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203.01Wickenlow, garden of Erin, before she ever dreamt she'd lave
203.01+VI.B.6.148a (r): 'garden of Erin = Wicklow Mts'
203.01+County Wicklow is known as 'The Garden of Ireland' [062.19]
203.01+Eden Quay, Dublin (Cluster: Quays in Dublin)
203.01+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation lave: leave
203.01+French lave: wash
203.02Kilbride and go foaming under Horsepass bridge, with the great
203.02+Kilbride, County Wicklow, on the Brittas river (joins Liffey)
203.02+Saint Bride: another name for Saint Brigid of Kildare, a well-known 5th century Irish saint
203.02+Rosmer is accused of having driven his first wife to suicide (by jumping off a bridge) in Henrik Ibsen: all plays: Rosmersholm [.04]
203.02+Bride, Ireland (Cluster: Rivers)
203.02+Horsepass Bridge, over the Liffey river, near Poulaphouca
203.02+a mythical white horse is believed to bring destruction to dwellers of Rosmersholm in Henrik Ibsen: all plays: Rosmersholm [.04]
203.03southerwestern windstorming her traces and the midland's grain-
203.03+the Great Southern and Western Railway Company and the Midland Great Western Railway of Ireland Company have lines running near Liffey in places [552.02]
203.03+Grain (Cluster: Rivers)
203.04waster asarch for her track, to wend her ways byandby, robecca
203.04+Asat (Cluster: Rivers)
203.04+Marriage Ceremony: 'to have and to hold... for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer'
203.04+Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.246: (of Gargantua's pissing) 'son déluge urinal fut tellement abondant "qu'il fist une petite riviere, laquelle on appelle encore de present Robec"' (French 'his urinary flood was so abundant "that it formed a little river, which is still called Robec nowadays"') (Cluster: Rivers)
203.04+Rebecca West published a long essay in 1928 in which she explained why she had mixed feelings about Joyce's writing
203.04+Rebekka West: character in Henrik Ibsen: all plays: Rosmersholm [.02]
203.05or worse, to spin and to grind, to swab and to thrash, for all her
203.06golden lifey in the barleyfields and pennylotts of Humphrey's
203.06+Liffey (Cluster: Rivers)
203.06+VI.B.6.167d (r): 'Barleyfields (Str)'
203.06+Freeman's Journal 11 Feb 1924, 8/6: 'By the Way': 'The Moores, from whom sprang the Earls of Drogheda, obtained a grant of a portion of the lands which were then lying waste and leading out to what were known as the "Barley Fields," on the northern side of Dublin'
203.06+Barley Fields, Dublin, site of Rotunda Hospital (later Rutland Square)
203.06+VI.B.6.157d (r): 'pennylands'
203.06+Dialect pennyland: a measure of land valued at one penny a year
203.06+North Lotts Street and South Lotts Road, Dublin
203.06+VI.B.6.149h (r): 'Humphreystown'
203.06+Humphreystown: townland, County Wicklow
203.06+Humphreystown Bridge, near Poulaphouca
203.07fordofhurdlestown and lie with a landleaper, wellingtonorseher.
203.07+Town of the Ford of the Hurdles: Dublin
203.07+VI.B.6.162j (r): 'landleapers'
203.07+Lawless: The Story of Ireland 56: (Thorgist or Turgesius, a Viking invader of Ireland) 'was not, unfortunately, the last of the Land Leapers!' (i.e. invaders)
203.07+Wellington (Cluster: Rivers)
203.07+Wellington Quay, Dublin (Cluster: Quays in Dublin)
203.07+willing to nurse her
203.07+German Seher: seer
203.08Alesse, the lagos of girly days! For the dove of the dunas! Was-
203.08+Lewis Carroll's Alice
203.08+Lesse (Cluster: Rivers)
203.08+Lagos (Cluster: Rivers)
203.08+French Slang Saint Lago: Saint Lazare prison-cum-hospital for prostitutes, Paris
203.08+Italian lago: lake
203.08+(Holy Ghost)
203.08+Dove (Cluster: Rivers)
203.08+Duna (Danube) (Cluster: Rivers)
203.08+first words sung by Tristan in Wagner's Tristan und Isolde: 'Was ist? Isolde?' (German 'What is it? Isolde?')
203.09ut? Izod? Are you sarthin suir? Not where the Finn fits into the
203.09+Sarthe (Cluster: Rivers)
203.09+Anglo-Irish sarthin shure: certain sure, confident
203.09+Suir (Cluster: Rivers)
203.09+Motif: 4 provinces [.09-.11]
203.09+Finn, Ulster, Ireland (Cluster: Rivers)
203.10Mourne, not where the Nore takes lieve of Blœm, not where the
203.10+Mourne, Ulster, Ireland (Cluster: Rivers)
203.10+Mourne Mountains, County Down, Ulster
203.10+Nore, Munster, Ireland (Cluster: Rivers)
203.10+Dutch lieve: dear, sweet (inflected form of 'lief')
203.10+Lieve Canal, Belgium (Cluster: Rivers)
203.10+Mount Slieve Bloom, Munster, Ireland (the Nore river flows away from)
203.10+Bloem (Cluster: Rivers)
203.10+Dutch bloem: flower
203.10+John Dryden: Alexander's Feast: 'None but the brave deserves the fair'
203.11Braye divarts the Farer, not where the Moy changez her minds
203.11+Bray, Leinster, Ireland (Cluster: Rivers)
203.11+Braye (Cluster: Rivers)
203.11+Divatte (Cluster: Rivers)
203.11+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation divarts: diverts
203.11+Moy, Connacht, Ireland (Cluster: Rivers)
203.12twixt Cullin and Conn tween Cunn and Collin? Or where Neptune
203.12+Lough Cullin and Lough Conn run together (the Moy river drains the former, rather than the latter, which is closer to the sea)
203.12+Colne (Cluster: Rivers)
203.12+Neptune rowing club, Dublin
203.13sculled and Tritonville rowed and leandros three bumped heroines
203.13+Triton, son of Neptune
203.13+Tritonville Road, Dublin
203.13+Leander Boat Club, London
203.13+(*VYC* and *IJ*)
203.13+Hero and Leander
203.14two? Neya, narev, nen, nonni, nos! Then whereabouts in Ow and
203.14+Neya (Cluster: Rivers)
203.14+Narev (Cluster: Rivers)
203.14+Irish ná raibh: that was not
203.14+Nen (Cluster: Rivers)
203.14+Nonni (Cluster: Rivers)
203.14+ballad jingle: 'hey nonny no'
203.14+Nos (Cluster: Rivers)
203.14+Ow (Cluster: Rivers)
203.14+Anglo-Irish ow: river (from Irish abha)
203.15Ovoca? Was it yst with wyst or Lucan Yokan or where the hand
203.15+Avoca (Ovoca) (Cluster: Rivers)
203.15+Ystwith (Cluster: Rivers)
203.15+East with West
203.15+Yokanka (Cluster: Rivers)
203.15+Yukon (Cluster: Rivers)
203.16of man has never set foot? Dell me where, the fairy ferse time! I
203.16+Dell Creek (Cluster: Rivers)
203.16+Motif: dark/fair (fair, dark) [.17]
203.16+Fairy Water (Cluster: Rivers)
203.16+very first
203.16+Ferse (Cluster: Rivers)
203.17will if you listen. You know the dinkel dale of Luggelaw? Well,
203.17+Dinkel (Cluster: Rivers)
203.17+dingle, dale (valleys)
203.17+German dunkel: dark [.16]
203.17+Dingley Dell: country village in Charles Dickens: all works: Pickwick Papers
203.17+Dale (Cluster: Rivers)
203.17+Lugg (Cluster: Rivers)
203.17+VI.B.6.147m (r): 'Luggelaw'
203.17+Saint Kevin retreated to Luggelaw (lake in Wicklow Mountains) before retreating to Glendalough (in both places he was tempted by Cathleen and rejected her; she drowned in the second)
203.17+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song No, Not More Welcome [air: Luggelaw]
203.17+Cluster: Well
203.18there once dwelt a local heremite, Michael Arklow was his river-
203.18+VI.B.6.035h (r): 'the local (pub / priest)'
203.18+German Eremit: hermit
203.18+Motif: The Letter: poor Father Michael
203.19end name, (with many a sigh I aspersed his lavabibs!) and one
203.19+asperged: sprinkled
203.19+Lava (Cluster: Rivers)
203.19+lava beds
203.19+Latin lavabrum: bathtub
203.20venersderg in junojuly, oso sweet and so cool and so limber she
203.20+the Venusberg (Tannhäuser)
203.20+Low Latin dies Veneris: Friday
203.20+Derg (Cluster: Rivers)
203.20+Juna (Cluster: Rivers)
203.20+Juny (Cluster: Rivers)
203.20+June, July
203.20+Oso (Cluster: Rivers)
203.20+O so
203.21looked, Nance the Nixie, Nanon L'Escaut, in the silence, of the sy-
203.21+Nance Creek (Cluster: Rivers)
203.21+nixie: female water sprite
203.21+Abbé Prévost: Manon Lescaut (a 1731 novel, which has been adapted into several operas, most notably by Auber, Massenet and Puccini)
203.21+Ninon l'Enclos: 17th century French courtesan
203.21+Escaut (Cluster: Rivers)
203.21+Sycamore Creek (Cluster: Rivers)
203.22comores, all listening, the kindling curves you simply can't stop
203.22+VI.B.6.097h (r): 'the kind you can't stop kissing'
203.23feeling, he plunged both of his newly anointed hands, the core of
203.23+(washing hands in river)
203.23+(to the core)
203.24his cushlas, in her singimari saffron strumans of hair, parting them
203.24+Anglo-Irish cushla: pulse (endearment)
203.24+Singimari (Cluster: Rivers)
203.24+Struma (Cluster: Rivers)
203.24+struma: swelling
203.24+Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian II.105: Lathmon: 'Strumon' (glossed in a footnote: 'stream of the hill')
203.25and soothing her and mingling it, that was deepdark and ample
203.25+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...deepdark...} | {Png: ...deep-dark...}
203.25+VI.B.1.087e (r): 'deepred' [.26]
203.26like this red bog at sundown. By that Vale Vowclose's lucydlac,
203.26+Motif: 7 colours of rainbow [.26-.29]
203.26+Red, Vietnam (and United States) (Cluster: Rivers)
203.26+red bog: peatbog in central lowlands of Ireland
203.26+Bug (Cluster: Rivers)
203.26+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song By That Lake, Whose Gloomy Shore (about Glendalough)
203.26+Vaucluse (Cluster: Rivers)
203.26+fountain of Vaucluse, where Petrarch lived
203.26+Lucy Creek (Cluster: Rivers)
203.26+John Milton: other works: Lycidas [.28] [.30]
203.27the reignbeau's heavenarches arronged orranged her. Afroth-
203.27+reigning beau
203.27+Arrone (Cluster: Rivers)
203.27+L'Arronge: 19th century German dramatist
203.27+arranged around
203.27+Orange (Cluster: Rivers)
203.28dizzying galbs, her enamelled eyes indergoading him on to the
203.28+Latin galbus: German gelb: yellow
203.28+John Milton: other works: Lycidas 139: 'enameld eyes' [.26]
203.28+emerald (green)
203.28+(blue eyes)
203.28+Eye, Scotland (Cluster: Rivers)
203.28+to the verge of violating
203.29vierge violetian. Wish a wish! Why a why? Mavro! Letty Lerck's
203.29+French vierge: virgin
203.29+(wish on seeing rainbow)
203.29+Anglo-Irish wisha: well, indeed
203.29+Dublin Slang wish: female genitalia
203.29+Motif: mishe/tauf [.30]
203.29+Mavri (Cluster: Rivers)
203.29+Mavrodaphne, a Greek wine [.30]
203.30lafing light throw those laurals now on her daphdaph teasesong
203.30+laughing right through
203.30+Laura, to whom Petrarch wrote sonnets [.31]
203.30+John Milton: other works: Lycidas 1: 'ye Laurels' [.26]
203.30+Motif: tree/stone (laurel, rock) [.31]
203.30+Daphne: in Greek mytholgy, a river nymph who turned into laurel tree
203.30+tauf [.29]
203.30+Tees (Cluster: Rivers)
203.31petrock. Maass! But the majik wavus has elfun anon meshes.
203.31+Saint Petrock: patron saint of Devon and Cornwall (Cornish Petroc: Patrick)
203.31+Petrarch: 14th century poet, became poet laureate of Padua in 1341 and was accordingly crowned with a wreath of laurels [.30]
203.31+Matthew 16:18: 'thou art Peter and upon this rock'
203.31+rock [.30]
203.31+Maas, Netherlands (Cluster: Rivers)
203.31+Kiswahili maji: water
203.31+Kiswahili wavu: net
203.31+Kiswahili elfu: thousand
203.31+1001 (The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night)
203.31+eleven and one (Motif: 111)
203.31+meshes of a net
203.31+Mesha (Cluster: Rivers)
203.32And Simba the Slayer of his Oga is slewd. He cuddle not help
203.32+Kiswahili simba: lion
203.32+Simba Uranga (Cluster: Rivers)
203.32+pantomime Sinbad the Sailor
203.32+Siva the Slayer: Hindu god of destruction
203.32+Kiswahili oga: to bathe; cowardice, fear
203.32+Ogi (Cluster: Rivers)
203.33himself, thurso that hot on him, he had to forget the monk in
203.33+Thurso (Cluster: Rivers)
203.33+VI.B.6.142i (r): 'forgot the priest in the man'
203.34the man so, rubbing her up and smoothing her down, he baised
203.34+(drinking from river)
203.34+Baïse, France (Cluster: Rivers)
203.34+French baiser: kiss
203.35his lippes in smiling mood, kiss akiss after kisokushk (as he
203.35+Lippe (Cluster: Rivers)
203.35+French lippe: thick (lower) lip
203.35+Acis (Cluster: Rivers)
203.35+Kiso (Cluster: Rivers)
203.35+Irish coisceadh: stop, enough
203.35+Kushk (Cluster: Rivers)
203.36warned her niver to, niver to, nevar) on Anna-na-Poghue's of
203.36+Nive (Cluster: Rivers)
203.36+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation niver: never
203.36+Neva (Cluster: Rivers)
203.36+Portuguese nevar: to snow
203.36+Boucicault: Arrah-na-Pogue (Anglo-Irish pogue: kiss) [279.F08]

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