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162.01     The older sisars (Tyrants, regicide is too good for you!) be-
162.01+{{Synopsis: I.6.4.E: [162.01-163.11]: old Caesar is to be replaced — hence, Burrus and Caseous are introduced}}
162.01+sizar: at Trinity College, Dublin, a student receiving college allowance only up to a certain age
162.01+Caesar assassinated before he made himself king, as tyrannicide was a lesser crime than regicide
162.02come unbeurrable from age, (the compositor of the farce of
162.02+French beurre: butter
162.02+French fromage: cheese
162.02+composite number: a non-prime number, a number divisible by at least one number other than itself and one [161.15]
162.02+Verdi: La Forza del Destino (opera)
162.03dustiny however makes a thunpledrum mistake by letting off this
162.03+(thunder beginning Vico's first age)
162.03+Colloquial thumping: huge, outrageous
162.04pienofarte effect as his furst act as that is where the juke comes
162.04+Italian pieno: full
162.04+German Fürst: prince
162.05in) having been sort-of-nineknived and chewly removed (this
162.05+cat of nine lives
162.05+Julius Caesar was killed by knives
162.06soldier - author - batman for all his commontoryism is just
162.06+Julius Caesar was a soldier and an author
162.06+common toryism
162.07another of those souftsiezed bubbles who never quite got the
162.07+French souffler: to blow
162.07+South Sea Bubble: scheme inaugurated 1720 to take up the British National Debt by trade with the South Seas, but which collapsed the same year
162.07+Slang bubble: a dupe, gullible person
162.07+(never properly woken up)
162.08sandhurst out of his eyes so that the champaign he draws for us
162.08+Sandhurst: English military academy (i.e. no real war experience)
162.08+champagne (flat, i.e. not effervescent)
162.09is as flop as a plankrieg) the twinfreer types are billed to make
162.09+phrase flat as a pancake
162.09+German Krieg: war
162.09+(Cassius and Brutus)
162.09+freer (from tyranny)
162.09+French frère: brother
162.09+(actors on playbill)
162.10their reupprearance as the knew kneck and knife knickknots on
162.11the deserted champ de bouteilles. (A most cursery reading into the
162.11+French champ de bataille: battlefield
162.11+French bouteilles: bottles
162.12Persic-Uraliens hostery shows us how Fonnumagula picked up
162.12+Motif: Persse O'Reilly
162.12+Ural Mountains, Russia (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages; spoken there)
162.12+Hosty [040.21]
162.12+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Fonnumagula...} | {Png: ...Fonnumag—ula...}
162.12+Finnish (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.12+Finn MacCool
162.12+Magyar: Hungarian (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.12+Variants: {FnF, Vkg: 'up' on .12} | {Png: 'up' on .13}
162.13that propper numen out of a colluction of prifixes though to
162.13+(the name 'champ de bouteilles') [.11]
162.13+Norwegian propp: cork
162.13+Latin nomen: name
162.13+Latin numen: divine will
162.13+Latin colluctatio: contest
162.13+James Joyce: Ulysses.1.394: 'collector of prepuces'
162.13+French prix fixe: a full meal offered at a fixed price (in a restaurant; literally 'fixed price')
162.13+Variants: {FnF, Vkg: 'to' on .13} | {Png: 'to' on .14}
162.14the permienting cannasure the Coucousien oafsprung of this
162.14+French permien: Permian (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.14+French coucou: cuckoo
162.14+couscous: a North African dish of steamed semolina topped with a meat or vegetable stew
162.14+Corsican upstart (Napoleon)
162.14+Caucasian offspring
162.14+Caucasus (Russia)
162.14+Modern Greek koukkoutsi: kernel, seed
162.15sun of a kuk is as sattin as there's a tub in Tobolosk) Ostiak
162.15+Elamite sunkuk: king (mentioned in Meillet & Cohen: Les Langues du Monde 290n, as part of an inscription of Artaxerxes II Memnon) [113.04] [337.36]
162.15+son of gun
162.15+Tobol'sk: old Siberian town, Russia (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages; spoken there)
162.15+Latin ostia: entrances
162.15+Italian ostia: the Host
162.15+Italian Ostia della Vergina Maria (blasphemous reference to Blessed Virgin Mary)
162.15+Ostiak Vogul: district in Siberia, Russia (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages; spoken there)
162.15+Ostiak (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.16della Vogul Marina! But that I dannoy the fact of wanton to
162.16+Vogul (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.16+Italian vongola marina: marine clam
162.16+Meillet & Cohen: Les Langues du Monde 175: (of Finnish) 'La négation est exprimée par un verbe négatif: ainsi le finnois dit: en tule' "je ne viens pas"... Cela revient à dire: je dénie le fait de venir' (French 'Negation is expressed by a negative verb: thus the Finn says: en tule' "I do not come"... That is to say: I deny the fact of coming') (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.16+wanting to waste paint
162.17weste point I could paint you to that butter (cheese it!) if you
162.17+West Point: United States military academy
162.17+French pain: bread
162.17+Slang cheese it!: be quiet! (James Joyce: Ulysses.14.1513: 'O, cheese it!')
162.18had some wash. Mordvealive! Oh me none onsens! Why the
162.18+wash: in painting, a thin layer of translucent colour laid out by continuous broad brush strokes
162.18+Mordvin (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.18+French mort: dead; death
162.18+French merde alors! (expletive)
162.18+phrase man alive!
162.18+French live: Livonian (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.18+no nonsense
162.18+Mordvin on: dream (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.18+Mordvin onsne: in a dream (example of inessive case [.19]) (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.19case is as inessive and impossive as kezom hands! Their inter-
162.19+phrase as easy as kiss my hand: very easy
162.19+Finno-Ugric languages have inessive case, indicating placement within an object (also called 'locative') (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.19+Latin in esse: actual
162.19+German essen: to eat
162.19+Latin in posse: possible
162.19+German Käse: cheese
162.19+Hungarian kéz: hand (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.19+Hungarian kezem: my hand (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.20locative is conprovocative just as every hazzy hates to having a
162.20+French Slang con: female genitalia
162.20+Hungarian ház: house (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.20+French avoir quelqu'un dans le nez: dislike someone strongly (literally 'to have someone in the nose')
162.21hazbane in her noze. Caseous may bethink himself a thought of
162.21+Hungarian házban: in the house (example of inessive case [.19]) (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.21+husband in her house
162.21+Archaic bethink: to occupy oneself in thought; to consider, to remember, to remind oneself
162.21+sort of a cavalier
162.22a caviller but Burrus has the reachly roundered head that goes
162.22+caviller: one who raises frivolous objections
162.22+roundhead (Cromwellian)
162.23best with thofthinking defensive fideism. He has the lac of wis-
162.23+Archaic thoft: thought
162.23+Latin Fidei Defensor: defender of the faith [151.11] [151.33]
162.23+Latin lac: milk
162.23+French lac: lake
162.23+lax: salmon (of wisdom)
162.24dom under every dent in his lofter while the other follow's
162.24+(bumps on head indicating wisdom to phrenologist)
162.24+wisdom tooth
162.24+French dent: tooth
162.24+Danish lofter: lofts, ceilings
162.24+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...lofter while...} | {Png: ...lofter, while...}
162.25onni vesy milky indeedmymy. Laughing over the linnuts and
162.25+Finnish onni: luck, happiness, fortune (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.25+Finnish vesi: water (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.25+(milk tooth)
162.25+Finnish linnut: birds (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.25+French tête de linotte: scatterbrain
162.26weeping off the uniun. He hisn't the hey og he lisn't the lug,
162.26+Finnish uni: sleep, dream (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.26+Finnish unin: stove (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.26+Union of England and Ireland, 1800
162.26+he hasn't the eye and he hasn't the ear (for singing) (Motif: ear/eye)
162.26+Selkup Samoyed hay: eye [.27] (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.26+Selkup Samoyed hayog: the two eyes [.28] (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.26+Danish og: and
162.26+Dutch oog: eye
162.26+Colloquial lug: ear
162.27poohoo. And each night sim misses mand he winks he had the
162.27+Finnish puhua: to speak (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.27+since Michaelmas he wishes
162.27+Ostiak sem: eye [.26] (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.27+Russian Slang manda: female genitalia
162.28semagen. It was aptly and corrigidly stated (and, it is royally
162.28+French Sem: Shem
162.28+Ostiak semgen: the two eyes [.26] (Cluster: Finno-Ugric Languages)
162.28+same again
162.28+German Magen: stomach
162.28+Latin corrigo: I make straight
162.28+a lion is a royal beast
162.29needless for one ex ungue Leonem to say by whom) that his
162.29+The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XIX, 'Newton, Sir Isaac', 590b: 'Newton's solution of the celebrated problems proposed by John Bernoulli and Leibnitz deserves mention... Bernoulli addressed a letter to the mathematicians of Europe challenging them to solve two problems... six months elapsed without any solution being produced... Newton received from France two copies of the printed paper containing the problems, and on the following day he transmitted a solution... Solutions were also obtained from Leibnitz and the Marquis de L'Hopital; and, although that of Newton was anonymous, yet Bernoulli recognized the author in his disguise; "tanquam," says he, "ex ungue leonem"' (Latin tanquam ex ungue leonem: I recognise a lion by its claw)
162.30seeingscraft was that clarety as were the wholeborough of Poutres-
162.30+German Kraft: strength, power, ability
162.30+French poutre: beam
162.30+Peterborough, town, Hunts
162.30+Saint Petersburg
162.31bourg to be averlaunched over him pitchbatch he could still make
162.32out with his augstritch the green moat in Ireland's Eye. Let me
162.32+ostrich (head in sand)
162.32+German Auge: eye
162.32+German Strich: line, stroke, dash
162.32+Matthew 7:5: 'see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye'
162.32+Ireland's Eye: small island near Howth
162.33sell you the fulltroth of Burrus when he wore a younker. Here
162.33+'tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God' (legal oath)
162.33+yonker: young man
162.33+German Junker: country squire
162.33+German Dialect Janker: folk costume, jacket
162.34it is, and chorming too, in six by sevens! A cleanly line, by the
162.34+phrase at sixes and sevens: disordered
162.34+(family line)
162.34+(painted line)
162.35gods! A king off duty and a jaw for ever! And what a cheery
162.35+Keats: Endymion: 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever'
162.35+Slang jaw: talk
162.35+song Cherry Ripe
162.36ripe outlook, good help me Deus v Deus! If I were to speak
162.36+Latin medius fidius: honest to God!, by the God of truth!
162.36+Latin Deus: God

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