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197.01Reeve Gootch was right and Reeve Drughad was sinistrous! And
197.01+reeve: official, bailiff, steward, overseer
197.01+Motif: left/right
197.01+French rive gauche: left bank (in Paris, the southern bank of the Seine, associated with art and philosophy (*C*))
197.01+French rive droite: right bank (in Paris, the northern bank of the Seine, associated with affluence and nobility (*V*))
197.01+Irish droichead: bridge
197.01+Italian sinistra: left
197.02the cut of him! And the strut of him! How he used to hold his
197.03head as high as a howeth, the famous eld duke alien, with a hump
197.03+High, Canada (Cluster: Rivers)
197.03+VI.B.6.068e (g): 'Howeth'
197.03+Elde (Cluster: Rivers)
197.03+Archaic eld: old
197.03+Richard Lalor Sheil: Irish Municipal Bill (famous 1837 speech in the House of Commons): (of Lord Lyndhurst) 'who... tells the Irish people that they are not entitled to the same privileges as Englishmen; and pronounces them... to be aliens... Aliens! good God! was Arthur, Duke of Wellington, in the House of Lords, and did he not start up and exclaim, "Hold! I have seen the aliens do their duty"?'
197.03+Deucalion: equivalent of Noah in Greek mythology [199.21]
197.04of grandeur on him like a walking wiesel rat. And his derry's
197.04+weasel (arched back walking)
197.04+Wiesel (Cluster: Rivers)
197.04+Rat (Cluster: Rivers)
197.04+Motif: 4 provinces [.04-.06]
197.04+Derry, Ulster
197.04+Derry (Cluster: Rivers)
197.05own drawl and his corksown blather and his doubling stutter
197.05+Cork, Munster
197.05+Anglo-Irish blather: garrulous nonsense
197.05+stuttering involves doubling (Motif: stuttering)
197.05+Dublin, Leinster
197.06and his gullaway swank. Ask Lictor Hackett or Lector Reade
197.06+Galway, Connacht
197.06+Latin lictor: magistrate's assistant (carried fasces, bundle of rods surrounding an axe)
197.06+Latin lector: reader
197.07of Garda Growley or the Boy with the Billyclub. How elster is
197.07+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: ...of Garda...} | {BMs (47475-166v): ...or Garda...}
197.07+Gard, France (Cluster: Rivers)
197.07+Irish gárda: policeman, guard
197.07+HEC (Motif: HCE)
197.07+Elster (Cluster: Rivers)
197.08he a called at all? Qu'appelle? Huges Caput Earlyfouler. Or
197.08+Anglo-Irish phrase at all at all
197.08+French que s'appelle: what's called
197.08+Qu'appelle (Cluster: Rivers)
197.08+chapel on Capel Street, Dublin
197.08+HCE (Motif: HCE)
197.08+Hugo Capet: 10th century king of Franks, founder of the French Capetian dynasty (stands for returned divine times in Vico)
197.08+Latin caput: head
197.08+German kaputt: broken
197.08+Henry the Fowler: 10th century German king, father of Otto the Great
197.09where was he born or how was he found? Urgothland, Tvistown
197.09+German ur-: Danish ur-: original-, primeval-, ancient-
197.09+Ur (Cluster: Rivers)
197.09+Gotland: Swedish island in Baltic
197.09+Danish tvist: discord
197.09+(double town, i.e. Dublin)
197.10on the Kattekat? New Hunshire, Concord on the Merrimake?
197.10+Kattegat: sea between Denmark and Sweden in North
197.10+Mark Sullivan: Our Times, 1900 to 1925, 70: (gives chant used in teaching geography) 'Maine, Augusta, on the Kennebec. New Hampshire, Concord, on the Merrimac.'
197.10+Henry David Thoreau: A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers (1849)
197.10+Concord (Cluster: Rivers)
197.10+Merrimack (Cluster: Rivers)
197.11Who blocksmitt her saft anvil or yelled lep to her pail? Was her
197.11+Slang block: have sex with
197.11+Obsolete smitt: smote (past tense of smite)
197.11+Dialect smit: stain, tarnish, disgrace
197.11+German mit: with
197.11+German Saft: Danish saft: juice
197.11+Sodom (17th century pornographic play attributed to John Wilmot, second Earl of Rochester): (of the womb) 'On this soft anvil all mankind was made'
197.11+(marriage over anvil at Gretna Green)
197.11+(were they properly married?)
197.12banns never loosened in Adam and Eve's or were him and her
197.12+Bann (Cluster: Rivers)
197.12+banns: public notice of an intended marriage given in church (to allow the opportunity of objection)
197.12+(marriage banns never announced)
197.12+Adam and Eve's Church, Dublin
197.12+VI.B.6.114c (r): 'Were *E* & *A* married'
197.13but captain spliced? For mine ether duck I thee drake. And by
197.13+(marriage by the captain)
197.13+VI.B.10.093h (r): 'spliced (sposà)' (Italian sposà: married)
197.13+Gilbert: King Lear at Hordle 145: 'all these little things ought to be settled before a couple gets spliced'
197.13+Slang spliced: married
197.13+(marriage service) [062.10]
197.13+eider duck
197.13+Duck (Cluster: Rivers)
197.13+Henrik Ibsen: all plays: The Wild Duck [.14]
197.13+Motif: duck/drake
197.13+Drake Creek (Cluster: Rivers)
197.14my wildgaze I thee gander. Flowey and Mount on the brink of
197.14+wild goose
197.14+Wild Geese: Jacobite Irish soldiers who fled to Europe after Treaty of Limerick, 1691
197.14+(river and mountain, *A* and *E*)
197.15time makes wishes and fears for a happy isthmass. She can show
197.15+fishes and weirs
197.15+Happy Christmas
197.15+isthmus (of Sutton, joining Howth and the mainland)
197.16all her lines, with love, license to play. And if they don't remarry
197.16+lines: marriage certificate (short for 'marriage lines')
197.16+line: contour
197.16+Line, England (Cluster: Rivers)
197.16+stock ending of Irish folktales: 'and if they don't live happy that you and I may'
197.17that hook and eye may! O, passmore that and oxus another! Don
197.17+Slang hook and eye: arm in arm [061.24]
197.17+Eye, Scotland (Cluster: Rivers)
197.17+May, Australia (Cluster: Rivers)
197.17+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...may! O...} | {Png: ...may. O...}
197.17+Pasmore (Cluster: Rivers)
197.17+VI.B.18.227f (b): 'oxus'
197.17+Worsaae: An Account of the Danes and Norwegians in England, Scotland, and Ireland, publisher's prospectus, p.32 (last page): 'WOOD'S (Lieut.) Voyage up the Indus to the Source of the River Oxus, by Kabul and Badakhshan. Map. 8vo. 14s.' (Cluster: Rivers)
197.17+ask us
197.17+(*E* and *A*)
197.17+Don (Cluster: Rivers)
197.17+Motif: Dear Dirty Dublin
197.18Dom Dombdomb and his wee follyo! Was his help inshored in
197.18+Portuguese Dom: Sir
197.18+Dutch dom: foolish, stupid
197.18+Hungarian domb: hill
197.18+les Dombes: lake area near Lyon
197.18+follow you
197.18+Hungarian folyó: river
197.18+health insured
197.19the Stork and Pelican against bungelars, flu and third risk par-
197.19+Stork and Pelican: two Dublin insurance companies
197.19+Pelican (Cluster: Rivers)
197.19+third party risks
197.20ties? I heard he dug good tin with his doll, delvan first and duvlin
197.20+VI.B.5.110c (r): 'get some money with her'
197.20+Freeman's Journal 4 Jul 1924, 9/5: 'Remarkable Case': 'father of the plaintiff, stated that... the defendant, in his presence, promised to marry plaintiff in the course of five years, when he would succeed to his aunt's property. He said that he would like to get some money with her, and witness replied that he would not see him "bate"'
197.20+Slang tin: money
197.20+Tin (Cluster: Rivers)
197.20+Delvin (Cluster: Rivers)
197.20+Latin delvo: I wash
197.20+Devlin (Cluster: Rivers)
197.21after, when he raped her home, Sabrine asthore, in a parakeet's
197.21+rape of the Sabine women
197.21+(brought her home)
197.21+Sabrina: an old name of the Severn river, England (Cluster: Rivers)
197.21+Anglo-Irish asthore: darling, treasure (from Irish a stór)
197.21+Astor (Cluster: Rivers)
197.21+VI.B.1.070d (r): 'dwarf in birdcage'
197.21+Caufeynon: Les Monstres Humains 108: 'Henri II avait un nain du nom de Grand-Jean, il était d'une exiguïté extraordinaire, n'égalant pas néanmoins celle de ce Milanais qui vivait à la même époque et qui, pour s'affirmer mieux, se faisait porter dans une cage de perroquet, dans laquelle il était fort a l'aise' (French 'Henry II had a dwarf called Big John, who was extraordinarily diminutive, yet was in no way the equal of this Milanese who lived at the same time and who, the better to assert himself, had himself carried in a parrot's cage, in which he was quite comfortable')
197.22cage, by dredgerous lands and devious delts, playing catched and
197.22+dredge: collect objects (e.g. oysters, debris) from the bottom of a river by dragging its bed
197.22+Deva (Cluster: Rivers)
197.22+cat and mouse
197.23mythed with the gleam of her shadda, (if a flic had been there to
197.23+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation shadda: shadow
197.23+Adda (Cluster: Rivers)
197.23+French Slang flic: policeman
197.24pop up and pepper him!) past auld min's manse and Maisons
197.24+'Old Man's House': Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin
197.24+Nathaniel Hawthorne: Mosses from an Old Manse
197.24+Min (Cluster: Rivers)
197.24+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation min: men
197.24+Min: ithyphallic god
197.24+Chinese min: the people
197.24+French maison-dieu: hospital
197.25Allfou and the rest of incurables and the last of immurables, the
197.25+French fou: mad
197.25+Chinese fu: father
197.25+Hospital for Incurables, Donnybrook Road, Dublin
197.25+song The Rocky Road to Dublin
197.26quaggy waag for stumbling. Who sold you that jackalantern's
197.26+quaggy: (of ground) shaking under one's feet, boggy; (of rivers) flowing through boggy soil
197.26+Quagua, Africa (Cluster: Rivers)
197.26+Waag (Cluster: Rivers)
197.26+German Weg: way
197.27tale? Pemmican's pasty pie! Not a grasshoop to ring her, not an
197.27+pemmican: condensed food; hence, condensed thought and matter
197.27+(story all wrong)
197.27+(no wedding ring)
197.27+Grass (Cluster: Rivers)
197.27+Motif: tree/stone (grass, ore)
197.27+Motif: Ondt/Gracehoper
197.28antsgrain of ore. In a gabbard he barqued it, the boat of life,
197.28+Ant (Cluster: Rivers)
197.28+Koran: Sura XCIX: 'And whosoever hath wrought an ant's weight of good shall behold it' (events to pass when earth quakes)
197.28+French or: gold
197.28+Ore, Scotland (Cluster: Rivers)
197.28+gabbart: barge; lighter
197.28+French barque: small boat (i.e. sailed)
197.28+Arques (Cluster: Rivers)
197.29from the harbourless Ivernikan Okean, till he spied the loom of
197.29+Ivernia: Ptolemy's name for Ireland
197.29+Ivernian Ocean: Irish Sea on Ptolemy's map
197.29+Greek Ōkeanós: in Greek mythology, the great freshwater river encompassing the world (Cluster: Rivers)
197.29+Till (Cluster: Rivers)
197.29+Nautical loom: appearance of land on the horizon
197.30his landfall and he loosed two croakers from under his tilt, the
197.30+Nautical landfall: first sight of land
197.30+(Noah sent out birds from the Ark to see if dry land has appeared)
197.30+(Hrafna-Flóki ("Raven Floki"), the first Norseman to sail to Iceland, sent out three ravens from his boat to help him find the way there)
197.30+(ravens of Odin, Thought and Memory) (Motif: dove/raven [.32])
197.30+Tilt (Cluster: Rivers)
197.30+tilt: awning over a boat
197.31gran Phenician rover. By the smell of her kelp they made the
197.31+Gran (Cluster: Rivers)
197.31+Pheni (Cluster: Rivers)
197.31+Phoenician (first voyagers along the Atlantic)
197.31+V. Bérard thought Ulysses was a Phoenician
197.31+phrase sweat of his brow (after Genesis 3:19)
197.31+kelp: large seaweeds, the ashes of which were used in the past for the production of soap and glass (also, these ashes)
197.32pigeonhouse. Like fun they did! But where was Himself, the
197.32+Pigeon, Canada (Cluster: Rivers)
197.32+Pigeonhouse, at south side of mouth of Liffey
197.32+pigeon-house: a structure where pigeons are kept and to which homing pigeons return
197.32+Anglo-Irish himself: man of the house
197.33timoneer? That marchantman he suivied their scutties right over
197.33+timoneer: helmsman, steersman
197.33+Marchan (Cluster: Rivers)
197.33+Suie (Cluster: Rivers)
197.33+French suivre: to follow
197.33+Obsolete swive: to copulate
197.33+Slang scut: female genitalia
197.33+scut: rabbit's tail
197.33+scutties: small boats
197.34the wash, his cameleer's burnous breezing up on him, till with
197.34+The Wash: part of East Anglia coast
197.34+cameleer: camel-driver
197.34+burnous: hooded cloak worn by Arabs and Moors
197.35his runagate bowmpriss he roade and borst her bar. Pilcomayo!
197.35+Runa (Cluster: Rivers)
197.35+runagate: fugitive
197.35+Bow, Australia (Cluster: Rivers)
197.35+Slang bow: penis
197.35+Italian bompresso: bowsprit, a large spar projecting forward from the prow of a ship
197.35+Riss (Cluster: Rivers)
197.35+Dutch borst: breast
197.35+bar: bank of sand across the mouth of a river, obstructing navigation
197.35+Dutch bar: barren, cold
197.35+Pilcomayo (Cluster: Rivers)
197.36Suchcaughtawan! And the whale's away with the grayling! Tune
197.36+Saskatchewan (Cluster: Rivers)
197.36+Burns: song The Deil's Awa' wi' the Excise Man
197.36+Whale (Cluster: Rivers)
197.36+grayling: a fish of family Salmonidae
197.36+song Doran's Ass: 'So he tuned his pipes and fell a humming'

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