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215.01them. Is that the Poolbeg flasher beyant, pharphar, or a fireboat
215.01+Poolbeg lighthouse, Dublin
215.01+Ulster Pronunciation beyant: beyond
215.01+Pharphar (Cluster: Rivers)
215.01+Greek pharos: lighthouse
215.01+far, far
215.02coasting nyar the Kishtna or a glow I behold within a hedge or
215.02+Nyar (Cluster: Rivers)
215.02+Kish lightship off Dublin
215.02+Kistna (Cluster: Rivers)
215.03my Garry come back from the Indes? Wait till the honeying of
215.03+Garry (Cluster: Rivers)
215.03+Indus (Cluster: Rivers)
215.03+VI.B.16.129j (r): 'rising of moon'
215.03+(honey colour of the moon)
215.04the lune, love! Die eve, little eve, die! We see that wonder in
215.04+Lune (Cluster: Rivers)
215.04+French lune: moon
215.04+Gipsy die: mother (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 28)
215.04+German die: the
215.04+children's game Die die little dog die (James Joyce: Ulysses.11.1019)
215.04+children's game She's dead, little Eve, little Eve, she's dead
215.04+Archaic eve: evening
215.05your eye. We'll meet again, we'll part once more. The spot I'll
215.05+(strange things are seen in the eyes of persons on the point of death)
215.05+Eye, Scotland (Cluster: Rivers)
215.05+Motif: time/space (spot, hour)
215.06seek if the hour you'll find. My chart shines high where the blue
215.06+(star chart)
215.07milk's upset. Forgivemequick, I'm going! Bubye! And you,
215.07+Milk (Cluster: Rivers)
215.07+(Milky Way)
215.07+Bubye (Cluster: Rivers)
215.07+bye, bye!
215.08pluck your watch, forgetmenot. Your evenlode. So save to
215.08+Archaic even: evening
215.08+Evenlode (Cluster: Rivers)
215.08+lodestar: guiding star
215.08+Save, France (Cluster: Rivers)
215.09jurna's end! My sights are swimming thicker on me by the sha-
215.09+Jurua (Cluster: Rivers)
215.10dows to this place. I sow home slowly now by own way, moy-
215.10+I'll go
215.10+Sow (Cluster: Rivers)
215.10+(by my own way)
215.10+Moy (Cluster: Rivers)
215.10+Moyvally, County Kildare, just south of Royal Canal (which runs on left (northern) bank of the Liffey river)
215.11valley way. Towy I too, rathmine.
215.11+Valley (Cluster: Rivers)
215.11+VI.B.1.180e (r): 'Talweg deepest line along valley'
215.11+The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XI, 'Geography', 634c: 'talweg, a word introduced from the German into French and English, and meaning the deepest line along the valley, which is necessarily occupied by a stream unless the valley is dry' (German Talweg: valley way)
215.11+Towy (Cluster: Rivers)
215.11+so will I too by mine
215.11+Rathmines: district of Dublin, just south of Grand Canal (which runs on right (southern) bank of the Liffey river)
215.12     Ah, but she was the queer old skeowsha anyhow, Anna Livia,
215.12+{{Synopsis: I.8.1B.E: [215.12-216.05]: back to ALP and HCE — transformation into tree and stone at nightfall}}
215.12+Anglo-Irish old skeowsha: old friend, old darling
215.13trinkettoes! And sure he was the quare old buntz too, Dear Dirty
215.13+trinket toes
215.13+VI.B.6.100e (r): '*A* twinkletoes'
215.13+Quare (Cluster: Rivers)
215.13+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation quare: queer
215.13+VI.B.1.012m (r): 'buntz = pal'
215.13+Motif: Dear Dirty Dublin
215.14Dumpling, foostherfather of fingalls and dotthergills. Gammer
215.14+dumpling: short and rounded person
215.14+Anglo-Irish fooster: bungler; confusion; flurry, fluster, great fuss
215.14+Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian II.1: Fingal (Fingal is Macpherson's name for Finn)
215.14+Fingel (Cluster: Rivers)
215.14+Motif: Gall/Gael (Viking foreigner/Irish native)
215.14+Dialect gill: glen, brook
215.14+gammer: rustic title for an old woman [.15]
215.15and gaffer we're all their gangsters. Hadn't he seven dams to wive
215.15+VI.B.1.031g (r): 'gaffer robs gangster'
215.15+gaffer: the foreman of a gang of workmen (i.e. gangsters)
215.15+gaffer: rustic title for an old man [.14]
215.15+VI.B.1.066a (r): '7 dams to wive him'
215.15+VI.B.1.006a (r): '7 wives (S Ives)'
215.15+nursery rhyme As I Was Going to Saint Ives: 'As I was going to Saint Ives, I met a man with seven wives, Each wife had seven sacks, Each sack had seven cats, Each cat had seven kits: Kits, cats, sacks and wives, How many were there going to Saint Ives?' (answer: 'none' or 'one', depending on how you read the last two lines, not '2800' or '2802', as all but the speaker were going in the opposite direction) [106.31]
215.16him? And every dam had her seven crutches. And every crutch
215.17had its seven hues. And each hue had a differing cry. Sudds for
215.17+phrase hue and cry
215.17+The Sudd: mass of floating vegetation in the Nile river
215.17+suds: soapy water
215.17+Slang suds: ale
215.17+children's game Ring-a-ring-o'-roses: 'One for me, and one for you, and one for little Moses'
215.18me and supper for you and the doctor's bill for Joe John. Befor!
215.18+VI.B.1.059j (r): 'John Joe' [245.21]
215.18+[213.14] [587.01]
215.18+before! before!
215.19Bifur! He married his markets, cheap by foul, I know, like any
215.19+Biferno (Cluster: Rivers)
215.19+cheek by jowl
215.20Etrurian Catholic Heathen, in their pinky limony creamy birnies
215.20+ECH (Motif: HCE)
215.20+(colours of the colour-band seen by moonlight, so that all their dresses are in their light shades)
215.20+Motif: 7 colours of rainbow [.20-.21]
215.20+Pink, Canada (Cluster: Rivers)
215.20+pink (light red)
215.20+Lim (Cluster: Rivers)
215.20+lemon (light orange)
215.20+cream (light yellow)
215.20+McBirney's: draper's store on Aston Quay, Dublin
215.20+German Birnen: pears (light green)
215.20+burnous: women's hooded cloak or mantle (resembling an Arabian garment of the same name)
215.21and their turkiss indienne mauves. But at milkidmass who was
215.21+Danish turkis: turquoise (light blue)
215.21+Indian (Cluster: Rivers)
215.21+(light) indigo
215.21+Milk (Cluster: Rivers)
215.21+mauve (light violet)
215.21+Michaelmas: 29 September (a popular date for fairs) [.22]
215.22the spouse? Then all that was was fair. Tys Elvenland! Teems of
215.22+[261.02-.05] [614.07-.09]
215.22+Danish tys: hush!
215.22+Bartholomew's Handy Gazetteer: 'Tys Elv' (Cluster: Rivers)
215.22+Danish elve: small river
215.22+Elfenland (Cluster: Rivers)
215.22+Dutch elvenland: fairyland
215.22+Tees (Cluster: Rivers)
215.22+Teme (Cluster: Rivers)
215.22+Motif: Teems of times and happy returns, the seim anew, ordovico or viricordo [.22-.23]
215.23times and happy returns. The seim anew. Ordovico or viricordo.
215.23+Many happy returns. The same to you.
215.23+Seim (Cluster: Rivers)
215.23+Motif: new/same
215.23+Ordovician rocks near Dublin
215.23+Vico's order
215.23+Italian vi ricordo: I remember you; I remind you of something
215.23+ricorsi storici of Vico
215.24Anna was, Livia is, Plurabelle's to be. Northmen's thing made
215.24+ALP (Motif: ALP)
215.24+proverb Limerick was, Dublin is and Cork shall be, the finest city of the three
215.24+the high place on which the Norwegian Thing (parliament) held its meetings in Dublin has now become the site of Saint Andrew's on Suffolk Street
215.25southfolk's place but howmulty plurators made eachone in per-
215.25+'What number of places will make things into persons?' (play on the statement that a "substantive" is the name of a person, a place or a thing) [.27]
215.26son? Latin me that, my trinity scholard, out of eure sanscreed into
215.26+(dactylic octometer with caesura after 'scholard')
215.26+Trinity, United States (Cluster: Rivers)
215.26+Trinity College, Dublin
215.26+Eure, France (Cluster: Rivers)
215.26+Spanish San: Saint
215.26+French sans: without
215.26+Sanskrit (an Aryan language)
215.26+screed: a gossiping letter or piece of writing
215.27oure eryan! Hircus Civis Eblanensis! He had buckgoat paps on
215.27+Our (Cluster: Rivers)
215.27+(Erin's language, i.e. Irish)
215.27+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...eryan! Hircus...} | {Png: ...eryan. Hircus...}
215.27+HCE (Motif: HCE)
215.27+Latin Hircus civis Eblanensis: goat citizen of Dublin (goat: thing; citizen: person; Dublin: place) [.25]
215.27+VI.B.1.006e (r): '*E* has paps' (Motif: lactating male)
215.27+primitive adoption ceremony of sucking male paps or nipples (Saint Patrick refused to submit to it) (Motif: lactating male)
215.27+(Ellmann: James Joyce 464n: 'Joyce remarked that he liked women to have breasts like a she-goat's')
215.28him, soft ones for orphans. Ho, Lord! Twins of his bosom. Lord
215.28+Ho (Cluster: Rivers)
215.28+Chinese ho: river [.28] [.29] [.32] [.34] [.36]
215.28+(Motif: lactating male)
215.29save us! And ho! Hey? What all men. Hot? His tittering daugh-
215.29+Save, France (Cluster: Rivers)
215.29+his tits (Motif: lactating male)
215.30ters of. Whawk?
215.31     Can't hear with the waters of. The chittering waters of. Flitter-
215.31+(with the banks growing wider apart, the washerwomen have difficulty hearing each other)
215.31+Anglo-Irish chittering: constantly complaining
215.31+(misheard) [.29-.30]
215.31+VI.B.10.091a (r): 'a bat flitters'
215.32ing bats, fieldmice bawk talk. Ho! Are you not gone ahome?
215.32+German Fledermaus: bat
215.32+Colloquial back-talk: an impertinent reply
215.32+(echo, used by bats)
215.33What Thom Malone? Can't hear with bawk of bats, all thim liffey-
215.33+(misheard) [.32]
215.33+Thom Malone [331.12]
215.33+Motif: Tom/Tim
215.33+(echoed below, in reverse order) [.35-.36]
215.33+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation thim: them
215.33+Liffey (Cluster: Rivers)
215.34ing waters of. Ho, talk save us! My foos won't moos. I feel as old
215.34+Save, France (Cluster: Rivers)
215.34+German Fuß: foot
215.34+foot won't move
215.34+Oos (Cluster: Rivers)
215.34+Moose (Cluster: Rivers)
215.34+German Moos: moss
215.35as yonder elm. A tale told of Shaun or Shem? All Livia's daughter-
215.35+Elm (Cluster: Rivers)
215.35+Motif: tree/stone [216.01]
215.35+(misheard) [.34-.35]
215.35+William Shakespeare: Macbeth V.5.25-26: 'a tale Told by an idiot'
215.35+Shem and Shaun: nicknames of James and John Ford, two feeble-minded Dublin hangers-on, who lived on the North Strand and were famous for their incomprehensible speech and shuffling gait (Motif: Shem/Shaun)
215.35+(echoed above, in reverse order) [.32-.33]
215.35+(the dead Irish)
215.36sons. Dark hawks hear us. Night! Night! My ho head halls. I feel
215.36+my old head falls
215.36+Halls Creek, Australia (Cluster: Rivers)
215.36+German hallen: to echo, to resound

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