver-bronze, white-bronze)
104.10Amoury Treestam and Icy Siseule, Saith a Sawyer til a Strame, Ik
104.10+French amour: love
104.10+Sir Amory Tristram, first Earl of Howth
104.10+Tristan and Isolde
104.10+Dutch stam: bole of tree, stem of tree, trunk of tree
104.10+French si seule: so lonely (feminine)
104.10+'Will you walk into my parlour? said the spider to the fly'
104.10+Jonathan Sawyer founded Dublin, Georgia, United States
104.10+Danish til: to
104.10+Ulster Dialect till: to
104.10+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation strame: stream
104.10+Italian strame: litter
104.10+Dutch ik: I
104.11dik dopedope et tu mihimihi, Buy Birthplate for a Bite, Which of
104.11+Dutch dik: fat, bulky, thick
104.11+German dich: you
104.11+Dutch ik doop: I baptise
104.11+Motif: mishe/tauf
104.11+Latin et tu: and even you
104.11+James Joyce: other works: Et Tu, Healy (poem maybe written by Joyce at age nine, on Parnell's death)
104.11+Latin mihi: to me
104.11+birthright (Esau sold his birthright for a pottage (Genesis 25:30-34))
104.11+William Shakespeare: King Richard III V.5.7: 'my kingdom for a horse'
104.12your Hesterdays Mean Ye to Morra? Hoebegunne the Hebrewer
104.12+Latin hesternus: yesterday
104.12+Swift's Stella and Swift's Vanessa were both called Esther
104.12+Portuguese morra: die
104.13Hit Waterman the Brayned, Arcs in His Ceiling Flee Chinx on the
104.13+waterman: a boatman
104.13+water on the brain
104.13+(Genesis 6-9: the story of Noah: ark, flood, rainbow)
104.13+Browning: Pippa Passes: 'God's in His heaven, All's right with the world'
104.13+nursery rhyme 'Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes'
104.13+(larks can be seen through ruins of *E*'s ceiling)
104.13+(larks upstairs and jinks downstairs)
104.13+French arc-en-ciel: rainbow
104.13+shilling, free (Motif: free/shilling)
104.13+(cracks on floor should be avoided)
104.13+(birds flee)
104.13+free drinks
104.13+Chinese (Chinks) have no record of a Deluge
104.14Flur, Rebus de Hibernicis, The Crazier Letters, Groans of a Briton-
104.14+German Flur: meadow
104.14+German Flut: flood
104.14+German Fluss: river
104.14+Vallancey: Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis (Latin Collected Works on Irish Matters; a collection of Irish historical documents published in 1770)
104.14+Swift: Drapier's Letters
104.14+'Groans of the Britons': a letter of plea for assistance against the invading Saxons, sent by Britons to Aëtius, the Roman leader in Gaul, A.D. 446
104.15ess, Peter Peopler Picked a Plot to Pitch his Poppolin, An Apology
104.15+nursery rhyme 'Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper'
104.15+Huguenots' poplin industry in old Dublin
104.15+Italian popolino: the lower classes
104.16for a Big (some such nonoun as Husband or husboat or hose-
104.16+Danish hus: house
104.16+German Hosenband: trouserbelt, garter
104.17bound is probably understood for we have also the plutherple-
104.17+James Joyce: Ulysses.2.328: 'The pluterperfect imperturbability of the department of agriculture'
104.18thoric My Hoonsbood Hansbaad's a Journey to Porthergill gone
104.18+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Ne'er Ask the Hour: 'Ne'er ask the hour — what is it to us' [air: My Husband's a Journey to Portugal Gone]
104.18+German Huhn: chicken
104.18+Danish hans baad: his boat
104.19and He Never Has the Hour), Ought We To Visit Him? For Ark
104.19+W.S. Gilbert: Ought We To Visit Her? (play, adapted from a novel of the same name by Mrs (Annie) Edwardes)
104.19+(Noah's Ark)
104.20see Zoo, Cleopater's Nedlework Ficturing Aldborougham on the
104.20+Cleopatra's Needle: the popular name of three ancient Egyptian obelisks re-erected in London, Paris and New York City
104.20+Matthew 19:24: 'It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle' [.21]
104.20+Aldborough House, Dublin
104.20+Abraham and Sarah
104.21Sahara with the Coombing of the Cammmels and the Parlourmaids
104.21+song The Campbells are Coming
104.21+German Kamm: comb
104.22of Aegypt, Cock in the Pot for Father, Placeat Vestrae, A New
104.22+Latin placeat vestrae: may it please your
104.22+Papa Westray: one of the Orkney Islands
104.22+James Joyce: Letters III.145: letter 15/11/26 from Ezra Pound: (of Finnegans Wake) 'nothing short of divine vision or a new cure for the clapp can possibly be worth all the circumambient peripherization'
104.23Cure for an Old Clap, Where Portentos they'd Grow Gonder how
104.23+Massinger: A New Way to Pay Old Debts
104.23+song Over There: 'Oh, potatoes they grow small... Oh, I wish I was a geese'
104.23+Portuguese portentos: portent, omen
104.24I'd Wish I Woose a Geese; Gettle Nettie, Thrust him not, When the
104.24+song The Gipsy's Warning: 'Gentle maiden, trust him not'
104.24+song Anacreon in Heaven: 'When the myrtle of Venus joins with Bacchus' vine'

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