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191.01sixpenny stile, an unfrillfrocked quackfriar, you (will you for
191.01+VI.B.10.059c (r): 'unfrocked'
191.01+unfrocked: (of a cleric) deprived of office by stripping him of his gown
191.01+Black Friars: Dominicans
191.02the laugh of Scheekspair just help mine with the epithet?) semi-
191.02+love of Shakespeare
191.02+Joyce provided the last line for Gogarty's prizewinning poem 'The Death of Shelley'
191.02+(half-Jewish, like Bloom in James Joyce: Ulysses)
191.03semitic serendipitist, you (thanks, I think that describes you)
191.03+serendipity: faculty of making sudden and happy accidental discoveries
191.04Europasianised Afferyank!
191.04+VI.B.6.129g (r): 'Europasianised afferyank'
191.04+Europe, Asia, Africa, America
191.04+Latin afer: African
191.04+Irish Aifreann: Mass
191.05     Shall we follow each others a steplonger, drowner of daggers,
191.05+{{Synopsis: I.7.2.E: [191.05-191.33]: he is accused of fratricide — killing his pure and perfect brother}}
191.05+Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian II.63: Fingal IV: (of Ogar) 'The dagger... which he loved. Nine times he drowned it in Dala's side'
191.06whiles our liege, tilyet a stranger in the frontyard of his happi-
191.06+German bis jetzt: until now
191.06+Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian II.32: Fingal II: (of Degrena, the spouse of fallen Crugal) 'She is a stranger in the hall of her grief' (glossed in a footnote: 'Crugal had married Degrena but a little time before the battle')
191.07ness, is taking, (heal helper! one gob, one gap, one gulp and
191.07+(drinking) [194.07]
191.07+German Heil Hitler! Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer: Heil Hitler! One people, one empire, one leader (Nazi slogan)
191.08gorger of all!) his refreshment?
191.09     There grew up beside you, amid our orisons of the speediest
191.09+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM:, amid...} | {Png: amid...}
191.09+Variants: {FnF: ...speediest, in...} | {Vkg, Png: ...speediest in...}
191.10in Novena Lodge, Novara Avenue, in Patripodium-am-Bummel,
191.10+novena: a devotion consisting of nine consecutive days of special prayers or services, often to a saint, asking for intercession
191.10+Novara Avenue, Bray
191.10+Latin patrimonium: paternal estate
191.10+German am: at the
191.10+German Bummel: stroll
191.11oaf, outofwork, one remove from an unwashed savage, on his
191.11+VI.B.10.078e (r): 'out-of-works'
191.11+Daily Sketch 21 Dec 1922, 2/2: 'Stink-Bomb Plot Nipped in the Bud': 'Organised coercion of the public by the "Red" corrupters of the unemployed... an S.O.S. was spread among the out-of-works asking for men with a knowledge of chemistry'
191.11+VI.B.2.102j (r): 'one remove from unwashed savage'
191.11+Fitzpatrick: Ireland and the Making of Britain 232: (of Wilfrid, Archbishop of York) 'Wilfrid was but one remove from the unwashed savage, while the Irish monks who civilized him, the leaders of them nearly all of high birth, and the greatest travelers of their age, were representatives of the Celtic civilization that was old and mellow even before it was transformed by Christianity'
191.11+Anglo-Irish on his keeping: in flight from authorities, on the run from the police, fugitive (from Irish ar a choimhéad)
191.12keeping and in yours, (I pose you know why possum hides is
191.12+Genesis 4:9: 'Am I my brother's keeper?'
191.12+song Zip Coon: 'I pose you heard ob... Sings po'sum up a gum tree'
191.12+possum feigns death to avoid capture
191.13cause he haint the nogumtreeumption) that other, Immaculatus,
191.13+'aint (got) the gumption
191.13+Latin immaculatus: unstained
191.14from head to foot, sir, that pure one, Altrues of other times,
191.14+Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian II.19: Fingal I: 'Carril of other times' (i.e. old)
191.15he who was well known to celestine circles before he sped
191.15+the Celestine heresy was derived from the Pelagian heresy [358.36-359.09]
191.15+Celestine: a Benedictine order of monks
191.16aloft, our handsome young spiritual physician that was to be,
191.16+Chiniquy: The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional 87: 'her handsome young spiritual physician'
191.16+(Joyce began to study medicine in Paris in 1902)
191.17seducing every sense to selfwilling celebesty, the most winning
191.17+German lebest: (you) live
191.18counterfeuille on our incomeshare lotetree, a chum of the
191.18+French feuille: leaf, page
191.18+Koran 56:52: (a description of hell) 'Amid thornless lote-trees'
191.19angelets, a youth those reporters so pettitily wanted as game-
191.19+VI.B.10.047i (r): 'Youth wanted'
191.19+Irish Times 21 Nov 1922, 1/6: 'WANTED, a smart Youth for Office in leading City Firm... Wanted, smart Youth. Apprentice to Gents' Outfitting and Clothing'
191.19+Reporters: in Islam, two angels who record the good and evil deeds and words of every man
191.19+French petit: small
191.20fellow that they asked his mother for ittle earps brupper to
191.20+VI.B.6.082b (r): 'let you nurse my dolly Lend my scooter 'tend you're my big brudder ask yr Mother let you come & play Please!'
191.20+T.W. Earp: Augustus John (book)
191.21let him tome to Tindertarten, pease, and bing his scooter
191.21+VI.B.6.116l (r): 'kindergarten'
191.21+Sporting Times 1 Apr 1922, 4: 'The Scandal of Ulysses' (review of James Joyce: Ulysses by Aramis): (an extract from Nausicaa) 'displays Joyce in a mood of kindergarten delicacy' (Deming: The Critical Heritage 193)
191.22'long and 'tend they were all real brothers in the big justright
191.23home where Dodd lives, just to teddyfy the life out of him
191.23+Danish død: death
191.24and pat and pass him one with other like musk from hand to
191.24+Mohammed on death: 'the soul cometh out like the smell of the best musk, so that verily it is handed from one angel to another'
191.25hand, that mothersmothered model, that goodlooker with not
191.25+VI.B.6.130f (r): 'mothersmothered'
191.26a flaw whose spiritual toilettes were the talk of half the town, for
191.26+French toilette: dress, attire; lavatory; dressing-table, wash-stand
191.27sunset wear and nightfallen use and daybroken donning and
191.27+five set times of day for Muslim prayer: just after sunset, at nightfall, at daybreak, just after noon and in mid afternoon
191.27+(tempting garments or undergarments)
191.27+Donnybrook: district of Dublin
191.28nooncheon showing and the very thing for teasetime, but him
191.28+nuncheon: light refreshment of liquor
191.29you laid low with one hand one fine May morning in the Meddle
191.29+Cluster: Lowness
191.29+song 'One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night Two dead men got up to fight'
191.30of your Might, your bosom foe, because he mussed your speller
191.30+Old Norse Muspell: name of the realm of life
191.31on you or because he cut a pretty figure in the focus of your
191.32frontispecs (not one did you slay, no, but a continent!) to find
191.32+Colloquial specs: spectacles
191.32+(Cain slaying Abel)
191.33out how his innards worked!
191.34     Ever read of that greatgrand landfather of our visionbuilders,
191.34+{{Synopsis: I.7.2.F: [191.34-193.08]: he is accused of malingering — he is accused of squandering}}
191.34+Henrik Ibsen: all plays: The Master Builder
191.35Baaboo, the bourgeoismeister, who thought to touch both him-
191.35+Italian babbo: daddy
191.35+Motif: A/O
191.35+German Bürgermeister: mayor
191.35+German Himmel: sky, heaven
191.36mels at the punt of his risen stiffstaff and how wishywashy sank
191.36+Dutch punt: point, full stop, tip
191.36+Motif: mishe/tauf

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