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181.01board (trying to copy the stage Englesemen he broughts their
181.01+stage Irishmen
181.01+phrase bring the house down: evoke intense applause or laughter through one's performance (e.g. theatrical, musical, oratorical)
181.02house down on, shouting: Bravure, surr Chorles! Letter purfect!
181.02+Major Henry Charles Sirr: Town Major of Dublin, 1796-1808 [516.15]
181.02+Sir Charles Russell was Parnell's lawyer at the Parnell Commission and was responsible for unmasking Pigott by asking him to spell 'hesitancy' (Parnell: hesitency)
181.03Culossal, Loose Wallor! Spache!) how he had been toed out of
181.03+French cul: arse
181.03+Lewis Waller played Prince Lucio (Satan) in adaptation of Marie Corelli's The Sorrows of Satan
181.03+Speech! Speech! (at a gathering, a call upon someone to make a speech)
181.03+German Sprache: language, speech
181.03+(kicked out)
181.04all the schicker families of the klondykers from Pioupioureich,
181.04+German schick: elegant, stylish
181.04+Yiddish schicker: drunk
181.04+German schicken: to send
181.04+(more chic)
181.04+Klondike: a region in Yukon, Canada, famous for its gold mines and gold rush
181.04+VI.B.6.113i (r): 'Pioupiouland Swabspays Land of Nod Shruggers Country Danubier pension — Home Barbaropolis' ('ry' and 'ion' not clear)
181.04+French Colloquial pioupiou: soldier (possibly from French poussin: chicken)
181.04+German Reich: country, kingdom
181.05Swabspays, the land of Nod, Shruggers' Country, Pension
181.05+Slang swab: uncouth fellow
181.05+Schwabia, Germany
181.05+French Pays Bas: Netherlands
181.05+Genesis 4:16: 'And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden' (after killing Abel)
181.05+phrase Land of Nod: sleep
181.05+French pension: boarding-school, boarding-house
181.05+VI.B.1.013e (r): 'Pension Danubierheim'
181.06Danubierhome and Barbaropolis, who had settled and stratified
181.06+Danube river
181.06+Latin barbarus: foreign, savage
181.07in the capital city after its hebdomodary metropoliarchialisation
181.07+hebdomadary: weekly
181.07+VI.B.6.074d (r): 'metropoliarchialisation'
181.07+Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 161 (sec. 159): 'When we examine these coined words, we find that by far the greater number of them are framed on classical lines, for instance... metropoliarchy... deanthropomorphization'
181.08as sunblistered, moonplastered, gory, wheedling, joviale, litche-
181.08+Sunday (Cluster: Days)
181.08+Slang blistered: drunk (Cluster: Drunk)
181.08+Monday (day of the moon) (Cluster: Days)
181.08+Slang plastered: drunk (Cluster: Drunk)
181.08+French mardi: Tuesday (day of Mars, god of (gory) battle) (Cluster: Days)
181.08+Slang gory-eyed: drunk (Cluster: Drunk)
181.08+Wednesday (Cluster: Days)
181.08+Slang reeling: drunk (Cluster: Drunk)
181.08+French jeudi: Thursday (day of Jove) (Cluster: Days)
181.08+Slang jolly, joyous: drunk (Cluster: Drunk)
181.08+Slang lit: drunk (Cluster: Drunk)
181.08+French vendredi: Friday (day of Venus, goddess of (lecherous) love) (Cluster: Days)
181.09rous and full, ordered off the gorgeous premises in most cases on
181.09+Slang full: drunk (Cluster: Drunk)
181.09+Saturday (sated: full) (Cluster: Days)
181.10account of his smell which all cookmaids eminently objected to
181.11as ressembling the bombinubble puzzo that welled out of the
181.11+Italian puzzo: stench, stink
181.12pozzo. Instead of chuthoring those model households plain
181.12+Italian pozzo: well, cesspool, privy
181.12+tutoring (Joyce's occupation in Trieste)
181.13wholesome pothooks (a thing he never possessed of his Nigerian
181.13+pothook: a stroke in writing
181.13+Nigerian: a native of Nigeria (at the time, a British colony)
181.13+Latin niger: black, wicked, false
181.14own) what do you think Vulgariano did but study with stolen
181.14+Italian vulgaria: ordinary things
181.14+VI.B.6.040b (r): 'study with fruit'
181.15fruit how cutely to copy all their various styles of signature so as
181.15+(James Townsend Saward, nicknamed Jim the Penman, forged signatures on money orders and cheques)
181.15+Joyce imitated the styles of numerous authors in the 'Oxen of the Sun' episode of James Joyce: Ulysses
181.16one day to utter an epical forged cheque on the public for his own
181.16+(Finnegans Wake)
181.16+VI.B.6.065d (r): 'forged' [182.02]
181.16+Freeman's Journal 10 Jan 1924, 7/3: '"No Volition of His Own". Novel Defense of Man Charged with Forgery': 'a charge of forging three cheques'
181.16+James Joyce: A Portrait V: 'to forge in the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscience of my race'
181.17private profit until, as just related, the Dustbin's United Scullery-
181.17+James Joyce: A Portrait V: 'a church which was the scullerymaid of christendom'
181.17+James Joyce: Ulysses.15.859: 'The King versus Bloom. Call the woman Driscoll... Mary Driscoll, scullerymaid'
181.18maid's and Househelp's Sorority, better known as Sluttery's
181.18+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Sorority, better...} | {Png: ...Sorority better...}
181.18+Percy French: song Slattery's Mounted Foot
181.19Mowlted Futt, turned him down and assisted nature by unitedly
181.19+Slang owl: prostitute
181.19+German Slang Futt: female genitalia
181.20shoeing the source of annoyance out of the place altogether and
181.20+VI.B.6.035a (r): 'put out of town on a/c of smell' ('town' not clear)
181.21taytotally on the heat of the moment, holding one another's
181.21+Anglo-Irish Dialect taytotally: utterly, entirely
181.22gonk (for no-one, hound or scrublady, not even the Turk, un-
181.22+Slang conk: nose, large nose
181.22+VI.B.14.196m (r): 'scrubwomen'
181.22+Carlyle: 'the unspeakable Turk'
181.22+Sturk: character in Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard [.26]
181.22+Oscar Wilde (about fox hunting): A Woman of No Importance: 'The English country gentleman galloping after a fox — the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable'
181.23greekable in purscent of the armenable, dared whiff the polecat
181.23+multiple clashes and wars between Turkey and Greece during the 19th and 20th centuries
181.23+Armenian genocide carried out by Turkey during World War I
181.23+polecat: a mammal of the weasel family, which ejects a putrid fluid when attacked
181.24at close range) and making some pointopointing remarks as they
181.24+VI.B.6.047b (r): 'making some remark as he did so'
181.24+point-to-point racing
181.25done so at the perfects of the Sniffey, your honour, aboon the
181.25+Liffey river
181.25+Dialect aboon: above
181.25+upon the low way he stunk (Cluster: Lowness)
181.26lyow why a stunk, mister.
181.26+Lowe, Hyacinth O'Flaherty, Sturk: characters in Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard [.22]
181.27     [Jymes wishes to hear from wearers of abandoned female cos-
181.27+{{Synopsis: I.7.1.R: [181.27-181.33]: an advertisement — of a personal nature}}
181.27+James (*C*) [172.05]
181.27+Budgen: Further Recollections of James Joyce: (quoting Joyce about women, sometime in the 1930s) 'now I don't care a damn about their bodies. I am only interested in their clothes'
181.27+(abandoned women, abandoned clothes)
181.27+James Joyce: Ulysses.11.496: 'Mrs Marion Bloom has left off clothes of all descriptions' (a joke about 'left-off' vs. 'left off')
181.28tumes, gratefully received, wadmel jumper, rather full pair of
181.28+wadmel: a type of coarse woollen cloth
181.28+jumper: a type of loose-fitting upper garment, jersey, sweater
181.29culottes and onthergarmenteries, to start city life together. His
181.29+French culottes: woman's knickers
181.30jymes is out of job, would sit and write. He has lately commited
181.30+William Shakespeare: Hamlet I.5.188-189: 'The time is out of joint. O cursed spite That ever I was born to set it right!'
181.31one of the then commandments but she will now assist. Superior
181.31+Ten Commandments
181.32built, domestic, regular layer. Also got the boot. He appreciates
181.32+phrase got the boot: was dismissed, was fired
181.32+(received the boot sent to him) [071.33-.34]
181.33it. Copies. ABORTISEMENT.]
181.34     One cannot even begin to post figure out a statuesquo ante
181.34+{{Synopsis: I.7.1.S: [181.34-182.29]: his writing in his cell — his portraits}}
181.34+Latin status quo ante (bellum): conditions before (war)
181.34+ante: price (from poker)
181.35as to how slow in reality the excommunicated Drumcondriac,
181.35+how low (Cluster: Lowness)
181.35+Drumcondra: district of Dublin (Joyce lived there as a youth)
181.36nate Hamis, really was. Who can say how many pseudostylic
181.36+Latin natus: born
181.36+French née: born (feminine)
181.36+Hungarian hamis: false, base, counterfeit
181.36+Hamish is the Anglicised form of the Scottish Seumas (a cognate of James and Shem)
181.36+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: many pseudostylic...} | {BMs (47474-47): many unsigned first copies of original masterworks, how many pseudostylic...}

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