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106.01serve Him with Thee, Of all the Wide Torsos in all the Wild Glen,
106.01+Dutch thee: tea
106.01+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song O'Donohue's Mistress: 'Of all the fair months, that round the sun'
106.01+wild horses
106.01+nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty: 'All the king's horses and all the king's men'
106.02O'Donogh, White Donogh, He's Hue to Me Cry, I'm the Stitch
106.02+O'Donohue's white horses: waves on a windy day
106.02+phrase hue and cry: outcry, cry of alarm or pursuit
106.03in his Baskside You'd be Nought Without Mom, To Keep the
106.03+song 'You're the cream in my coffee... I'd be lost without you'
106.04Huskies off the Hustings and Picture Pets from Lifting Shops, Nor-
106.04+Norwegian norskere: more Norwegian (from Norwegian norsk: Norwegian)
106.05sker Torsker Find the Poddle, He Perssed Me Here with the Ardour
106.05+Norwegian torsker: cods, codfishes
106.05+Norwegian tosker: fools
106.05+Tuskar Rock: shoal and lighthouse off the coast of County Wexford (from Irish Carraig an Turscair)
106.05+Poddle river, Dublin
106.05+Motif: Persse O'Reilly
106.06of a Tonnoburkes, A Boob Was Weeping This Mower was Reaping,
106.06+phrase a ton of bricks
106.06+Irish tonn: wave
106.06+Italian tonno: tuna-fish
106.06+Charles Lever: Tom Burke of "Ours" [093.34]
106.06+Burke's Peerage: authoritative guide to the titled families of the United Kingdom
106.06+Battle of Tannenburg, 1410
106.06+Samuel Lover: song The Angel's Whisper: 'A baby was sleeping, its mother was weeping' [093.34]
106.06+Swiss German Bub: boy
106.06+(angel of death)
106.07O'Loughlin, Up from the Pit of my Stomach I Swish you the White
106.07+Slang pit: female genitalia
106.08of the Mourning, Inglo-Andean Medoleys from Tommany Moohr,
106.08+Anglo-Irish phrase top of the morning! (greeting)
106.08+melodies from Tommy Moore (Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies)
106.08+too many more
106.08+German Mohr: moor
106.08+German Ohr: ear
106.09The Great Polynesional Entertrainer Exhibits Ballantine Braut-
106.09+German Brautschau: looking for a bride (literally 'bride watch')
106.10chers with the Link of Natures, The Mimic of Meg Neg and
106.10+League of Nations
106.10+The Mime of Mick, Nick and the Maggies (Motif: Mick/Nick) [219.18-.19]
106.11the Mackeys, Entered as the Lastest Pigtarial and My Pooridiocal
106.12at Stitchioner's Hall, Siegfield Follies and or a Gentlehomme's Faut
106.12+Stationers' Hall, Dublin
106.12+German Sieg: victory
106.12+Ziegfeld Follies: a series of theatrical productions in New York City (from 1907 to 1931)
106.12+French homme: man
106.12+French faut pas: must not
106.12+French faux pas: a wrong step, a blunder
106.13Pas, See the First Book of Jealesies Pessim, The Suspended Sen-
106.13+Genesis (first book of the Bible)
106.13+Jesus's Passion
106.13+(end and beginning of Finnegans Wake)
106.13+(prison sentence)
106.14tence, A Pretty Brick Story for Childsize Heroes, As Lo Our Sleep,
106.14+Lord Byron: Childe Harold's Pilgrimage
106.14+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song As Slow Our Ship
106.14+song While London Sleeps (circa 1900 music hall song)
106.15I Knew I'd Got it in Me so Thit settles That, Thonderbalt Captain
106.15+phrase tit for tat
106.16Smeth and La Belle Sauvage Pocahonteuse, Way for Wet Week
106.16+Captain John Smith's life saved by Red Indian princess Pocahontas; subject of Brougham's La Belle Sauvage
106.16+French honteuse: shameful
106.17Welikin's Douchka Marianne, The Last of the Fingallians, It Was
106.17+Obsolete welkin: cloud
106.17+Russian velikan: giant
106.17+song McGilligan's Daughter Mary Ann
106.17+William III and Mary
106.17+Russian dochka: little daughter
106.17+Russian touchka: little black cloud
106.17+Ruthenian khmara: cloud
106.17+J. Fenimore Cooper: The Last of the Mohicans
106.17+Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin: says people living north of Howth 'popularly known as Fingallians'
106.18Me Egged Him on to the Stork Exchange and Lent my Dutiful
106.18+Stock Exchange
106.19Face to His Customs, Chee Chee Cheels on their China Miction,
106.19+Custom House, Dublin (head of Liffey carved on keystone)
106.19+(Motif: stuttering)
106.19+three cheers
106.19+German schielen: to peer, to squint
106.19+China Mission
106.19+Latin mictio: urination
106.20Pickedmeup Peters, Lumptytumtumpty had a Big Fall, Pimpimp
106.20+Charles Dickens: all works: The Pickwick Papers
106.20+nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty: 'had a great fall'
106.21Pimpimp, Measly Ventures of Two Lice and the Fall of Fruit,
106.21+two of Joyce's poems were published in The Venture in 1904
106.21+Lewis Carroll's Alice
106.21+French Slang lice: prostitutes
106.22The Fokes Family Interior, If my Spreadeagles Wasn't so Tight
106.22+Souvenir of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Opening of The Gaiety Theatre 28: 'Amongst the most successful engagements... were those of the Vokes Family'
106.22+Peter: Dublin Fragments, Social and Historic 154: 'in the Coombe, under "The Spread Eagle", ladies might obtain corsets of their liking' [482.15]
106.23I'd Loosen my Cursits on that Bunch of Maggiestraps, Allolosha
106.23+Slang cursitor: pettifogging attorney
106.23+Slang Maggie: whore
106.23+Slang strap: fuck
106.23+ALP (Motif: ALP)
106.23+Alyosha Popovich: hero of Kiev epic cycle
106.24Popofetts and Howke Cotchme Eye, Seen Aples and Thin Dyed,
106.24+German Popo: buttocks
106.24+German fett: fat
106.24+HCE (Motif: HCE)
106.24+how he
106.24+Hawkeye: hero of James Fenimore Cooper stories
106.24+catch my
106.24+dot the i
106.24+phrase see Naples and then die
106.25i big U to Beleaves from Love and Mother, Fine's Fault was no
106.25+Dutch als het U belieft: if it pleases you, I beg you
106.25+German Einfalt: naïvety
106.25+Earl of Essex on death of Earl of Stafford: 'Stone dead hath no fellow'
106.26Felon, Exat Delvin Renter Life, The Flash that Flies from Vuggy's
106.26+Delvin river
106.26+Liffey river
106.26+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Life, The...} | {Png: ...Life The...}
106.27Eyes has Set Me Hair On Fire, His is the House that Malt Made,
106.27+nursery rhyme The House That Jack built: 'that ate the malt'
106.28Divine Views from Back to the Front, Abe to Sare Stood Icyk
106.28+Abraham, Sarah, Isaac
106.28+Sir Isaac Newton (apple)
106.29Neuter till Brahm Taulked Him Common Sex, A Nibble at Eve
106.29+Brahma: Vedic creator, persuaded Buddha to teach the law
106.29+taught him common sense
106.29+Esperanto established common-sex substantives (Esperanto)
106.29+(advertisement for laxative)
106.29+proverb An apple a day keeps the doctor away
106.29+VI.B.5.009e (r): '*A* apples for bowels'
106.29+James Joyce: A Portrait II: 'Uncle Charles... would seize... three or four American apples and thrust them generously into his grandnephew's hand... and say: — Take them, sir. Do you hear me, sir? They're good for your bowels'
106.29+(Eve's apple)
106.30Will That Bowal Relieve, Allfor Guineas, Sounds and Compliments
106.30+bowel [.29]
106.30+Arthur Guinness, Sons and Company, Ltd
106.31Libidous, Seven Wives Awake Aweek, Airy Ann and Berber Blut,
106.31+nursery rhyme As I Was Going to Saint Ives: 'seven wives'
106.31+Dukas: Ariane and Barbe-bleu (opera; story by Perrault)
106.31+Berbers: a North-African people
106.31+German Blut: blood
106.32Amy Licks Porter While Huffy Chops Eads, Abbrace of Umbellas
106.32+ALP (Motif: ALP)
106.32+HCE (Motif: HCE)
106.32+(*IJ* and *VYC*)
106.32+(two b's and three p's)
106.32+brace: a strip of metal used for supporting bells
106.32+brace: a pair, couple
106.32+Latin umbella: umbrella
106.32+Abel [.33]
106.33or a Tripple of Caines, Buttbutterbust, From the Manorlord Hoved
106.33+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: ...Tripple...} | {BMs (47475-43v): ...Trippple...}
106.33+triple: a type of bell-ringing peal
106.33+triple: a set of three, triad
106.33+Motif: Cain/Abel [.32]
106.33+good better best
106.33+Lord of Howth [021.10]
106.33+Danish hoved: head
106.33+Hoved: Danish name of Howth in the 9th century
106.34to the Misses O'Mollies and from the Dames to their Sames, Many-
106.34+Grace O'Malley
106.34+Dame Street, Dublin
106.35festoons for the Colleagues on the Green, An Outstanding Back and
106.35+College Green, Dublin
106.35+University College, Stephen's Green (originally)
106.35+back (football)
106.36an Excellent Halfcentre if Called on, As Tree is Quick and Stone is
106.36+EHC (Motif: HCE)
106.36+centre-half (football)
106.36+Motif: tree/stone
106.36+quicken tree

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