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185.01nature never needed such an alcove so, when Robber and Mum-
185.01+George Roberts, manager of Maunsel and Company, Dublin, was to publish James Joyce: Dubliners, but after three years' delaying, the printer, John Falconer [.04], decided against it and destroyed the first edition (by burning it)
185.02sell, the pulpic dictators, on the nudgment of their legal advisers,
185.02+(books destroyed by pulping; paper made from pulp)
185.02+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...dictators, on...} | {Png: ...dictators on...}
185.03Messrs Codex and Podex, and under his own benefiction of their
185.03+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Messrs Codex...} | {Png: ...Messrs. Codex...}
185.03+Latin codex: book
185.03+Latin Slang codex: blockhead
185.03+Latin Slang podex: posterior, arse
185.04pastor Father Flammeus Falconer, boycotted him of all mutton-
185.04+Latin flammeus: flaming
185.04+John Falconer: the printer who was supposed to print James Joyce: Dubliners, but instead burned it [.01]
185.05suet candles and romeruled stationery for any purpose, he winged
185.05+Rome rule (i.e. Catholic)
185.05+(Irish) home rule
185.05+ruled: marked with parallel straight lines
185.06away on a wildgoup's chase across the kathartic ocean and made
185.06+phrase wild goose chase
185.06+Wild Geese: Irish Jacobites who went to the continent after their defeat in 1691
185.06+go up (Icarus)
185.06+katharsis (James Joyce: other works: The Holy Office)
185.06+cathartic: purgative [184.36]; emotionally purgative
185.07synthetic ink and sensitive paper for his own end out of his wit's
185.07+VI.B.10.105m (r): 'synthetic sugar'
185.07+(toilet paper for his arse)
185.07+phrase at his wits' end
185.08waste. You ask, in Sam Hill, how? Let manner and matter of this
185.08+American phrase where in Sam Hill: where in the world (popular in the 19th century)
185.09for these our sporting times be cloaked up in the language of
185.09+Sporting Times had a hostile review of James Joyce: Ulysses in April 1922 [.12]
185.09+(Chiniquy: The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional offers some extremely sexually-explicit extracts from the alleged writings of Catholic theologians in the Latin only, supposedly to shield his readership from the smut (the book is mentioned in James Joyce: Ulysses.15.2548))
185.10blushfed porporates that an Anglican ordinal, not reading his
185.10+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...porporates...} | {Png: ...porpurates...}
185.10+Italian porpora: purple
185.10+Vatican Latin Slang purpurandus: one fit to be purpled, i.e. made a cardinal
185.10+cardinal and ordinal numbers
185.10+The Anglican Ordinal (rulebook)
185.11own rude dunsky tunga, may ever behold the brand of scarlet
185.11+VI.B.18.217k (b): 'dunsky tunga'
185.11+Worsaae: An Account of the Danes and Norwegians in England, Scotland, and Ireland 24: 'anciently, the Danes were really regarded as the leading people in the north — whence also the old Norwegian language was often called "dönsk tunga" (Danish tongue)'
185.11+Icelandic Dönsk tunga: Danish tongue
185.11+(may never)
185.11+Revelation 17:4: 'the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour... and upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS' (Puritans applied this to the Roman Catholic Church)
185.12on the brow of her of Babylon and feel not the pink one in his
185.12+whore of Babylon
185.12+The Pink 'Un: subtitle of Sporting Times [.09]
185.12+Luke 6:41: 'and why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but perceivest not the beam that is in thine own eye?'
185.13own damned cheek.
185.14     Primum opifex, altus prosator, ad terram viviparam et cuncti-
185.14+{{Synopsis: I.7.1.V: [185.14-185.26]: of the distillation of ink from excrement — in the language of cardinals}}
185.14+approximate Latin translation: 'First the artist, the eminent writer, without any shame or apology, pulled up his rain coat and undid his trousers and then drew himself close to the life-giving and all-powerful earth, with his buttocks bare as they were born. Weeping and groaning he relieved himself into his own hands. Then, unburdened of the black beast, and sounding a trumpet, he put his own dung, which he called his "downcastings", into an urn once used as an honoured mark of mourning. With an invocation to the twin brethren Medard and Godard he then passed water into it happily and mellifluously, while chanting in a loud voice the psalm which begins: "My tongue is the pen of a scribe writing swiftly". Finally, from the foul dung mixed, as I have said, with the "sweetness of Orion", and baked and then exposed to the cold, he made himself an indelible ink'
185.14+alternative Latin translation: 'First of all the Master Maker, the Exalted Seedsower, who positioned himself close to the life-giving and all-powerful earth with buttocks as bare as the day they merged from the womb, lifted up his raincoat and unfastened his underpants, weeping and groaning, but without any shame or anyone's by-my-leave, and loosened his bowels into his hand; next, after he had been relieved of this dark blast and was trumpeting a call to action, he deposited his own shit (that is what he terms his droppings) into a receptacle which once was the respectable urn of grief; then, into that same urn, with an invocation to the twin brothers Medardus and Godardus, he joyfully and mellifluously pissed, while chanting in a loud voice the Psalm which begins "My Tongue is the Pen of a Scribe who Writes Speedily"; finally, from the foul crap that had been mixed with the sweet essence of godlike Orion, and baked and exposed to the cold, he created indelible ink for himself'
185.14+James Joyce: other works: Gas from a Burner 86: 'I'll burn that book, so help me devil. I'll sing a psalm as I watch it burn And the ashes I'll keep in a one-handled urn. I'll penance do with farts and groans Kneeling upon my marrowbones. This very next lent I will unbare My penitent buttocks to the air And sobbing beside my printing press My awful sin I will confess. My Irish foreman from Bannockburn Shall dip his right hand in the urn And sign crisscross with reverent thumb Memento homo upon my bum' (1912 poem written immediately after and bitterly dealing with the failed negotiations with Roberts [.01])
185.14+James Joyce: A Portrait V: 'Old father, old artificer' (Latin opifex: artificer; Latin sator: father; German alt: old)
185.14+VI.B.6.102c (r): 'Altus Prosator'
185.14+Altus Prosator: a hymn attributed to Saint Columcille
185.14+Latin prosator: a prose writer (in Dante and Renaissance latinists)
185.15potentem sine ullo pudore nec venia, suscepto pluviali atque discinctis
185.16perizomatis, natibus nudis uti nati fuissent, sese adpropinquans,
185.16+Vulgate Genesis 3:7: 'et fecerunt sibi perizomata': 'and made themselves aprons' (the Geneva Bible, alias 'Breeches Bible', has 'and made themselves breeches')
185.17flens et gemens, in manum suam evacuavit (highly prosy, crap in his
185.17+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...gemens, in...} | {Png: ...gemens in...}
185.17+(mistranslates Latin altus prosator) [.14]
185.17+VI.B.6.114a (r): 'crap'
185.18hand, sorry!), postea, animale nigro exoneratus, classicum pulsans,
185.18+VI.B.14.101a (r): 'noir animal (sterco)' [.19]
185.18+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...pulsans, stercus...} | {Png: ...pulsans stercus...}
185.19stercus proprium, quod appellavit deiectiones suas, in vas olim
185.19+Litany of Blessed Virgin Mary: 'vas honorabile': 'honourable vessel'
185.20honorabile tristitiae posuit, eodem sub invocatione fratrorum gemino-
185.21rum Medardi et Godardi laete ac melliflue minxit, psalmum qui
185.21+French peasants say that the weather on Saint Medard's feast-day (8 June), rain or clear, will extend to the following forty days
185.21+Saint Medard and Saint Gildard (erroneously believed to be twin brothers) are invoked to bring rain
185.21+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...minxit, psalmum...} | {Png: ...minxit psalmum...}
185.22incipit: Lingua mea calamus scribae velociter scribentis: magna voce
185.22+Vulgate Psalms 45:2: 'Lingua mea calamus scribae velociter scribentis': 'My tongue is the pen of a scribe writing swiftly'
185.23cantitans (did a piss, says he was dejected, asks to be exonerated),
185.23+(mistranslates Latin dejectiones and Latin exoneratus) [.18-.19]
185.24demum ex stercore turpi cum divi Orionis iucunditate mixto, cocto,
185.25frigorique exposito, encaustum sibi fecit indelibile (faked O'Ryan's,
185.25+(mistranslates Latin fecit and Latin Orionis) [.24-.25]
185.25+supposedly Orion was originally named Ourion because he was born from gods' urine (Greek ouron: urine) on a bull's hide [.24] [.31]
185.25+Latin orina: urine
185.26the indelible ink).
185.27     Then, pious Eneas, conformant to the fulminant firman which
185.27+{{Synopsis: I.7.1.W: [185.27-186.18]: using his skin as parchment — unfolding history}}
185.27+Virgil: Aeneid: refers frequently to 'Pious Aeneas'
185.27+Pope Pius II, Eneo Piccolomini
185.27+fulminant: developing suddenly; thundering
185.27+Irish fir: men
185.27+firman: order issued by Oriental sovereign, especially Sultan of Turkey
185.28enjoins on the tremylose terrian that, when the call comes, he
185.28+French terre: earth
185.29shall produce nichthemerically from his unheavenly body a no
185.29+German nicht: not
185.29+nychthemeron: period of twenty-four hours (James Joyce: Ulysses spans one day and one night)
185.29+Apollonius of Thyana: Nychthemeron (an occult treatise which contains some reference to Ourania)
185.29+Greek hemera: day (i.e. 'nonday' [489.35])
185.30uncertain quantity of obscene matter not protected by copriright
185.30+James Joyce: Ulysses was not protected by copyright in the United States and several pirated editions appeared
185.30+Greek kopros: dung
185.31in the United Stars of Ourania or bedeed and bedood and bedang
185.31+United States
185.31+Greek Ourania: 'Heavenly', muse of astronomy
185.31+supposedly Orion was originally named Ourion because he was born from gods' urine (Greek ouron: urine) on a bull's hide [.25]
185.31+Motif: 4-stage Viconian cycle (?)
185.31+Dutch dood: dead; death
185.32and bedung to him, with this double dye, brought to blood heat,
185.32+phrase double-dyed villain
185.33gallic acid on iron ore, through the bowels of his misery, flashly,
185.33+solution of gallic acid + solution of a ferrous salt = blue-black ink
185.33+VI.B.14.041g (r): 'thro' bowels of Thy Mercy'
185.33+Kinane: St. Patrick 134: (a prayer) 'O God, through the bowels of Thy mercy... grant me a love of prayer'
185.34faithly, nastily, appropriately, this Esuan Menschavik and the first
185.34+Dutch mensch: man
185.34+German Mensch: person
185.34+Russian Menshevik: Russian Socialist of the minority moderate party [070.21]
185.34+Dutch havik: hawk
185.35till last alshemist wrote over every square inch of the only fools-
185.36cap available, his own body, till by its corrosive sublimation one
185.36+corrosive sublimate: mercuric chloride

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