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124.01fact that it was but pierced butnot punctured (in the university
124.01+but not
124.02sense of the term) by numerous stabs and foliated gashes made
124.02+Anglo-Irish gash: concluding ornamental curved flourish made with a pen
124.03by a pronged instrument. These paper wounds, four in type,
124.03+Sullivan: The Book of Kells 35: 'Speaking of the early Irish manuscripts generally... three dots (:.) mark a period; two dots, a comma; (..,), a semicolon; and one dot at half the height of the letters, a comma' (not the system used in the Book of Kells, though)
124.04were gradually and correctly understood to mean stop, please
124.04+Motif: Stop, please stop... [.04-.05]
124.04+1920s joke about a young lady being petted by a man and exclaiming: 'Stop!!!! Please stop!!! Do please stop!! O do please stop! O do please!! O do!!! O!!!!'
124.04+(comma, semicolon, colon, full stop)
124.05stop, do please stop, and O do please stop respectively, and
124.06following up their one true clue, the circumflexuous wall of a
124.06+Latin circumflexus: bent; a vault
124.06+circumflex accent [.07] [.09-.10]
124.07singleminded men's asylum, accentuated by bi tso fb rok engl
124.07+accent [.06] [.09-.10]
124.07+bits of broken glass and split china
124.07+(bits of broken syllables and split words)
124.07+broken English
124.08a ssan dspl itch ina, — Yard inquiries pointed out → that they
124.08+Scotland Yard
124.08+(arrow (→))
124.09ad bîn "provoked" ay *V* fork, of à grave Brofèsor; àth é's Brèak
124.09+had been
124.09+by a fork of a grave professor
124.09+grave accent [.06-.07] [.10]
124.09+Oliver Wendell Holmes: The Professor at the Breakfast-Table (taunted Muggletonians [123.21] for only accepting criticism from people professing Muggletonianism)
124.09+Irish áth: ford
124.09+at his
124.09+Irish é: he
124.10— fast — table; ; acùtely profèššionally piquéd, to=introdùce a
124.10+acute accent [.06-.07] [.09]
124.11notion of time [ùpon à plane (?) sù ' ' fàç'e'] by pùnct! ingh oles
124.11+Motif: time/space [.12]
124.11+plane surface
124.11+German Beistrich: comma (literally 'by dash', 'by stroke')
124.11+German Punkt: full stop, point, dot
124.11+punching holes in its space
124.11+VI.B.6.063j (r): 'hole in space'
124.12(sic) in iSpace?! Deeply religious by nature and position, and
124.12+old Italian writing placed 'i' before an 's' followed by consonant (e.g. Italian Obsolete ispazio: space)
124.12+in Spanish, a clause ending with an exclamation mark begins with an inverted exclamation mark (which looks somewhat like an elongated i)
124.13warmly attached to Thee, and smearbread and better and Him
124.13+Dutch thee: tea
124.13+Danish smørrebrød: buttered bread
124.14and newlaidills, it was rightly suspected that such ire could not
124.14+newlaid eggs
124.15have been visited by him Brotfressor Prenderguest even under-
124.15+German Brotprofessor: Schiller's term for pedant just working for bread and butter
124.15+German Brotfresser: bread-eater
124.15+Reverend Patrick Prendergast's tailor accidentally cut up a valuable collection of manuscripts (name means 'taker of guest' or 'host')
124.15+Italian prender questo: to take this
124.16wittingly, upon the ancestral pneuma of one whom, with rheuma,
124.16+Greek pneuma: spirit, wit; wind, breath
124.16+Greek rheuma: current, stream, draught
124.17he venerated shamelessly at least once a week at Cockspur Com-
124.17+Shem [.21] [.24] [.27]
124.18mon as his apple in his eye and her first boys' best friend and,
124.18+proverb A boy's best friend is his mother
124.19though plain English for a married lady misled heaps by the way,
124.20yet when some peerer or peeress detected that the fourleaved
124.21shamrock or quadrifoil jab was more recurrent wherever the
124.21+Shem [.17] [.24] [.27]
124.21+VI.B.6.062e (r): 'trefoil'
124.21+Sullivan: The Book of Kells 28: 'the Kells Manuscript is full of foliageous forms such as the trefoil and the vine'
124.21+Sullivan: The Book of Kells 35: 'the dots of which the puctuation is formed are... almost always square in shape, or quadrilateral — not round... here may perhaps be found an additional argument for ascribing a later date to the Book of Kells' (e.g. 9th century instead of 6th century)
124.22script was clear and the term terse and that these two were the
124.23selfsame spots naturally selected for her perforations by Dame
124.23+natural selection (Charles Darwin)
124.23+Dame Partlet: a proper name for a hen (also applied to women)
124.24Partlet on her dungheap, thinkers all put grown in waterung-
124.24+grown in praty-land (Ireland) only: Shamrock (S); fowl: Hen (H); mi in fixed-do system of solmisation: E (E); not you: Me (M); case ending: -US (US) = SHEMUS [.17] [.21] [.27]
124.25spillfull Pratiland only and a playful fowl and musical me and
124.25+Italian prati: meadows
124.25+Anglo-Irish praties: potatoes
124.26not you in any case, two and two together, and, with a swarm
124.26+Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.322: 'rire comme un tas de mouches' (French 'to laugh like a heap of flies')
124.27of bisses honeyhunting after, a sigh for shyme (O, the petty-
124.27+French bis: a second time, twice; an encore
124.27+German Biss: a bite
124.27+Danish bisse: hooligan
124.27+Shem [.17] [.21] [.24]
124.27+Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.353: (of euphemistic appellations for the devil) 'le Petit bonnet rouge' (French 'the Little red bonnet') [.35]
124.28bonny rouge!) separated modest mouths. So be it. And it was.
124.28+Motif: So be it (Motif: Fiat-Fuit [017.32] [613.14])
124.29The lettermaking of the explots of Fjorgn Camhelsson when he
124.29+(Scandinavian name)
124.29+Finn was the son of Cumhal
124.30was in the Kvinnes country with Soldru's men. With acknow-
124.30+Norwegian kvinne: woman
124.30+Queen's County: County Leix
124.31ledgment of our fervour of the first instant he remains years most
124.31+first instant: first of this month
124.31+yours most faithfully
124.32fainfully. For postscrapt see spoils. Though not yet had the sailor
124.33sipped that sup nor the humphar foamed to the fill. And fox and
124.33+Robert Louis Stevenson: 'Home is the sailor, home from the sea, And the hunter home from the hill'
124.33+Fox and Geese: district of Dublin
124.33+fox and geese: a type of boardgame
124.34geese still kept the peace around L'Auberge du Père Adam.
124.34+French L'Auberge du Père Adam: Father Adam's Pub [003.01]
124.35     Small need after that, old Jeromesolem, old Huffsnuff, old
124.35+{{Synopsis: I.5.4.K: [124.35-125.23]: no need for more questions — the scribe is revealed as Shem the Penman}}
124.35+Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.353: (of euphemistic appellations for the devil) 'le Vieux Jérôme' (French 'the Old Jerome') [.27]
124.35+Jerome: prophet
124.35+Saint Jerome: translator of the Vulgate
124.35+Saint Cummian, regarded as heretic at time of 7th century Paschal dispute, justified himself by claiming compliance with Rome, Jerusalem, Antioch and Alexandria ('the four-fold Apostolic See')
124.35+Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.402n: (quoting Cotgrave) 'Lifrelofre, a huff-snuff, swag bellie, puff-bag. A word coined in derision of the Germans and Swissers'
124.35+Obsolete huffsnuff: a conceited person quick to take offence
124.36Andycox, old Olecasandrum, for quizzing your weekenders come
124.36+Cassandra, prophet

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