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266.01boxomeness of the bedelias1 makes hobby-
266.01+Latin Obedientia Civium Urbis Felicitas: Citizens' Obedience is City's Happiness (Motif: Obedientia Civium Urbis Felicitas (Dublin motto))
266.01+box hedge
266.01+dahlias (among the earwig's favoured food sources)
266.02hodge happy in his hole.2 The store and
266.02+Hodge: any rustic
266.02+Star and Garter: common pub name
266.03charter, Treetown Castle under Lynne. Riva-
266.03+VI.C.2.177g (o): 'treetown'
266.03+(the Dublin coat of arms shows three burning castles)
266.03+VI.C.2.176g (o): 'CFd made a city newcastle under Lyme'
266.03+Newcastle-under-Lyme: town, England (the town got its charter from Henry II in 1173)
266.03+Irish linn: pool, lake, sea
266.03+Italian riva: bank, shore
266.03+river, pool
266.04pool? Hod a brieck on it! But its piers eerie,
266.04+Hod: 8th sephirah (Majesty)
266.04+not a bit of it!
266.04+Motif: Persse O'Reilly
266.04+song Dies Irae
266.05its span spooky, its toll but a till, its parapets
266.06all peripateting. D'Oblong's by his by. Which
266.06+peripatetic: itinerant
266.06+May Oblong: Dublin prostitute
266.06+Danish by: town
266.07we all pass. Tons. In our snoo. Znore. While
266.07+Latin pons: bridge
266.07+Czech snu: dream
266.08we hickerwards the thicker. Schein. Schore.
266.08+Archaic hitherwards: towards this place, hither
266.08+Archaic thither: towards that place, thitherwards
266.08+German Schein: shining, seeming
266.08+German schore: to prop, to support
266.09Which assoars us from the murk of the mythe-
266.09+methylated spirits: spirits mixed with methyl alcohol to render them unfit for drinking and suitable for other uses (e.g. lighting lamps)
266.09+Greek methysos: drunk
266.10lated in the barrabelowther, bedevere butlered
266.10+bar below there
266.10+Babel Tower
266.10+Bedevere: King Arthur's butler; knight of the Round Table
266.11table round, past Morningtop's necessity and
266.11+Wace (Arthurian): 'the Table Round'
266.11+(past breakfast room and toilet)
266.11+Anglo-Irish phrase top of the morning
266.11+Lord Mornington: father of the Duke of Wellington
266.12Harington's invention, to the clarience of the
266.12+Dutch harington: herring-tub, herring-barrel
266.12+VI.C.2.158e (o): 'Sir John Haigtas invents WC (asimoan)' (last word not crayoned)
266.12+Heard: Narcissus, An Anatomy of Clothes 92: 'a sharpened perception (which drove that typical Elizabethan, Sir John Harrington, with his almost Minoan figure, to reinvent the Minoan's masterpiece, the water-closet)'
266.13childlight in the studiorium upsturts. Here
266.13+(children's study upstairs)
266.13+German Sturz: fall, overthrow
266.13+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Love and the Novice: 'Here we dwell, in holiest bowers' [air: Cean Dubh Delish] [.F05]
266.14we'll dwell on homiest powers, love at the
266.14+John Keats: Isabella: 'He knew whose gentle hand was at the latch'
266.15latch with novices nig and nag. The chorus:
266.15+Swiss German nigelnagelneu: brand new
266.16the principals. For the rifocillation of their
266.16+Motif: -ation (*O*; 4 times) [.16-.17]
266.16+Italian rifocillare: cheer up , revive
266.17inclination to the manifestation of irritation:
266.18doldorboys and doll.3 After sound, light and
266.18+Dolder: a high part of Zurich (and the name of a hotel situated there)
266.19heat, memory, will and understanding.
266.20     Here (the memories framed from walls are
266.20+{{Synopsis: II.2.3.A: [266.20-267.11] [266.F06-267.F03] [266.L01-267.L03] [266.R01-266.R06]: in the room — the two boys and the girl}}
266.20+(framed portraits on the wall)
266.21minding) till wranglers for wringwrowdy
266.21+Cambridge Colloquial wrangler: a student placed in the first class in the mathematical tripos (final honours examination for a B.A. degree in mathematics)
266.22wready are, F F, (at gaze, respecting, four-
266.22+VI.B.3.010f (r): 'the lette F.'
266.22+VI.C.1.109b (r): === VI.B.11.039d ( ): 'F F (talking together)'
266.22+Frédéric Queyrat: Les Jeux des Enfants: 'Il fit aussi un F tourné du mauvais côte, et retraçant la forme correcte du côte gauche, F F, il s'écria: "Ils causent ensemble"' (French 'He also made an F turned the wrong way, and retracing the correct form on the left, F F, he exclaimed: "They chat together")
266.22+(three pairs of rotated F's) [018.36] [121.03] [121.07]
266.22+face to face
266.22+Heraldry respecting: (of charges) facing (usually followed by 'each other')
266.23teenth baronet, meet, altrettanth bancorot,
266.23+meet: proper (Heraldry proper: naturally coloured, rather than using conventional heraldic tinctures)
266.23+Mutt [.24]
266.23+wheat, chaff
266.23+Italian altrettanto: just as much
266.23+Italian banco: school desk
266.23+Italian bancarotta: bankruptcy
266.24chaff) and ere commence commencement cata-
266.24+Heraldry chafant: (of a boar) enraged
266.24+Jeff [.23]
266.24+(before considering the boys) [.27]
266.24+Battle of Catalaunian Fields, A.D. 451, where Attila and the Ostrogoths were temporarily defeated by Aetius and the Visigoths
266.24+Catalan Gambit: a chess opening (formalised and named to celebrate the 1929 Barcelona chess tournament, although it has been used before)
266.25launic when Aetius check chokewill Attil's
266.25+check, gambit (chess terms)
266.26gambit, (that buxon bruzeup, give it a burl!)
266.26+Downing: Digger Dialects 13: 'BOX-ON (n.) — A fight; a battle; a tussle' (World War I Slang)
266.26+Downing: Digger Dialects 13: 'BREEZE-UP — Fear' (World War I Slang)
266.26+Downing: Digger Dialects 14: 'BURL — "To give it a burl" — to cease' (World War I Slang)
266.27lead us seek, O june of eves the jenniest,
266.27+(let us consider the girl) [.24]
266.27+song Sweet Genevieve: (begins) 'O, Genevieve'
266.27+Saint Genevieve, when Attila was set to attack Lutetia (Paris) in 451, persuaded the city's people not to flee, but rather to pray, which was said to have caused Attila to move against Orléans instead
266.28thou who fleeest flicklesome the fond fervid
266.28+Swedish flicka: girl
266.29frondeur to thickly thyself attach with thine
266.29+French frondeur: scoffer
266.30efteased ensuer,4 ondrawer of our uncon-
266.30+Obsolete eftest: most ready, most covenient (probably a blunder in William Shakespeare: Much Ado about Nothing IV.2.38: 'Yea, marry, that's the eftest way')
266.30+oft teased
266.30+eschewer: one who avoids
266.30+German Aufzieher: educator, tutor; scoffer (literally 'on-drawer')
266.30+German aufziehen: to tease
266.31scionable, flickerflapper fore our unter-
266.31+Swedish flicka: girl
266.31+flapper: modish girl of 1920s
266.31+German unterdrückt: suppressed, repressed (Freud)
266.F01     1 I believe in Dublin and the Sultan of Turkey.
266.F01+(Dublin motto)
266.F01+(Credo, part of Mass)
266.F02     2 I have heard this word used by Martin Halpin, an old gardener from the
266.F02+Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Halpin, Thomas, vintner... Hands, G., Martin's-row' (entries follow one another)
266.F03Glens of Antrim who used to do odd jobs for my godfather, the Rev. B. B.
266.F03+Glens of Antrim, North Ireland
266.F04Brophy of Swords.
266.F04+Swords, town, County Dublin
266.F05     3 Ravens may rive so can dove deelish.
266.F05+Motif: dove/raven
266.F05+Irish ceann dubh dílis: dark-head dearest [.13]
266.F06     4 A question of pull.
266.L01Bet you fippence,
266.L01+Colloquial fippence: five pence [425.14]
266.L01+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...fippence, anythesious, there's...} | {Png: ...fippence anythesious there's...}
266.L02+any thesis
266.L02+any day
266.L02+Saint Athanasius: 'Father of Orthodoxy', a Homoiousian and opponent of Arius
266.L03there's no pug-
266.L04gatory, are yous
266.R01+German Auster: oyster
266.R04+Greek panhysterikos: all-womb-suffering

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