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226.01The pearlagraph, the pearlagraph, knew whitchly whether to weep
226.02or laugh. For always down in Carolinas lovely Dinahs vaunt their
226.02+song Dinah: 'in Carolina'
226.04     Poor Isa sits a glooming so gleaming in the gloaming; the tin-
226.04+{{Synopsis: II.1.2.J: [226.04-226.20]: poor Isa — looking for her man}}
226.04+children's game ('circle' game) 'Poor Mary sits a-weeping'
226.04+VI.B.33.195a (k): 'Isa Izod'
226.04+Isa Bowman: child-friend of Lewis Carroll and author of Bowman: The Story of Lewis Carroll [.07]
226.04+song Roaming in the Gloaming
226.04+French étincelles: sparks
226.05celles a touch tarnished wind no lovelinoise awound her swan's.
226.05+lovely noose
226.06Hey, lass! Woefear gleam she so glooming, this pooripathete I
226.06+French hélas: alas
226.06+Lewis Carroll's Alice
226.06+German wofür: what for
226.07solde? Her beauman's gone of a cool. Be good enough to symper-
226.07+Isa Bowman: child-friend of Lewis Carroll and author of Bowman: The Story of Lewis Carroll [.04]
226.07+Cant bowman: fancy man
226.07+Finn was the son of Cool (Cumhal)
226.07+VI.B.33.195b (k): 'be good enough to tremble'
226.07+Bowman: The Story of Lewis Carroll 31: (letter from Lewis Carroll to Isa Bowman) 'Oh, you naughty, naughty, bad wicked little girl! You forgot to put a stamp on your letter, and your poor old uncle had to pay TWOPENCE! His last Twopence! Think of that. I shall punish you severely for this when once I get you here. So tremble! Do you hear? Be good enough to tremble!'
226.08ise. If he's at anywhere she's therefor to join him. If it's to no-
226.08+VI.B.33.082c (r): 'if it's to nowhere I'm coming too' (VI.B.33.175d (g): ' if it's to nowhere I'm going too')
226.08+Young: Trial of Frederick Bywaters and Edith Thompson 12: (letter from Edith Thompson to Bywaters, trial exhibit 50) 'if things are the same again then I am going with you — wherever it is — if its to sea — I am coming too and if it is to nowhere — I'm also coming darlint'
226.08+song Still I love him, Can't deny it: 'And if he goes nowhere, I'll go there as well'
226.09where she's going to too. Buf if he'll go to be a son to France's
226.09+(as a young man, Joyce left Ireland for France in 1903)
226.09+Saint Francis of Assisi
226.10she'll stay daughter of Clare. Bring tansy, throw myrtle, strew
226.10+Saint Clare of Assisi founded the order of Poor Clares (Franciscan nuns; James Joyce: Ulysses.12.1685: 'daughters of Clara')
226.10+(stay in Ireland)
226.10+County Clare
226.11rue, rue, rue. She is fading out like Journee's clothes so you can't
226.11+French journée: day, daytime
226.11+children's game ('line' game) Jenny Jones: 'You can't see her now'
226.12see her now. Still we know how Day the Dyer works, in dims
226.13and deeps and dusks and darks. And among the shades that Eve's
226.14now wearing she'll meet anew fiancy, tryst and trow. Mammy
226.14+new fancy
226.15was, Mimmy is, Minuscoline's to be. In the Dee dips a dame and
226.15+Italian minuscoline: very tiny (feminine plural)
226.15+Dee river
226.16the dame desires a demselle but the demselle dresses dolly and
226.17the dolly does a dulcydamble. The same renew. For though
226.17+Latin dulce: sweetly
226.17+Motif: new/same
226.18she's unmerried she'll after truss up and help that hussyband how
226.18+trousseau: the possessions (clothes, linen, jewelry, etc.) that a bride collects for her wedding day and married life
226.18+dress up
226.18+(band of hussies)
226.19to hop. Hip it and trip it and chirrub and sing. Lord Chuffy's sky
226.19+chirrup: to chirp repeatedly in a lively manner
226.19+cherub [.20]
226.19+cheer up
226.19+VI.B.32.186f (r): 'Chief Chuffy'
226.19+American sky sheriff: a law officer patrolling a county in an airplane (1920s or earlier)
226.19+high sheriff
226.20sheraph and Glugg's got to swing.
226.20+seraph [.19]
226.20+Colloquial swing: to be hanged
226.21     So and so, toe by toe, to and fro they go round, for they are the
226.21+{{Synopsis: II.1.2.K: [226.21-227.18]: the girls' double rainbow dance — forth and back through time}}
226.21+Motif: So and so
226.21+two by two
226.22ingelles, scattering nods as girls who may, for they are an angel's
226.22+Yiddish yingelles: boy's
226.22+children's game ('line' game) Here We Go Gathering Nuts in May
226.23+Swedenborg discusses angels' garments in Heaven and Hell
226.24     Catchmire stockings, libertyed garters, shoddyshoes, quicked
226.24+Motif: alliteration (s, p, f, l, n, r) [.24-.29]
226.24+Liberty's: London department store ('Liberty' was used attributively to designate their textiles)
226.24+tricked out: decked
226.25out with selver. Pennyfair caps on pinnyfore frocks and a ring on
226.25+Italian selve: woods
226.25+Colloquial pinny: pinafore
226.26her fomefing finger. And they leap so looply, looply, as they link
226.26+children's game ('circle' game) Lubin: 'Here we come looby, looby, Here we come looby light, Here we come looby, looby, All on a Saturday night'
226.26+Dutch loopen: to walk, to go
226.26+Dutch links: left
226.27to light. And they look so loovely, loovelit, noosed in a nuptious
226.27+Slang noose: to marry; to hang
226.28night. Withasly glints in. Andecoy glants out. They ramp it a
226.28+with a sly glance in and a coy glance out
226.28+children's game ('circle' game) Lubin: 'Put your left foot in, Put your right foot out, Shake it a little, a little, a little, and turn youself about'
226.29little, a lessle, a lissle. Then rompride round in rout.
226.29+Alice P. Liddell: child-friend of Lewis Carroll and model for Lewis Carroll's Alice
226.29+right round
226.30     Say them all but tell them apart, cadenzando coloratura! R is
226.30+Italian cadenzato: rhythmical
226.30+coloratura: florid ornaments in vocal music, runs, trills
226.30+Italian coloratura: colouring
226.30+acrostic: RAYNBOW [227.14]
226.31Rubretta and A is Arancia, Y is for Yilla and N for greeneriN. B
226.31+Motif: 7 colours of rainbow [.31-.33]
226.31+Italian rubretta: red (feminine)
226.31+Italian arancia: orange (feminine)
226.31+Anglo-Irish Erin: Ireland
226.32is Boyblue with odalisque O while W waters the fleurettes of no-
226.32+nursery rhyme Little Boy Blue
226.32+odalisque: concubine in Eastern harem
226.32+French fleurettes: little flowers
226.32+VI.B.32.195a (r): 'in fond novembrance'
226.32+William Shakespeare: Hamlet IV.5.174: 'rosemary, that's for remembrance' (purple flower, in bloom in November)
226.33vembrance. Though they're all but merely a schoolgirl yet these
226.33+children's game ('circle' game) When I was a young girl: 'This way went I'
226.34way went they. I' th' view o' th'avignue dancing goes entrancing
226.34+VI.B.33.063b (r): 'Avignon'
226.34+Verrimst: Rondes et Chansons Populaires 50: song Sur le Pont d'Avignon: 'Sur le pont d'Avignon, Tout le monde y danse, danse; Sur le pont d'Avignon, Tout le monde y danse en rond. Les beaux messieurs font comm' ça, Et puis encor' comm' ça' (French song On the Bridge of Avignon: 'On the bridge of Avignon, Everybody dances, dances; On the bridge of Avignon, Everybody dances round. The pretty misters do like so, And then again like so'; also 'beaux messieurs' is replaced in some versions with 'bell's dames', vocations, etc.) [226.34-227.01]
226.34+in the view of the avenue
226.35roundly. Miss Oodles of Anems before the Luvium doeslike. So.
226.35+oodles of names
226.35+Irish ainm: name
226.35+Anna... Livia
226.35+antediluvian: belonging to period before the Flood
226.35+Luvius: Ptolemy's name for the Lee river, Cork
226.35+VI.B.33.126c (r): 'like so'
226.36And then again doeslike. So. And miss Endles of Eons efter Dies
226.36+Miss [.35]
226.36+song Dies Irae

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