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227.01of Eirae doeslike. So. And then again doeslike. So. The many
227.01+William Shakespeare: The Merry Wives of Windsor (also an opera by Nicolai)
227.02wiles of Winsure.
227.03     The grocer's bawd she slips her hand in the haricot bag, the
227.03+(the seven girls as women in later life)
227.03+VI.B.32.074b (r): 'bawd = landlady'
227.03+Jabotinsky: Samson the Nazarite 9: (of biblical times) 'at that time the inns were kept by women of the unattached prostitute class; the words "inn-keeper" and "bawd" were synonymous'
227.03+French haricot: bean
227.04lady in waiting sips her sup from the paraffin can, Mrs Wildhare
227.05Quickdoctor helts her skelts up the casuaway the flasht instinct
227.05+quack doctor
227.05+helter skelter
227.05+holds her skirt up
227.05+(lightning) flash
227.05+first instant
227.06she herds if a tinkle of tunder, the widow Megrievy she knits cats'
227.06+hears of
227.06+children's game Cat's cradle
227.07cradles, this bountiful actress leashes a harrier under her tongue,
227.07+(greyhound on Irish sixpence)
227.08and here's the girl who she's kneeled in coldfashion and she's told
227.09her priest (spt!) she's pot on a chap (chp!) and this lass not least,
227.09+Ch. Ch.: abbreviation for Christ Church, frequently used by Lewis Carroll [.14]
227.10this rickissime woman, who she writes foot fortunes money times
227.10+Italian ricchissime: very rich (feminine plural)
227.10+(reads palms)
227.11over in the nursery dust with her capital thumb. Buzz. All run-
227.11+Slang dust: money
227.11+VI.B.31.185d (r): 'Buzz (7)'
227.11+Douglas: London Street Games 25: 'Buzz — 'One player counts one then the next says two and so. Every 5 the player instead says buzz —' (children's game)
227.12away sheep bound back bopeep, trailing their teenes behind
227.12+nursery rhyme 'Little Bo Peep She lost her sheep... dragging their tails behind them'
227.12+Archaic teen: trouble, grief
227.12+Dutch teen: toe; osier-twig
227.13them. And these ways wend they. And those ways went they.
227.13+children's game ('circle' game) When I was a young girl: 'This way went I'
227.14Winnie, Olive and Beatrice, Nelly and Ida, Amy and Rue. Here
227.14+acronym: WOBNIAR (RAINBOW reversed) [226.30]
227.14+children friends of Lewis Carroll: Winnie (Winfred) Stevens, Beatrice Hatch, Beatrice Earle, Nelly Bowman, Amy Hughes
227.15they come back, all the gay pack, for they are the florals, from
227.16foncey and pansey to papavere's blush, foresake-me-nought,
227.16+Motif: 7 colours of rainbow [.16-.18]
227.16+French foncé: darkened (indigo)
227.16+pansy: flower of the genus Viola (violet)
227.16+Pascal: Pensées
227.16+Italian papavero: poppy (red)
227.16+forget-me-not (blue)
227.17while there's leaf there's hope, with primtim's ruse and marry-
227.17+proverb While there's life there's hope
227.17+leaf (green)
227.17+primrose (yellow)
227.17+marigold (orange)
227.18may's blossom, all the flowers of the ancelles' garden.
227.18+French Slang ancelle: whore
227.18+Archaic ancille: handmaid
227.19     But vicereversing thereout from those palms of perfection to
227.19+{{Synopsis: II.1.2.L: [227.19-228.02]: his disgrace, torment and rage — he rages and lashes out}}
227.19+vice versa
227.19+VI.B.33.196f (k): 'reversi'
227.19+Bowman: The Story of Lewis Carroll 42: (from a diary of Isa Bowman's visit to Oxford, written by Lewis Carroll) 'In the evening they played at "Reversi"' (a game in which captured units are turned upside down to show the captor's colour)
227.20anger arbour, treerack monatan, scroucely out of scout of ocean,
227.20+VI.B.33.174f (g): 'anger chamber'
227.20+tree, rock (Motif: tree/stone)
227.20+Three Rock Mountain, Dublin
227.20+German Monat: month
227.20+Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian II.34: Fingal II: 'the scout of ocean came, Moran the son of Fithil'
227.21virid with woad, what tornaments of complementary rages rocked
227.21+Latin viridis: green
227.21+livid with woe
227.21+VI.B.32.177c (r): 'woad'
227.21+woad: a blue dye
227.21+Dutch woede: fury
227.21+Dutch toorn: anger
227.21+Old Norse Ragnarøkr: destruction of the Norse gods
227.22the divlun from his punchpoll to his tummy's shentre as he dis-
227.22+The Devil's Punchbowl, chasm near Killarney
227.22+Slang poll: head
227.22+tummy's centre (navel)
227.22+Burns: Tam O'Shanter (also hat)
227.22+shent: disgrace
227.22+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation shentre: centre
227.23plaid all the oathword science of his visible disgrace. He was
227.23+Catechism: 'an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace' (definition of a sacrament of the Catholic Church [.29-.36]; Cluster: 7 Sacraments)
227.24feeling so funny and floored for the cue, all over which girls as
227.24+VI.A.0001b (b): 'I'm feeling so funny all over the same, all through a girl & I don't know her name'
227.24+song It's Lovely to Be in Love: 'I'm feeling so funny, all over the same... It's all through a boy, and I don't know his name' [.24-.26]
227.24+(actor's cue)
227.25he don't know whose hue. If goosseys gazious would but fain
227.25+who's who
227.25+goodness gracious
227.25+VI.A.0001c ( ): 'goosey'
227.25+song It's Lovely to Be in Love: 'I giggled and then I said, "You are a goose." He said, "Yes, and I feel goosey too."' [.24-.26]
227.26smile him a smile he would be fondling a praise he ate some nice
227.26+VI.A.0001f (b): 'smiled me a smile'
227.26+song It's Lovely to Be in Love: 'Then I smiled and he smiled me a smile' [.24-.26]
227.26+fondly appreciate
227.26+VI.A.0001d (b): 'nice bit of fluff'
227.27bit of fluff. But no geste reveals the unconnouth. They're all
227.27+Slang bit of fluff: girl
227.27+A Little Bit of Fluff: a silent comedy film (1928), based on a farce by W.W. Ellis (1915)
227.27+Beau Geste: a silent adventure film (1926), based on a novel by P.C. Wren (1924)
227.27+VI.A.0001g (b): 'geste revèle l'inconnu'
227.27+French geste revèle l'inconnu: gesture reveals the unknown [535.03]
227.28odds against him, the beasties. Scratch. Start.
227.28+phrase start from scratch
227.29     He dove his head into Wat Murrey, gave Stewart Ryall a puck
227.29+baptism (Cluster: 7 Sacraments)
227.29+(Scottish names) [227.29-228.02]
227.29+confirmation (Cluster: 7 Sacraments)
227.29+VI.B.32.175a (r): 'Stuart royal — dress' (dash dittoes 'Stuart'; only first two words crayoned)
227.29+Stuart: a royal family
227.29+Anglo-Irish puck: box (from Irish poc: sharp, sudden blow)
227.30on the plexus, wrestled a hurry-come-union with the Gillie Beg,
227.30+(solar plexus)
227.30+eucharist (Cluster: 7 Sacraments)
227.30+Holy Communion
227.30+Anglo-Irish gillie beg: little lad
227.30+Motif: Gaping Gill
227.31wiped all his sinses, martial and menial, out of Shrove Sundy
227.31+penance (Cluster: 7 Sacraments)
227.31+sins, mortal and venial
227.31+Shrove-tide: the three days preceding Ash Wednesday, a period of confession, absolution and merrymaking just prior to Lent, especially so on Shrove Tuesday (from Archaic shrove: confessed, made penance)
227.32MacFearsome, excremuncted as freely as any frothblower into
227.32+Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian
227.32+extreme unction (Cluster: 7 Sacraments)
227.32+emuncted: blew nose
227.33MacIsaac, had a belting bout, chaste to chaste, with McAdoo
227.33+VI.B.32.002a (b): 'macIsaacs'
227.33+matrimony (Cluster: 7 Sacraments)
227.33+chest to chest
227.33+just in jest
227.33+William Shakespeare: Much Ado about Nothing
227.34about nothing and, childhood's age being aye the shameleast, tel
227.34+tell a lie
227.35a Tartaran tastarin toothsome tarrascone tourtoun, vestimentiv-
227.35+Provençal tartarin: monkey
227.35+Alphonse Daudet: Tartarin de Tarascon (hero has split personality)
227.35+tarte tatin: a famous type of caramelised apple tart
227.35+Italian tastare: to touch, to feel
227.35+Provençal tastarin: somewhat
227.35+according to Keating, a 17th century Irish historian, the Coronation Stone (a.k.a. Stone of Scone) in the Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey is Lia Fáil, the stone on which Irish kings were crowned at Tara, brought to London by Edward I from Scone, Scotland, where it was on loan
227.35+Provençal tourtons: small cakes for children
227.35+Latin Artificial vestimentivorus: clothes eater
227.36orous chlamydophagian, imbretellated himself for any time un-
227.36+Greek chlamydophagos: cloak eater
227.36+imbrate: defile
227.36+Italian bretelle: suspenders, braces
227.36+holy orders (Cluster: 7 Sacraments)

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