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198.01your pipes and fall ahumming, you born ijypt, and you're no-
198.01+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation eejit: idiot
198.02thing short of one! Well, ptellomey soon and curb your escumo.
198.02+Cluster: Well
198.02+late Egyptian kings called Ptolemy
198.02+Alexandrian Ptolemy (90-168): gave early description of Ireland
198.02+tell me soon
198.02+Portuguese escuma: froth
198.03When they saw him shoot swift up her sheba sheath, like any
198.03+(intravaginal ejaculation)
198.03+Swift (Cluster: Rivers)
198.03+Solomon and Queen of Sheba (I Kings 10)
198.03+Seba (Cluster: Rivers)
198.03+Latin vagina: sheath
198.04gay lord salomon, her bulls they were ruhring, surfed with
198.04+Solomon (Cluster: Rivers)
198.04+North and South Bulls: Dublin sandbanks, may have been named for roaring of surf against them
198.04+bull-roarer: a piece of wood or bone making a roaring noise when swung round on the end of a string (used by druids and Australian aborigines for religious purposes)
198.04+French bulles: bubbles
198.04+Ruhr (Cluster: Rivers)
198.04+German rühren: to stir, to move
198.05spree. Boyarka buah! Boyana bueh! He erned his lille Bunbath
198.05+Spree (Cluster: Rivers)
198.05+Boyarka (Cluster: Rivers)
198.05+Russian boyarka: wife of a boyar [348.10]
198.05+Bua (Cluster: Rivers)
198.05+Irish buadh: victory
198.05+Bojana (Cluster: Rivers)
198.05+Buëch (Cluster: Rivers)
198.05+Erne (Cluster: Rivers)
198.05+Danish lille: little
198.05+Lille (Cluster: Rivers)
198.05+Bath bun: a type of sweet round bun, containing currants and topped with sugar or icing
198.05+Old Irish Banba: Ireland (strictly, the name of the patron goddess of Ireland)
198.06hard, our staly bred, the trader. He did. Look at here. In this wet
198.06+Lord's Prayer: 'our daily bread'
198.06+stale bread (hard)
198.06+Trader Beck (Cluster: Rivers)
198.06+phrase earning his bread by the sweat of his brow (after Genesis 3:19)
198.07of his prow. Don't you know he was kaldt a bairn of the brine,
198.07+Danish kaldt: called
198.07+Norwegian kaldt: cold
198.07+VI.B.6.127d (r): 'bairn born at sea blue in his e'e b. 47' 22" by 22' 18" *E* water baby' ('by' not clear; only first eight and last three words crayoned) [.07-.09]
198.08Wasserbourne the waterbaby? Havemmarea, so he was! H.C.E.
198.08+German Wasser: water
198.08+Winterbourne (Cluster: Rivers)
198.08+Charles Kingsley: The Water Babies
198.08+Danish hav: sea
198.08+Latin Ave Maria: Hail Mary
198.08+Italian mare: sea
198.08+Italian marea: tide
198.08+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...was! H.C.E. has...} | {Png: ...was. H.C.E. has...}
198.08+HCE (Motif: HCE)
198.09has a codfisck ee. Shyr she's nearly as badher as him herself.
198.09+HCE (Motif: HCE)
198.09+Danish fisk: fish
198.09+Syr Darya (Cluster: Rivers)
198.09+Irish bodhar: deaf
198.09+Bhader, India (Cluster: Rivers)
198.10Who? Anna Livia? Ay, Anna Livia. Do you know she was call-
198.11ing bakvandets sals from all around, nyumba noo, chamba choo,
198.11+Norwegian bak: back
198.11+Norwegian vande: water, tide
198.11+Salso (Cluster: Rivers)
198.11+Kiswahili nyumba: house, room, hut
198.11+Slang number one, number two: urination, defecation (children's euphemisms)
198.11+Kiswahili noo: large whetstone (pronounced 'no')
198.11+Kiswahili chamba: hiding place; (of a woman) to wash her private parts
198.11+Chambal (Cluster: Rivers)
198.11+Kiswahili choo: privy, lavatory, excrement
198.11+Chu (Cluster: Rivers)
198.12to go in till him, her erring cheef, and tickle the pontiff aisy-oisy?
198.12+Ulster Dialect till: to
198.12+HEC (Motif: HCE)
198.12+VI.B.16.127f (r): 'erring man'
198.12+Ireland's erring chief: an epithet applied to Parnell (possibly by Gladstone)
198.12+Error (Cluster: Rivers)
198.12+Chef (Cluster: Rivers)
198.12+pontiff: a bishop, and specifically the pope (literally 'bridgemaker')
198.12+Motif: A/O
198.12+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation aisy: easy
198.12+Oise (Cluster: Rivers)
198.13She was? Gota pot! Yssel that the limmat? As El Negro winced
198.13+Gota (Cluster: Rivers)
198.13+God above!
198.13+Yssel (Cluster: Rivers)
198.13+IJssel, Netherlands (Cluster: Rivers)
198.13+isn't that the limit?
198.13+Limmat, Switzerland (Cluster: Rivers)
198.13+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...limmat? As...} | {Png: ...limmat! As...}
198.13+as the Negro said when he looked in the glass
198.13+Spanish el: the (masculine singular)
198.13+Negro (Cluster: Rivers)
198.14when he wonced in La Plate. O, tell me all I want to hear, how
198.14+(took one look)
198.14+Spanish la: the (feminine singular)
198.14+Plate (Cluster: Rivers)
198.14+how long she was left
198.15loft she was lift a laddery dextro! A coneywink after the bunting
198.15+Obsolete loft: sky, air
198.15+Motif: left/right
198.15+antiphon for Paschal Mass (Vidi Aquam): 'a latere dextro': 'from the right side'
198.15+Ladder (Cluster: Rivers)
198.15+Conewango Creek (Cluster: Rivers)
198.15+coney: rabbit
198.15+bunting used to make flags
198.16fell. Letting on she didn't care, sina feza, me absantee, him man
198.16+(flag falls at start of race)
198.16+let on: pretend; reveal
198.16+Sina (Cluster: Rivers)
198.16+Kiswahili sina feza: I have no money
198.16+(substituting objective for subjective case, an attribute of Pidgin)
198.16+Latin me absente: in my absence
198.16+Kiswahili ahsanthe: thanks
198.16+Santee (Cluster: Rivers)
198.16+man in possession: bailiff's man
198.17in passession, the proxenete! Proxenete and phwhat is phthat?
198.17+Asse (Cluster: Rivers)
198.17+VI.B.5.119j (r): '*C* proxenete'
198.17+Boulenger & Thérive: Les Soirées du Grammaire-Club 72: 'Le pauvre Charles Muller, mort pour la France, était jadis, en même temps qu'étudiant à Rennes et boursier, rédacteur d'une feuille bretonne, nommée l'Avenir. Un jour, une gazette ennemie de l'Avenir déclara qu'il était scandaleux que la ville de Rennes accordât l'une de ses bourses à un "proxénète" comme Muller. C'était au temps où l'on se battait encore en duel: Muller envoya deux de ses amis demander raison de cette grossière insulte et le journaliste la donna; il expliqua que, pour lui, proxénète (que sans doute il confondait obscurément avec proxène) signifiait: étranger, et qu'il avait voulu marquer par ce mot que Muller était du Havre et non de Rennes. L'affaire en resta là, après que l'offensé eut obligeamment enseigné à son adversaire, dans l'Avenir, que proxénète n'a pas plus le sens d'étranger, que pédicure celui de pédéraste' (French 'Poor Charles Muller, who died for France, had been, while a student with a grant in Rennes, an editor of a Breton journal, named l'Avenir. One day, an enemy newspaper of l'Avenir stated that it was scandalous that the city of Rennes had given one of their student grants to a "proxenete" like Muller. It was at a time when duels were still fought: Muller sent two of his friends to demand the reason for this rude insult and the journalist gave it: he explained that, for him, proxenete (which he no doubt dimly confused with proxenus) meant: stranger, and that he had wanted to point out by this word that Muller was from Le Havre and not from Rennes. The case was allowed to rest there, after the insulted party had obligingly instructed his adversary, in l'Avenir, that proxenete had no more the meaning of stranger, than pedicure that of pederast')
198.17+proxenete: one who procures, mediates or negotiates something, especially a marriage [.22]
198.17+French Slang proxénète: pimp, bawd [.10-.12]
198.17+what is that?
198.18Emme for your reussischer Honddu jarkon! Tell us in franca
198.18+VI.B.32.066b (r): 'R. Emme'
198.18+Emme, Switzerland (Cluster: Rivers)
198.18+French merde pour votre...: shit for your...
198.18+VI.B.32.056a (r): 'R. Reuss'
198.18+Reuss, Switzerland (Cluster: Rivers)
198.18+German russischer: Russian
198.18+Cher (Cluster: Rivers)
198.18+VI.B.32.101c (r): 'Honddu R'
198.18+The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XXVIII, 'Wales', 259d: 'the confluence of the Usk and Honddu'
198.18+Honddu, Wales (Cluster: Rivers)
198.18+Hindu jargon (Hindustani)
198.18+VI.B.32.081a (r): 'R jarkon'
198.18+Jabotinsky: Samson the Nazarite 52: 'The plain of Sharon is more fruitful than the hill of Benjamin, the waters of Jarkon richer than the canals of Sichem!'
198.18+Yarkon, Palestine (Cluster: Rivers)
198.18+lingua franca: a mixed jargon used in the Levant; also, any pidgin (e.g. Kiswahili, Hindustani)
198.19langua. And call a spate a spate. Did they never sharee you ebro
198.19+phrase call a spade a spade: talk plainly
198.19+spate: a sudden rising in a river
198.19+Shari (Cluster: Rivers)
198.19+show you Hebrew
198.19+Ebro (Cluster: Rivers)
198.20at skol, you antiabecedarian? It's just the same as if I was to go
198.20+Danish skole: school
198.20+Skollis (Cluster: Rivers)
198.20+early Christian antiabecedarian heresy
198.20+Dublin Abecedarian Society (extreme Anabaptists, founded 1789)
198.20+abecedarian: a person learning the alphabet, a beginner in a field of study
198.21par examplum now in conservancy's cause out of telekinesis and
198.21+French par example: for example
198.21+telekinesis: ability to move objects by the power of one's mind
198.22proxenete you. For coxyt sake and is that what she is? Botlettle
198.22+proxenete [.17]
198.22+phrase for God's sake
198.22+Cox (Cluster: Rivers)
198.22+Cocytus, Hades (river of wailing) (Cluster: Rivers)
198.22+Sak, Thailand (Cluster: Rivers)
198.22+Sake (Cluster: Rivers)
198.22+Botletle (Cluster: Rivers)
198.22+but little
198.23I thought she'd act that loa. Didn't you spot her in her windaug,
198.23+Loa (Cluster: Rivers)
198.23+Windau (Cluster: Rivers)
198.23+VI.B.6.068g (r): 'windeye'
198.23+Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 74 (sec. 75): 'Window is borrowed from vindauga ('wind-eye')' (Old Norse)
198.23+German Auge: eye
198.24wubbling up on an osiery chair, with a meusic before her all
198.24+VI.B.1.070f (r): 'dwarf W stands on chair'
198.24+Caufeynon: Les Monstres Humains 112: 'En 1883, Louise Bichat mourait... sa taille ne dépassait pas 0 m. 80... Elle avait avec son mari de fréquentes disputes. On dit même que pour avoir raison de ce dernier, quand tous les deux étaient ivres, elle montait sur un chaise, et croyez bien que ce n'était pas le mari qui avait le dessus' (French 'in 1883 Louise Bichat died... her height never exceeded 0.80 metres... She frequently quarreled with her husband. It is even said that to get the better of the latter, when both of them were drunk, she would stand on a chair, and better believe that it was not the husband who had the upper hand')
198.24+osier: species of willow used in basketwork (hence, osiery: basketwork)
198.24+Meuse (Cluster: Rivers)
198.24+music: a written or printed score of a musical composition
198.25cunniform letters, pretending to ribble a reedy derg on a fiddle
198.25+Latin Slang cunnus: female genitalia
198.25+cuneiform letters
198.25+Ribble (Cluster: Rivers)
198.25+(play a tune)
198.25+reedy: (of sound or voice) high and thin in tone; (of water or land) abounding in reeds
198.25+Reedy (Cluster: Rivers)
198.25+Derg (Cluster: Rivers)
198.26she bogans without a band on? Sure she can't fiddan a dee, with
198.26+Bogan (Cluster: Rivers)
198.26+German Bogen: bow
198.26+VI.B.6.044e (r): 'bottomless violin' (only first word crayoned)
198.26+without a bottom
198.26+(no wedding ring) [197.27]
198.26+Bandon (Cluster: Rivers)
198.26+Sure (Cluster: Rivers)
198.26+(can't play the fiddle)
198.26+Fiddown (Cluster: Rivers)
198.26+Don, Scotland (also Russia) (Cluster: Rivers)
198.26+Dee, Scotland (Cluster: Rivers)
198.27bow or abandon! Sure, she can't! Tista suck. Well, I never now
198.27+Bow, Australia (also Canada) (Cluster: Rivers)
198.27+Aberdeen lies between the Don and the Dee [.26]
198.27+Tista (Cluster: Rivers)
198.27+German Dialect ist a' Sach': It's as follows!, What an affair!
198.27+just a
198.27+Suck (Cluster: Rivers)
198.27+Cluster: Well
198.28heard the like of that! Tell me moher. Tell me moatst. Well, old
198.28+Cliff of Moher, County Clare
198.28+Cluster: Well
198.29Humber was as glommen as grampus, with the tares at his thor
198.29+Humber (Cluster: Rivers)
198.29+Glomman (Cluster: Rivers)
198.29+gloomy, glum
198.29+Middle English gloumben: look sullen
198.29+VI.B.6.036h (r): 'Killer (grampus)'
198.29+grampus: popular name of various cetaceans (especially, the killer whale)
198.29+Tar (Cluster: Rivers)
198.29+tare: vetch
198.30and the buboes for ages and neither bowman nor shot abroad and
198.30+Bubu (Cluster: Rivers)
198.30+buboes: inflamed swellings (a plague symptom; Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Dublin Annals section 1575: 'A dreadful plague, by which the city was so depopulated that grass grew in the streets and at the church doors')
198.30+Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Dublin Annals section 1578: 'Kilmainham Dublin prevented from going to Cullenswood on Black Monday by a storm of wind and rain, so violent that neither bowmen nor shot could go abroad'
198.31bales allbrant on the crests of rockies and nera lamp in kitchen or
198.31+Bale (Cluster: Rivers)
198.31+Beltane: ancient Celtic May Day celebration, on which large bonfires were lit on the hills of Ireland (Irish Bealtaine, popularly etymologised in old Irish texts as 'Baal's fire')
198.31+(bonfires on hills)
198.31+German Alprand: edge of mountains
198.31+Obsolete brant: lofty, steep, sheer, precipitous
198.31+Norwegian brant: burned (simple past intransitive)
198.31+Brantas (Cluster: Rivers)
198.31+Rocky Mountains
198.31+Nera (Cluster: Rivers)
198.31+Dialect nary a, ne'er a: not a
198.31+Hebrew ner: lamp, candle
198.32church and giant's holes in Grafton's causeway and deathcap
198.32+Giant's Causeway, North Ireland
198.32+Grafton Street, Dublin
198.32+Death Cap: a poisonous toadstool
198.33mushrooms round Funglus grave and the great tribune's barrow
198.33+Fingal's Cave, Hebrides
198.33+Finglas: district of Dublin (means 'clear streamlet')
198.33+The Great Tribune: an epithet of Daniel O'Connell (whose grave is in Glasnevin) [.34]
198.33+Barrow (Cluster: Rivers)
198.33+barrow: a mound erected over a grave, a tumulus
198.34all darnels occumule, sittang sambre on his sett, drammen and
198.34+darnel: a type of noxious grass
198.34+Daniel O'Connell [.33]
198.34+Sittang (Cluster: Rivers)
198.34+sitting sombre on his seat
198.34+Sambre (Cluster: Rivers)
198.34+Sette (Cluster: Rivers)
198.34+Drammen (Cluster: Rivers)
198.35drommen, usking queasy quizzers of his ruful continence, his
198.35+Danish drømmende: dreaming
198.35+Drome (Cluster: Rivers)
198.35+Usk (Cluster: Rivers)
198.35+Don Quixote was Knight of the Rueful Countenance
198.35+Rufu (Cluster: Rivers)
198.36childlinen scarf to encourage his obsequies where he'd check their
198.36+Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Dublin Annals section 1729: 'Linen scarfs worn at funerals to encourage the linen manufacture'

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